Tahir Wyatt – Ramadan 2018 – 16 – Seeking refuge

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness, protecting from evil, and avoiding confusion with others is emphasized in a conversation on the need for allies to help overcome flaws and avoid mistakes. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning the Arabic language and not being able to call upon it. The need for people to be mindful of laws and privacy in public spaces is emphasized, as well as the importance of practicing social distancing and limit interactions. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to practice social distancing and protect everyone's safety.
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A little wiser gentleman, pardon us, we're asking for all of them.

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Our Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when it came to this default, sometimes he was going to detail.

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And he the Prophet, I didn't select one of the ideas

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that a person should make frequently in such

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a lot more friendly than be cool level. Allah, forgive me for my sins, all of them.

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that which was

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a very maybe small debt, which is large. And I needed to assume that which was done openly and that which was done in secret. The profit idea slides was sent out as the last $100, if we give him the sense that he knows about that, but he doesn't know about it. The point is this. You have the lump. Sum, don't let a time deceive you into believing that because you've avoided what may be the major sense that you're not walking around with a lot of flaws

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that you need a loss of Hannah was out at a party

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that sometimes maybe inadvertently,

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you have some hazard in your heart, which is a sin.

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And it's not a minor sin. It's not a minor sin to envy someone. So wish that they didn't have that blessing that they had to believe almost this, what you're saying

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is that the blessing that they have, they don't deserve. And therefore law shouldn't have given it to them as if you can tell a lie. So Joe was best that you are the one that determines and you can decide, and allies who just doesn't know what he's doing by giving this one a favor.

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And so you want that favorite removed from him that comes in your heart.

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That's hazard, envy, and it's a sin. And we need allies with Joe to pardon us for that. And we need allies with Joe to help us overcome the shortcomings. That's one of the things that we work on

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and needs these last 10 and it's not something that we should stop in the last 10. But to recognize that we are flawed.

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And not to stand in front of Eliza gel as if we've done him some favor because we just fasted for 21 or 22 days because we stuck with night and prayed and now we're all clean and pure.

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As if that was something that we've done and that allies will jump gain something from our benefit from from our obedience.

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Allow them in the cat food or lung. You are the one who parties and we need Eliza with Joe's party

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to love what

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you love, harmony.

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And Eliza gel

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loves that we embody

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this effect of Allah subhana wa tada that he's mentioned in the Koran like his APU.

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The fact that he pardons he loves pardoning, meaning that he loves to party. And he loves from his servants that they party

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the same way that you want Ally's or Joe to pardon you.

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You can think of people right now who have done you wrong, this is a part of life.

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Not everybody is going to do right by

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there are certain people, they're going to do things to you that are unjust.

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And they may be deserving of your pardon.

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They may have done those things unjustly and if you would just forgive them, they wouldn't do these things anymore.

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Yeah, it's not like the person who you forgive.

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And by forgiving them, they go on and they harm other people the same way that they harmed you. That's an Islam. That's not something that's not sanctioned, that we forgive that kind of person.

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But for the person who has done something wrong, and you've clearly seen the change in them, you should pardon them.

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And you can think of somebody right now pardon them for Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is from the qualities of the people of taqwa.

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And it's from the qualities that we seek to embody, as we try our best to become from the McAfee

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as Allah subhana wa tada described the matcha green in the Quran when he talked about gender that was prepared for them with Safina Medina una facade.

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Well, Kelly Mina lado, la Vina and ness, those who spend their wealth, the qualities of the McAfee Allah, Allah says those who spend their wealth and times of prosperity in times of adversity, and they repress their anger they learn how to do anger management.

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They don't blow up, they don't burst out of control when they're angry. It's not from the qualities of the matcha tea, you can, your level of tequila is in line with your ability to control your anger. And if you can't control your anger, then there is a basic deficiency in your tuck one, and you have to turn to a loss of $1. For that, and recognize this is a deficiency, while afina and Ms in those who pardon people, those who are part of people.

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And as we strive and this month, because as we know, this month is not about hunger and thirst, it's about gaining tough one, as we strive to gain that we need to look at those qualities that are lost out and talked about in the wind and from them is that you pardon people and allies, which is the partner and he loves those who party. And so the Prophet alayhi salatu salam started out this day

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with a tawassul. All right, and what tawassul means is seeking to a will sila, seeking to draw closer to Allah subhanaw taala before you ask.

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So he didn't teach out you should have the low tide and had to say a long

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511. But you can just say that's the actual request. Pardon me? Right. We don't just say infancia sort of confetti here. In a Serato study, we start off by praising Allah subhanaw taala humbly learned,

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right, praising the lies. And so likewise, here, this is why you mentioned the lies with Joe's name.

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And you mentioned his attributes. subhana wa, Tada. You mentioned his name a lot of food, you mentioned this attribute of loving those who party. And then you say, along with the capital to Hippo, then you say fat for me. Fat, whiny.

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So Pardon me. So Pardon me. And if we don't gain allies, and what else party that we're going to be from the losers, not benevolent.

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at all, we have wronged ourselves. This is what I found that

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Allah, we have wronged ourselves. Now there's an emphasis.

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On our token, if you don't have if you don't forgive us, if you don't have mercy on us, and we're going to be from the losers. And so seeking allies with those party is one of the greatest things that we can do. In these last 10 nights, one of our Michelle

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mentioned this story, and I want to I want to relay the story because of the benefit that it has. And he said that on the 27th night of Ramadan, some years ago, many years ago,

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he went to pick up his father, to bring him to unless you're never going to the prophets mission.

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And as he was waiting for his father to come out the house,

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there were some young men down the street, perhaps neighbors.

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They were down the street. And they were blasting music in their car.

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And they were just sitting there, and it was causing a disturbance. And obviously, now we're talking about the 27th night of Ramadan.

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And though the 27th night of Ramadan is not necessarily later till covered every year, it's hoped that I need this is one of the nights that you that you seek it out.

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And so, the Shaykh says that he went to the young man.

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And he said to them,

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that many of the Muslims on this line are seeking allies are those forgiveness, the striving to please Him.

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You only turn the music off, I'll teach you something that you can say.

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So they turned the music off.

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And he said, I want you to learn this. I want you to learn these words. Perhaps the last panel data will forgive you for everything that has proceeded from the sentence.

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A lot of money with alpha 1251.

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And he said he repeated it a couple of times. And he said did you did you all get it? And they said Yeah, we got

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and he said, okay, repeat it back to me. And none of them could. He said okay, I'm gonna say it two more times and I want you to learn them. And so he said a lot of them in makapuu to him

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app back for me love

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lapworth app one nd allow you or the partner you love pardoning, so Pardon me.

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And he said they were able to repeat it back. And he said, they left the music off, he took his father, they came to the message of the Prophet, I didn't select him.

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He says Six years later,

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he was at a, a dialysis center,

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in another city, here in Saudi Arabia.

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And he was he was giving a talk.

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And he said, after the talk, you know, they went back to talk to just discuss some things with some of the organizers of the dowsing.

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And he said, a young man, one of the organizers of the of the Dallas center,

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who, you know, he said, he described him as having a beard and looking very pious said, he came and sat down next time. And he said, she, you may not remember me.

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I don't think I mentioned before.

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He says, six years ago, on the 27th night of Ramadan, you taught me and

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taught me to sing along.

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So then I repeated that

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over and over again until last time, and made it a part of me, and that allies until accepted minor repentance. And he turned to me just as I turned to the last one data, and I've lived my life straight ever since. And so we don't know the power of calling upon the last time

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of asking for this forgiveness of sincerely, sincerely, turning to a loss of data,

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and really seeking to be cleansed, not just again, not just externally, because even the hypocrites at the time of the Prophet Allah is selected.

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Even they're a better externally probably look better than what wisdom

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from an external standpoint.

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But it is the heart,

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it is the heart that has to be pure.

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And if that heart is pure, either solid or solid, had just to do

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that piece of flesh that organ in the body. If it is upright,

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if it is fixed,

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then the rest of the body is going to be upright and fixed. And if it's not, then the rest of the body is going to be corrupt.

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So this is why

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is something that as soon as Muslim comes in, and you're breaking your fast, and while you're waiting for the e commerce to be called. And we know that your ad between the exam and the e commerce let you like snap rejected.

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But sometimes we're so busy eating

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is a timeframe where we should be saying alone when the

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last one.

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Right, we should be saying sweetly abandon the comma between every event and every comma. As you're walking back to your hotel.

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As you're walking to wherever you're going, just keep repeating that do I there's not much better that you can say.

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The point is, if you don't want to say that, or you've said it 20 times, or 30 times and now you want to say something, I'll say something else, that's fine. But try your best to take advantage of these last 10 nights. And don't come later and regret the fact that you didn't push yourself.

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And keep in mind also the statement of the lantana in her.

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She said that the Prophet is allowed to sit in can and get 10 he will ask

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the lady that the prophet Isaiah said I

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would push himself, he would exert himself. And these last 10 like he would add no other time. Believe me if you're tired, there are people who are more tired than you and they're pushing hard.

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If you're not feeling well, if you're sick, if you're under the weather, there are people who are more sick than you are and they're pushing harder than you.

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They're showing Allah subhanho wa Taala what they want.

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And you have to show that same thing.

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The fact that Eliza gel has blessed you to be in the second only is the second most holy place in the world. Right now.

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is not a time to relax

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and sit back. You don't know that this opportunity is going to come to you again.

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You don't recognize how many of the 1.6 or 7 billion Muslims in the world would give anything for the opportunity to sit where you're sitting right now.

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And that's a fall back and not take advantage of that opportunity

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is almost a disrespect to the favor that last panel data has given us. So we asked allies to make us from amongst the people who benefit from these lessons to make us benefit from this place that we are in to take full advantage of the rest of the profit area.

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And to forgive us for short termism.

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Salatu, Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi chapter number 13. To seek review in other than online is a type of shit, man.

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I love it.

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We reached it to chapter 13. And he tapped into heat.

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And the chapter 13 deals with seeking refuge and Allah subhana wa Taala and to the contrary, seeking refuge and other than aloneness.

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And the video of you remember, two days ago, or three days ago, we completed the study of a very important glass and that was the day that the profit ideological talk decided when everyone costs for the loan.

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And who memorize that do I because I know some of you had since I'm a Muslim. Yes.

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Okay, stop right there. Allahumma Eeny,

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meeny jubin.

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Oh Allah, I do what I seek refuge in You from being a coward from cowardice. Okay, so the prophet Isaiah select with snam here is seeking refuge it's known in Arabic is, is the ad. And before you recite the Quran, you say what

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led me to shade or lie seek refuge from the curse, shape on

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fire. So, I

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mean in

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all I seek refuge in New Orleans, I seek refuge in You Allah, I seek refuge in You by now.

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When we call upon Allah subhana wa tada seeking refuge in Him, seeking refuge in Him subhana wa Tada. That is to lead because to lead us to single out Allah subhanho wa Taala in that worship.

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If we direct our st aza to other than a loss of Hannah Montana, if a person goes

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to the grave of our Prophet at his site, or to any other great

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and he says, Oh say you

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seek refuge in You from the fire.

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That is so he or it's opposite.

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It's the opposite it should, because seeking refuge

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from the fire

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it's something that only Allah Subhana wattana can give you. He's the only one that can provide you with refuge and what this refuge me because sometimes we say we seek refuge and we don't really understand the concept. When we talk about refuge, we're talking about what protection

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or a refuge, a refuge may be shelter.

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you're seeking that there's that you are being fortified that you are being

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strengthened when you build a fort. Right? And his firm Muslim, have you heard of his non Muslim their little smartlab? How do they translate it? What's it called in English, the fortification of the whistle a fortifies it protects it builds a barrier. And so when you're seeking refuge with a loss of paranoia, tada, you're seeking that he protect you that he builds a barrier around you that he strengthens you all of these things from whatever it is that you are seeking refuge from. So when we seek refuge from cowardice, then we're asking the loss of data to protect us from them. When we're seeking refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from stinginess, and we're asking Allah Subhana Allah

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to protect us from that to put a barrier between us and stinkiness

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Let us get close to being people who are miserly and not generous.

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Think about another word that's very similar. One who seeks refuge in another country is called a what? a refugee, a refugee. And a refugee, by definition is someone who flees his country and goes to another country either because of natural disaster or political reasons or economic reasons or whatever.

00:20:34 --> 00:20:53

So a refugee in fact, is someone who flees from one place to another place, and it's similar here. Our Prophet Isaiah select with Sadam said, fulfill rule II love leads to a lot and when you're seeking refuge in Allah subhanaw taala you become a refugee. Your heart flees to Allah subhana wa tada from wherever it was before.

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For you st aza, when you are seeking refuge, and that has to be from a loss of habitat you have to seek refuge with Allah azza wa jal

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and this is why the author says

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that this chapter is is the either to be lady lady

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that you seek refuge in other than Allah is a form of shooting. And again and again and I know we have to hammer this point home. But it's important because a lot of people say again, it's it's habit so he but everything is should check searcher.

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That's because towhees was established in the beginning. The first six chapters deal with establishing tauheed what is totally the virtual tool IE how to excel and to eat calling others to Tony.

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And this is the objective.

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Knowing shirt is not an objective in and of itself.

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You want to know shirt,

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like like, like the poet said either to shuffle that is shufti what

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I learned about evil, not for the sake of evil, but to avoid this to have Taqwa of it so that I fear it and avoid it.

00:22:20 --> 00:22:30

And likewise, we're not learning shirt for the sake of sharing. We're learning it because these are dealing with individual aspects of towhee.

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Our SDR This is a great act of worship, to seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala. In fact, as we've covered many of the new eyes that we learn along with in the our, the Vika, from this or from them, it's a great way to worship Allah subhana wa.

00:22:50 --> 00:23:03

But once we recognize that this is worship of Allah, then we also have to recognize that diverting that other words that worship excuse me, to other than allows you to tap into his arm.

00:23:04 --> 00:23:24

And in fact, it is a form of shoot. So that is part of what we are going to cover. In this particular chapter, before we get on to what was mentioned from proofs, because there are two groups that the author mentioned one from the Koran, one from the son of the Prophet, it is Salatu sin,

00:23:26 --> 00:23:31

it's important for us to give a little bit of detail here.

00:23:32 --> 00:23:36

And that is that not all is the art

00:23:37 --> 00:23:45

or seeking refuge. Not all is the other by other to other than a loss of angina or with other than a law issue.

00:23:47 --> 00:23:52

It is possible that a Muslim seek protection

00:23:53 --> 00:24:02

from another person, and it's not considered to be shipped. I want that to be very clear. However, they are conditions.

00:24:06 --> 00:24:19

Before I mentioned the conditions, let me just mention this very quickly. And that is, how do we know that it's the other is worship? We're clear on the question. How do we know that is the other is the event and then I'm going to say? How do we know?

00:24:21 --> 00:24:29

Because you're seeking protection? Right? Is that an indication that I may put on armor to seek protection? That's not a bad

00:24:30 --> 00:24:33

way? How do we know that anything is

00:24:34 --> 00:24:35

something that we've covered?

00:24:37 --> 00:24:52

Because the last hands Allah commanded us to do so in the Quran. When a lies hotel commands you to do something, whatever that thing may be, it means that that is either use the head or it is wet,

00:24:53 --> 00:25:00

meaning that it is loved by last minute data but it's not binding upon you or it is something that is

00:25:00 --> 00:25:05

Love bilaspur Allah is binding upon because a lot has commanded us to do anything that he does not love.

00:25:07 --> 00:25:18

All right, so if a lost faith, Allah commands us to do something, then it is event time. Where does the law command you into trying to seek refuge in Him? And if you don't know this,

00:25:19 --> 00:25:24

imports kick you out of the lesson. But I know you know that so I want you to think

00:25:25 --> 00:25:25


00:25:27 --> 00:25:30

when you start reading the Brian, okay sounds

00:25:31 --> 00:25:38

like something that probably Selim did every night before he went to sleep. And I'm sure you've memorized these soldiers is probably one of the first ones you teach your kids.

00:25:40 --> 00:25:42

The next call is a command

00:25:43 --> 00:25:46

called say, a lot many times.

00:25:49 --> 00:25:55

Right, I seek refuge in the lord of mankind, pull

00:25:56 --> 00:26:00

up bill Falak. Say I seek refuge in the Lord.

00:26:01 --> 00:26:02

They bring

00:26:03 --> 00:26:03


00:26:06 --> 00:26:07

they just opened the door.

00:26:13 --> 00:26:14

Now, so.

00:26:16 --> 00:26:36

So the first way, the first way that we know, that is the ad, is the bad guy that commanded us to seek refuge in someone aligns with those commands to do anything. That is an act of worship. That's number one. The second thing is that it's the either through its meaning

00:26:37 --> 00:27:17

is a type of law. Correct. And that's why when we start saying, a lot of money in the eye, or the recommendation from that we're seeking refuge in a law, that's a plan that we're making. And that do is is two parts, there's the obvious part, which is you're actually saying off of your tongue alarm seeking refuge with you from A, B, C, or D. And then there's the subtle part, because the only way you're seeking refuge in illustration style is that your heart recognizes allies ojos ability to provide you the protection from whatever it is that you are seeking protection from.

00:27:18 --> 00:27:24

Right, so there's a degree of attachment of the heart that goes along with an STI.

00:27:27 --> 00:27:51

Moving on, to seeking refuge with other than Allah subhanaw taala. There are four conditions that have to be fulfilled when seeking refuge in someone other than Allah. The first is that your heart is not attached to them, that your heart is attached to a larger jelly. So in other words, it is an external refuge that you are seeking.

00:27:52 --> 00:27:56

The second thing is that the person is alive.

00:27:58 --> 00:28:11

Anyone who seeks refuge in anyone else that is dead, no matter what status that person may have had. That is not permissible. And it's considered to be.

00:28:14 --> 00:28:16

The third condition was the first two,

00:28:17 --> 00:28:25

that the heart is not attached to the individual that your heart is attached to a last transaction. The second one is that they are alive.

00:28:27 --> 00:28:36

The third thing is that they are present. That is that they are within distance of being able to hear you.

00:28:38 --> 00:28:47

If a person here just starts saying, I seek refuge and you say you need my master, so and so and that master songs was in a totally different country.

00:28:48 --> 00:28:51

And you're not on the phone with them, for example. And

00:28:52 --> 00:29:00

then you are now attributing the attribute of being or hearing to this individual, and you seek refuge in them, it should.

00:29:04 --> 00:29:10

And the last condition is that what you are seeking refuge with them from

00:29:11 --> 00:29:15

they have the ability to provide.

00:29:17 --> 00:29:19

So someone may go to someone

00:29:20 --> 00:29:22

who is alive and is present in front of them.

00:29:24 --> 00:29:29

If they say to them, I seek refuge with you from the torment of the grave.

00:29:31 --> 00:29:34

And this is because they can't provide that.

00:29:35 --> 00:29:36

But if they say

00:29:38 --> 00:29:39

I want your refuge

00:29:40 --> 00:29:44

from this violin, this person was trying to oppress me.

00:29:46 --> 00:29:46

And as

00:29:48 --> 00:29:58

well the same thing because in sha Allah The heart is attached to Eliza gel. They know that there's only by laws decree that they'll be protected. that this person is simply a means

00:30:00 --> 00:30:07

that the person is alive is in front of them present with them right there. And that they have the ability to do that.

00:30:09 --> 00:30:20

If you went to a child who was five years old, and you said protect me from this one who's trying to oppress me, that wouldn't be sure. But it would be foolishness

00:30:22 --> 00:30:22

would they call?

00:30:24 --> 00:30:29

It has no, there's nothing bad. Perhaps there's something mentally wrong with the person who's asking,

00:30:30 --> 00:30:37

like we got those four conditions correct. Play with that. We want to say, Well, is there any proof

00:30:38 --> 00:30:48

from the sender via messenger RNA select was Sudan that you can seek refuge from other than a law provided that those conditions are present. And the answer is yes.

00:30:50 --> 00:30:51

Oh, you have something

00:30:55 --> 00:30:55


00:30:56 --> 00:30:58

Monday when the when the Muslims made digital.

00:30:59 --> 00:31:12

Okay, what I'm looking for those the exact wording, okay, in terms of what they did, there is no doubt that they were refugees in that sense. And they the Muslims, the early Muslims who made it easier to to add the city and were protected by indigestion.

00:31:15 --> 00:31:17

Sophia are the Allahu taala and

00:31:19 --> 00:31:24

the wife of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. She wants sent a dish of food

00:31:25 --> 00:31:28

to the house of a Chateau de la jolla and head for the Prophet, somebody who said,

00:31:30 --> 00:31:31


00:31:33 --> 00:31:33


00:31:36 --> 00:31:37

didn't like that.

00:31:38 --> 00:31:40

And it was a bit jealous that

00:31:42 --> 00:31:49

Sophia sent this food to her house, while it's her night with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:31:51 --> 00:31:58

And so as the dish was being presented to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, it should knock that out of his head.

00:31:59 --> 00:32:00

In the dish.

00:32:04 --> 00:32:16

And Pamela, you look again, at our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, it was so compassionate, so merciful. He didn't say he didn't scream.

00:32:17 --> 00:32:19

But he made a face

00:32:20 --> 00:32:22

from which she knew

00:32:24 --> 00:32:27

that the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam was highly upset.

00:32:30 --> 00:32:31

And so she said,

00:32:35 --> 00:32:35

he was

00:32:37 --> 00:32:38

a lion and

00:32:40 --> 00:32:44

I seek refuge with the laws of messenger satellite

00:32:45 --> 00:32:47

from cursing me

00:32:49 --> 00:32:50

from Kirstie,

00:32:51 --> 00:32:52

let's look through these conditions.

00:32:55 --> 00:32:57

Is the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

00:32:58 --> 00:33:07

Was he alive at that point, obviously, he was in front of her so he could hear her. And he has the ability not to curse.

00:33:09 --> 00:33:24

Because cursing someone is making do I against them. They say Lana too loudly, either, right, or something like that, in a person's mind. And so what she was seeking refuge in Him from he had the ability to do

00:33:26 --> 00:33:27

another heading the same as

00:33:30 --> 00:33:33

everyone was rude and whether or not the

00:33:34 --> 00:33:36

pain of the Prophet is allowed to sit down,

00:33:38 --> 00:33:42

was hitting one of his

00:33:43 --> 00:33:44

his young surface,

00:33:45 --> 00:34:13

described them as being the lamb. And the lamb is a boy, that's not just a child, because he wouldn't say they're very, you know, like a kid. But they also haven't yet reached the age of puberty. So they right they're like a tweener or whatever. Right? They're that age. And so he was beating him. And so the boy said, I wouldn't be left I wouldn't be lying. He didn't stop. He didn't stop beating him.

00:34:17 --> 00:34:24

In the voice, all the profits and a lot he was selling close to the profit actually was calling me and telling him to stop but he didn't hear him.

00:34:25 --> 00:34:37

And so the voice said, loudly so that everyone's aware that he can hear, he said, to be Rasulullah sallallahu himself. And so elements who stopped

00:34:39 --> 00:34:52

he stopped on the site. And the prophets of light it was someone said to me, who will love By Allah, Allah has more dominance over human you have over that voice. In other words, watch what you're doing.

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

You're going to be held accountable for what you're doing. So this boy, but he stopped he stopped

00:35:00 --> 00:35:01

When he heard the boy say,

00:35:04 --> 00:35:34

again, he saw the Prophet I didn't realize was saying we don't have any other examples in the Sunnah of the prophet Isaiah was sent in with them seeking refuge with the Prophet said, a lot of it was send them when he was not around. And after the death of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, we don't have any example of the companions going to the grave of the Prophet, it is illogical, sitting or otherwise seeking refuge in the Prophet solos, there are no examples of that.

00:35:35 --> 00:35:55

And so we understand from the sooner the private, I'd like to assume that this was permissible, because of the, because of the things that we mentioned. And notice here, notice here that the boy saw the Messenger of Allah, somebody was set up from the beginning, and he said, I want to be left, which means his heart was attached to Allah span was

00:35:57 --> 00:36:11

not, not that when he said, I want to be Rasulullah, that his heart was attached to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, but sometimes a person is is reminded by the person who is in front of them more than they are, but it reminded me last time,

00:36:13 --> 00:36:16

think about, think about a person.

00:36:17 --> 00:36:18

You know, who's going

00:36:20 --> 00:36:21

twice the speed limit.

00:36:23 --> 00:36:30

And the person is rivaling him. So fair luck, that you might do something crazy. Like, he's like, Yeah, whatever. If he sees a cop, what's he gonna do?

00:36:33 --> 00:36:39

He's gonna put the brakes on, he's gonna slow down. Sometimes people need to be reminded, it's not that he doesn't feel alone.

00:36:40 --> 00:36:43

But sometimes people need that authority

00:36:44 --> 00:36:47

in front of them to be reminded properly.

00:36:48 --> 00:37:17

And so this is what we're seeing here and the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that though that was mentioned, it is clear that the boy's heart was attached to a loss of data, that the prophets would lie to his son him at that point was a lie, that he was their president, he can hear what the boy was saying. And he had the ability to protect him from everyone who, because he was the Prophet, it is so large, and everyone else, every other Muslim, at his time was under his authority.

00:37:18 --> 00:37:40

So, this is the general you know, concept of at least the other in terms of its definition. And in terms of when it is permissible to direct one's seeking of refuge to other than a loss of habitat. We want to cover the I and the Hadith, which the author has mentioned, and then inshallah Tada, we'll open up for questions.

00:37:43 --> 00:37:44

Set one

00:37:49 --> 00:37:50

meter deep, deeper.

00:37:52 --> 00:37:59

And they were men who sought refuge in just, but they only increase them in fear. Not

00:38:00 --> 00:38:15

Know, there were men who sought refuge in male Jin Regina minocin. They sought refuge in miljan. And that's a clear indication that the jinn are also male and females just like human beings are male and female.

00:38:17 --> 00:38:37

When to Canada, gentlemen, Alessia Luna vgr, Amina Jin, there were men who sought refuge in male jinn, but they only increased them in fear. Like, there's no way to really understand this ayah without going through a bit of the context. So this is a sort of origin.

00:38:39 --> 00:38:47

And perhaps, if you go back and you read the beginning of sorts of gin, you'll see what happens is, is that there are a group of gin who accepted Islam.

00:38:49 --> 00:39:11

And they begin to talk about some of the things that they used to do and their interaction with human beings and amongst themselves. So prior to them becoming Muslim, this is what the beginning of sort of Elgin is about. So it's talking about them having accepted this man, and what they used to do before when they were Muslim. Well, I knew

00:39:12 --> 00:39:29

I heard that they said, and we will not after they have accepted after they accepted this thing. They said, We will not commit ship at all, with our Lord, no form of ship whatsoever, and then they go down and they start to list some of the things that they used to do and some of those things were shipped.

00:39:31 --> 00:39:59

And from amongst them, is this particular eye. When alesmith data describes them the same or describes that they were men, they used to seek refuge in the male gym. And what that's referring to, is the practice of the Muslim king in January, and especially for each year, as you know, Mecca, if you've been to Mecca, it's quite mountains. And there are wherever you

00:40:00 --> 00:40:45

You have mountains, you have what? valleys, right. And so the pagans believed that each Valley had a Jim who was the, let's just say he was like the the mayor, or the, the governor, he was the gang leader of that particular way. And it's kind of how it was. Because what they would do is, when they would go to the valley, they would say, I want to be saying, Ed, Adam Levy, Min superhet, he called me, I seek refuge with the master of this valley, I'm the master Qian, of this valley, from the foolish people amongst other foolish ones amongst his his folks, if you will, we can use that terms.

00:40:47 --> 00:41:08

So what he's what that person is actually doing is what seeking refuge and this, you know, Chief, Jim, the chieftain amongst the gym, so that that one, if you've got the protection of the chief, then he keeps all of the, you know, the other people in line.

00:41:10 --> 00:41:15

And so this was one of the practices that they will do, and Jay Z is

00:41:17 --> 00:41:18

mentioned here.

00:41:19 --> 00:41:37

However, he says that it only increased them in fear, said do not have thought that it increased the men in fear. And here, fear is not only referring to

00:41:41 --> 00:42:25

fear is not only referring to or the rock, because in general, the term that's used for fear in Arabic is cold, right? But fear, the word rock also implies a type of weakness. And so what that is saying that increase them in fear and fear of that particular Valley, perhaps, and fear of the jinn, but also make their hearts weaker. And that's true, anybody whose heart is attached to other than last minute data, it's going to get weaker and weaker and weaker, the less it is attached to a lot. Because your shrink comes from being attached to a lie hidden under the gun.

00:42:27 --> 00:42:38

So that is where your strength comes from. So last minute data describes it not only as fear, but as weakness. Like, how is this an indication

00:42:40 --> 00:42:42

that to seek refuge,

00:42:43 --> 00:42:45

in other than a loss mentality shift?

00:42:46 --> 00:43:18

The way that we understand that from this particular example, one that I lost, my dad is mentioning, mentioning their seeking of refuge in the gym. He's mentioning it in a bad light, he's condemning that practice, but it was also referred to as chic. And the second or third idea of consumer, well, then new speaker will have been added, we will not commit any form of shift with our Lord. And then these things are mentioned, and they are forms of ship.

00:43:20 --> 00:43:21

They are forms of ship.

00:43:24 --> 00:43:29

The other thing that's important to mention about this particular item.

00:43:30 --> 00:43:31


00:43:32 --> 00:43:42

it's something that we need to pay attention to as Muslims, because it's not just dealing with issues of heat issues. And that is that

00:43:44 --> 00:43:58

the attaining of an objective, the fact that you have reached your goal, or that you have obtained whatever objective use sought out for it does not legitimize the means.

00:44:00 --> 00:44:02

And that's, that's across the board. And,

00:44:03 --> 00:44:15

you know, some people believe that you can do anything to get to a so called noble objective. And that's just not the case. The ends in the stands do not justify the means.

00:44:16 --> 00:44:30

And so here, what some of the mushrikeen may say and still say to today, well, when I went and I asked this saint that's in this rage was such and such I got it.

00:44:31 --> 00:44:33

My do I was answered.

00:44:34 --> 00:44:59

A large hotel had already decreed for you to get whatever it was that you were asking for, before you asked that st or whatever. And so the fact that some of the Muslim King would be protected when they go to a valley and they say, oh, say you them this valley, protect us from your foolish ones. The fact that they would be protected does not mean that they're you

00:45:00 --> 00:45:03

means that they use to get that protection

00:45:04 --> 00:45:22

is legitimate or sanctioned, that is land that's across the board. So it's very important that we recognize that because a lot of times, you know, we may believe that because what I'm trying to do is such a noble thing that I can use any means to get there and that's simply not permissible Muslim.

00:45:25 --> 00:45:46

Muslim records the whole of the turkey Murali Obama has said, I've heard a lot of messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, whatever enters the dwelling and says, I seek refuge in almost perfect words from the evil of those creatures, which he created. No harm shall befall him until he departs from that place. So if this guy you should memorize your writing

00:45:47 --> 00:45:50

your writing I will do

00:45:51 --> 00:45:52

I will do.

00:45:53 --> 00:45:55

b can be mad to lead

00:45:57 --> 00:45:58

what is Kenny man's me?

00:45:59 --> 00:46:00

What's the Kela

00:46:01 --> 00:46:07

works? Okay, be Kenny Mantilla allows words.

00:46:08 --> 00:46:13

I seek refuge right? Ooh, we carry humanity left.

00:46:15 --> 00:46:19

But can you all say that? That should be pretty easy. I'll

00:46:21 --> 00:46:46

be Kelly Mantilla. All right. Excellent. Now we just need to add one word at 10 minutes at 10 minutes from the word 10 minutes which means to complete something or to perfect something right what it's meant to allow equanimity allows fantastic and I perfected my favorite and completed my favorite point okay. Oh Louis Kennedy Manson lair he

00:46:49 --> 00:46:59

be Kelly Mantilla tan net. I will be getting met in LA he met and the last part is similar to

00:47:01 --> 00:47:03

me share the masala

00:47:05 --> 00:47:06

when sherpani masala

00:47:09 --> 00:47:21

that was done. Okay, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said and we go back over to Selma. Hola. When talking about the Allahu taala and she was the wife of the mother on

00:47:23 --> 00:47:24

a tsunami in

00:47:25 --> 00:47:34

Santa Ana. She said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said who ever Netherlands He attended.

00:47:35 --> 00:48:11

That is that he enters a dwelling that he stops at a place. And even many who have explained this hiding from the short walk or the people who will explain it. They say that even means that if you stop if you're on a journey, and you start to rest under a tree, just to get some shade for an hour and to get some sleep. But that is considered a minsan. That's a place that's a dwelling place, a place that you are going to stay for any period of time. That is considered a dwelling.

00:48:13 --> 00:48:21

Whoever enters a dwelling and says, ooh, we can imagine the last 10 tan Mattie Michelle.

00:48:23 --> 00:48:30

I seek refuge with a loss of perfect words from the evil of what he has created.

00:48:34 --> 00:48:43

Then he will be protected. Nothing will harm him until he leaves that place of his.

00:48:45 --> 00:48:58

Isn't that a great deal? Isn't that a great new idea? We should make it a lot of times. So when you go to a hotel, when you enter that hotel, you should say I will be cutting mats in like 10 minutes.

00:49:00 --> 00:49:08

If you're going to spend the night over your friend's house, your relative's house, I wouldn't be cutting matching like 10 matches.

00:49:11 --> 00:49:20

Anytime you're going to stop somewhere for any significant period of time and take it as a resting place over the weekend he met in LA he met Michelle.

00:49:21 --> 00:49:22

Human rights with

00:49:25 --> 00:49:26

Kelly met.

00:49:33 --> 00:49:35

Excellent. We can imagine that.

00:49:36 --> 00:49:40

Okay, this guy has a few things that we need to just go over very quickly.

00:49:42 --> 00:49:44

And that is here. You didn't say

00:49:47 --> 00:49:48

What did you say?

00:49:49 --> 00:49:51

be kidding man to do.

00:49:52 --> 00:49:54

A 10 man t shirt.

00:50:01 --> 00:50:02

Is that seeking refuge?

00:50:03 --> 00:50:06

In other than a loss of talents either? No.

00:50:07 --> 00:50:15

And that is because you are seeking refuge in one of Eliza gels, attributes and attributes can't be separated from the thing that it is attributed to.

00:50:16 --> 00:50:21

Alright? So if you said for example, a red camel,

00:50:22 --> 00:50:27

like the Prophet it is lots of synapse is better than is better for you than a red camel.

00:50:29 --> 00:50:40

Can the red be separated from the camel? In this sense? No, you don't have the ability to a better example because the the barking of a dog

00:50:41 --> 00:50:57

doesn't exist without the dog. And there has to be a dog that barks for there to be a marketing of a dog. Like your speech, as he knew specifically cannot exist without you, does it exist independently of you know, it doesn't exist independently of you.

00:50:59 --> 00:51:05

And so Allah azza wa jal speech is not independent of Allah fantastic. It is one of these attributes

00:51:07 --> 00:51:14

to be Kenny mantella and it is permissible to seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala by using the name of Allah

00:51:15 --> 00:51:16

by using

00:51:17 --> 00:51:20

another name of Allah dreamtab

00:51:22 --> 00:51:24

steady example of that into brine

00:51:29 --> 00:51:34

saltwater exactly what did mme say when gibreel came to her?

00:51:35 --> 00:51:41

And he was coming to deliver that rule, that spirit from Allah subhanaw taala.

00:51:42 --> 00:51:54

She said, I bet many minca encounter Sophia, I seek refuge in opera men from you if you are pious, she's a pious woman.

00:51:56 --> 00:52:00

And she feels like he's coming to her to a pastor.

00:52:01 --> 00:52:09

And she's saying I seek refuge in men remember that Eliza gel is the Compassionate, The Merciful. Be merciful to me.

00:52:11 --> 00:52:13

Have mercy on me Don't do that.

00:52:15 --> 00:52:16

So she said I was a bit

00:52:17 --> 00:52:24

mean. She didn't say I want to be led. But it's the same. Same thing because I recommend what loves pentatonic.

00:52:25 --> 00:52:38

And so here, I will be Kelly imagine that you're seeking refuge with the perfect words of Allah subhana wa tada from the evil of what he has created.

00:52:41 --> 00:52:45

And it's important to note that you don't say that evil creation.

00:52:47 --> 00:52:58

Jani Eliza Joe's creation is perfect, there is no evil in terms of his Hulk. The fact that he creates his creation of shavon was perfect.

00:52:59 --> 00:53:01

But the shape time himself is he

00:53:02 --> 00:53:16

and so that what's your last name, but but the fact that Eliza Joe created him is perfect, and his supreme wisdom and that divine wisdom in the creation of the devil. And likewise, those things that are lost in Hamlet's either creates

00:53:17 --> 00:53:22

much of what Allah subhanaw taala creates, has evil in it

00:53:23 --> 00:53:28

a degree of evil or it produces some evil and it does things that are evil like every human being.

00:53:31 --> 00:53:37

And so, you seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from his words, and his words

00:53:39 --> 00:53:41

are what were used for the creation.

00:53:43 --> 00:53:57

Allah subhanaw taala says Be and it is. So you seek refuge in the words, the perfect words of Allah Subhana Allah from the creation, which were created from his work.

00:53:59 --> 00:54:21

The SEC similarly, similarly, because it's important to understand why don't you just say I wouldn't be law instead of instead of saying I wouldn't be Kalimantan? Why did the probability someone choose to say I wouldn't be Kelly matchy levy at 10 minutes and that is one of the wisdoms and shallow tada is that he created through his words, and therefore you seek refuge with the last one and that is perfect words for the evil of what has been created.

00:54:23 --> 00:54:32

It's similar to a statement that comes throughout the Quran. And it is also mentioned in the Sunnah of the prophet Isaiah salatu salam

00:54:35 --> 00:54:59

alaikum Joe says in the crime in the man no to the watch, he left not only domain Contessa and voila, Tripura we feed you only seeking a last face. We don't want any reward from you and we don't want any things by seeking a love face. Couldn't

00:55:00 --> 00:55:01

You just say seeking Allah

00:55:02 --> 00:55:09

couldn't you just say seeking the love we want we want allies we don't for this we were doing this for Allah we said that all the time. I'm doing this for Allah.

00:55:10 --> 00:55:41

Why do you Why is it in the manual to enable coup de la, we don't seek in the last face is because many times if a person does something insincerely they do it to show off it's because what other people are looking at them and they look at them with their face. And so we don't want their face we want a large pleasure we want his face. We want him to look at us allies with la young to Allah.

00:55:42 --> 00:55:55

Allah does not look to your sizes in your shapes and your bodies. But he looks to your heart and He wants to get extra supplies without looks at us. So we want his face we don't want anybody else's face.

00:55:56 --> 00:56:15

Clear. So it's important to recognize those subtleties throughout the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet Isaiah cyclus name so here hola been tacky, muddy alone. Tatiana says that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Whoever enters a dwelling place or stop setting rests place

00:56:16 --> 00:56:21

and says I want to be Kelly maxillae 10 matching and shifting my HELOC

00:56:22 --> 00:56:47

nothing will harm him until he leaves that place. And this is collected by any man Muslim. And so anytime we go somewhere, we should say that with full confidence that Allah screams out is going to protect us from whatever evil may be in that place. And this is also narrated as sort of the tournament de and also the mystery element. It is one of the glass that you should make every evening.

00:56:49 --> 00:57:08

We know that the Prophet told us many that are made in the morning in the evening. This too is specifically made in the evening. And that is that our Prophet, I didn't select what Sam said Whoever says the following three times, then he will not be harmed by any poisonous insect.

00:57:11 --> 00:57:16

He won't be harmed by any poisonous insect for the entire night.

00:57:18 --> 00:57:24

I will be killing matching, matching and shutting myself three times every evening as in this time right now.

00:57:25 --> 00:57:29

After you great salon to last and before salons

00:57:30 --> 00:58:08

that you want to make on a consistent basis, every single meeting and you say it three times. So again, here what we have is our Prophet Isaiah saw it, he said am commanding us to seek refuge in Allah subhana wa Tada. And therefore, it is better because the Prophet alayhi salatu salam does not commanded us to do anything that is not any better. And if it's a bad thing, it has to be for Allah subhanho wa Taala alone in diverting it to other than Allah is to, and that was what the author intended by this particular chapter. And the loss of Hannah Montana and those best solo was a little robotic

00:58:10 --> 00:58:10

will cover

00:58:11 --> 00:58:18

any questions, especially questions that are related to this chapter or Ramadan? We'll take them now

00:58:20 --> 00:58:22

that you had a question right, should I

00:58:27 --> 00:58:28

read the article?

00:58:38 --> 00:58:41

The questioner says that

00:58:42 --> 00:58:51

sometimes making in Arabic can be very difficult for us who are not native Arabic speakers. Is it permissible to make

00:58:52 --> 00:59:00

is it acceptable to make in another language and there is no doubt that it's acceptable to make it in another language. In fact,

00:59:01 --> 00:59:09

most of the prophets who were the best to call upon Allah subhanaw taala called upon Allah in Arabic.

00:59:13 --> 00:59:15

They call upon the last pansonic their language.

00:59:16 --> 00:59:22

Ibrahim was not known to be an Arab speaker musar they selected asylum.

00:59:24 --> 00:59:33

According to many of them were fascinating. He did speak Arabic because when it came to Meridian, which is in the Arabian Peninsula, he was able to communicate with the people and they were Arabic speaking people.

00:59:35 --> 00:59:39

But the Torah itself was not revealed in an Arabic

00:59:40 --> 00:59:43

He sat in SelectUSA and did not speak Arabic.

00:59:46 --> 00:59:46

How to

00:59:48 --> 00:59:49

use Yahoo.

00:59:51 --> 00:59:57

So if we were to say that is only permissible to call upon Allah Subhana Allah in Arabic That would be a stretch

00:59:58 --> 01:00:00

especially because the morning

01:00:00 --> 01:00:02

jority of the Muslims throughout the world are not Arabs.

01:00:03 --> 01:00:05

Arabic is not their mother tongue.

01:00:07 --> 01:00:13

At the same time, at the same time, allies with gel has preserved our Deen

01:00:15 --> 01:00:32

and the other religions have not been preserved the pristine form. And one of the reasons behind the preservation one of the obvious reasons behind the preservation of this deed was the preservation of the Arabic for us.

01:00:33 --> 01:01:04

That the Orion was preserved in Arabic to sort of our Prophet is Elijah Sam was preserved in Arabic, we can read today and be confident that these were words that the Prophet I didn't select with Salim said, in the language, in which he said, and there are not many other people that can come in and feel very confident about their prophets and being able to repeat that you know, what their profits set in the language. And so as Muslims, though, it is not an obligation to learn the Arabic language, it is something that we should try to do.

01:01:06 --> 01:01:21

It will be our working language between us as Muslims, the same way that the business language around the world is English. And people who want to do business, they're going to go learn them some English and they're going to be able to communicate, they're not going to be satisfied with the translator.

01:01:23 --> 01:02:05

As a Muslim, and I want to be a better Muslim, I want to understand the Quran and I want to I want to push myself to learn the Arabic language, at least some of it at least enough that there is some degree of functioning again, we're not saying that it's magic. And it may be for certain people, it may not be for other people. But to answer your question, yes, it is permissible to call upon Allah Subhana data, and permissible to make glad to him and acceptable as you make you out to him and other than the Arabic language. And as we've mentioned, prior to now, it is even permissible to do so as alive, as to Jews, and prior to sleep, that you can make dua to Allah penalty. And other than

01:02:05 --> 01:02:14

the Arabic language if you do not have the ability to make Arabic. And that's an important one that perhaps I did not mentioned before, that I mentioned now, is that

01:02:15 --> 01:02:18

if you have the ability to make do it in Arabic,

01:02:20 --> 01:02:40

then in that case, many of the scholars say that it is impermissible to call upon a loss for data in the salon using other than the Arabic language, but you do not. You cannot call upon us with that. And many there are many things to penalize we missed when your institute as the closest you ever are to a lost paradigm.

01:02:42 --> 01:02:47

And there may be a new ad that comes from your heart, you have no clue how to say it in Arabic, say it in your mother tongue.

01:02:49 --> 01:03:03

Because you don't have the ability to say it in there. But if there's something that you want to say like if you want to say oh law Forgive me, and you know how to say a llama community, but you say a llama, you don't say oh law? Forgive me. I'm not gonna say it. The English language or any other language?

01:03:05 --> 01:03:08

Since we're on the topic, and I know it's not directly related to the question.

01:03:10 --> 01:03:30

I find this gathering here in the message of the Prophet is that it was sent in to be an amazing gathering, because we have people who come from all over the world. They come from China, they come from Pakistan, they come from Australia, they come from South Africa, and Nigeria all over the world. And we all pray for Imani men.

01:03:32 --> 01:03:44

And we all recognize our salaat behind that man. And if daddy man was from China, he's going to be reciting the same thing. Look at how much and how much you can go into any tip.

01:03:45 --> 01:03:50

And when it's time for prayer, everybody's going to recite the same way there is no other thing that is like

01:03:51 --> 01:03:56

a luxury Joe has preserved this theme. And that deserves our graphics and one things and then

01:04:02 --> 01:04:05

the question it says alphabet and how

01:04:06 --> 01:04:14

is it permissible to recite a fancy hat in your language is solid? And the answer is no.

01:04:15 --> 01:04:21

If you don't have the ability to recite sorta Telfair to him.

01:04:22 --> 01:04:25

And that is the case with many new Muslims, for example.

01:04:27 --> 01:04:36

You know, it's going to take them sometimes a few weeks, maybe even longer. To learn how to recite Fatiha, they can just say su panela

01:04:38 --> 01:04:59

or they can just say Alhamdulillah and there's a hadith where the prophet Isaiah salatu salam, as was asked about the one does not know anything of the Quran. So the prophets of light his son and instructed them to paddle out hungry man, lay the lower level I will hold on upwards or something along those lines anyway, that there is some form of decay that a person would just repeat

01:05:00 --> 01:05:03

In each position until they learn how to pray properly.

01:05:20 --> 01:05:20


01:05:25 --> 01:05:26


01:05:27 --> 01:05:29

right, that's not No, that's not shooting.

01:05:30 --> 01:06:14

Right? Because, well, okay, so here, again, all everything that we're covering right now it's kind of under, right. So it's the other is what we're covering today, which is seeking refuge. And we talked about what refuge is because you're at you're seeking protection shelter from something which you're talking about this is deonna, which is to seek aid or help and doing something, which which again is do I but it's not necessarily it's different from seeking records will also cut the cover and shallow tada and we cover is the esteana will also cover is the author, which is to seek relief and is something some major affliction has been falling.

01:06:16 --> 01:06:55

And we seek protection as aid and you want relief, you know from that affliction. So all of these cover the same come under that same category. And that is is it is permissible to seek that from other than a last minute data provided that those four conditions are met, that your heart is not attached to the one that you're asking is attached to a lot and you recognize him as a means that Allah Subhana Allah may use to facilitate whatever it is that you are seeking, and that that person is alive, present that is that they can hear you and that they have the ability to do what it is that you're asking them to do and allows

01:06:57 --> 01:06:58

you to make this the last question so

01:07:02 --> 01:07:03


01:07:06 --> 01:07:10

allama in the GOP one, that one play that

01:07:12 --> 01:07:18

Allahumma innaka wanted to hit on that was back

01:07:21 --> 01:07:29

to his black swan. Fact for me, it means all along. You are the all party

01:07:30 --> 01:07:48

you love pardoning so Pardon me. So, pardon, forgive me, excuse me. And that part of it, you're asking a lot of the wife totally erase that sin and not hold you accountable for it. And then he also covers and does not exposure.

01:07:49 --> 01:07:50

Last question.

01:07:55 --> 01:07:55


01:08:09 --> 01:08:11

Can you start from my SMS

01:08:12 --> 01:08:13


01:08:17 --> 01:08:18

let me ask you a question.

01:08:20 --> 01:08:25

You said you made almoner when you first came to law school, you perform for someone

01:08:28 --> 01:08:33

then again, okay, why did you do a second? Why Why?

01:08:37 --> 01:08:38


01:08:41 --> 01:09:05

I'll give you a comprehensive answer shallows either not your specific situation. But a lot of people come in they ask about making Ramadan from Asia on the Saturday after having been omitted from the meat cons. So either they came to Medina from their country, they came to Medina and then from Medina, they go down to LA. So you're going to make them one

01:09:07 --> 01:09:17

or they came from their country straight to Jeddah and then Mecca so they've crossed me but they went into a prom on the plane, they assume the prom on the plane, and then they went to the

01:09:19 --> 01:09:23

then after that they want to know can I make another Oman?

01:09:24 --> 01:09:31

And the answer is that it is not better for you to make another one. It is better for you to make tomorrow.

01:09:33 --> 01:09:56

And that is because the companions of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam were in the same predicament that we are in a lot of times even more difficult for them to get back to Mecca. It took them nine days from the demon to get too much. Not four hours, not five hours, not nine out nine days with no air conditioning, no, no, none of that.

01:09:57 --> 01:10:00

And when they went down and met when they went

01:10:00 --> 01:10:18

It's a mecca, and they perform to wall and they they perform the Roma they they say, Oh, this is an opportunity to make the homeowner for my dead cousin and my dead mom and you know, no. But what they did doing Mecca was make a lot of talks. And if you take a step back and you think about it, well, why is that?

01:10:19 --> 01:10:22

Then you need to look at, well, what does oma actually comprise?

01:10:23 --> 01:10:27

Here's Iran in this talk, and say,

01:10:30 --> 01:10:39

What's better to offer say, to walk without a doubt, so doing more to offs is actually better than doing another to office.

01:10:42 --> 01:10:44

And this is why they will do a lot of talk.

01:10:45 --> 01:11:36

That's the first part of things. So what is better for you to do is not to do another one. Now we look at the issue of permissibility or validity. Is it valid for me to do another oma from *, and the statement of the overwhelming majority of the scholars and it was practiced minimally during the time of even some of the younger Sahaba. Like even Omar on the long side, and when he reached a time where people, some people didn't know what was still not common, the overwhelming majority say that it is permissible and it is valid to do another. However, you should restrict yourself to very limited circumstances, when you have no expectation of ever coming back to

01:11:36 --> 01:11:55

Mecca and being able to perform over again. Otherwise, if you expect to be able to come back, or you're going to go to Medina, which is outside of the macaques, and then you come back and throw me content, you know that you have the ability to do that. Then leave off making a homophone mention

01:11:56 --> 01:12:15

some people for example, that come from you know, Western countries, they don't expect to be able to make it back their funds are limited, and their father died and they want to perform or on his behalf or something like this and they go profession ation. So it's valid. it's valid. But again, this is not something that they should become a police amongst the Muslims.

01:12:17 --> 01:12:18


01:12:22 --> 01:12:23

Thank you very much.

Lecture in Shaykh Tahir Wyatt’s (PhD) Ramadan series from the Prophet’s Masjid Madinah.

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