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A representative announces the initiation of a new epic community campaign called "be one of the 2021 we are," which will encourage family members to donate $20 a month to help operationally. The campaign includes a monthly charity contribution of 66 cents, a discount card for those presenting at the event, and a series of Operator's and Speaker's Day deals. The representative also mentions a bonus entry for those who present with a certain percentage of their purchases.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh My dear beloved respected brothers and sisters, I am very happy to announce the initiation of the new epic campaign and it is called be one of the 2021 we are looking for 2021 community members to donate $20 a month, just $20 a month Subhanallah that will help in the operation of epic and we want the families to participate. So the father, the mother, the Son and the daughter, everyone $20 a month so we can all feel that we are supporting our epic brothers and sisters this comes out to 66 cents a day 66 cents a day and in sha Allah it will be a continuous charity. With that as a bonus, you will get this beautiful mug and also you will get this

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discount card which when you present at the participating motions, you will get a certain percentage of your purchase. Please be one of the 2021