Tafseer of Surah Maryam 18 – The doors of Taubah (repentance) are open

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what's going on feeding Kitabi?

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Sheldon dia

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bra Jamie Bismillah here Rockman you're rocking in turbo man our AMILO saleha for aka do hold on as

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your biller Mona she saw that Allahu La Aleem. In the previous segment we were busy discussing verse number 59, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke about the evil traits of the wicked successes that came after the galaxy of MBR. Li he was salat wa salam. We expounded on the two evil traits mentioned in verse 59 of chapter 19, where Allah subhanaw taala said they neglected their prayer and number two, they follow their desires and the qualifying statement as contextualized by the experts have said meaning the unlawful desires, but we also impress the point that even permissible desires should be within limit within reason within moderation. Of dilemna Amara the Allahu Anhu was eating

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meat so Sedna Amara the Allahu Anhu asked him and why are you having a meat? He said it's day two I was feeling to eat it. So remember the Alana said our cool llama Easter hater che and occulta who? So since when did you learn this that every time you feel for something you just eat it, though it's permissible? Yes, it now Amara the Allahu reproached him when I heard this and when I read this and when I say this it gives me a shiver in my back because unfortunately we cannot eat anything other than what we feel for. So there'll be so much food there but the channel would say there's no food at home no per day in the fridge there is this in the microwave there is in the oven, but because

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it's not what I'm feeling for. Unfortunately that is by our definition not food May Allah forgive me May Allah forgive us all. What's the consequences of those people for sofa yellow own have a Yup. Soon they shall meet devastation destruction, right? Again it would differ if it is a person who denied prayer then he will meet devastation and destruction Ebody permanently. And if it is a person who believed in Salah, but was negligent then he will have to face horsedrawn destruction devastation for a period of time so diverse the way expounded by the scholars would include in its scope, both the coffee and the antsy, the desk believer and the disobedient, that this believer who

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denied prayer hands eternity in hell. The believer who principally accepted the obligation of prayer, but was negligent there off will have to go to hell for a period of time that Allah subhanho wa Taala declares his purity. May Allah make us amongst those fortunate people who are privileged to enter into Jannah on the first instance, Amin yorubaland. Amin Oh, what am I you have Soboba Hill Abdo, yo Malka Yama team and family. The first thing that a person would be asked for regarding his actions with his Creator would be of course prayer for Sophia yellow tone, Hola, yah. So they are has been interpreted in two ways. One is as I've just translated now, Hassan distraction,

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devastation, etc. While Abdullah Abdullah Abbas Radi Allahu anhu, uma and many others say that the light is the one I didn't mean Oh, deity jahannam. It is a valley from the valleys of health. And in the footnotes of JELA Lane it is written, that this place is so wicked and evil that the remaining portion of hell seeks refuge in Allah from this portion of owl. You know, sometimes you would find a person who's living an evil life and a sinful life and he would say, you know, I live a bad life. But no, I wouldn't want to hang out with that person. That guy is really bad news. So he knows that he's doing wrong, and he also knows that person is doing wrong, but he understands that he's evil

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vice is not as wicked obnoxious and evil as that particular individual just by way of example.

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So there is a valley in hell, that even the other portions of hell seek protection in Allah from it. For who is this May Allah protect us? Number one, it is mentioned in the deceit that it is a Zani l Muslim day, a person who indulges in Zina and who persist on Zina Hooper says we're not trivializing the offense of someone who did it occasionally. No, no, no, we only make it mentioned that it is more grave to persist on it. I want Ben Hausa Brahim Allah's old is mentioned the interview laughing in our barn that Dambisa roominess Dombey for me

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dudes post an offense is actually more wicked than the offense. Number one, is this hard to commit a crime and trivialize it. It's not so bad man. It's okay. I'm not the only one who did it. You know? Yeah, it's okay. It wasn't too serious. It could be worse. So you do the crime and you trivialize it. Right. And is this our number two al St. Bashar you perpetrate the offense and you rejoice like hey, we bought it last night we endowed we enjoyed I went on a spree I had a good time. So Al is the Bashar you rejoice in on your act? Number three L L tirar. Deception. I did the wrong people told me that you know what if I commit Zina, I will be miserable, I will be depressed, I'm not miserable.

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I'm not depressed. My marriage will break up my marriage didn't break. This is the notion this the deception, this is the delusion and remember, it's nothing more than the grace, the respite and the clemency of Allah subhanaw taala that he gives it to you but then it comes at a time where it grips you It seizes you paralyzes you and incapacitates you and last out of this all is LSR where you persist on the crime you persist on the crime. And the least we can do if we find ourselves guilty of Iran is as the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, We're apt to be around say at Al Hasan that after committing a wrong make sure you perform a good deed if the devil is not backing off in

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his provocation to virtue Why are you shining in performing the good deeds so every time you do a wrong ideally don't do the wrong Let me qualify that statement. But if by chance come Saturday, you know this is your habit come Friday, this is your habit. come December this is your weakness come holiday. This is your you know fall back. Unfortunately, the least you can do is atone for it expiate for it increase your Toba? Increase your Toba okay so layer is a valley in hell according to the Lebanon Bahrain Saudi Allah and Muhammad

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Zanni al Musa al a person who commit Zina and possess number two sharable hamari al mudman. Allah, a person who takes intoxicants who drinks

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and is continuously drinking process again persists on it. Just recently,

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a young boy sent me a message drop me an email. Unfortunately, he got caught up he was taking some recreational drugs and trying to analyze and legitimize and trying to find logic through the whole thing and but if the cannabis is all that forbidden, and it's all that bad, and these recreational drugs are so bad, why does the plant grow? Why is it that nature allows for the growth of these things, when they are repugnant, evil and prohibited? And I gave him a simple analogy on his level, I said, See you writing an examination and you're given a paper and then you are told choose the correct answer. Now, it's foolish and naive to claim that all the answers are correct because they

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were provided. Now that's the challenge you need to choose. And that's exactly what the world is, is good and bad and Allah wants you to choose and Allah has given you the intellect then he's given you a divine book and then he's given you a prophet that can help you influence and understand the correct choice that you make in Jannah Amma and a lot of Xena Tala Lena below whom a UMass and I'm Allah. Verily, whatever is on this earth Minella my ideen well as jar will be hard. Whatever you see around you is a dormant is beauty is an attraction. And Allah wants you to test Allah Allah Allah wants to test you. If you are exercising your choice correctly. We're in Elijah eluna Marcelinho

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sorry, then do Rosa and the time will come we will reduce it to a plain land a barren land heavy here dunya mean beta Yeti Hi, Ilana hayati Ha, badger 10 was Hurun from muddy maroon, maroon waha. Robin. This is the world from its inception to its destruction, beauty and ultimate destruction.

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So the second person that would be inside here is one who unfortunately has the habit of taking

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you know, what? intoxicants and then today a lot of times, the youth would say, No, no, I am a functional addict. I am a functional addict. So you know what my addiction will not will not paralyze me will not deny me activity. I know how to take it when to take it. And eight o'clock in the morning, I will be functional. Although that doesn't make it permissible. But you know, and I know that gradually you need to start upping the dosage. That's the problem with sin. That's the problem with sin. So to sustain the same thrill that you got in the beginning, you have to app Your act of violence to get that same feeling that same flavor, that same adrenaline, that same

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excitement. You cannot take the same drug you cannot indulge with the same woman you cannot pop the same boat. You have to bring in variety, to entice the ego and the devil to get excitement. And that's exactly where then you become a mood demeanor ally.

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Ha, where you persist on it? So these are some of the people who would be hurled into this valley, which is the opinion of Abdullah Abdullah bathra. The Allahu anha that the high end here in verse 59 actually refers to a valley in hell, may Allah protect us. Okay, we move on to verse 16. That's the beauty of Allah subhanho wa Taala speech in llaman tab. So we spoke about the MBR, right? Allah subhanaw taala made mentioned about how amazing etc they were. Then Allah said, Well, after the prophets came these wicked people, they were wicked. Why? Because they didn't pray and they follow the base desires for them is destruction of them is a part in hell. Now, immediately after that the

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discussion doesn't continue about these wicked people, unless it however, if there's any one from amongst these records, who are guilty of this year, neglect, neglect in prayer and following the base, unlawful, illegitimate desires. But if they want to repent, then we can take them out of the category of evil people, and we can join them with the rank of noble people. So our door of Toba is open in law, however men the one turbo li bends, how does he repent if he's a disbeliever? Armineh he brings Iman, he brings EMA and if he's a believer, what must he do? How does he hold on to his faith? amela saleha this morning, a youngster messaged me, and he said I am suicidal and I'm feeling

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very depressed. So normally, you know, sometimes I don't answer immediately, but if it's someone who says I'm depressed or I'm suicidal, I try and answer that email immediately. Because often if we lose that moment, Allah forbid, the devil can exploit it, and he can do something drastic, nasty, silly and claim his life. So immediately I told him yesterday he asked me is there hope for me I said, of course there's hope for you. So what must I do? I said, I have hope in Allah subhanaw taala and it is now time for us all Salah go pray for us all go prayers are Salah. So immediately go into action, come out of despondency move into action, and surround yourself with positive energy

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Surround yourself with positive energy. And I'm not trivializing or downplaying the gravity and the intensity and the severity of depression. It's a serious condition. And in today's world, it's quite serious. People are suffering it on a very, very advanced level on a very chronic level. And whoever you meet that is in this condition would tell you this want to be in a dark room, they just want to close the doors. They don't want to interact with humans. And you know, they go through such a crazy thought may Allah make it easy for one and all. Okay, so verse 60 inlanta, the one who repents what Amen and brings Iman where Amina saleha and does good deeds.

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When you repent, my brother when you repent, my sister Allah subhanho wa Taala Stober is in finite it's literally in finite.

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The person who killed 100 people, we know the incident. Initially he killed 99 and subsequently 100 This man had a killing addiction. That is why he killed 100 person he had an addiction. That's what you needed to do. person who's got a drug addiction person who's got a porn addiction person has got a music addiction person who's got any he needs to do that otherwise, this this, this demon in him that is just gone crazy. He loses himself. Right? And the most ironical thing of the whole thing is the Edik things. He is normal, and he thinks others are strange. He doesn't realize how people are observing him, but he thinks he is perfectly managing himself is camouflage himself. He speeches is

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not slurred, it's not incoherent. But everybody can realize this thing is not adding up your movements. Your your your your speech, how slurred it is, how incoherent it is. You know what that is? There's red flags here. There's red flags here. But according to him, no, no, no. Nobody understood. You know what, I just put a veil over their eyes. I would wink I knew how to do it. Anyway, this man had that addiction and then he killed 100 person and he went to so and so. And he asked him and he said yes, Allah will accept your Toba What do you do Intellipedia are the kadaga for interfere when our son yeah boo don't Allah go to a place where people are worshipping Allah

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Farah Buddha Allah macro home and worship Allah with them. Well, our third year Illa Arctic for in NA or do su in? Don't go back to your place because that's an evil place. Yesterday I was counseling a patient who is in a rehabilitation process. And I said to him, I said, See, you have a choice who you befriend. But once you befriend him, you don't have a choice if you're going to take to his qualities or not. Once you've befriended him, inevitably, you're going to start doing the same habits and murder or Alladhina Khalili, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said a person follows the Creed and the teachings and the values of his friend. So be very wise very calculated very

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circumspect before you befriend so you have a choice in saying

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I want to befriend him or not. But once you befriend him, if he's a person who's vulgar is part of his language. In a matter of days, you will realize how your language will change. If he's a person who's arrogant, obstinate, he is not an accommodating person at home, your whole demeanor will change with your spouse and your children. If he's a person who on the other hand is selfless and generous, then it will have a positive spin. So the choice is yours who you befriend, but once you befriend inevitably the qualities will rub off.

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Now this person killed 100 people on the way he was going he passed away and then he was forgiven. There's an academic question here. What can you scan to Allah to batil title and the whole Khedira TechHub hasn't been yet Allah could be Hueco pillory, but for K for you for Allah who be Dooney and yeah, for and also I will have the Well Who among you don't let you and Keanu erba who La Ilaha illa Allah this is so amazing. We all know when you violate a human, then Allah will not forgive you till the human doesn't forgive you. So if I've snapped you, I've insulted you are I've offended you. I need to ask you for an apology because I violated your rights. And you forgive me and I ask Allah

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and then hopefully Allah forgives me. This man killed 100 people, and then Allah pardoned him, but all his victims were dead. He couldn't apologize to anyone, nor did he apologize. So how do we reconcile his pardon against the fact that his victims did not forgive him? They could not. There was no interaction. They were dead. They were late. They were corpses, a Java and who will have it? Phil fathead? Well, I need your arm that in theory of natural rights, in fact, Cornbury and Allama better deny you need in order to carry the Anala is a copula tow but Alacati the Governability la Hussmann. They give this amazing answer that once Allah forgave this edit this murderer, this wicked

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person, then Allah sufficed on his behalf for all his opponents. So Allah said, I forgave him, I forgave him. Now whoever has a claim against him, I will satisfy you, I will satisfy you Subhan Allah, can you imagine? Can you imagine? And for Allah subhanaw taala as mercy Allah will forgive them, give them reward, whatever, that's Allah's discretion, Allah's prerogative, but this is the amazing answer given look at the kindness of Allah subhanho wa Taala for someone who killed 100 people, Allah forgave him and Allah subhanho wa Taala then sir, you know sufficed on his behalf for anyone who had a claim against him. Alarm and dab. What a stove I literally mean my brother my

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sister Toba means to come back, come back. When I've disobeyed Allah I've moved away when you've disobeyed you've moved away.

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And Latin as long as I'm breathing and you breathe in the options are open, the options are open in a Matoba to Allah Allah Healy Levine I am Aluna su Abuja Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that verily Toba is open for those who committed the sin out of ignorance and your ignorance doesn't mean that you didn't know some Allahu erotica about Malla your legal bill actually Jehovah Allah, Allah has defined the perpetration of a crime as an act of ignorance even if you did it with knowledge, those who repent for Allah acre YouTube Allah Allah Allah, Allah will accept your Toba. So in La Manta the one who repents How do you repent? Amen I bring Iman where AMI La salejaw and perform

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righteous deeds performed righteous deeds for Allah aka Tohono Nell Jana. These people will enter paradise whether your doula Munna che and they will not be oppressed in the lease fella Yah ha full Boolean Manuela have DOMA. You know in this world you do so much you submit your documents you submit your paper. I hope the examiner sees properly I made a separate note here. I added this on I hope they they they cognizant of my contribution. I'm working out my employee is aware that I'm putting in extra hours I'm doing those I don't know if management is is the is watchful of what I'm doing. So you always feel that you've been shortchanged. You've been shortchanged. Allah subhanho wa

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Taala says there's nothing to fear la yodeler Munna che, there is no virtuous act that you have ever performed that has been omitted or excluded or forgotten. Everything has been recorded and you would be rewarded in every detail in every detail. What are you doing to Munna che, what is the reward that Allah subhanaw taala will give and this is verse number 61 Jannetty had any Latin Letty what are the ramen or a birder who believe?

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It is the Gardens of Eternity, which Allah subhanho wa Taala has promised his service

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I believe right without them seeing it without them seeing it Jana gardens add an eternity allottee which was another ramen. Allah has promised arriba who he is bondsman believe in the unseen the servants have not seen it in but we believe in it we believe in it in the who can have work to do whom idea? Undoubtedly the his promise will come to pass by to a Altea The Promise of Allah is a reality. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had taught us the prayer, I shall do Anika harpoon will Jana to happen when now will happen when Wu and I have gone that oh Allah I know you are an absolute reality. Paradise is an absolute reality. Hell is an absolute reality. So that's it

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my brother and my sister. The takeaway point for today is tilba tilba. Sincerely passionately, sent to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah forgive me for the life of sin vise, the key thing is a yak Allah I kneel Marcia, you got to stop it cold turkey. You got to drop it right now. You got to drop it immediately. And like one of the great scholars of the buyer said, he said if you change your life with immediate effect, hopefully it would atone for the past. But if you only fantasize in change, then the one who spends today regretting yesterday will probably spend tomorrow regretting today.