Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #19 – The Reward for Your Patience

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Why is there such an emphasis on the concept of sabrun jameel, or ‘beautiful patience’ in Islam? During times of hardship, patience may be the only way to find contentment in this life. But in the Unseen, every little difficulty has meaning, and the Most Merciful is reserving an unparalleled final reward for your patience that will cause you to forget you ever suffered in the first place.


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The speakers discuss the physical appearance of people in the future and the importance of hardships and trials in achieving success. They touch on the impact of hardships on individuals, such as the lack of trials and negative emotions, and the importance of hardships in delivering on plans and reaching dreams. The segment ends with a discussion of the reward of hardships and the potential consequences of them on one's health and family, and the importance of comforting those who have experienced hardship.

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For sub rune Jamil there is nothing more beautiful than beautiful patients. It's inspiring to us when we can see it and others and it's even more endearing to ALLAH SubhanA hazzan, who sees us for what we actually are, and who knows what we're actually going through. And you know, there could be someone with an obvious hardship walking around, and people naturally feel sorry for them because they can observe their pain. And then you have those that show signs that they're hurting in ways that are harder to see, but an observant eye can see them. And then you have those that seem to be living the life but they have no sense of purpose, no sense of contentment, so it's all superficial.

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And some of the most tortured souls move around in this world in the most pristine disguises. And some of the most contents people are often in the most distressing outward appearance. And for those people, you marvel sometimes at their sub at their patients, you look at them, Allah you're like, how is it that these people are going through so much, but there's so content and it's actually a miracle in and of itself, and that's why the prophets lie. Some said it's adds up. It's a wonder that some people have patients in that regard. And the reality is that that tranquility is generated through the perspective that they have in this life, but also the paradise that they know awaits

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them in the next so long as they remain in the state of prophetic patience.

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last panel Tada says Miami la sloggy indica in a winter well who am Augmon fella Nora Yana who hired on tayyiba while another ASEAN Nahum, agile rhombi Asante, Makana Yamuna Allah says that whoever does good from the believing men or the believing women, then we will certainly give them a good life. And then in the Hereafter, we're going to reward them in accordance with the best of their deeds. If you notice here, the scholars point out that Allah says in this life, you get contentment, the good life is contentment as for the desert, the true reward that's in the hereafter that's not meant to be in this life. And the Mohammed bin Allah Allah Rahim Allah says something beautiful in

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this regard, he says into my Jalla doubted after Hannah leeches out everybody, the unhappy head down let us Atma, you read you and you're at home. While he Anna who agenda appdata Humala and New Jersey him feed Darren La Ilaha he said that Allah has made the home of the Hereafter, the place where he gives his reward to his believing servants. Because this realm, this dog doesn't fit what Allah wants to give us. And he has honored his believers beyond giving them their reward in a place that is so temporary. This realm can't fit what Allah wants to give you as a reward. It's too limited in its nature. And let's say Allah gave you everything you wanted in this world, you still wouldn't be

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able to take anything of it with you when you die and you go to the hereafter. So when it comes to unanswered your eyes, these are things that you've been putting forward and you have been waiting to see come to reality in the hereafter. When it comes to trials, these are things you are bearing with patience, knowing that Allah has put you on a plan for your ultimate success. There are several ways that we understand these trials in this regard. Number one, we're taught that Allah hastens the trials of this world, so that you don't have trials in the next the Prophet sallallahu sallam said either rod Allahu abdiel hired Angela Julio corbetta for dunya the prophets lie some said that if

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Allah wants good for His servants, then he hastens his hardship in this world so that there is no hardship left in the hereafter. So that's one, the hardships of this world, eliminate the hardship of the hereafter. Number two, Allah wipes out every single sin so that you meet him sinless on the Day of Judgment, the Prophet slicin I'm said Maya Zaghloul Bella Bill movement while Mina Fein FC Well, what are the well Maddie he had elk Allah wa Maliki hopefully, that the believing men and women will continue to be put through tests and trials, with their selves with their families with their wealth with everything that they have, until they meet Allah subhanaw taala and they don't

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have a single sin on. So Allah azza wa jal expiate those sins from you so the hardships remove hardship, the hardships remove sins which cause hardship in the hereafter. But then there's a third thing we learned from our prophets Allah Allah Hardy was Allah, that Allah uses those trials to elevate you to a position that you otherwise we're not going to be able to reach the prophets lie some son in law radula they Hakuna loan Manzella and Allah that a person has a station with Allah subhanaw taala familia blew her the Amel but he doesn't reach that station by

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His deeds fella ASR Allahu Yabba Lee he'd be my Jaco had, you believe a whole era. So Allah continues to test that person until Allah subhanaw taala delivers them to that station that he has intended for them. So hardships expiate hardships, hardships expiate sins that cause hardship in the Hereafter, and hardships can deliver you to a position with Allah subhanaw taala that deeds really can't. And there's the scene of people on the Day of Judgment looking at another group of people and the prophets. I said I'm set on the Day of Judgment. Hey, you know you're a biller. So up when Alan biller added biller or people who have suffered major hardships, when Allah is giving them their

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reward, you have this other group of people that are known as Afia people that were generally spared. And they would wish as they're seeing Allah comfort these people and reward these people and elevate these people, that they could come back to this life and their skins could be cut to pieces with scissors. Why? Because they see the way that Allah subhanaw taala treats these people that lives hard lives. Someone might say but what about all the memories and the trauma from before? Right like the reward is nice. Now. What about all the pain I suffered in this dunya the profit slice that I'm set on the Day of Judgment, you to be a shut Deal me Nina poor, one mandala? The

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believer who suffered the most hardship and trouble in this life will be brought forth and I want you to think about this.

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The person who suffered most amongst the believers, I mean, how much would this person have gone through right with their health with their wealth with their family? The person who had the most unimaginably difficult life is brought forth from amongst the believers. And Allah subhana wa Tada says, dip him once and Jim, just one dip in paradise. And after he is dipped in paradise, he's asked, How do I Atia Bella and cut? How do I eat books and thought, have you ever seen any hardship? Have you ever suffered any type of trouble? And that person is going to say, I've never seen any hardship? I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know where the trouble is. Why? Because of

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one dip in paradise. So imagine that the person who has palaces and Paradise because of the way that they board the trials that came to them in this life. And Allah azza wa jal says what in nama UEFA slobby, Rona agilon, be Raisa, Allah will continue to reward the people of patients without any limits whatsoever. Unlike good deeds, the subber is rewarded, patience is rewarded without measure. And the scholars say because Allah knows the ways in which hardship affects us. In so many dimensions, often in ways we don't even fully understand we can't fully connect the way that we've been hurt by something. And that same Lord who knows you is now going to reward you for every part

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of that trial with all sorts of bounties and that's from his alignment. That's from his mercy. And on the Day of Judgment. You're experiencing that mercy so much more so nonfat as the whole the whole time. I know. He said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that very early on the day that Allah subhanho To Allah created the heavens and the earth, He created 100 portions of Rama 100 portions of mercy. Each part of that 100 portion can fill what is between the heavens and the earth. And Allah subhanaw taala gave one portion of that mercy to this earth from that one portion of Allah's Lima here, a mother has compassion for her child, animals and birds have compassion for each

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other. But on the day of judgment, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a lot is going to perfect his llama meaning the other 99 portions of mercy. Allah azza wa jal has chosen to leave that for the Day of Judgment. Think of how Allah console's the grieving one that think of the Most Merciful mother you've ever seen and her comforting her child, that is just a tiny bit of one of those portions of mercy. And now Allah with 99% of that mercy 99 portions on that day of judgment is comforting those who went through hardship in this life, and that's when that mercy is going to be most rewarding. And you know what? That mercy is most needed, not in regards to the hardships that

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we suffered in this life, but the possible consequences of the sins that we have carried with us into the hereafter.

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