Stop Trying to Escape Death – But Make The Most of Life

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hazing Allah subhanaw taala and bearing witness that nun has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger, we ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him and those that follow in his busted path until the day of judgment. And we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allahumma Amin, dear brothers and sisters, you spend your whole life crafting out a direction, a trajectory. And as you get older, and you look back at the twists and turns that happen, and you

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wonder, at those times, when those twists and turns were happening, where am I going to end up?

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And in the midst of something you don't see the light, you don't see the where that you're going to end up. And subhanAllah we see that obviously, with trajectories more than anything else with families. You know, I will not forget, as we've been dealing with so many deaths in this community. Recently, so many people that are Beloved to us, a death that shook our community a few years ago, the death of the young sisters, Rohan Rahim, Allah to Allah and her parents who showed such somber such love. She was a daughter of the epic community, and really a wonderful person, a wonderful young woman, masha Allah, and a comment that was made by one of her parents that, you know, you

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spend that entire time and you want them to walk across the stage graduations, weddings, but how many people can say that their daughters are shahada or martyrs. It is a different trajectory, it is different altogether. But the disease that she died from was internal type of disease that bitten the donkey Tada we pray would be amongst those. So you make these plans. And the plan is to be in this place. At this time, as you draw out, you know, your plans for the future. And subhanAllah in the midst of the twists and the turns, you don't know where the turn is taking you to. It's like a detour that shows up on a highway. And you have no idea where you're going to end up as a result of

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that detour. And when you're in the midst of these types of twists and turns and these trials, the most common question that's asked is why? Why is Allah azza wa jal putting me through this? Why is this happening to me? And then you have Aina Oh, Isla ain Juan Mata, where to and when, which become to crippling questions as well that we need to treat, where to where do I end up at the end of this? And when will the relief from Allah subhanaw taala come that the element of needed closure, right when and that's something that inshallah Tata will talk about next week, but I wanted to talk about the Isla aim, where to where do I end up? You know, I had all of these plans and then Subhanallah

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This happened in my life. So where am I going to end up? You know, think about the young med school student that was working and working and working and trying to get into medical school and then twist Okay, where do I go now? I have no idea what's next. And obviously, that's a less extreme example, but a more common one right? The fear of where do I end up next? When you look at the prophets of Allah, Harney, who was selling them in PA,

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and the prophets, I seldom saw this dream where he saw trees and greenery and thought that that land of acceptance was going to be in thought if finally after all of these years of oppression at the hands of his own people, the hardship at the hands of his own people. And he goes to earth and we knows we know what happens there were yeah Allah either mentor Kirani Who am I love to now where do I end up? Am I where am I meant to be? Right? If it's not Mecca, and it's not but if where Medina was not yesterday, but the time was not really an option, right? Where Yeah, Allah? Am I at the mercy of these cruel strangers or I'm at the mercy of my oppressive people back home. Who's, where

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am I? Who am I at the mercy of Yeah, Allah where where do I end up now? Where do I go from here? And Subhan Allah, you know, if you were to ask anyone who's going through these types of things, and we know what happened in Medina and the acceptance of Medina, there is a wisdom from Allah subhanho wa taala. To the prophets of Allah, Allah He was salam in building the most perfect human being in the messenger and his salatu salam, that the prophets lysozyme had to go through Mecca and the boycott of Mecca and the rejection of thought before he ended up in Medina. Allah azza wa jal is capable of all things and in control of all things, it could have been that as soon as he said it kura that the

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people of Medina would have heard and would death and it was them men calling out but she had on one of the era as a caller

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or towards good and would have accepted Him and that entire headache would have been saved right but it was fundamental to the making of the prophets lie Selim, and where the prophets Isom ends up because the prophets lie some did not go to Medina alone. He had with him a group of people that had been tried, in the worst of ways and Mecca. There was a wisdom both to the Prophet slice alum and to the Companions but if you ask them in the year 611, where do you think you're going to end up and they drew out possibilities? Medina would have probably been yesterday about the time Medina would have been low on the list if it was even on the list as a whole. But Allah azza wa jal facilitated

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the prophets I send them in that direction. And there is no person that we take more of this from than Yunus it has Salah Yunus it has Sam's Life is full of lessons and there is a reason why he's the first prophet that Allah spoke about to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the capacity of the revelation of the Quran possibility hook me up Vika well concasseur Hey, Bill Hootie is nada who a microphone one of the first revelations to be patient with the decree of your Lord, and do not be like the companion of the whale when he was swallowed. Don't be like him at that moment. Don't turn away and don't be like him at that moment.

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But there are many elements of unis our Instagrams life, I want to speak about one. But to get to that one element. Let's go through a few things, small details that maybe get missed in the story of units it has set up and you read the stories of the prophets and Subhanallah sometimes like the eye hits you for the very first time. So we know it loved it, that about Milan even when he left his people angry, angry that they rejected Allah and that they were not showing any signs of progress, while one knock the rally.

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And he thought that we would not punish him. Not that he thought that we couldn't punish him. You decided he said, I'm thought Allah will not punish me for this. I'm Lee. I called these people I did my job. I'm leaving them three days and they're gone. One and then naka de la la he thought that Allah would not punish him for turning away. Not that Allah could not but that Allah would not. And he's walking away from his people, and he's leaving his people when Allah did not give him permission to do so. And subhanAllah the I insulted Ambia at least just go straight to it not that I feel Walmart and illa Anta Subhanak in equal to MinnowBoard. I mean, like the whole story of

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Eunice's cut out from when he's walking away from his people, one and enacted RLA and thinks that Allah will not punish him to the lowest point when he's in the belly of that whale calling out. The anti Hispanic in the Continental Army. There is the story is omitted from the middle of the aisle, to the lowest point this is what happens and this is where Eunice ani has Salam isn't a complete state of Assam completely submitted to Allah subhanaw taala with the dua that the Prophet sites and I'm said that every mcru every person in hardship no one makes this dua except that ALLAH subhanaw taala relieves them of their hardship and brings about ease. But that's Allah takes us right to that

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point after that. Jonas Annie has said I'm completely submitted in the belly of that whale calling out under the lair the darkness of the night, the darkness of the ocean and the darkness of the belly of that whales have been misinterpreted the Allahu Taala and who says

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and submits himself and says yeah, Allah. La illa Anta Subhana kidney Quinta immunoblotted mean, I give up. Yeah, Allah, I'm completely submitting it to. I'm submitting my affairs to Ya Allah. And what are the angels say? Subhanallah according to some of them who say sold on that roof. That's a familiar voice calling out the Macan. Ngari. But what what an unfamiliar place that he's calling out from that's a familiar voice, a man who used to call out to Allah frequently. But what an unfamiliar place, that we're hearing the voice of the servant of Allah subhanaw taala from in the bottom of an ocean in the middle of nowhere, in the belly of a huge whale. Now Illa Allah and to Subhanak in the

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continent of lightening, the brothers and sisters, at that point when you went to Saudi Saddam was swallowed at that well, not because his people ran him out, but because he turned away from his people. Subhan Allah this is unique from the MBA unique from the prophets. It was because of his mistake, that he was in the belly of that whale in the first place. He put himself there, Allah azza wa jal did not tell him to go to the ocean. This was not like the prophets lie some of them when he was ran out by his people, or the numerous stories of the 1000s of prophets run out by their people.

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And he could have at that point said, Who survives the belly of a whale? I'm done. I am done a stuffed fit Hola. Hello. So that's it, I'm done. But Subhan Allah, Allah says had he not been from the Musa he had the

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not been from the people of tests be that Say Subhan Allah that admit the perfection of Allah subhanho wa Taala then he would have been consumed in the belly of the whale and that would have been the end of his story. Instead, what's the end of his story? The end of his story, federate abou Hora boo Fajr Allahu Muna sila him, Allah chose him and made him better than before, and rose him up and made him from the righteous. What's the end of his story? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying they are kulana Hadoken in the Hiram in unison no matter not one of you say that I am better than unisoc No matter then the newness it has set up of course the prophets lie some did not

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like when people would do Mufasa would talk about the the virtues of prophets over others don't be literal units or Islam don't speak badly about units it Islam federate about horombo, HuFa, adelmann, Asada in, look what became of him, look what Allah azza wa jal made of him. But your brothers and sisters, is there really any moment that you can think of where you could be lonelier or more desperate than you're deciding Saddam in the belly of that? Well, in those moments? Is there any moment that a human being could feel completely disconnected? From, you know, what is he hearing? What is he hearing? What is he feeling? How's even processing you're in the midst of all of

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that, but Subhan Allah liquid Allah azza wa jal made of him. Now what is the one point of the story that I want to get to? Because I said after why there is often Isla ain what Isla Mata were to and one year Hola. And we want to talk about where to

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you have to let the whale spit you out wherever it's going to spit you out.

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What island is he going to end up on? What's the trajectory after that? We you know, subhanAllah you read the story of Yunus Isom, what Island? Is he going to be spit out on?

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Where is Medina? Where is it going to end up from here. And that's a difficult thing for us to do Islam to to submit ourselves to. But if we submit ourselves to that, then it becomes easier to submit ourselves to the meta to the one because we know that wherever the destination is, so long as we are from and we'll set the scene well Mustafa in those that glorify Allah and those that seek the forgiveness of Allah, wherever the destination is, it's going to be a good destination.

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As long as we're doing our part of TSP, and it's the fault of glorifying Allah and seeking forgiveness. And so the when the when is then facilitated by that first you plug in the destination, then you look at how long it's going to take you. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make our destination generated for the dose, the highest level of generative for dose, we ask Allah subhanaw taala for all of those that have buried their loved ones and whose lives have been completely uprooted by these untimely deaths and I say untimely because Allah knows these times Allah azza wa jal knows best we don't, we don't curse time, that Allah subhanaw taala will place you in a better

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destination, that Allah Subhana Allah will deliver all of us within it to Allah to a better destination. But we have to do is to Islam to that were submit ourselves to that to Allah azza wa jal with the wear, and let the will take us wherever it will be be passengers in the belly of the whale and those moments, and just make sure that we are a people of law and Hispanic in the Continental Army. And by the way that applies to everything that's taking place right now. Political instability and uncertainty, all the types of uncertainty, the uncertainty of COVID What's going to happen to our economy, what's going to happen to our politics, what's going to happen to our

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society? What's going to happen to the Muslims? What's going to happen here? What's going to happen? In this situation and that situation, submit ourselves to the where are we from the most of the pain and are we from the most fitting if we are waiting in line to enter the destination will be good for us, collectively and individually? We pray that Allah azza wa jal only give us what's best, and forgive us for our shortcomings. Akula call the other stuff Allah you recommend he started a Muslim infested hero in a hula for Rahim?

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa ala Guan Illa, Allah Vitamina will allow people to metallically and Allahumma salli wa Salam wa barakaatuh Abdi Cora silica Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while early He will save your self esteem and Kathira your brothers and sisters I wanted to request your dua for someone that's very very beloved to me. And I have watched this family struggle for years years and you talk about uncertainty Subhanallah to lose 115 year old daughter to cancer and then to lose a second daughter to the exact same form of cancer is an unbearable tragedy and unbearable trial that that

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Most of us could not even think about May Allah protect our families. Allahu Amin, and today our dear brother Akram and sister Frieda are burying their daughter Nadine, actually, at the moment, at the moment in California. They are burying their daughter next to his mother Subhan Allah, may Allah have mercy on his mother and both of his daughters. And we talked about last week that even if you're in a built up fortress, it's going to come to you. I want us to please, please, please remember these people in our drafts were seeing the worst of us. The worst of us in these days as people are pitted against each other and political polarization, but some how was talking to the

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brother. And you know, Akram told me, he said, You know, I just do ads of the people to think about the idea that someone is making your app for me that never knew me, would not know me, that's the best of us as well, that connection that we feel. And some of you might remember brother Omari great who made a turnaround to Barack Allah and who's on the road to recovery from an accident where we thought he was dead, and Subhanallah multiple children and he woke up Masha Allah, He still thinks Obama's president, according to his wife in his brain is rewiring. He thinks it's 2009 or 2010. But he's on the road to recovery. And I posted an update a few weeks ago and I saw his wife going and

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seeing I mean to all of the drives. I thought how beautiful how beautiful that his wife was reading all of the drivers of the people for husband, Sister sacking May Allah subhanaw taala bless her and her family may Allah azza wa jal have mercy on our loved ones may Allah subhana wa Tada strengthen our family who have varied their family, may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for the believers around the world may Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for the oppressed around the world may Allah make it easy for the Messiah keen and the week around the world. Allahumma Hamilton our melted Muslim en la mushroom albino model the Muslim in Allah Maha minion may not well Muslim you know what

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a Muslim out here in a minute in Mecca semi or on Caribbean Mooji. Without Allah Muhammad Allah and our Hamner work for Anna Willa to add Dibner Robina alumna and fusina What ended up to her Lana Alltop Hannah then Hakuna lemon Oh ha city, la la la la into Subhana Kwinana Lloyd Amin, la la la and to Subhanak in Oakland immunoblot Amin La ilaha illa Anta Subhanak it couldn't have been a while I mean Allahumma Feliway de Lena Robert handwarmer, comfortableness Ihara, Robina habla and Iman as well as you know the reality now Kurata ion with Jana lil mattina Imam Allah muslim one in Amman kubina frequently makan Allah one one and mustafina equally McHale, Allah Hmong sort of one and most

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of our Athena female shadow them I've already Allahumma adequate lighting Nina with the violin the Vice President with one and then him starting in about Allah and Allah He would have been at the one Istanbul eater and quarterback way inherited fascia you will carry well Bobby glucomannan Allah come to the karoun Sakura la he has Kuroko wash kuruva Alinea, is it like what are they called? Allahu Akbar wala who Yeah, no matter