Omar Suleiman – Struggling for your faith can bring greater rewards

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The host discusses the self and its constantly flowing, comfortable, and pleasant experience that is not linked to desire. They explain the importance of not overthinking one's thoughts and not overdoing it. In addition, Speaker 2 discusses how achieving success is linked to one's desire and explains that physical and mental state is a factor. They emphasize the importance of having a clear goal and avoiding desire to achieve success.
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This is fast Joe Ali Butare duniya cathedra from him in Dehradun with the cruel Yachty Amnon hydrogen Anatole berry from the human heritage what Obama one mana LM Allahu Ana Joanne de Bella here at Aqua Lima yazma, Amina noir in different Quran with a psychedelic. So first he says that

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he talks about the way the self finds gratification, easy gratification in worldly pleasures over the hereafter. And he says that the self finds easy gratification and worldly pleasure because they're tangible. They're quantifiable, they have an immediate taste to them. Whereas the self finds that dimension of the Hereafter goes against those cravings. Because it's intangible, they're unable to grasp those things. They're unable to quantify those things. So when you're talking about guidance, and you're talking about all of these things that are outside of the self, they find themselves unable to grasp those things. And he said that, you know, it might be presumed by the

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ignorance, someone who's ignorant might say that the attractions of the Hereafter are stronger and more influential than those of this worldly life, considering the frequent warnings in the Quran in this regard, and he says that it's in fact, the opposite release a kid with a psychedelic, the opposite of what these people presume. And this is actually introducing a layer of individuals to Hema Allah that's important, isn't that Josie has a major problem with false spirituality. It's actually one of the most refreshing things to read about him, is that a person that eloquent could have claimed a certain station with Allah subhanaw taala. But he really blasts the people who he

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calls, you know, fake people to solve, right? There's a soul within asceticism, Zuidema, to Salah for spirituality, that's praiseworthy, that's grounded in the tradition that, you know, stops at the limit of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he really blast those people who, you know, tend to make this spiritual trends that is unattainable and talk about how we don't need agenda, we just need the love of Allah subhanaw taala. And we don't need to hear about reward in the hereafter. You know, we don't you know, spirituality is just to live in nothing but prayer and worship, and we don't have desires and you know, people that aspire to be monks of sorts, he hated that. And he

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blasts it frequently. And so he's saying that, you know, obviously, the way we're created, the poll of the tangible and the quantifiable and what's in our immediate grasp is going to be stronger than the pull towards that which we cannot grasp and which seems intangible at times. So he's like Allah azza wa jal created us this way. And the goal is not to defeat your nature. The goal is to discipline your nature properly. That's the point that he is making, in brief in sha Allah to Allah will get into into a greater detail. And then he gives this example he says Liana masala Tabari fie melee healer dunya Tenma Ilja refer in the whole Yakubu wat we're in nama Rafa Rahu LFL Kenyatta, ju

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l Calif. He says that, because the example of, of the the self in this regard, of the innate nature, the cravings of human beings and their inclination to this worldly life, he says, it's like, Jerry, you know, like, like running water, right, and it's moving downwards, so a downward stream. And he says that, the reason being is that it is more convenient to do that than to strive to exert yourself to go upwards, right, so climbing a mountain versus going down a river. So he's saying that a person who submits themselves themselves to their desires is like a person that is flowing downstream. It's comfortable, right? It's comfortable, it seems natural, right? Why would a person

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want to exert themselves to try to climb towards something with the inconvenience of that, unless they have in clear sight, the destination. So he's saying that the difference is not in the power of desire, and how we crave or how we feel, the difference is in where you want to go. And that's why if you want a religion, if you want the elements of Deen, that are going to speak to your Downward stream, you'll find it you will find many feel good quotes in the Quran, the Sunnah, and an account of the self and the things of the self, you'll find things that always tell you that you're okay. You can be selective in your reading of religious texts, and just sweeten the downward stream. But

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as human beings we don't like climbing, right? We you know, when you're hiking, if you don't have a clear end in sight, or a goal to get to the top of this mountain, then that pain that you're gonna start feeling in your thighs and that's sweating. Like I don't want to do this right? Why? Why even put myself through this so he's saying the difference is not in the desire and, you know, strength of desires or how Allah created us. The difference is that some people prefer to be in a downward stream because you flow naturally. That's how we are so if a person flows with their desires, right, they're just

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I feel like they're going in a certain direction but at the end of the day they're going to reach rock bottom literally right whereas the other side of that requires a level of an exertion and I'll just end with this part and so then we can we can talk about it a little bit inshallah he said what he had to Marathi foreshadow a better review will tell him to outweigh June the lucky for me the top row for Java people who Cassirer well as knowledgeable and young live in knowledgeable and ulab very powerful Subhanallah he says, and that's why when you look in the dean and the way that Allah subhanaw taala gave us this religion, the legislator, being Allah subhanaw taala sometimes it gives

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us to leave and sometimes it gives us to heap sometimes he gives us encouragement. And sometimes it gives us admonishment, sometimes he causes us hope. Sometimes he causes us fear. And he says that to call, we join the lottery that strengthens the soldiers of the mind. You know, I was listening to Sheikh Abdullah, healthy, the whole lotta Allah, honestly, he was talking about fitness, and he was like, I like to listen to stuff when I'm working out, that tells me that I'm not good enough that I need to work harder, right? Like I need to go. I like to I like someone telling me I'm not good enough when I'm working out, you know, so I have in my ear, right? So I need to go further, further,

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further, further. And that's, you know, the soldiers of the mind, right? Like that discipline, that determination. Like, I'm going next, I'm going next, I'm going next next step, next step, next step, he's saying the discipline of the self, similar in that regard. And Allah subhanaw taala does not just give you

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you know, the hope, the stuff that that tells you mercy, Rama, Rama, Rama, because that would not be good for you, that would actually that imbalance, that imbalance, while it can be religiously, you know, justify through selective reading, is actually going to lead you to the bottom of the stream. Right? If you have someone who is training you and Allah subhana, Allah to Allah, when Allah Allah, Allah to Allah belongs the greatest example, he's training us training you to get to the next level, right? You want the trainer to sometimes, you know, roughing you up a bit. Next, no, don't fail, don't not again, go further, push yourself, right, you need that total heap and that total heap. And

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he says that, as for the nature of a person, he says that the strange thing, or the amazing thing is not one a person, you have to lead on a person succeeds in overcoming

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these these desires, I'm sorry, he said, It's not strange when you see a person that overcomes these desires, he says that rather, it is strange that that person has overcome. So you know, this idea that this is not an easy task, that this is actually something to strive towards. And this is actually something that we should look towards and that we should

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you know, that it's a surprise, it is indeed a surprise and it is indeed an amazing feat when a person succeeds in overcoming their desires for the sake of that greater determination. But you should expect that most people are going to succumb to their desires because they don't have enough determination to go to the next step.

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