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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of life and how it can be measured. They explain that life is a balance between the individual and their environment, and that individuals have a history of feeling the same way. The speakers also touch on the importance of patient mental health and patience in achieving success in life, and emphasize the need to stay on track to achieve success. They also offer support for those affected by the pandemic.
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In Al Hamdulillah Hina do who want to study in who want to steal fuel. When our auto biller him in Saudi and fusina was the TR Molina may you have the healer who fella mobila who won a YouTube little fella had the Allah wa shadow Allah, Allah. Allah wa the hula Cherie Keller wash I don't know Mohamed and I do who also Yeah, are you holiday in an otaku? La haka to party he Walter moved on.

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To Muslim on. Yeah Johanna SUTA Docomo lady Holika come in next you Wahida wahala coming has waterbirth Amin hamari. Jalan Kathy are one is

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what the law Hala de lune be here

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in LA haka Anna Aliko Marathi Eva. Here are you Hallerin la how aku sadita ustelecom Arma Allah come welfare la comme Dono. Back home warmer up Havasu LA who forgot deaf photos and our Lima

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alpha in our stockpile, Hadith the Kitab Allah He has our gel. Well, Carol had you had you Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was selling them, or Shavon Ohmori Muffuletta to her death in vida. What could be the atom Bala Wakulla Bala let him finish all praises due to Allah we praise Him. We seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our own actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray. And whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, Nan can guide you bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped, except Allah alone, who has no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa early he was Salam is His servant and His messenger. Or you who believe fear Allah as he should be feared and die not except in a state of submission, and Islam to Allah, omen or mankind be dutiful to your Lord who created you from a single person. And from him he created his wife and from them both he created many men and women and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and observe the rights of your kinship. Surely, Allah is ever an all watcher over you, all you who believe keep your duty to Allah, fear him and speak the truth. He will direct you to righteous deeds and will forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed

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attained a great achievement. The best speech are the words of Allah subhanho wa taala. And the best guidance is that of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was salam. And the worst thing in the religion and matters of the deen are the newly invented matters because all the newly invented matters are considered to be innovation and bidder and every bidder is misguidance and it leads and it takes its people to the hellfire.

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Allah Subhan Allah to Allah says in the Quran, what an evolution a combi che immunol how he will do a one minute early will foresee with them a lot. What Bashir is saw between

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Alladhina either Assad but who mostly by call, we're in LA we're in urology, Rouen. Willa, ecology him Salah to network be him Rama, Will, eco homopolymer don't. Allah Subhana Allah says in surah, Al Baqarah, the meanings of these verse, These verses are and we shall try you with loss

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which will try you with fear,

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some kind of fear, some kind of tribulation

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and hunger, lack of food, lack of nutrition, lack of resources,

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and the loss of selves, the loss of people, the loss of people that are close to you people, that you're concerned with people that you love,

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and loss of property and wealth, and loss of vegetation, and loss of the things or the luxuries that you are used to we shall try you with this. So life, the meaning in this verse is that life will never be the same. There are good days there are bad days. So sometimes you will be tried, the things that you take for granted will be taken away from you one day, you will not find them, you will miss them. And that's the nature of this life. So Allah is preparing us for that.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala concludes this. So he's explaining or he's describing the reality and the nature of this life, then

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The things that you take for granted the things that you are used to and Ubik you've, you've grown attached to these things, we shall try you by taking them away from you, we want to test you. So we will take these things away from you and cause you some discomfort will cause you fear will cause you tribulation, the circumstances will change, the tide will turn to get will turn against you. Allah subhanaw taala concludes this verse by saying well but shade a submarine and give the glad tidings to a Siberian, the ones that are patient, the ones who managed to develop the trait of patience and the practice of patience within themselves. What should a slob it in Alladhina either

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Asaba Tomas Lieber

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they are the ones Allah describes and reveals who are a Siberian, he says, a levena either Asaba to mostly about they are the ones that when they are tried and hit with hardship, calamity and tribulation. And if the tribulations that we just mentioned in the previous verse,

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the response is Palu in Lilla, we're in urology when they say when they are tested, when they are tried, when they are challenged, when they are troubled, when they face all of these adverse circumstances and times of tribulation. All they say, in law, we belong to Allah, we belong to Allah, we're in you know, you're on your own, and we shall return unto Him.

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We are returning to Allah, we came from Allah, and we will return back to Allah. So that's a summary of life. So they put life in perspective and that equips them

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and develops within them the traits of a subdural, it gives them the patience, the forbearance, the perseverance, the consistency, the resilience, the balance, to face these ups and downs of life, with this powerful trait that we call in Arabic assignable.

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So whatever happens in life,

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they have this balance, they never lose perspective. They're never thrown out of this beautiful state of balance. So and they don't see that they're only say these words with their tongues because a Muslim is supposed to have his tongue and his body and his hearts, all at the same level, all speaking or making the same statement, otherwise that would be hypocrisy.

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So when someone says I'm not upset, but they are upset, that shows lack of consistency incongruency

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they have something that how they tell you, I like you, I respect you, but deep in the hearts, they despise you.

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And they don't have any respect for you. That's not the state of a believer. So when Allah subhanaw taala says a levena either a Saba Tomasi, but don't call in Allah. We're in Illa urology on Allah says at the times of hardship, that's what these people say. And they don't ain't only say this with their tongues, they say it truly with their tongues. But that reflects the state of the Hutzler. So their tongue is merely expressing what they feel and what they experience in their hearts. That tongues describe the state of their hearts. And that's where the power come from. That's where the resilience comes from. That's where the balance comes from. And that explains the beautiful life and

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see a lot of our great prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam and his companions that the times have is never caused them to transgress or oppress, or take advantage of the circumstances on the contrary, and the hard times, never made them lose hope in Allah subhana wa Tada. They will always connected to Allah. And this is how every Muslim should be, at least strive to attain that level of maturity. And that level of faith and that level of Eman.

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Patience is a way of life. It's not only a theoretical concept that we just talked about. It is not something to brag about. It's not about it's not something to pretend to have. It's not something that you can fake. Patience is a state of heart is a state of mind that you experience the peace within, regardless of how turbulent the times, outside are.

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That's what patience is, is the calm, is the peace is the serenity is the assuredness that we have in Allah subhanho wa Taala regardless of how

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Our lives or how our days turn up turn out to be. That's what patients means. And this is why Allah subhanaw taala praises patients in the Quran so often that the word patients or the concept of patients was mentioned in the Quran more than 90 times more than 90 times. And all of them are in positive terms. Allah subhanaw taala, for example, says,

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we're in Allah, Allahu wa, Siberian, and indeed Allah is with the patient ones. And when Allah is with you, that's a powerful thing. It's not just a theory, it's not just it's not just a claim. It is something that has an impact on your experience on your life on your state.

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It has an impact on what you're going through. Allah is with you and when Allah is with you, it doesn't matter who is against you.

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Because Allah is with you, and when Allah is with you, everything will turn out to be in your own favor. Everything will turn out to be a gift from Allah subhanho wa taala. But you have to hold on to patients and that's the condition. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that but Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will try his servants, and Allah will test them sometimes it will be severe tests. Then the Prophet salallahu Salam says Furman probably a fella who Riba, the one who is pleasant and pleased with the one who was pleased with Allah subhanho wa Taala then for him will be the pleasure of Allah.

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And everything will tend to be in his favor. Woman sorry, poor fella who's soft and the one who is impatient. The one who's unhappy. The one who is displeased with Allah, why does Allah test me? Oh Allah, why me? Why do these things happen to me? Why not someone else? Why do I have to go through all of this? This attitude is called an Arabic assault.

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And the prophets of salaam says woman Sofia Tafolla was soaked. I'm the one who is displeased with what Allah brings his way, then for him will be the displeasure of ALLAH. So he will have to go through the hardship because that kind of displeasure, that kind of despair will not take away, the calamity will not change the condition.

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And he will not change the circumstances everything will be the same. It's a hardship, you'll have to go through it. It's a calamity, you have to experience it, it's a pain, you'll have to feel it.

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So the words of complaint that you say they don't make any sense, practically, they're not going to change anything. And worse off, they actually make the pain even severe. Because you put yourself in a victimizer in a victim mentality. It's the attitude of victimization. When you feel you don't have control, you feel you don't have choice. You feel you can't do anything, you're helpless.

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But we know that the Muslim can never feel helpless, if he is true to Allah subhanaw taala or if she is true to Allah subhanaw taala because we know we can't change the condition that Allah subhanaw taala wanted things to be so. So what we do we embrace them, we see the deepest side of what is happening, we realize Allah was good for us, even though we can't see it at the moment.

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And you can just reflect on your past life. Look at the hardships, look at the pains, look at the traumas that you've been through

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10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago, contemplate upon them. Now you're not suffering from them at all, they became memories. And if you reflect deeply, you'd see that these things have come about in your life and brought about gifts with them. You've grown after the calamity, you've learned something about yourself, you've learned something about Allah, you became closer to Allah, you've developed a higher level of resilience and patience, and maturity as a human being. It revealed to you who are the true ones to you, and who are your fake friends, every calamity holds in its own womb, the seed of a greater and of a greater opportunity of a greater blessing from Allah subhanaw

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taala and that's what Allah subhanaw taala says, For in number three use Allah in an anniversary Salah indeed with every hardship with every calamity, there is ease. Indeed, again, Allah subhanaw taala repeats emphatically

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says the statement again with every ease with every hardship, there is is so with every hardship, if you if you manage to reach and tap into the other side of it, you will see the blessings of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So this is how we Muslims are supposed to be. And Allah subhanaw taala describes patients or the way he refers to patients as well as as well. Allah Subhan Allah says, Allah who you hippo Siberian, and Allah loves the patient ones and will

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doesn't give his ultimate love

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for anyone.

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Allah gives his love only for the people who deserve it for the special ones. And that shows that patience is a deep trait is a great achievement if you are able to achieve it in your life. It's a way of living. And by the way, sometimes when we talk about patients I don't know personally I've been trying to understand where the negativity comes about. And when we perceive patients when we try to understand patients, we think that when we talk about patients, or when Allah in the Quran refers to patients or the prophets, Allah Salam refers to patients, we think we have to live a miserable life, and go through hardship and live miserably we that's that's the perception that I

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find within myself and so many other people about patience. No patience takes you into paradise when you are suffering on Earth. That's the meaning of it.

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That's what patience is, it takes you into a feel of paradise, when you are going through the hardship when you are going through the pain. That's what patients means. So it's not doesn't talk about misery. It talks about transcending pain and misery. It talks about connect being connected to Allah subhanaw taala seeing the wisdom of Allah in everything that happens in your life, even though you don't figure it out completely, but you trust in Allah and that trust and that letting go and that belief in Allah will bring about so much peace and love and expansion in your chest

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that's why for example, you will find people like me to tell me Yeah, Rahim Allah his famous statement he said, What can my enemies do to me?

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You know, you can't be so you can't be more free than that even team Yeah, saying that statement. What can what can my enemies do to me? What kind of damage can they extend to me?

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May if I lose that AB

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in a loony factory shahada

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in such unone For suddenly halwa we're in a phone fnf UCF a we're in a phony 11 bras Allah, Allah, Allah and Islam, Islam.

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He says What can my enemies do to me? They can't even get to me.

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If they kill me, that's my buddy. They haven't reached me. That's martyrdom. For me. That's Shahada. That's one of my ultimate goals.

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What can I get this honor from? Something I'm looking forward to?

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And they put me in prison. That's a time of seclusion and peace of mind that I've always been searching for because I've been Tamia was under so much demand from people questions. People are asking for fatawa people are asking for advice. People were asking him for knowledge, people and asking him for help as well. He never had time for himself. He had very little time for himself. He wanted to spend time just reciting Quran remembering Allah praying for Allah subhanho wa taala. He just wanted to do more worship, but he had no time to do it. So he says, if they put me in prison, they've done me a great favor, please go ahead, do it.

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And if they exile me, they pushed me out of my land. That's for me traveling. And I love doing this. I love seeing the creation of Allah selling, seeing the different cultures, the different lands. And in another another time, he said something similar. And he said, If they exactly to Cyprus, because it's an island in the ocean, in the Mediterranean. So he said, If they examined me and send me to Cyprus, I will call its people and invite them to Islam and they will respond by the will of Allah. What can these people do to me? How can you get to someone like this? How can you be more free than this?

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Patience is liberating. It's powerful.

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And if you read through the Quran through the Sunnah of the Prophet Salam, consider his life reflect upon it, you will see patients is there. And it's a pleasant thing. It's a source of happiness. It's a source of tranquility and peace in one's life. And that's what we are supposed to develop in our within ourselves. But if we keep looking at patients as a miserable experience,

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that's because we've been faking that for so long, that we start mixing up between the true patients and the fake patients.

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We pretend that we are patient when we are not.

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So if we want the love of Allah, and when Allah loves you, nothing else matters.

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Nothing else matters and when Allah loves you this life, you will experience it differently. And when Allah is with you, there's nothing for you to fear nothing for you to worry about. Because everything that people are competing for everything up that people are fighting with each other for everything that people are dying for. You've already you already have it. You already

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possess it. You will find that richness and that wealth in your heart as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Alina Hina neffs. The prophets of salaam said richness and wealth is wealth in the self

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is wealth of your soul. Because what people are searching for is a mirage. You can find it within yourself, the sense of richness, you don't have to search for it outside. And once you can find it inside and when you find it inside, it's Elkanah it's contentment and when you find it, you will be surprised that the riches of the world will start flowing to you.

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Because Allahu Allah subhanaw taala loves someone and someone is truthful to Allah, Allah will give them more than bucola in shackle to Mala as even. And Allah declared and made it clear that if you are thankful to Allah if you are grateful, and what how can you be more grateful than being patient for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala that's real thankfulness. Then Allah shall increase your more, according to the west through Lalibela comically the Memphis.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad rather early he was so heavy anymore that oftentimes we don't really understand patients when we think patients means when someone gets at your nerves, you hold yourself back. That's part of patients. But patients takes so many shapes and patients the word in the English word patients does not reveal and does not convey the intensity and the depth and the velocity of the word or suburb. So part of patience is to be patient, and to be persistent in your worship for the sake of Allah, when everything seems to be against you, when holding on to the true religion and the true guidance that came to us from Allah

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subhanaw taala. When it becomes difficult for you to observe the five daily prayers, when it becomes difficult for you to focus and bring about your heart and your mind and experience called short and Salah when you're striving to achieve this, that's patience.

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When you do the things that Allah wants you to do without you pay from your own money for the sake of Allah that requires a lot of patience, because you're holding the desire of yourself back. You're transcending it by giving what you love for yourself, you're going you're giving it to someone else, or to or to an organization or an another cause that requires a lot of patience. And that's part of a server that's part of patients that's not conveyed by the word patience. So when when you observe the rights of Allah and you keep yourself dutiful, to Allah, doing everything that Allah wants from you, and you strive for that, especially at our times, when it's very difficult, that's a great part

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of a suburb. Another type of a suburb and patience is to keep hold yourself back from the things that are haram. The things that Allah hates the things that Allah despises, and that Allah made prohibited, when you hold yourself back from the temptations, that takes a lot of willpower. And that's patience. When you hold yourself, you hold your gaze and you don't stare at things that are haram for you. It takes a lot of resilience. It takes a lot of power. It takes a lot of manhood.

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It takes a lot of will.

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And that's patience. So when you hold yourself back from the sin, when you are tempted to engage in any haram transaction, even though it gives you the impression that things will be much easier if you engage in it. You hold yourself back for the sake of Allah and you know that Allah will give you a way out that is better than this. That requires patience. Another form of patience is that you are patient with Whatever befalls you in this life, whatever comes your way. No, that's the nature of this life.

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No one will live this life in a state of ease, no one.

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Even if you live a life of affluence, hardship and trials will come to you from a different kind.

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If you're not tried with financial hardship, Allah will try you with emotional hardship. Allah will try you with relational hardship and social hardship. Allah will try you with personal hardship.

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Allah will try you with other calamities. So that's the nature of this life. Don't expect more from this life. True happiness. True tranquility and peace can only be found in Jannah in paradise. This life was not created for you to live happily ever after. It wasn't created for you to have an easy life throughout the stages know if life is treating you so rosy and so well and it's so easy on you. There's something wrong about you. You might have lost your mind. You might be living in your imagination.

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Because life is going to be hard, and it's not going to be hard all the way or they will there are ups and downs. And this is how life works. And Allah subhanaw taala says, wait till can a Yamanaka we don't have a nurse. And these are the days that we alternate between people. So Allah is going to alternate your life is going to be times of ease and times of hardship.

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So in order to handle this fluctuating nature of life, you need a lot of patience, patience. So when good things come to you, you don't transgress, you don't oppress others, you don't take advantage to the negligence of other rights.

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And when life treats you harsh, you do not lose hope. You do not fall in despair. You do not you do not lose hope and Allah's mercy. You do not complain about Allah.

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Allah says, Whoever goes through a hardship, whoever goes through a hardship and he complains and he's not patient, then he is accusing Allah in His wisdom. He's accusing Allah's wisdom that Allah doesn't have wisdom.

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Another type of patients that we need is patience in relationships.

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You will be tried by your spouse, there's no perfect wife on this earth. There is no perfect husband. There's no perfect parents. There's no perfect child. There's no perfect friend. There's no perfect Imam. There's no perfect layman. There's no perfect man or woman. We all human beings, we have our faults, we have all mistakes, we have our transgressions.

00:26:37--> 00:27:03

So if you are not patient, if you want the perfect wife, you're setting yourself up for a lot of hardship and emotional pain. If you expect your husband to be the best man in the world, to be the best ever to treat you like the best kind of treatment, then you're fooling yourself. Because this life is not designed for this, and it will never be like this. So be ready for this life. What's the big deal?

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And the good news is we can always transcend the immediate reality. We experience it. We experience everything in it if it's ease, we we enjoy that is as the Prophet SAW. Selim says in the law, your head one euro Athan enmity, that Allah loves to see the signs of His blessings upon his servant, Allah loves it when he gives you money, that there are signs of wealth on you, but not to be extravagant, not to start showing off. But if Allah has given you a life of ease in terms of financially, Allah wants to see the signs of that on you. So you enjoy this is and you benefit from it and you use it for a good cause.

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And when Allah subhanaw taala tries you with hardship, you also go through the pain and you experience it and you acknowledge it. And you know that it's okay for me to feel sad. It's okay for me to go through the pain to experience it to be frustrated, but not to lose hope with Allah still, my heart is connected to Allah and I know that Allah brings a good day and a bad day. And this is a test for me to deal with. This is how we can survive through this life. So in relationships, you will need a lot of patience. You will need your your son or your daughter will misbehave. There were some times commit grave mistakes. Some might sometimes there might be as teenagers, some really

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serious mistakes, but you have to be patient and not lose hope. Never even give up on them.

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You might have harsh parents, you might have been traumatized as a child, and it's been having an impact on you. That's the nature of this life. That's your trial, why not survive it? Why not take it as a stir wait Allah, why not use it as an opportunity for you to grow and transcend and become a better person

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become more resilient

00:28:54--> 00:29:39

for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So this is another aspect of of a sub, which is in relationships. Another part of patients that we need is in our end diverse. A lot of people people give up so early, too early on their dreams and on their projects. You start a business, you start a profession, you start working in a job you start once you face the first few obstacles, you start giving up on your goals. Playing victim saying the system is against me, or I don't have enough finances. I've tried this I put my invest all my savings in this project and it failed. Start again, get back on your feet start again, that's part of a sub consistency, resilience.

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That you face life as a man, you don't give up. Life is gonna knock you down.

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It will punch you in it will beat you and it will put you to the ground.

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But you know, that's never the end.

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Allah, Allah created this life and this is it.

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Nature luck and California in Santa Fe, Kevin, we've created man to toil to work hard and suffer and struggle in this life. But the struggle is external. Never take it to heart. Never take a defeat, never take a setback into heart, you will fall, you will fall often and often hundreds of times before you make it for the first time. And all of these failures are steps leading you into your success. That's part of patience. That's part of somebody that we don't seem to explore and benefit from.

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So how can we develop patients in our lives?

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It's a very simple way.

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When you wake up in the morning, every day, this week, from today, until next Friday, all you need to do is when you wake up in the morning, just make a covenant and agreement between you and Allah. Oh Allah today, I will look out for opportunities to be patient. I will look out for opportunities to be patient, your wife, your husband is not feeling well today, they're not speaking to you well,

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they come across offensive, be ready for that say, okay, that's my opportunity. That's an opportunity for me to be patient, your child misbehaves, and he gets at your nerves or she gets at your nerves say, Okay, this is an opportunity for me. So instead of you picking on them, punishing them, telling them off, or blaming them say, this is an opportunity for me, I will explore this aspect of me that I've been that I've neglected for so long. I will be patient today for the sake of Allah. Oh, Allah had me Be patient with this. So that's an opportunity, exercise, patience, patience, you're driving in the street, someone cuts someone cuts you off pushes in front of you.

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A word of swearing wants to come out of your mouth, say I'll hold it back. For the sake of Allah, I'll be patient and let it go. I'll forget it for you, oh Allah. So look out throughout the day for opportunities to be patient, your colleague, your boss, anyone gets at your nerves, make it a point throughout this week, to be patient and bring about patients from your hearts, that I'm going to be a patient person, I will explore this new aspect of myself that Allah has given me and he wants me to hold on to it. I will explore it this week. And I will look out for opportunities to be patient. Most of us miss out on patients because it's not on our minds. And we only remember it when we make

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a mistake, only when we mistreat the other person and we lose our temper. So you preemptively deal with this by having patience on your mind before you even start the day and look out for opportunities. Now I will close by reminding you of these first, that by the end of this year, the end of this month in sha Allah you know the next payment for purchasing the next door building is actually due and we need your support there. There are some finances on the way but for some reasons they are delayed, they are delayed. So we want if you can give donations whatever donations you want to give to the masjid for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala you're encouraged to do this, but what

00:33:08--> 00:33:56

you can do as well is give the masjid sadaqa or give the masjid alone. Give the masjid alone. Give them to the law. This is a horrible Hassan and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that for every Dirham for every dollar for example, you give us sadaqa it will be rich or you give as a loan, you give us a loan that Allah subhanaw taala will write for you half that value as a sadaqa so you give the masjid for example, a loan to pay off this debt $50,000 It will be registered with Allah subhanaw taala as if you have given in charity as a sadaqa $25,000 That's what the Prophet salallahu Salam says, so help us out pay off, I'll make this payment inshallah by the end of the month because

00:33:56--> 00:34:35

time is running fast. And as I said some finances have been delayed for some reasons. So whatever you can give them as soon as I saw the current hamdulillah the ones who already gave them as to a loan or a cousin Hassan from last year and they requested him to let that bill paid off. Everyone who gave the masjid carboot Hassan and they requested it it has been paid off they've been given that money back and hamdulillah so what we any any value that you can give the masjid as Kerbel Hesson as a loan. So do that in sha Allah and inshallah you will get the reward from Allah subhanaw taala so we urge you in sha Allah to do your best in this regard. The second thing is to remind you

00:34:35--> 00:34:41

of the Quran competition that will be inshallah next weekend. So come early on Saturday.

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

Great guests are coming Mashallah. It is such a great honor and privilege to be really to have them their chef admitted Matt Solloway and Chef Angela sheets, Sophie, these are probably the great artists of our time. These are the greatest stories of our time. So it's a great opportunity and also to encourage your children when you bring your

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

Children and they see these young brothers and sisters how they've memorized the Quran they're working hard and mashallah they're proud of being a Muslim you know gives you such a powerful push and such a powerful feel about you know how Muslims are handled of preserving their religion keeping themselves true to Allah subhanaw taala despite the hardships and the challenges that are there are facing in these countries along with me now it will mostly mean it will mostly matter here even on what Allah McAleenan Mr. Wifey never knew and if you call him a kind of La map and you're not homeless and had all the hum Allahu methodically him Do you know him and Allama furthermore we know

00:35:34--> 00:35:40

it's life and if you empty now with a bit up the government hours from now they'll come will care for you. Catherine Salalah was salam ala Nabina Muhammad adios