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Serbia B, one of the first couple to embrace a calcomics lifestyle, was one of the first couple to make headway with the western region. The history of Islam, including the implementation of Islam in Mecca and the death of the Prophet Dr. Shari, is discussed, along with the use of the symbol "has been killed" in WhatsApp groups. A woman who gave birth to a deceased spouse and gave birth to two men was also discussed, as well as the loss of the god satisfaction of giving birth to a woman who gave birth to a deceased spouse.

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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah cattle, the brothers and sisters, welcome back to the first shorts. Today we are with a companion by the name of Serbia Bintz, Al Hadith al islamiya Are the Allahu taala. And now, I know that a lot of these names can get jumbled up. And I've said multiple times that I hope people start to name their children and shout lots out after some of these lesser known companions of the Prophet slice alone. But I do want to say from now on shot, let's add that a couple of episodes from now we'll be talking about another Bentyl hateth that is not the sister of Serbia, but she is a woman Subhanallah, who has, you know, one or two prominent incidents about her,

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that give us something important about our faith. So they are really allowed, Tottenham is considered one of the scholars of the companions. Okay, so she's considered one of the football hot, the jurists of the companions. And as we've said, not all of the companions were considered amongst the scholars of their generation, right. So you had categories of people, some that were narrators, some that were considered amongst those that were capable to give fatwa in certain areas. So they out of the alongside on what is referred to as one of the scholars of the companions, the Mohammed bin Abdullah bottle, or the Allahu Anhu Rahim Allah. He says that the full heart of Medina and Kufa,

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the jurists, the scholars of Medina, and Kufa, studied with her narrated from her, including most prominently, Abdullah Omar will the Lakota and Houma so she is a woman who would go on to become a scholar of this Deen. And we don't know much about her early history except that she's one of the first people to embrace Islam alongside her husband, whose name was sad it been hola Hello the Allahu Taala sysadmin Hola, what are the Allahu Taala and home and Sylvania bint al Harith al islamiya, or the Allahu Anhu are amongst the first couples to embrace a snob and they are amongst those who would make Hijra to Abyssinia and to Medina. So they're from the people, the two

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hedgerows. And amongst those that would be very beloved to the prophets lie Selim for the early sacrifices. Now, her story is interesting and that, you know, we learned most about her in the subject of their agenda. And that is because what is most prominent about her husband is his death. So side of Nichola all the allowance on Iran he was, according to some biographers, a Persian man from Yemen, who was a leaf and ally of the tribe of ambit of neuro eight, considered a freed slave, and also considered one one of the law I thought of Mark and one of the weak people of Makkah, one of the downtrodden. And, in fact, some of the scholars say that he's included amongst that group of

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people who went to Las paradise such to the prophets lie, some do not turn away those who call upon their Lord, day and night seeking His pleasure. Why? Because the elites wanted the prophets I send them to expel some of the downtrodden and then they said, we'll consider your message. And the prophets lie Selim of course, was being told by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada not to turn away at the DNA of your own Allah Hamdulillah that he will actually you really do know what those people that are righteous, those people that are devoted, even if they're considered amongst the weak and insignificant in society, they are significant in the sight of Allah and it is through them that

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victory will come. So Saturday no hola according to some of the more fascinating is one of those people that Allah was speaking about, amongst the more famous you know, Mecca dad and Bilal and Saturday, cos and others that are spoken about in that regard, I lost parents I'd be pleased with them all. So sad little the longtime Einhell when he and Sylvania are the Allahu Anhu embraced Islam. They were immediately amongst the very vulnerable group of people in Mecca, so persecuted heavily and needed to get away from Mecca to escape the persecution. He makes the hero to Abyssinia along with Serbia, they wait there and then they are amongst the first to make the Hijra to Medina.

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As soon as they hear the call to make the migration to Medina, they are considered amongst the very first people that arrived in Medina, from the community of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And they stayed with a very famous on Sati that we will be speaking about coatroom and then had him on all the Allahu Taala and who so the fact that they stayed at his place actually says something about how early they made their way to Medina because calophyllum is one of the first people to receive the Mahajan, the migrants from Mecca in El Medina. So he goes on and he attends bed and he was only 25 years old at the at the Battle of bed, which tells you that you know this was a relatively young

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couple when they embraced Islam, so young couple, we don't know of any children from them, and they devote themselves to the Prophet slice on them. They don't have the protection of any particular tribe and Mecca

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which is the case of some of the people we've spoken about. And as sad new hola dedicates himself to the Prophet slice element all of the battles, his incident becomes prominent in Fattah Makkah in the conquest of Makkah. So, when they're coming back to Mecca it's very interesting, sad you have no idea what costs if you remember Saturday, it will cost the Allahu Anhu fell ill and the Prophet sites and visited him and sad thought side of costs thought he was going to die and the Prophet slicin and prayed for him. And he, you know, did Rukia on him. And as a result of that, sadly no your past lived much longer than the profit slice, right. So the narration about the death of

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Saturday Nicola actually is in the narration of the illness of size of an Obi Wan cos and basically as it goes, it's a long Hadith section Behati as the prophets I some is visiting side little the Allahu Anhu side of your costs, the more famous side and giving him advice on how to you know, divide his inheritance should he die, and comforting him and reading upon him and healing him ultimately by the power of Allah subhanaw taala at the end of that hadith, the Prophet slicin M says Allah humbly the US hobby, his Lata home while at the home, Acaba him Oh Allah, complete the Hijra for my companions and do not turn them on their heels. And what that means is that the prophets lie

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some hated that those who migrated from Mecca to Medina, would come back to Mecca and die in Mecca, the prophet slice on them, wanted them to be able to go back to Medina where they had now settled and that their heads would be completed and that there they would also die in the medina rather than in NUCCA in this situation, but Subhan Allah the end of this hadith says lacking Alba YSU Syedna hola that, you know, unfortunately, so I didn't know hola or the altara and who died in for Tameka. And the prophets I send them was was very saddened by the death of Sidon Ricola until a few of the Makah that he passed away in Makkah, so the prophets lie some of them, you know, wanted sidemen COLA

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to have that opportunity to go back to Medina as well. But Allah subhanaw taala decreed that he would die inhabited with that, which is of course, a noble death in and of itself, right. So somehow a lot comes full circle, right? He's considered amongst the weak people of NACA, he goes to Abyssinia, he goes to Medina, he fights all the battles alongside the prophets, I seldom he comes back to Mecca, in the conquest of Mecca. And then the hedge that came afterwards had fitted with the farewell hedge and he dies during had visited with them during the farewell hedge with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now,

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where do they come into this? It's very interesting SubhanAllah. So they out of the Allahu Tada and who was pregnant when he died. And she gave birth just two weeks after his death, just two weeks after his death. So Allah subhanaw taala, of course, mentions that there into the waiting period of the pregnant of the widow is four months in 10 days. Okay. Now, the discussion becomes Okay, when you're pregnant, and you deliver this, you're in the stop with the delivery, or does it stop with the longer term of four months and 10 days. So her story is going to show up as sort of the deciding factor in some of the confusion, or the, you know, the seeking of understanding how to deal with a

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situation when a widow is pregnant and gives birth that she observed the idea to four months and 10 days? Or does she observed the waiting period when the child is born. So they auto the Altana is the case that the Sahaba went back to when they would later on discuss this to say, well, this is actually how we know that it is in fact the shorter of the two terms, not the longer so if she gives birth than her at the ends when she gives birth, she does not have to wait for an entire four months in 10 days. So she gave birth two weeks after the death of sides of Nicola. So we're in that was very quick. And subhanAllah she, you know, she immediately after she gave birth, she prepared

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herself for marriage. Okay. And I do want to actually make this point here, that a lot of times it's sort of looked down upon when someone is a widower or widowed that they get married very soon afterwards. And you know, there's some sort of judgment that is made on you know, their love for their deceased spouse and even sometimes, you know, judgment about their righteousness and things of that sort. And, you know, you have these misconceptions about Sublett about what patients is and sort of cast those upon them. None of this isn't Islam, you find some companions that never got married again and you find some

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companions, they are remarried right away. And that's not because of a lack of love for their deceased spouses. And so you find both of these categories within the deen. And that's okay. You should not look down upon these people. So so they are the low tide on her. Despite her love for signs of Noho, the low on Hope, who passed away, was ready to get married while she was still in the fast postnatal bleeding. So it's very interesting. Now she's clearly a very beautiful woman, and someone who was, you know, looked for because immediately after two weeks of the death of side and she just gave birth,

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you have two men that came to propose to her. Okay, so follow the story. It's very interesting. Both of the men were young, however, one man was a little older than the other. And the description is he was cast, which is above the age of 33. Okay, so you have one man that might have been in his 20s.

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And you have another man that was in his 30s, or maybe even 40s. And so they are, well, the Allahu Anhu is considering these two proposals. Now, after the death of sad. Now, she particularly she was going to accept the proposal of the younger men. Okay, the younger of the two. The older of the two is a man by the name of Abu sabot. I was an avid while the Alta, and now he wanted to delay her a bit, because he wanted to wait. You know, one of the narration says he wanted her family to come back so that they could convince her to marry him and stuff. So he said, you know, how is it that I see you, to Jamal at the hilltop, that you have, you know, made yourself available to those that are

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proposing marriage to you, and you still have not finished your agenda? Okay, you still have to finish your four months and 10 days. So he's basically saying that to her. And of course, again, this was a discussion that you'll find even years later they'll go back to her case. So they are on the low on when she heard that. She went to the prophets lie Selim to ask him, okay, so so they are hears from a man who is proposing to her, that actually when he realized that she's going to propose that she might accept the proposal, the other that you're into, might not even be done yet. So she goes to the Prophet slice Allah, and the Prophet slice alum confirms to her that her agenda ended in

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fact, when she gave birth, now who do you think she married out of the two? Right? Is it the younger man? Or is it almost a novice she actually ended up marrying us and it'll be a long time on her so it's very interesting. So what if for whatever reason it worked, and she chose him out of the two suitors that came to her so Subhan Allah it's a very interesting case with hurtled the alongside on on her. And there is one Hadith that all ended with in her situation, which is very unique. And it sort of, you know, ties into her life story. The Prophet, slice alum, wanted his companions to make their way back to Medina. And to die in Medina hoped that for them but of course, Allah subhanaw

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taala has his his plans and has his reward for each one of them. In whatever circumstances they are, the narration of the Hadith Minister a lot and you're motivated Medina Phillimore to be here in the Asheboro Nemanja Muto, we have the Prophet slice alum said that whoever amongst you can die in Medina than let them do so because I will intercede on behalf of whoever dies in Medina. So this is narrated by a model the Allahumma, from Serbia or the Allahu Taala and her so it shows you that connection. And of course, the implication of the hadith is that a person should try to live in Medina if they could or person should stay in Medina and a person should try to visit it as much as

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possible pray in the muscles of the prophets I sell them and this is something to actually ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for to make dua for as I'm going to follow the Allah Tala and who would make dua, that Allah would bless him with death in Medina and the Las Panatela granted him shahada martyrdom in Medina. So this woman whose husband died and had to deal with that, and that sad in the prophets lie Selim because the Prophet slicin knew that he had left Makkah to go to Abyssinia and to Medina and she is the narrator of the special Hadith as well that whoever amongst you can die in Medina then let them do so because that is a way of gaining the intercession of the Prophet slice on them

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of course as for sagen Hola, what more do you want it will be a lot of time on home. Person who made both Hijaz a person who was embedded and all of the battles of the Prophet slice done and in person who dies and Vegeta with that in the farewell Hajj with the Prophets lie Selim May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with sadden hola and so they are an all of the companions and may Allah subhanaw taala send His peace and blessings upon our beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and allow us to dwell and to die in his city and to gain his intercession alone. I mean, just I can love hate and I'll see you all next time in sha Allah. wa salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.