What is the Definition of Allah?

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before posing my question, I would like to thank the organizers for making such a brilliant and stupendous effort, not coming to my question, I have a lot of interaction with Muslim because my early childhood and youth was spent among them. But one question has always been, not really understood by me, the definition of Allah, because to my mind and the way it has been given to me by my Muslim friends and acquaintances, that the definition of Allah basically is negation of other faith and also non acceptance of their definition of God as such, your scholarship is very profound, I would like to be benefited by it. I was asked a very good question, very important question that

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he wants to know one thing which has been all in his mind, what is the definition of Allah and Islam. And the definition also includes anything which is negation, and it contradicts the definition of the other fields. In fact, in Islam, the definition of Allah says what Allah is, and also say that Allah is not.

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Besides knowing what God is, it is also important to know what God is not. So that if someone falsely claims that so and so is God, you can easily come to know this is a false claim. As far as the reply to what is the refuge of ALLAH, the best reply that any Muslim can give you is from the Quran from Surah class, chapter number 112. was number one to four which says, Call who Allah say his Allah and only Allah Who Samad Allah, the absolute eternal love millet, wala Mulan, he began not noisy begotten, wollam Yakko Local Finance, there is nothing like him. This is a full end definition of Allah subhanaw taala of Almighty God given in the Glorious Quran, this is the touchstone of

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theology. It is the litmus test to identify any person says So answer candidate is God. If that candidate fits in this poll and definition we Muslims have got no objection in accepting that candidate to be God. The first is all hollow, says Allah one and only Allahu Allah the absolute law means Villa Boulud He begets not noisy forgotten while I'm yeah cool, local for not that nothing like him. For example, I'll give you an example. There are some human beings who say that Bhagwan Rajneesh is God.

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Regression at the time, there will Hindu brother told me that we Hindus don't consider him to be God, and never said that the Hindus call Bhagwan Vishnu regard there are many human beings who claim Bhagwan Rajneesh is God. Now I will give you a sample. Why do we use this negative also like failure Allah and only positive, allow summit Allah that pluton lum yella Avila mula he began not noisy forgotten. Why do we use this? Now we put this Bhagwan does need to test. The first test is full of Allah Allah says Allah and only was Bhagwan Rajneesh one and only was he the only man who has claimed divinity. There are hundreds who have claimed divinity. And in this country of ours, India,

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there are 1000s of men who have came to Haiti. 1000s of people have said that their god he's not the only one. But writing these books will say no Bhagawan right. This is unique. So let's go to the next test. Allahu Samad Allah, the absolute and eternal was Rajneesh absoluta eternal. When we read his autobiography, we read the that Bhagwan Rajneesh, he was suffering from trauma from diabetes mellitus from chronic backache. Imagine Almighty God suffering from us Tama from diabetes mellitus, from chronic backache,

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the third test, love mula mula. He begets not noisy forgotten. We know about about niche niche. He was born in Madhya Pradesh, and he had a mother and father and in 1981

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He goes to America, and takes 1000s of Americans for a ride and in the state of Oregon. He starts his new center, known as Rajnish. Purim later on the American government arrest him and puts him behind bars.

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Rajnish alleges that the American government gives me slow poisoning. Imagine Almighty God me flow poison, and 1985 the American government kicks me out of the country, he comes back to India and goes back to the city of Pune. And then he goes and he starts the center, which is today called Osho commune.

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And if you visit Osho commune today, if you go to Samadhi, where his ashes have been kept up to date, it is mentioned or the only Samadhi on a stone, or show, but one nice niche or show never born never died, but visited the Earth from the 11th of December.

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1931 to the 19th of January 1990, never born, never died, but visited the Earth from the 11th of December 1931 to the 19th of January 1990. They forgot to mention on somebody that he was not given visas to 21 Different countries of the world. Imagine Almighty God coming on this earth to visit different countries request visas.

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And the last test while I'm your local finance is so stringent that the moment you can compare God to anything in this world, he's not God, while I'm your co Local Finance. We know by going

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yeah, the white beard, like the human being the two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two hands, the moment you can compare God to anything in this world, he's not God while I'm here can local fun.

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For example, someone says that the Almighty God is 1000 times stronger than unfortunate. You may have heard the name of underscore schlager. The person who got the title Mr. World, strongest man in the world, Mr. Universe, the strongest man in the universe. The moment you can compare God to anything in this world, whether it be Andreas Washington girl, Dara Singh, or King Kong, whether it be 1000 times a million times, the moment you can compare God to anything in this world. He's not God, Columbia, cool local, funded to this brother is, in short, the concept of Almighty God. As far as the second part of the question is concerned that Why Does it contradict with the concept of God

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and other religions?

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In fact, it's the misconception that the concept of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala in the Quran, it contradicts with the other religions. It contradicts against the practices of the other religion, I agree with you, but does not contradict against the other religious scriptures. Because unfortunately, the followers of most of the religions, whether it be Christianity, Hinduism, etc, they do not read their own scriptures. So if we analyze the practices of the non Muslims, it does contradict, but if you go back to the Scripture, if you have to understand the concept of God in any religion, the best is to try and find out what that scripture of that religion has to speak about

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God. Don't try and find out the concept of God by observing what the fall of religions do. For example, if you want to know the concept of what is Sikhism, the best basic invoice, Guru Granth side

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or the gun, if you read the first volume, First Chapter, first verse of Guru grand five, it is known as apogee. What does it say? Correct. Known as apogee. It says that God is one. He's called the true. He's called an eternal.

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He is existing, he's compassionate. He's free from fear and bond. And if you know in Sikhism, Sikhism believes in one God, it does not believe in idol worship, it does not believe in Atharva and in the manifest form, he is called as a con gara and unmanifest form he is called Ankara. And if you read the scripture of Sikhism, there are various attributes given to Almighty God. If you read the Sikh scriptures, Almighty God, he's called a certain AMA. It's called the Holy Name. He's called as Carta. The Creator. He is called as Rahim merciful, He is called as Karim. beneficent, he is also called as ye Guru, the one true God. So if you go back to the Scripture, the concept of God in

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Sikhism and Islam is the same. Similarly, if you go to Hinduism, and Hinduism muscle, if you go back to the scriptures, it's clearly mentioned in the Upanishad Chandogya Upanishad, chapter number six, section number two was number one, it comes with a theme God is only one without a second, it mentioned the first is the Upanishads. Chapter number six was number nine, not Jessica sage, Janita Anna Deepa, have that God, there are no parents, he has got no superior he has got no Lord. It's mentioned with us either Punisher chapter number four wisdom 19 as well as they did with chapter number two was number three, not just here prathima st of that God, there is no prathima prathima in

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Sanskrit means it means that image, a photograph, a painting, a picture, a portrait, an idol, a statue, a sculpture. So it says not tested Fatima, Asti of that God, there is no image there is no painting. There is no portrait, there is no photograph, no sculpture, no idle, no statue.

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But unfortunately yet you find that Hindus are doing idol worship, who's to blame, I'm quoting the Vedas. Vedas is the highest authority amongst all the Hindu scriptures. But yet you find that Hindus do idol worship by because the scholar of Hinduism they tell that see brothers arcade, you know, at the lower level, people don't understand

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So the concentration we require the ideal, when we reach a higher level of consciousness, then it is not required. So I tell the Hindu pundit, we Muslim, they've already read the higher level of consciousness.

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It is the basis of Hinduism, basis of Vedas. But there are some sects in Hinduism, like Arya Samaj, which completely denounced idol worship, to similarly, if you go to Christianity, if you read the Christian scriptures, Christian scriptures again that is worship, yet you find that the Catholics, they make an image of God

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and they say Jesus Christ, Almighty God, to what we realize that if you go to the Christian scriptures, the Christianity and Islam, the teaching of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, it is similar.

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But most of the Christians what they claimed that Jesus Christ peace be upon him, he claimed divinity. In fact, if you read the Bible, there is not a single unequivocal statement in the complete Bible, but Jesus Christ will be upon Himself says that I am God always worship me. If any Christian can point out any unequivocal, any unambiguous statement in the Bible, where Jesus Christ peace be upon him himself says that I am God always worship me, I'm ready to accept Christianity really. In fact, if you read the Bible is clearly mentioned. It's mentioned Gospel of John, chapter number 14 was number 28. Jesus Christ peace be upon him said, My father is good, then I Gospel of

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John, chapter number 10, was number 29. My father get that all Gospel of Matthew chapter number 12, verse number 28, I cast out devils with the Spirit of God, Gospel of Luke chapter 11, verse number 20, i with the finger of God cast out devils Gospel of John, chapter number five was the majority, I can have my own self to nothing, either your I judge, and my judgment is just for I seek not my will, but the will of my Father, anyone who says I seek not My will of Allah Almighty God is a Muslim, to Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, he was a Muslim, he never claimed divinity and clearly mentioned the book of Acts, chapter number two, was number 22, a man of Israel. Listen to this,

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Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God amongst you by wonders and miracles and signs which God did by manual destroyed,

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a man approved of God amongst you by wonders and miracles and signs, which God did by manual ministry. So if you read the Bible,

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even in Judaism and Christianity, they believe in one God, who has got no images is clearly mentioned in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number five was number seven, number nine. It says, That thou shall have no other God besides me, thou shall not make unto thee any graven image of anything of any likeness, in the heavens above, in the earth beneath in the water beneath the earth, thou shall not bow down to them, not serve them for I thy God, the Lord is a jealous God.

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For more details, you can listen to the talk of my son, tomorrow my son at 345 is going to be a detailed talk. This one just highlights on the same topic, concept of God in major world religions. And we find out it is the same we believe in one God who has got no images and we worship Him alone and no one else hope that answers the question. Thank you so much. And you said it for me because the definition of God as it is tallies exactly with Islam, whatever we have in Sikhism, you know