Mufti Menk – The Most Powerful Advice Ever Given!

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the words " Subhan Allah" and "the most important piece of advice ever to be delivered to mankind" in the context of religion. They explain that Islam is a complex and fluid process that involves the actions of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and that the words "taq wa" meaning fear of the Prophet's anger. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not seeking forgiveness and building a good relationship with the Prophet.
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Salam aleikum, my brothers and sisters, the most important piece of advice ever to be delivered to mankind is made up of two simple words. If you have that you have everything. If you don't have that you have nothing. So what are these two words? Subhan Allah, what is the most important piece of advice ever to be delivered to mankind? Well, Allah has mentioned it repeatedly. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has mentioned it repeatedly. Those of the previous scriptures have had their messengers come to them, and repeat the same two words again and again.

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It has been addressed to the believers as well as to mankind at large believing or not believing because with this, we will succeed ultimately and without it, we will fail. So what are these two words? The second word is the term the word Allah, which is referring to Allah Almighty.

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The one who made you the nourisher that you cherish or the Sustainer the provider, the protector, etc. The one in absolute control of every aspect of your existence Allah that's the second word. So what's the first and how will it so quickly make up the most important piece of advice ever? Well, it's as follows it delco law ha ha. Simple as that it tequila. We hear the term it tequila people say it tequila, tequila, etc. Allah addresses it to the believers many times in the Quran he says, Yeah, are you hon levena

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con la Ha. Oh you who believe it duckula then Allah says, Yeah, you should tell

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people. It taco Robuchon, you know, have Taqwa of the one who may do the one who is in control of your entire existence. The one who feeds you, clothe you, etc. So what is the meaning of the term taqwa? It's so important. taqwa Some say is the fear of Allah. Well, that is a very narrow meaning. And it could be perhaps worded much better and more correctly. Because when you are scared of someone, one might say there is an element of fear to be scared. Are you going to worship Allah because you're scared of him? No, you're going to worship Allah because you love him. And because you're afraid of

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making him angry or upset. You're afraid of his wrath, his anger, you're afraid of his punishment. So when you worship Allah, out of the love of Allah, you've automatically created a barrier between you and his anger, or his punishment. And this is why it's natural as Kalani says, taqwa is to create a barrier between you and the punishment of the Almighty by obeying the instructions of Allah and by staying away from the prohibitions, as simple as that. So a broader term and a more correct way of explaining it would be you who believe.

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Be conscious of your Lord, be conscious of Allah develop the correct relationship with him because taqwa is a lifetime of relationship. That's what it is. In everything there will be taqwa there will be the relationship with Allah. So develop the correct relationship with Allah when something comes in your direction, treated in a way that is pleasing to Allah, that is taqwa. You're always conscious of the fact that you're returning to Allah, you're going to be answerable to Allah so you won't harm someone who's weak. Someone who works for you, someone who's poor, your spouse, a perhaps any person that you consider weaker than you, you would never harm them and you would never wronged

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them. You wouldn't steal or cheat or deceive, because you're conscious of the fact that you are going back to Allah, and he is going to hold you accountable for everything. There are people who think they're going to get away with things that are wrong here on Earth, when they do that against others, but Allah says, You know what we're watching we know we've our Our Messengers have taken record of what you've done and you are going to come back to us and perhaps even before you come back to us, we may mete out that punishment. So my brothers, my sisters, that is taqwa. Also here to law Hill in a while in our arcade in it is the instruction of Allah for those before and those who

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are going to come after, to the first and to the last starting from Adam, going all the way down to the last of humankind. It is the most powerful piece of advice ever. It duckula develop the correct relationship with he who made you because you have no option. But to do that, you've got no other option. He whom

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You're going to go back to him the wisest thing you could ever do develop a good relationship with him, how do I do this? Well, I need to be a good person, I need to make sure I follow good instructions. And I need to make sure that I stay away from harm and evil and that which is wrong, and I worship the almighty in a correct manner. I also need to make sure that I seek forgiveness a lot.

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When we seek the forgiveness of Allah, often, we will definitely be come from those who are conscious of Allah. I say, oh, Allah forgive my shortcomings. Why do I say that? Because I'm conscious of the fact that I'm going to return to you one day, and I know I want to please you, I worship You, because I love you. And I'm doing what I'm doing in terms of goodness, because I just want to be in good books with you. And I will abstain from evil because I don't want to earn your anger. I really don't want to earn your anger, nor do I want to be a straight and that's why in Surah Fatiha, the opening surah of the Quran, the Almighty says in the last verse of it, that not

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those who you have, who are who you are angry with, nor those who are astray. You know, neither those who have earned your anger nor those who have gone straight, we want the path of those whom you have favored. So my brothers and sisters, whenever you think about the most powerful piece of advice you could give anyone or anyone could give you all that has been given in the past or that will be given in the future. The most powerful is it duckula develop the correct relationship with Allah. May Allah grant us that opportunity Apollo kolyada sallallahu wasallam albaraka Allen Amina Muhammad

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