Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #16 – Those Who Intercede

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What if you could not only enter Paradise, but bring those you love with you? On the momentous Day of Judgment, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ will keep going back to Allah, prostrating and interceding on behalf of his ummah. But he won’t be the only one. One by one, those who were so loved by Allah will intercede for others they knew in this life, until the greatest intercession will take place from the One who created us all.


AI: Summary © The importance of witnessing during the Day of Judgment is discussed, including the use of the Prophet's words to elevate others and the importance of not commit major sinning. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to be clear about promises and not to commit major sinning, as well as the importance of not drinking alcohol and committing major crimes to get away from darkness. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of not trying to be in a position that is only for one and not afraid of others.
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There's a constant emphasis in Islam on seeking to be in a position where you're helping others rather than needing the help of others. And the earlier Hi nominally others have the upper hand is better than the lower hand, that mindset should have an Africa component to a hereafter component to, like, I can't look at my own self and be like, I can afford to slack because I know my parents or my spouse, or my children will bail me out, I just need to get to agenda may be the lowest level and then hopefully they can be that booster. You want to aim to be the one that gets to the highest place and then brings everyone up with you. You want to be in such a comfortable place on the Day of

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Judgment, that you are interceding on behalf of others rather than needing their intercession. Now, to some extent, all of us need the intercession of one man salAllahu alayhi wasallam. But there's a world of difference between a unanimous and a split decision victory or someone who's hoping for that last testimony to sway in their favor, and someone who has a chorus of voices on their behalf on the Day of Judgment.

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On the Day of Judgment, shefa is greater than Shahada. intercession is greater than witnessing. The most of the scholars say it's just another level of witness. But the difference is clear and powerful. See, almost anyone can be a witness on the Day of Judgment. But very few can be an intercessor on the day of judgment, and the greatest intercessor of them all is none other than the Prophet slice of them. And he doesn't just intercede at one point on the Day of Judgment. He's constantly doing so at every stage. And that's because his status is so much higher than everyone else. And everyone is going to recognize that on the Day of Judgment. So in the very beginning of

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the day, when people are looking around and going to the prophets even to intercede everyone sends us to the Prophet slice Allah and the Prophet slice them says, and Allah, I am for it. He said for us Judo tattle Archie, I will prostrate under the throne and the Prophet SYS and I mentioned that Allah will inspire him with words of praise and prayer that He even didn't know. So Allah Hardy was Salam Fayyad. Oh yeah, Mohammed Irrfan. Sick, wash back to Scheffer. YSL torpor, then Allah will say to him, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Raise your head, intercede and your intercession will be accepted, Ask and you shall be given. Then we break it down. The prophets I send them has

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special intercession for special people from this. So he raises his head and he keeps going back to Allah throughout the day and prostrating and interceding and he says OMA Tiara Murthy My oh my oh my lord my Alma so Allah says yeah, Mohammed XL Mala he sobre la him min Alba Bill Emani and available Jana, O Muhammad go and admit from your mama, those who will not be brought to account and admit them from the right hand gate of paradise. And these are the best people on the Day of Judgment. Now we also find that the Prophet slice on him said Whoever says when he hears the call to prayer, Allah Miranda had the head down with a term wa salatu wa Eema LT Muhammad and it was Isla tone for Lila

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Well, the atheroma calm and more than it lovely what? Oh Allah, Lord of this perfect call and the prayer to be offered grant Mohammed slice I'm the privilege of intercession and grant him an eminent position and resurrect him to the praise position that you have promised. And then you can also say in Nicola totally fooled me out, you do not go back on your promises. The prophets lie. Some said whoever does that had littler who shove it on the piano, he will be granted my intercession on the Day of Judgment. The connection of this that they're not mentioned is that just like when you send Salawat on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah, and the angels and the messenger himself

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all respond, when you make draft for the Prophet slice on to attain this praiseworthy station. What does he do? He uses that praiseworthy station to elevate yours. And so the Allah Tada and who said, I want to ask the profit slice and be honest Allah, where do I find you on the Day of Judgment? So you can intercede for me the profit slice and I'm said, look for me at the museum, or look for me at the slot or look for me at the help. And he said for in Neela awfully or have you here for Lathan Martin, I will not be missed at these three locations, you're going to find me in one of these three places. So the profits license hold day is between the questioning the visa and we'll see a lot

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until the very last moment going around and interceding for people. And even for the very least of this not the least in worldly rank. But the people that were the least in righteousness of the love no model the Allahu Anhu many said you know we used to hold ourselves back from a stick far from seeking forgiveness we at least Quebec for P

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But who would commit major sense? I mean, imagine the status of the sahaba. And they're seeing people that would still drink alcohol, or commit adultery or deal in major sins, and then have been all modeled the low anima says, we heard our prophets lice and I'm say, verily, I have delayed my intercession, the al Qaeda in OMA TIAMO piano for the people of major sins amongst my OMA for the Day of Resurrection. And even all model the Allahu Anhu said, thus we restrained much of what was inside of us. And we started to have hope for them. I mean, imagine how amazing is the prophets lie some that he's going to want to go around interceding for the major centers of the OMA. Now, you

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don't want to be a major sinner on the Day of Judgment waiting for that last intercession, right? But there's the prophets I send him. He says, I keep going back to my Lord until I say, Yeah, Rob, actually the janitor Man Can you call be harder? Oh, my Lord, enter into Jana. Just someone who has even a mustard seed worth of faith in their heart. And Allah grants it so then he comes back and he says, Yeah, Rob, janitor and canopy Alvie Edna shade, Oh, my Lord, enter into Jannah, someone who even has less than that the least amount of faith in their heart. So Allah subhanaw taala accepts that from the Prophet slice on them. So that's the intercession of the Prophet slice on throughout

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the day. But here's the thing. Other people amongst the righteous also can intercede on the Day of Judgment, the angels come forth, and they start to intercede on behalf of those that they use to record for the prophets come forth. And they start to intercede on behalf of people from amongst their nations, the shahada, the martyrs come forward, and they intercede for 70 people from amongst their families as Pamela what a gift they were taken from their families, and they lost their families in this dunya for the sake of Allah. And now they get to intercede on behalf of their families to be joined with them in paradise. Then the only the devout worshippers they come forth

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and they intercede on behalf of their people. Imagine how beloved you are to Allah because I want you to really understand this. When you can walk to the hisab of someone else and plead to Allah, knowing that he loves you that much and that you have that much of a position with him that he will listen to you on behalf of someone else. The prophets lie Selim said in an authentic hadith, yet told Jana to be Shiva it Roger Lindman Almighty act thirimanne Benny Tammy, that more people than benoot Amin, which is this huge tribe, will enter into Jana, by the intercession of one single man for my Oma. They said other than you Yasser Allah, He said other than me, and some of the scholars

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they said perhaps it's earth not have been a funnel, the Alon and others said maybe it's Lacell Ernie, or the Allah Tala. And and the reality is, we don't know for sure. But what we do know is that there are some people that are so righteous on the day of judgment that they will intercede on behalf of large groups of people. And then you have the children, children that died before reaching the age of maturity. And this is a very touching Hadith, the Prophet slicin I've said, Allah says to them on the Day of Judgment, let's call it agenda, all of you enter into paradise. And they say, Oh, our Lord, had you had Hola, Barcelona, well, Maha tuna, our Lord, not until our fathers and our

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mothers come with us. So Allah will say, Mally, ora home, my monthly in, why is it that I see these children are hesitant, they're holding back to enter into Jannah. And they protest and they say Our Lord, with our fathers with our mothers, so Allah says, oh, Toto, Jana and Oklahoma had to come enter Jana, you and all of your parents as well. This is the Shiva the intercession of the child that died and had parents who remain patient. And the prophets lie. Some said that's even the case for the miscarried fetus. He said by Allah, the miscarried fetus will be pulling its mother into paradise, even by the umbilical cord, so long as she was doing it soft, so long as she was seeking

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the reward for her calamity. So your brother and sister that were tested by this tragedy, some people leave behind children that do deeds that increase their likelihood of getting into Paradise after they leave. But you have set forth children that are already waiting at the gates of paradise for you in the light on you gave birth to an intercessor for you on the Day of Judgment insha Allah may Allah make it easy for all of you that are suffering through this. And then you have these two specific intercessors on the day of judgment, and they are most prominently nurtured in this month of Ramadan, the prophet slice and I'm said, you're fasting and you're on. They show up on the day of

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judgment. And you're fasting as a person says, Yeah, I love my Lord. I prevented him from his food and his desires during the day. For sure fear ni fi so let me

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intercede for him. And then the Quran shows up and says My Lord, I prevented him from sleeping at night. For sure fair any fee. So let me intercede for him for you Sofia and so Allah lets both the Quran and fasting, intercede on your behalf. Now all of these forms of intercession whether they're from the prophets, the angels or the rights are in fact part of the Mercy of Allah right because no one could intercede without his permission in the first place. Remember that Allah will not be outdone by anyone else and mercy and grace. So after all the intercessors and prophets lie, some said Allah will say that the extra fatty there now remains my answer session. And Allah will take a

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handful from the fire and bring forth these people whose bodies have been burnt, and cast them into a river at the entrance of Jannah that is called Matt will HYAH the water of life. So Allah's intercession is for the largest group of people on that day. Now here's the thing, why wait to hope to be amongst that group of people who get cast into the water of life. Instead, study Buddha Allah he will receive the either the alchemy, my your eco, respond to Allah and His Messenger, when they call you to that which gives you life and that is the Quran and seek a position of not just being interceded for but being in such a position with Allah that you get to intercede for others on the

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day of

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