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Haifaa Younis
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Bismillah your man you're walking

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as salam alikoum rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was so happy he woman wala La Molina Maja and fowl Now one final remark antenna in the Kissimmee on would you would do art or money I will do becoming a Mulayam or calvia Shaolin and I've seen Latisha our do our Inline SMA, or vanilla to the lubaina Bada is Hydretain we're happy now. molygen KERAMA in Intel hub will be strictly surgery recently MRI workflow with Emily Sonia Kohli salaam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh everyone, just like malarkey for joining us Tuesday seven o'clock central standard time in the United States. May Allah reward everyone who is joining

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us and wherever you're joining us from would be nice to see where are you joining us from hamdulillah hero brand I mean, there is no Nima in Europe miracle Hamed, then the near term of spending time talking about the book of Allah let alone spending time learning the book of Allah teaching the book of Allah learning the book of Allah Subhan Allah what any Amen and I asked Allah pantalla number one for myself and for everybody to remind us of this number that learning spending time with the Quran is amazing Emma from Allah may Allah merci Jana Munna Shah Karim May Allah pantalla makers of those who are grateful that he allowed us Subhana Allah to be one of these people

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he ought to be me and may Allah make everybody of that people even if you're struggling to start and just started learning just started knowing the letters of the Quran, you are still with that group we are of BME what I want to share with you today we're going to continue our journey about the book of Allah. And last week, if you remember when you were with us, Zack malai. We talked about what Allah said about the Quran. In the Quran, what Allah said about his words, in his words, or Or literally, that what he said, what what words he used to describe his words if you want to use this term, because the Quran is Calam Allah, it is the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala and he used some

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of his words to describe his words. So if you remember we said Allah subhanaw taala called Al Quran a Kitab the Book, the alHuda the guidance or Rama the mercy the loving mercy, the MO arriba admonition shifa cure Hakeem the wise, and we said Imam assuta In his book, mentioned that the scholars have gathered more than 55 names that Allah used in his book about the Quran, and we shared some of them last week in sha Allah, that will be beneficial for all of you. And what I want to share with you today is the other source of our deen which is the Sunnah. What did the Rasul Allah His salatu salam told us and informed us about the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. And when you

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read about this Subhan Allah and one of the most important

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I wouldn't say the most important but one of the of the striking Hadith about the Quran talking to us, all of us and not necessarily a Sahaba or the companion or certain people in general. And this hadith which I will share with you in a second it, it applies to everybody. It applies to everybody. And this is what he said hi Eurocom and this is actually very short, heavy. It's Hi Eurocom mentale Amal Quran walima

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the best among you is the person who hires the best among you. And you is, of course, when he was talking to Sahaba it's a Sahaba but also it includes a Sahaba it includes the followers, Tabby, and all the generations coming to us and after us, anyone who

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qualify or has the example has the the character that he talked about alayhi salatu salam applys will be among the best which he said higher come the best among you who Subhan Allah He said hi eurocon mentor allemaal Khurana Allah the best amongst amongst you is the person who taught allemaal Quran number one he or she young or old, new Muslim born as Muslim to allemaal Quran number one learn the Quran and then why Yama and taught us

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taught the Quran. What's unique about the Quran if you see the Quran was taught, as they call beta lactam, beta Shaeffer it is through from one to the other and from seed legibly, alata seed nigiri then from seed Newbury to Rasul Allah Hisar to sinner, one to one. And then the last one is salatu. Salam taught us taught it the Quran to the Sahaba also, sometimes one to one and most of the time is around him the Companions, but directly from mouth to mouth directly face to face. So, is the quote more sharper habita lockpick. So, Hero calm, the best among you is not the most beautiful, is not the richest person is not the person who has this status or this degree or this job or that much

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amount in the bank or what we use the or in this college or works in this company, or live in the city.

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What we these days,

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look at people and and and put people in categories is not how Allah Spandana look at us. In it says not Hi Eurocom and Rizzoli salatu salam said, Allah said in the economical manga Llahi at Arkham the most honorable among you the person who stuck then there was Swati Sato Salam came and made it even more specific Hi Eurocom. The best among you mentality Al Quran, the person who learned the Quran walima and taught us and taught it. Why do I need to learn this hadith? And why do I need to remind myself of this hadith and tell everybody because learning the Quran is not easy. Subhan Allah anyone who have learned the Quran to read, to do read, to read it properly, to understand Tafseer to

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memorize, to perfect the memorization know what this journey takes Subhan Allah and, and as I was always reminded, it is the words of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, the words of Allah are are the highest, nothing higher than the words of Allah meaning of course, it's going to be a habit, it's going to be not easy to learn. So higher documenta helemaal Quran Allah Allah the best among you who learned the Quran, I need this to take it with me as I am.

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Learning my Quran just started my journey or about to start my journey that you are going to be as long as you are on the journey he didn't say like the one who perfected the Quran, no Tala learned and learned meaning you learn to reach water Fatiha and then you went and taught your children.

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Or you went and learned to short sutras from the Quran. And then you learn and you taught someone else. Or you can be you're a person who have learned the whole Quran and you thought a huge number of students couldn't come hierarchal.

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So if I want to be among the best, I want to be a good the among the best in the eye of rasa risotto sinner, let alone in the eye of Allah subhanho wa taala. Learn the words of Allah. Period Subhan Allah as we said last week, this is going to be a series as much as Allah Subhana Allah allow us to do is to keep reminding us what is the Quran what is the book of Allah to get ready for Ramadan?

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Some, some I have said well, it's too early. It is not too early. It's only four months and a half left for Ramadan. Subhan Allah and the Sahaba used to prepare for Ramadan six months ahead of time, so we are little bit late. And Ramadan Subhana Allah are on Milan is a very virtuous month as we all know, but the reason our bond is virtuous, because the Quran was revealed in the during the month of Ramadan, as Allah taught us and the Quran Chavo Ramadan and levy was your official for the month of Ramadan is the month that the Quran was revealed. So the virtues of Ramadan is because the Quran was revealed in it which means what virtue the Quran has. So number one hero mentality Mr. Khurana

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Allah, let us all put a plan. ask Allah to make it easy, have a lot to give us the him that is all the strength that desire to be among these best people. From now on, and especially in Ramadan. One of the projects you want to do in Ramadan is to help teach one person something about the Quran to Allah Al Quran learned about the Quran

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One llama. So that's the first Hadith I want to share. We'll see how much time Allah subhanho wa Taala will give us and then we will see the second Hadith or Swati salatu salam and I'm going to start with the short ones and then we'll go to the little bit

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longer ones. So we said the best hydrocal the person who learned the Quran now, I started this journey will hunt and Allah subhanaw taala made it easy for me. And as I am going now I am becoming more and more efficient and more and more perfect. close to perfection. Very good. Excellent in reading, reciting memorization and teaching. What did he say about that a group of people and our Rasul Allah salatu salam said in a hadith both in Al Bukhari and Muslim narrated by cdai she and she and she said, he said, also Ali has salatu salam, and MA who will bill Quran must suffer till Karami Bharara will lead your call your Quran when you hear wha hoo Alisha la hora Jiron

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Alma hero Bill Qurani. Maserati Kieron will lead your Corrado Quran where you will try to fi Wahoo Alisha? pelaku agilon. What does that mean? Say the Heisha reported that Saraswati salatu salam said the one who is a skilled

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very good, excellent skilled in the, in the Quran, Bill Quran, he is associated or he or she with the noble upright angels with that level, maths authority will borrow

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my sufferable Karami borrow, he is or she is with dark level

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Subhan Allah my suffer with the angels and not any angel and Kieron el Bharara, the noble, the noble and the upright angels. And how about of the of those? Those a lot of them who are not, they're not skilled. They don't know it very well. But they are struggling, but they are trying a CD ROM or Swati Sato sir, and he said, and that one he or she who

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who had who Utakata who basically falters who basically like stop and read and struggle, struggle to read one reciting the Quran and find the difficult

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so not skilled, not only not skilled, but find it difficult and struggle for him. There will be double reward for him or for her, there will be double reward. So Elma, hirable Quran the person who is absolutely skilled, excellent with the Quran with the angels. But that's not the majority of the people hamdulillah there is a good number of people, but they are not the majority. The majority of the people are the second group you Tatar meaning when they come to read. So their struggle so when they come to you a fact. Right. Some of us will have Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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But that's not everybody. And then you get people to just like be me. And then you come to the harder letter, is it off? Is it calf? Is it or is it ah, all these they and then they can't combine this letter with that letter. It's a struggle to read one line, one line, it may take them an hour. And I have seen that Subhanallah and I'm sure a lot of you have seen that.

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But that's not should not discourage anyone. If anything, you need to remember this hurry. So, you that person he or she who are struggling in learning in memorization and reading Well, let alone in or this in understanding it took me one or three or four hours SR hypha. To to know one line. You have double reward for the whole giran why to one for reading the Quran Alhamdulillah but the other one for the struggle. Anything we do Subhan Allah What a beautiful Deen we have anything we do. And it is difficult anything we do for the sake of Allah in our religion to spread His word

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words to be a better human being to get closer to Allah and we face difficulties whether difficulties internal, me inside me or it is external or both

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people making fun of me things to get to make it happen is not very easy any difficulty. The reward usually is double when the teenager had Rufina then at the end the home sabula Or in the La Jolla mine Masini Allah said this and sorted Angkor Wat when Medina Jaha Delphina. Those who struggle for us, Pina is for Allah. Linda Deanna home Sybil Anna, we will guide them we will guide them to our path. I am so it is so hard for me to read it and it's so difficult for me to focus and the children around me and so many things or I am getting older and I forget and I cannot sit and focus on all these Kenny realities. While Edina Jaya Davina, just sit down a little bit more and say Allah it is

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really not easy for me your OB make it easy. And Allah said then at the end of the home sabudana we will guide them to our path what in the law Hello my machine. So l my hero will Quran so the second Hadith or Swati has salatu salam said about the Quran. The person was skilled in the Quran, Bill Quran in general I read very well I understand very well both of them I memorize mashallah any of these that you reached a level of skill that you have been an expert, you that person will suffer Al Quran with the angels, the noble Angels, but that person for the majority who are not in that group, don't despair Alhamdulillah keep in the path, keep in that path, because no Ajaan they have to they

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have to rewards the rewards of the struggle and the rewards of the good deeds of reading the Quran. kundala hero blanning another Hadith which is really nice and applies a lot on, Danny, for our time is what rasool Allah has salatu salam this actually narrated by Sade, Natalie. And this heavies actually finish scatter Masabi

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Aman entered on so you know he

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and I and I said yeah, he said Nalli I passed by the Masjid. Just before I came to you, I passed by the masjid. And I saw people and I heard people arguing.

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And I passed them and I came to you and say Natalie said our Fallujah. Oh, they already started it. Meaning they are arguing, differing in the masjid.

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And then he said, Samia to rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I heard the Rasul Allah, His salatu salam, say, Allah Inasa takuna, fitna or it is going to be trial test turbo relation. This dissension differs differences. People will become groups for call to Mahajan. Aha, aha. So say nearly as Saraswati salatu salam, what is the way out you are so Allah

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Saraswati salatu salam said it's going to be time of tests what we are going through these days, different opinions, everyone does what they want, you don't know reality. We are so confused so many things, internet with all with a tab opinions. So fitna and people differ. Saraswati site or salon predicted that and I think

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it is going to be this is going to happen. See nearly as much Renu Maharaj what is the layout? What should I do to protect me, another Swati Hisar torsina That's what it is about the Quran. And he said Kitab Allah,

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the book of Allah

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Kitab Allah, the book of Allah, she never Makkah Naka bloco it contains the news and the information about the nations and the people before you will have RM Avada

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and news about the people who will come after you

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Hakuba vena cava so it contains the information of what has happened before you news of what will happen after you and a decision the Quran has decision. And I'm just translating a decision regarding matters which occur among you. So as a nanny came to the Swati Santosa I said

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Rasul Allah,

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Swati Sato Sam torsade Nalli. There's going to be time that's going to come. There will be auto fitna test trials, differing dissensions, different opinion. You don't know what's right what is wrong, save Nalli said the RS, Allah main Maharaj What should we do? This is our time. We are living in his time. And he said Kitab Allah,

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the book of Allah.

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And then he was explaining why. And he said, he never Omar Kubla Khan, because the book of Allah has all the news, and the and the stories and the information of the people before us. What does that mean? That's going to help me because a lot of the stories, a lot of that struggle, a lot of watch people went to before me, we are going through it. And then we can see what happened if they follow that path or that path. So he said never Omar Kubla Khan has the

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stories or the information about the people before you are hybridoma by the company and the news of the people after the Hong Kong lobbying, and the ruling between you the judgment between you will who will first laser beam has and it is serious. And it's not a joke. There is no it's not a book of comics, or fun. releasably has

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men Tarraco ninja bar whomsoever, stay away from it, neglected it, left it and they are strong. Kasama Hola.

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Allah will take him kasama Hola, LA, any literally kasama hula is like Allah was separated into two pieces. Woman in Taiwan who there are a few lady on the hola and whosoever look for guidance outside the Quran, Allah Who let him be misguided.

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Whomsoever left it. Mean Jabbar, he has the strength he has the authority left it, Allah who would humiliate him. This is the words of ALLAH Swati salatu salam, and or manatal Houda theory of Allah, Allah and whomsoever looked for

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guidance outside the Quran, Allah will get him Allah Who let him be a stray

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Wahoo hablo la Hui Mateen

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and it is the firm, strong rope of Allah

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what were the core hacking and it is the wise remembrance was set up almost nothing and this is the straight path who will lead the letters it will be haha. And it is the book that by it, the desires will not go astray will actually be to be healed elsina And it is the tongues nor the tongues will become confused with it. Will Irish bow mean Hola Hola, Ma and the knowledgeable people will never have enough of it. Well, Allah, Allah Katha Tyrande and we never get too old. Although a lot of people read it and time goes by one item called the Agia Evo. And it's miracles will never end who will lead the LEM? 10 To Hill Jr. is similar to call. It is that book that when the jinn heard it,

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the June audio they said in Seminar Quran and algebra. Allah said this insalata Jin when the jinn heard that they said whoa, we have heard Quran and our Java miraculous Quran yeah de la roche guide to or to guidance for Amma Nabi so so at Swati Sato Sarah quoted the the ayah from Surah three region

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enough for

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Nepal indica or the stemma Akena Peramuna Looney for all you in a seminar or an algebra when a group of the jinn came to listen to what you are reading to recite a site or Sunday said we have heard Quran and algebra, miraculous Quran, the rushed guide to the right path and the gin am an OB. And then also I saw to some continued Hmong, allaby Sadhak whomsoever, say it, use what the words in it. He's saying the truth, woman ameobi Pooja and whomsoever, follow what Allah said in it to do what does what the Quran say he will be rewarded. Woman How can I be here adult adult woman How can I be here either

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And whomsoever use the Quran, as it is judgment or to judge, then that person is fear and adjust person, woman die they He Who da da Serato stalking, and hopes whomsoever, use the Quran to call people that he will or she will guide them to the right path. This hadith was narrated by a Tirmidhi. Let's go again and look at what did he say?

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Inasa Kuno fitna, it is going to be time of trial. It's going to be time off tabulations, number one. Number two, what do we do the Quran?

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Here I am, here you are. Here you are, here I am. What? Where does Quran in my life? How much I use of the Quran? How do I look at the Quran and this is what we are trying to change. If Allah by His grace, allow us to look at it this way. How do I look at the book of Allah? And this is what our rasa risotto Sam was telling segnale when he said there will be time of test and tribulation instead, what should we do era so Allah, He said, Kitab Allah, new other word, he didn't even say Suniti in this hadith, he didn't say take my SONET although in other places he did. But this one he specified in a long Hadith about what does the Quran why the Quran? Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Who,

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the more I read the Quran, the more I understand the Quran, the more I give the Quran of my time of my energy, the more not only I will understand it, and learn it, and short ly memorize it, but it will come to me when I need it. When there will be time that I don't know what to do for London de la ilaha illa who is something from the Quran gonna come and guide you?

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And that's the word of Allah spawn Tada. And this is the word of rasool Allah salatu. Salam, she the Quran Allah, it has the news of the people before you and the people who was going to come after him and he said many things, but just few of the things man call me Sada, the person who say who talks about it, who's who, who say it or use its word, then he's truthful, the person who's Koran on their mouth, then these people are usually truthful hablo Allahu Mateen. It is the strong rope of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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we need to look at the Quran. Literally.

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Look at if if somebody is on a high building right and that person

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to get to stay attached to that end, if that person is this is a huge, long sky high is skylight and that person, the only way he will be attached to this externally is to hold to a very strong rope and you and not only the rope is strong, but that person is holding to the rope very strongly hamdulillah and mighty. Water seems to be heavier he Jamia Allah said it hold on or hold tight to the rope of Allah. I need in my life in my daily life.

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To translate this hadith, to reality, is to look at the Quran is my lifeline.

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You know when when we take a moment and we think and we say what is the lifeline What's something in in my life makes me feel safe, comfortable, not worry, most people will tell you when I have a stable job. Some people say when I have family, when I am not alone, when I live in peace, all these which is true.

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But the one that even when these factors will be removed or changed if the person is has hold tight to the words of Allah, meaning daily life is the words of ALLAH Pantani, like for us daily life, his phone and gadgets and computer and friends. If I do this,

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if I do, if I make the Quran May Allah forgive me like our phones, and Subhanallah I said the phones of the phone. You probably all of you heard that. If I make the Quran part of it part of my life, may Allah forgive me is not the phone. But as because that's the norm if you walk around wherever you walk around, everybody's on their phone. Imagine if everybody is reading the Quran, like what we see in Ramadan.

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But now it's not only one month now it is 11 months and it is on daily basis. Of course it's going to be Hubble Allahu McKean. What does that mean? Time

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late in my life when things change, that I thought I was safe and secure because I have a good job, or I have the family or hire, and for whatever reason Allah decree that these things will change when I am attached and hold on hold to the book of Allah.

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I stay the same hablo Allahu Mateen habla Allahumma, tiene at decode hacking, wise remembrance, or Sarah Palma stalking. We need to teach our children not only to memorize the Quran, and they don't know what they are reading, we need to establish a relationship between them and the words of Allah. As I said last week, we need to look at the Quran number one as the words of Allah, the most highest words that any one can read the highest level the most eloquent, because who said it? Which is almost Panama Tyler Yeah, de la Serato Mr. Cave, and you will never have enough of the Quran Subhan Allah, those two things, two things in life in Islam, that we never have enough of it when your

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heart is starting to connect to Allah subhanho wa taala. The first one is actually is the more you go to Makkah, the more you want to be again, the more you want to be, the more you see the Kaaba, you want to be again, and you will miss it. And it's the words of Allah subhanaw taala the Quran Nitish Biomin Hello Lama, as he said, The Roswaal De Soto Sarah, the knowledgeable we never have enough of the Quran Subhan Allah and let me read one more time. So we all remember this beautiful Hadith, Allah the letter xiaobian Haha, the desires that what I want, if I follow if my desires will be the desire of the Quran, I will never go astray, whereas the activists will be Elsener and then

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the tongues we never have issues Danny, the,

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the tongues basically because we'll never be confused. If what's on my mouth is always the words of ALLAH, my thought process will be clearer, what the way I speak will become more eloquent, the longer that now you can tell when someone genuine you hear them. When you can tell this this person, the Quran is part of their daily life. Because when they speak, they're very eloquent and the Quran comes flow on their mouth. Subhan Allah the words of Allah, and allow your luck, Allah kefla to Tara do never get old spamela That's one of the miracles of the Quran. It never You say well, like now pick up a book from the 1800s and when you pick up a book from the 1800s You can tell this is a book

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200 years ago, it doesn't. There's a lot of things doesn't work anymore. When you pick up the Quran. You don't feel this is an old book Subhanallah you don't feel when you need it. You don't feel it's an old book. You feel this is a book like it's there. It's with you. Yeah, yeah o'clock, what I call the evil and the miraculous nature of the Quran. Whenever and every time you you find out you learn or that scholars learned a miracle about the Quran, there's way more hidden. And even when we learn about one miracle, that's just the superficial, there's deeper and deeper and deeper. And, and then he said, the jinn when they heard that, what did they do? And it we should always say to ourselves,

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are we better than the jinn or the jinn are better than us?

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If I listened to the Quran, and nothing happens to me, well then the jinn are better. Because when the genie heard it, when the jinns heard it, called Inasa immediately called inner semana Quran and algebra, they said, Well, we have heard core Anna Jabba miraculous Wow, this is how I need to work on that. And makalah De Soto when they use it, the words of it they always say the truth woman, honey levy huge and if I follow its instruction, when Allah says do your Alladhina amanu Oh, do believe it took a lot to hola hola como Masada tiene have be Allah conscious and be with the truthful I hear this i i was lucky Allah helped me to be a duck your OB make me a side of thing and

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I struggled because that's an order mannheimia Biggie would you I will get rewarded, let alone I will live more in peace let alone what what Allah will prepare for me in Jannah and on Hacker maybe he hadn't hadn't. When you use it to judge between people not be you will be just so when you when you when you make a decision even if you're making decision for yourself if you make it based on the Quran, and that's just for you. And for the people around you, Amanda Ray, who de la serata muster

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You and whosoever call people to the Quran that he is guiding to the right path. SubhanAllah. So that's the second one. This is, I think, the third one. And then the other hadith of Roswaal, a salatu salam that he said.

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Matthew Ledi methylone movement. And Lydia Cora will Quran, chemistry Troja he who hopped on YouTube watamu Hopper YouTube, almost removing the lady Liaquat Quran, Timothy tommorow. Larry haffi. Her Altamaha who will method will Moon African lady Leia karate Quran. Chemistry humbler makes it a hurry one more time. We'll have more on methadone Africa Lydia, Cora Al Quran mittlere Rihanna. Bri whoa Hopper tube Altamaha, more Subhan Allah this is Hadith whatever Canary This is narrated by Imam Al Bukhari and Muslim what are what are those who are they who Salatu Salam is telling us about the Quran.

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The people who read the Quran as we said in the beginning, the best among us, that person who read and learn and teach. And then as we learned, we're going to be two groups that were another Hadith that those who are skilled and they are experts in the Quran, those people who are on that path struggling both these groups, the more I become skilled I become with the angels as I am in the path of learning struggling, I will get to rewards. Then he said, people will also be divided up not only how they read the Quran, but how the purse the who is reading the Quran, and Mormon or moon Africa.

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And the more men reads the Quran, and the moment doesn't read the Quran, he knows it he saw Tosa and the moon after the hypocrites who read the Quran and the munafo doesn't read the Quran. Let's look at the method will moment. The Parable of the believer and the across the Koran. He reads the Quran she reads the Quran and de vivre. Believe in Allah believe in Day of Judgment act as a believer their manners as a believer, their focus is an accurate they use this dunya work hard get to what they are but again they practice not been attina for dunya has an overlap karate Hassan, Allah give us everything good Isn't this like that will give me to Azure and a believer and read the Quran. So

00:37:30 --> 00:38:22

not only that accurate, read the Quran. The Quran is part of their life and he said can we go to Raja it's like Citron proofs with the fragrance, beautiful fragrance, and thermo hoppy and very beautiful and very tasty taste Subhanallah any the parable of fruit because food we all know so we can easily feel it and easily understand it. I believe I'm a true believer believe and practice externally and internally and read the Quran now becomes is like a citrus fruit that the smells good and taste good. Well, nothing more Manila delay acquired Quran subharmonic a believer but doesn't read the Quran. May Allah make us back from those people Liaquat Quran and he didn't say how often

00:38:22 --> 00:38:27

or when laochra does not read the Quran. Come authentic tomra

00:38:28 --> 00:38:36

it's like a date. Nanny happier. has no smell. That can tamo Hatha EWB but the taste is good.

00:38:38 --> 00:38:54

munafo the hypocrite. I love you they are quite the Quran does not read the Quran. Can methylene humble Allah the hypocrite who does not recite the Quran is like the humble is like the cactus.

00:38:55 --> 00:39:02

They said a hurry what they said earlier, Mohammed neither has a smell. And it's very bitter

00:39:03 --> 00:39:13

woman Illuminata Allah the Quran and the hypocrite who recite and read the Quran with Rihanna. It's like the the

00:39:15 --> 00:39:21

like basil, the basil, but re re haha

00:39:22 --> 00:39:24

per tube watamu Hamel

00:39:25 --> 00:39:59

smells good, but taste bitter. So let's look at this one. So these four category now of people who read the Quran, or don't read the Quran, there's people there's believer and there is hypocrite, which one I am. Allah knows sha Allah we are all believers. So now let's come to the believers and we are the Inilah believer who read the Quran or recite the Quran the Quran is part of their life. They are like citrus fruit. They smell good, that fruit smells good and taste good meaning internally

00:40:00 --> 00:40:43

that person because a man is in their heart and a man in their character, they internally they are good and tasty and outside because of the Quran they recite the Quran what comes what you hear from them is the Quran is like the smell the fragrance of the fruit and the believer, but unfortunately does not recite the Quran. Then he's like a date. No progress. You don't hear the Quran. They don't speak it. They don't see it. They don't quote it. They don't teach it, but they are believers. So internally they are still good. Like a date. Very yummy, very sweetie, but there is no fragrance. No benefit comes outside.

00:40:45 --> 00:41:14

And then Muna fuck the hypocrite who does the Quran, but the hypocrite Liaquat Vionic, don't believe in Allah. Internally, the three the Quran externally, like what like the basil smells very good, but bitter, the taste because the internal is not upright and correct. And the hypocrite who does not read the Quran is like the cactus, no smell and bitter.

00:41:15 --> 00:41:36

Meaning the Quran will beautify me. And here is not reading Quran only in Ramadan, or reading Quran again, occasionally, this is a person who Quran is on there, this part of the daily life it's a fragrance and any fragrance we put one day and then it's it goes away.

00:41:37 --> 00:42:11

And then I if I need I put it again and again. So the Quran is a fragrance, literally, when I speak when people hear me and also will be on my external behavior and conduct plus the Eman or the Tyrone affair, no moon and Moon Alana. And if I am a believer, Alhamdulillah you're blaming the internal is good, but the external is missing, meaning beautify yourself believers with the words of Allah.

00:42:12 --> 00:42:18

Read the words of Allah Subhana Allah and you meet people, they are

00:42:19 --> 00:42:26

Yanni heavy readers, they you read the hamdulillah through you and you meet people they read like one or two books a day.

00:42:28 --> 00:42:30

And then they have never read the book of Allah.

00:42:31 --> 00:42:46

And then some of those are Muslims. The book of Allah, it's free, read it, what are you going to lose? Nothing Subhanallah what you're going to gain now in Iowa, we just shared a little bit of it.

00:42:47 --> 00:43:25

Make it part of your life. Make it part of your day. Read it, whether the book whether on your phone, whether on your iPad, whether you're listening, make part of your day is the Quran. So I will beautify myself internally, externally, I'll get rewarded. Maybe Allah by His grace will gradually move me from those who struggle to learn the Quran to those who will be the skilled with the angels. And the last but not the least, I want to believe this beautiful also hadith of a Swati salatu sinner. And he said, kind of Swami salatu salam said,

00:43:26 --> 00:43:54

and this is one of the Sahaba said ubaidah No. mopan And so when he said Allah could nama Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam be Jehovah. We were with Roswaal he saw to a certain place called Java. He came out to us so we read with him, but he was not with us at that moment. Then he came to us to have a javelina for Carla. He asked them everyone said this had una Illa he was talking to the Sahaba

00:43:55 --> 00:44:03

don't you bear witness that there is no god no deity worthy for Shabbat Allah or any Rasul Allah?

00:44:04 --> 00:44:30

Don't you? bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I am the prophets of of him Rasul Allah wa nalcor energy I'm an ND Lila, don't you believe that Allah Quran has been sent by Allah. So as hobby saying, We were sitting or Swati salatu salam came, and he started asking us questions, which is the answer of course, yes. These are Sahaba

00:44:31 --> 00:44:42

Allah allowed to shut down and learn a lot don't you bear with us there is no God but Allah. And I am the messenger and an angel. I'm Nan de la colina. We said yes, of course. Carla.

00:44:43 --> 00:44:59

Now coming talking about the horror, quantify of shoo in lactating. I'm going to give you a good news. What is it tell us Allah tech in the huddle Quran? This Quran Subhan Allah. Fie now the Quran, this Quran, Torah

00:45:00 --> 00:45:03

will be a dilla one end of it

00:45:04 --> 00:45:54

in the hands of Allah Ouattara for movie ad calm, and the other end is in your hand. Fatima Sercombe. Hold it. Well utter la kobada Whoever and you will never perish or Taku meaning you will end up meaning you will be overcome Abijah never. So what is what is he telling you and what are Swati saw Torsella? coming out and saying to people, you do believe like you and me. Are you a Muslim? Yes. Do you bear witness? no God but Allah. Yes. Do you believe rasool Allah Salatu Salam is the messenger Yes. hamdulillah and you believe the Quran is from Allah? He said, Yes. Then he said, they all said yes. Then he said, For ABSHER great,

00:45:55 --> 00:46:04

beautiful news, he was telling them Alhamdulillah the meaning and Alhamdulillah and this is you and me, all of us fab shoe.

00:46:05 --> 00:46:08

Good news, glad tidings, this Quran

00:46:10 --> 00:46:30

that Quran. And again, the words of Allah. And it's metaphoric that you need to feel it and think of it as if this is not a book, but it's like a long rope Habima long rope, one and Japan Allah is with Allah subhanaw taala.

00:46:31 --> 00:47:02

And the other end is in the hands of that person who's holding it and reading it. For them a circle they hold on to it. Once you hold on to it, you will never perish. go astray. People will overcome you. You will never be humiliated. Subhan Allah subhanaw taala and see, when you see people and you what's the before I say this? It's what is the advice Saraswati Salatu Salam is telling us

00:47:03 --> 00:47:41

Mr. Masako, we hold on to it. Hold on to it. Make a daily life. Make it part of your life and you will never go wrong. In our words, Len Tatler, Koba and bajo Abba, you will never go wrong, you will never get humiliated, you will never have people overcome you read history. In case you wonder about this, Holly is hesitant. Bhavani read history and see when Muslims they were how far they know what my heart, they practice it. They

00:47:42 --> 00:47:45

spend the night reading it, see where they reached.

00:47:46 --> 00:47:48

What did the Quran do to them?

00:47:49 --> 00:48:15

Read the Sierra and see. And whenever you study the seer, the first thing that you study is the time before or so it is auto center and see all the ignorant selja Haley time of God, what were they they fought, they had no no morals, right? Bedouins they killed each other. They fought for years for this and that. Right? And then what changed them?

00:48:17 --> 00:48:26

And then they led the world. This is our history. We're not bragging about its reality. Everybody knows what made them lead the world. Kitab Allah

00:48:28 --> 00:48:41

Kitab Allah Thomas akorbi He said, hold on to what you will never go astray after and then see history. What's happened when dunya came in, when wealth came in, and money came in. And then

00:48:42 --> 00:49:20

that Muslims spread all over. And then they had the control over the world. And then dunya came in money and power and and desires came in and then moved astray. Gradually. They went down. I said the Omar said no Coleman as an Allahu Ville Islam. We are nation Hume. We are people who Allah dignified us elevated our status by stem. Put that in and it is a theory. We looked at dignity somewhere else, we look for it in another place. Then Allah, Allah amazed us. Allah put us down.

00:49:21 --> 00:49:59

And this is how Allah your father, Quran, Quran, Allah subhanaw taala elevage people by the Quran, by the Quran, look at a younger boy, or a young girl who memorize the Quran willingly and understood it and see how this girl or boy are different from the others. And same thing for adults when we memorize it and rememorize it and we understand it or not necessarily memorize it, but the Quran is part of their life as to what impact it has on it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala teach us europea miniato BME Egil Quran or Abeokuta Rubina.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:12

Your law make the Quran the spring of our hearts. May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those who read the Quran, understand it make us with a suffered Karamja ebme. May Allah Subhana Allah make us with,

00:50:13 --> 00:50:48

with the angels, yo be me. Let me take this question sometimes after we learn, understand and memorize the Quran as humans that are weak, we find it more difficult to overcome tests and tribulations according to the Quran that come our way. Can you give some advice on this? If I understood the question so I learned the Quran I understood it hamdulillah memorized as a human that we are weak Of course, we find it more difficult to overcome the tests and tabulation according to the Quran.

00:50:52 --> 00:51:14

The way I will say this, is when you go through the difficulty, I cannot say any is simply because I don't know the sister and I cannot comment any specifically. But let's assume that this is me. And I'm not going to say the sister This is me. First thing I will say maybe I did not understand it very well.

00:51:15 --> 00:52:01

Maybe I need to read it more. Maybe I need to rely on the Quran Allah more. I am saying this to myself, Yanni. I understood it, then I understood it enough to take me through this difficulty. For example, and example to make it easy for you. Like when you say I took medication, when patient come to me and says I take the I took the medication. I said did you take the right dose? Did you take one tablet or to the ticket every six hours or every eight? The right dose? So the first thing when I see the Quran, although I understood it, but when on the test comes in, I failed. I never ever, ever accused the Quran out you will I accuse myself in which way maybe I need more of it. Maybe I'd

00:52:01 --> 00:52:20

ask to ask Allah subhanaw taala to help me to understand the two more and maybe I need to hold to it more. More, and never give up. Never give up. I have seen it and I'll be the cruller he thought my inner loop. One of the fundamental

00:52:21 --> 00:53:09

basis pillars axiom of the Quran is Allah with Krulak is ultimately no Kurobe. Worldly was remember as of Allah hearts will reach serenity. So if I am going through a difficulty, it is better but it's not the best. That means I have to do more than me, as an individual people are different as an individual. I may need more of that dhikr more of that dose. But the Quran always will give the exact law here it's a very good question. This is a person who really loves the Quran and what is about the Quran but never ever think the Quran does not do it. I just need more. And I need more due to Allah don't forget that I cannot and you said it beautifully. were weak. I can do it alone. I

00:53:09 --> 00:53:57

know return to Allah here Robbie you told me and this is your with your your cane sir tility You say your Allah you told me with Allah basically like he thought to my inner circle by your remembrance, and the Quran is your words. And by your remembrance, my hearts would reach serenity. I'm not feeling it, you're on behalf of me and see what Allah will do for you somehow. I don't know there's any other time what is the best one to read? Which author publisher in English, there is more than one actually. So as we have two weeks ago, or three weeks ago, we interviewed one of the sisters who was the catalyst to produce a sigh International, the clear Quran, both of them are fine if you're

00:53:57 --> 00:54:32

looking forward towards for commentary, usually what we recommend and what what scholars recommend, like what I was taught, is you go to the original books and if you don't read Arabic, look at the translation. There's a very good one which is up if you want to start understanding more than word toward which is the averages of revenue Kathy the averages have been Kathy it's a log it's like 11 volumes, but they of course it's the whole Quran, but it is written very nicely and easily in English and of course everything you can find it online

00:54:35 --> 00:54:38

any other question Did I miss anything Muay

00:54:40 --> 00:54:59

Thai, highly now, while they consider our layover a cartoon desert kilo female it would you what should be our attitude when there are differences of opinion about something in general? This is a very general question, what is this different opinion about what and who is differing? What's there

00:55:00 --> 00:55:40

knowledge. If you're talking about different opinion like in different scholars, like let's say Imam Abu Hanifa opinion is different than Imam Shafi for example, who I am to judge them Alhamdulillah there is all these different opinion, you follow, if you follow a school of thought follow that school of thought and who can judge Mount Abu Hanifa was wrong or Imam Malik was wrong. So if you are talking about this, that the difference of opinion, the first attitude toward you respect them all, because they are all scholars, not only scholars, but their people of Allah who feared Allah way more than I and you and us. That's number one. They differ. There isn't many reasons why they're

00:55:40 --> 00:56:02

different, but they never had conflict between them. Never. Never. Subhanallah Imam Malik went to visit Baghdad. And then he was close to the grave of Imam Abu Hanifa. Dara was a masjid and he went and prayed in that Masjid Imam Malik, he prayed the same way or for Mr. Abu Hanifa.

00:56:04 --> 00:56:31

And the end he said out of respect to her, that's how they, they differed, but they respected each other so differences of opinion should not make our hearts different. Respect them. Follow a school of thought if you follow a school of thought you have a teacher or you have an imam in your in your city, you follow that EMR and respect the others when it comes down maracas Lautoka to how we can get our young kids to develop look for the Quran when you have it.

00:56:33 --> 00:56:49

When you have true love of the Quran, no teaching no teaching is successful unless the teacher practice what they preach anyone young and old. When the Quran is part of my day, part of my home

00:56:51 --> 00:57:28

is not I put this to the My children send them to the Quran teacher and they don't see it in the house. When the Quran is part of my house. When I as a mother, a good amount of my time is with the Quran when the House good time of them is the Quran the children will love it when I present it to them in a beautiful way the Quran will love it. But if the children or the house is like IT spending most of the time in the dunya then the Quran we will give the Quran the leftover of the time so we do it as duty like even us adult then of course the children will have the same

00:57:33 --> 00:57:53

Alhamdulillah Oh blimey, I think we are done and the time is done also does akmola aka the last one, share tips on how to gradually strengthen our relationship with the Quran by Ramadan, especially for non Arab speaker. Very good question. May Allah reward you, I have four and a half months,

00:57:54 --> 00:57:57

make it daily reading

00:57:58 --> 00:58:02

one iron to iron half a page and put a schedule.

00:58:03 --> 00:58:09

It depends you for you to read, half a page will take an hour or two.

00:58:10 --> 00:58:14

I will put certain time of the day that's my time with the book of Allah.

00:58:15 --> 00:59:01

According to your schedule, daily, not less than they don't compromise. This is the book of Allah I want to have a relationship and I I say this to myself and you all know this. There is no relationship between two human beings unless they communicate and they talk and they miss each other. Otherwise not a relationship. The same thing with the aura part of my day. a morning person I have more time in the morning, I will fix the time and I sit and read the Quran. No I have more time in the evening or I'm a night person and the best time for the Quran. Best time for the Quran is before Fajr it's before Fajr and let alone in your tahajjud sana in your nights Allah. Even if again

00:59:01 --> 00:59:18

half a page one page it depends make a dua to Allah Allah make me read the whole Quran by the time Ramadan comes in. This is four and a half months divide them that's about 130 days. So how many pages every day

00:59:19 --> 00:59:59

and make a lot of dua to Allah subhanaw taala I always add this to you we cannot do anything without Allah helping us we can't and we are weak. And this is the book of Allah in His words and I'm a sinner and but he he sees in me inside me that I am sincere. I really want to learn and he will never let me down. Does that come along him Atlas pantalla make it easy. We'll continue with this series we are going to continue talking about the Quran, the source of the Quran whatever Allah will open us to build and to bring this in this this era is to love and longing for the book of Allah desire. Come along

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havens panic a lot more behind the shadow unlike a stockbroker toolbox Allah Allah say now Muhammad Ali he was high betas

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