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AI: Summary © The Islamic War is a complex and volatile conflict, where women and children are killed by a group of young people driven by evil motives. The lack of human criminal behavior and false accusations are highlighted as reasons for the dangerous actions of some Prophet's groups. The importance of verifying one's actions and protecting one's reputation is emphasized, as is the need to be mindful of one's actions and practice them. The conflict is also complex and volatile, with challenges such as false accusations and protecting one's reputation.
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obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger. We ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him. And those that follow in his blessed path until the Day of Judgment, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst them Allahumma I mean, the brothers and sisters, if it was the end of a plot, and the beginning of a movie, which shows you something that truly disturbs you, and moves you, I want to actually go to a scene from one of the saddest moments aren't in our Islamic history. Obviously, you know, we are

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constantly seeing the news events unfold in front of us what happened in Buffalo. And then what happened once again, here in Texas, another school shooting, we asked the last contact to make it easy for the families of those that are dealing with these things. And we asked the last parent to protect us love them. I mean,

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but we've been talking about fitna and we've been talking about dissension and trial obviously, you know, the Hadith of the Prophet, slice alum where he's asked manager, how do I save myself and he said, MC Katikati Sonic Hold your tongue with the Asaka betook let your home suffice you WestCare Allah healthly attic and cry about your own sins, worry about your own sins, you know, keep yourself to yourself in this regard. But we all know that in the practical world, that doesn't always happen. And so there is a scene I want to start with here. And it is one of the hardest scenes to read about in the original fits on the original trials and tribulations faced within this OMA two scene of

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Earth mammal the Allahu Taala animal about to be killed.

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And Earth mammal the Allahu Taala and who this old noble man who the prophets lie some loved so much, who the Companions loved so much, who the angels loved so much and we're shy from is sitting in his chair, reading Quran, while a group of young people are seeking to assassinate him in the name of religion and truth, because they have been riled up and because they have been motivated by what they think is righteousness and justice. And while it's instigated from the outside, it is now permeated on the inside.

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And a young man walks up to him and grabs his beard and puts up his sword and is about to kill him. And that young man is Mohammed ibn Abi Becker,

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the son of Abu Bakr Siddiq, follow the law of town on

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it is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in what takes place of this fit some of the trials and tribulations and dissension and, and just all of the horrible things that we start to see arise in our Islamic history which shows you Subhanallah even when you have divine revelation, human tendencies lead us to very, very bad scenes. And this is a hard one who is Mohammed ibn Abu Bakar. Mohammed bin Abi Beckett was born. On the day that the prophets lie some in his companions were on their way to the farewell Hajj, Hajj or to adapt. And they were at the new thoughts. They were about to go forth. And so he was only three years old when his father passed away.

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And he got caught up with the wrong crowd that thought that they were doing something that is righteous,

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and going after saving the Earth model the whole time.

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And he didn't have the time to be available Beckett or the law and we didn't see the way that his father loved or modeled the Allahu Taala and heard the moments they were together where much of the Beshara much of the glad tidings that were given to a person of Jannah they were given to them together of a bucket on Earth man together and he all together may Allah be pleased with them. He didn't see all that. But he got caught up with the wrong crowd started to hear rumors, and then was charged with a certain type of zeal against Earth mammal, the Allahu Taala animal

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and he's in front of them and he grabs his beard nurse mom will be allowed to and who just saw a dream of the prophets lie some of them comforting him saying that tonight you're going to break your fast with I Abu Bakr and Omar with your companions who have preceded you. And Earth mama Lila and who has already come to terms. And we talked about this in the first in some detail with his life, but he's come to terms with the idea that he's going to be killed and he refuses to let anyone steal blood in his name to fight back and kill people and his name is Manuel de Allah and who looks up at him.

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And he says you have lucky. Oh my nephew. You're my nephew, the son of my brother, Dan Kela. Haiti. Let go of my beard. Pocket can a bouquet you cream ah, your father used to love this. He used to honor this beard.

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I'm going to be killed now and I'm going to be made into a murder and I'm going to meet your father and I don't want to tell your father that the one who sent me here is you to son it would disappoint him. What are you doing?

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What happened to you? How did you get to this place, and at that moment, he comes to his senses, he drops a sword and he runs away and realizes that he's been taken on a ride,

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that he's joined a group of people that were fueled with lies. And they were killing a righteous man assassinating a righteous man Subhanallah when you talk about the echo chambers of today, and you talk about the algorithms of today, and the way that people live in their own worlds, and they hear things over and over and over and over again and they become regurgitated. There were righteous people that killed companions of the Prophet slice and um, in the name of Allah righteous when I say they thought they were righteous, they thought they were acting upon something that was good. And they pulled their swords against companions of the Prophet slice on them.

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And you say, how does that even happen? How do people become nourished with this nonsense? How do people get into this, and there's a difference between the slander of each other the Allahu anha, to an extent and the slander versus Manuel the Allahu taala. And those that slandered out, you shoveled the Allahu Taala on her and started to pass rumors, most of them were either hypocrites, or people that got loose and reckless with gossip. They weren't doing it in the name of any type of righteousness. They didn't think they were doing anything noble by slandering it, shuttled the Allahu taala. And it was something that is low. It's like the gossip and backbiting, when we talk

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about people's honor in different ways, you know, recklessly, talk about people and forward things and say things that we shouldn't be saying and

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fall into major sins without realizing it. Whether it's Mamoli, Allah Tana And who people that actually thought they were doing something good the culture around these people that killed the likes of Earth mama, the Allahu Anhu and adhirata Allah Tala Anhu. And at the same time, the Allahu taala. And when we talked about a few weeks ago, these were people that thought they were doing something good. They were zealots, they thought that this was a religious call a righteous call, it's a different culture altogether. And that's what makes it all the more dangerous. And subhanAllah. This is before the mechanisms that exists when you talk about that young man that does

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something crazy, walks into a supermarket or does something crazy and you think, what was this person being fed over and over and over and over again? For three, four or five years that doesn't excuse it in any way? But you think about how the world is becoming divided into these chambers. How do we heed these lessons? There are few things that we can take particularly from the murder of a righteous man in Earth modeled the Allahu Taala and, and by the way, anytime you read any of these stories, don't assume your thumb.

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Assume you might be the guy holding the sword that doesn't realize that you are harming someone until Cebu common Vida Hala, all of us can be susceptible to that that you're hurting someone not realizing that you're harming an innocent person for reading a picture for reading a rumor for reading this forwarding that your Whatsapp group your group chat, your social media, whatever it is, don't assume you're the earth none assume you might be the guy on the other side not realizing and because all of those people are a lot of them. That killed companions of the prophets lie some thought that maybe they were doing good things and that they were nourished upon righteousness and

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taking up a noble cause don't assume that but look at how it played out. And there are a few things to take from this. I mean almost all the Allah Tada and hummus and Hajj and he is Abdullah abnormal, the son of the Khalifa that precedes it with man sitting in Hajj. And there is a man that was from Egypt. And I didn't just put that in there. It's in Sahih Muslim that a man from Egypt came to visit so he's not from that area and Hajj

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and he sees people sitting around him and Omar will the Allah Tada and Homer

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and he says, who's that old man? Man a shave. He doesn't mean it in a nice way. Who's that old man that everyone's sitting around? He doesn't know who he is.

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Beloved neuroma, like gotta calm down a bit, right? So he walks up to him and OH MY GOD, ALLAH Tala. I'm home. I'm home and he says, attack them on Earth man. afara Yama.

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Do you know that Earth man fled the day of hurt? He fled from the battle of

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normal the law of town and I said, Yes, call it a tournament and a hotel layover and they asked him What do you know that he wasn't present on the road? One I know some of this terminology is not known. I'll go through it in a bit. Do you know that he wasn't there the day that companions took a pledge with the Prophet SAW Salem to go out under the tree and Allah mentions that he was pleased with them, you know that he wasn't there? said Yeah, that's true. Now I'm gonna attack no more in the hotel here but Yama better. Do you know that he missed the Battle of better? He said yeah. He said Allahu Akbar, in frustration. How do you people support this man? And this happened and this

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happened and this happened.

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And listen to what happened oh my God, Allah Tada. And when I said to him, he said to add, obey in obey.

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Yin laka Massa al tanto before you go off and start saying I went and I confirmed everything.

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Let me verify to you everything that you just said literally three half truths that are more dangerous than full lies. Because a half truth is more dangerous than a full lie.

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Allah subhanaw taala forgave all of those because again people flood most people flood the battlefield once the other the other side took over. Allah azza wa jal alpha and he said the second thing, bear to read one if you read the history of that pledge, and this is a man still within a generation where companions are alive he says What are you talking about? People took a pledge with the Prophets lie some to go to Mecca to rescue Earth mama the Allahu Taala and the prophets lie some took his hand and said this is for its man and this is me because they thought Earth man was killed. So you had a group of companions that were ready to go risked their lives to save this person's

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life. And you're saying but he wasn't there? Of course he wasn't there the whole thing was about him.

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But that's what I mean it settled in his head Hey, that's two things there must be something to it then a third thing he wasn't there and better he said to him are you crazy? I mean what's well he didn't say to him are you crazy but reasoning he said the Prophet sighs I'm told him to stay home because the daughter of the prophets I send them the wife of Earth mama the Allah Tala annual Roca here Radi Allahu Anhu was sick. And the Prophet SAW Selim gave him permission to stay back. And on the day of better when the Muslims won the battle of bed, the Rukia died. That's why they call it the day of great joy and the day of great sadness, and the profit slice and I'm winter with Manuel

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the Allahu Taala animal. And he told him that you have the edger you have the reward of having attended better, because he would have been there if he wasn't caring for the daughter of the Prophet sign some.

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But three things that built up that charge this person and made him think that he was upon righteousness, running with the rumors, right and hurting someone. And even Amaro, the Allah Tada, and who he says, now go back and tell all those other people what I told you, like, go undo the damage that you've done now. Because you thought that you were upon truth. This is a method that the Prophet slice I mentioned, because Subhanallah it's, it's what we call, you know, when we talk about Lisha deception, when Russia, Felisa Midna whoever deceived is not one of us, the prophets I mentioned, putting the good grain on the top, which is actual grain and then putting the rotten

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stuff in the bottom right. So you don't show the rotten stuff. You show that thin layer on the top, so that people will think it's good, but under it, it's nothing but rotten goods. And that's what the prophets I said, Whoever deceives is not from us. The Sahaba asked the Prophet sighs I'm about soothsayers. Kahin right. One of the accusations they made about the prophets I saw them was they said he was a cat him a soothsayer. And one of the things they said about these fortune tellers and the soothsayers, right they didn't have social media back then. They said he had a solar Lofa in the home you had the feeling that urine was shade. Your Corner haka, yeah, Rasul Allah, sometimes they

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say stuff and they get it right. Sometimes they tell us something, these people that work with the jinn and the shayateen and you know, fortune tellers and soothsayers, how is it that sometimes they get it right? They say something that's true, a part of it is true. And the prophets lie, some says till Cal Kaleena mental health they take one word of truth. Yeah, Z doing a Mazda Miata, Khadija, and then they add 100 lies to it.

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So they lead with the one word of truth, that they hear, right? And they pass on to each other, but then they put 100 lies on it. But you see, the one word of truth, which makes it more potent, which makes it more viral. And this is something Subhanallah that happened to the Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and children of the Sahaba fell into it. They fell into the harm, and it's a different type of thing. So what does this mean for us in terms of an Fitton?

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The rise of deep fakes Pamela was just at a conference this morning SMU law and they were talking about you know, his free speech gonna cover deep fakes or not, you know, when people start to spread around things that are obviously off, and they don't know what they're going to do because the world becomes more and more deceptive, the technology becomes more and more deceptive. What do you do at that point? That's where you really have to take a step back because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warns us of this, and Allah azza wa jal says into Cebu Coleman be Johanna photography, who Allah enough altum now do you mean, think about the regret you have on the Day of Judgment? The

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regret you have when you realized I really really got this wrong. I really messed up. By the way it happens with families, happens in communities happens on a small scale. Don't just think about the big things. But that quick thing that you pass that quick word, that quick thing that you forward, that could be very, very deadly.

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stating, and in the world that we live in today bringing forward some of those Islamic ethics and thinking about the algorithms thinking about the echo chambers. And this is what I want to leave with inshallah Tada for all of us as we're thinking about this world around this where everyone is being fed something and then you come into this message or you go into the supermarket. And people are arising from this world that they've created for themselves. And some of them convinced of their worldviews and some of them, you know, even have a self righteousness and a zeal to them. How do we bring some sort of some sort of intervention to this all number one kkona Abdullah Al maptool Be the

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one that is killed, not the one that is killing be the one that is wrong, not the one that is wrong. If you're unsure, don't participate. Be careful, it's better to be wrong than to be one who's wrong you practice safety, practice restraint, right? When you get involved in these types of things. Number two, number two, when it comes to your brothers and sisters, you always start from a place of personal love. We used to have 70 excuses to excuse someone now you have 70 excuses to blame someone. Right? And to spin people's words and spin things in the worst possible interpretation and wait, number three, verify, verify.

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Allah Subhana Allah mentions this in Java. Conversely, when Vinoba inferred to be No, you have to verify what comes to you. Number four, ask yourself if it's even worth verifying. Do I even need to verify this? Or is it is it nonsense in the first place? Number five, and this is going to be the hardest one. This is going to be the hardest one, talking to someone who is deep in it.

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And trying to pull them out is one of the greatest forms of sadaqa that you can give.

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And this is how Allah and all of this I end with the story that's happening with these with these people, right people have been charged against companions. You have this group of people growing a number are reading the Quran, and they're just throwing rumor after rumor after rumor after rumor. Until they can delegitimize the companions of the prophets lie some of them have the love and bustle the Allah Tada and Houma. He says to read all the Allahu taala. And he says, Listen,

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let me go talk to these people. Let me go talk to these people. There were 6000 of them gathered, buzzing like bees reading the Quran, and circulating some of the most toxic stuff about the companions of the Prophet saw something. And they thought they were doing good.

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I mean, my boss says, Let me go talk to these people. And it'll be a law animal says, I'm afraid they'll kill you. These people don't have any restraint, right? Quick. Tech, fear cotton.

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They'll quickly call you a calf and they'll kill you, man, I Basa the law. And Huma says, Let me try. He goes to a value of 6000 carotid 6000 of these people that have been filled with the stuff. And he talks to them and they were shocked to see him coming to talk to them. They were shocked. And you know what? To make a long story short, after a short conversation with them. He left with 2000 of the 6000

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He left with 2000 of the 6000. Look, you have to understand some people have good intentions and get caught up in some really bad stuff with the algorithms as they work today. And that's always been the case. Someone has to take the Abbas role. Someone has to take the anambas role and it's probably the hardest role of them all to try to pull people out. So we're going to have to exercise patience with each other also. When people interprets and hear and ingest certain things that are of no benefit to them whatsoever. May Allah protect us from harming with our tongues. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from wrongdoing. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from al Qaeda. May Allah

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protect us from the lying wherever it may be, may Allah purify us of it. May Allah Subhana Allah protect our communities. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah protect us in a world of deception and countless amongst the truthfulness sincere We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from Assad the pain we ask Allah to make us from Allah seen. From those who are sincere We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst those who are steadfast, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect our societies in this day and age and for Allah subhanho wa Taala to guide through us people to this way of Islam and to all that it comes with in a way that will grow in sha Allah Tada all of us closer towards him,

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and in a way that will give us safety in this life and in the next Allah Ameen. Akula Kalia that was tough Allahu la camisa Muslim infrastructural inaudible for wine.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while only he was so happy women Wella Loma Nina wouldn't want me not willing Muslim you know what a Muslim out here even one will enlighten the customer on Cleveland will deal with Allah. Allah I'm a felon I will have another word for I Know Allah to I live in a Robin alumna and furstenau in LA I'm tougher than I will tell him no no no corn no middle class it in Allah in a careful and Kitty in winter Hibbeler alpha five one. Hola, hola familia, Idina Hamama cometa boom se la Robin I have learned as well as you know, there'll be it in a poorer time with Jana Linwood. Sakina. Imam Alonso is one

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Almost all nine female female Sharknado my Barbie Alana is a Islamic Muslim meanwhile Delicia cablecar they've been with them and the alarm actually killed while immunoblotted Meanwhile legitimate one and the veniam say to me about Allah and Allah He got more granular son what you call about way enhancing your fascia you wouldn't want to carry with a baton on to the Coronavirus Corolla and of course, wash crew are in or not use it look one of the cooler I come up a lot of young people snarl