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The importance of fasting during quarantine is discussed, including the need for regular planning and preparation for physical and mental health. The speakers emphasize the importance of personal and mental health, including physical and mental health, and the need for discipline and patient behavior. The speakers also emphasize the importance of fasting for achieving healthy eating, avoiding burning energy, and achieving a "monkey" status. They emphasize the need for proper preparation and monitoring one's actions to avoid overwhelming one's hunger and thirst. The segment ends with a recap of the benefits of fasting and a photo shoot.

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Now I am found out on find out Bhima alimta in a casimiro Mooji. We'll do our lahoma neovi coming I'm Eli amphawa, Calvin lakeisha when I've seen latesh ba da Liu SMA, or Bonilla to superluminova inhalator will have been emulated on curfman. In our hub Shakti surgery with Selena Marie waterlogue. The family sounding of controlling, gotta be me, Zack milaca for coming. So Pamela, as I was looking at

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the topic, it's amazing. It's really feels like yesterday, if not last week maximum is when we talked about Siobhan, if you remember, last year was also on a Tuesday when we did a whole lecture about Java. And I still remember it, which I normally am you probably most of you know, I'll have a very good memory and I forget a lot of stuff but it's amazing when I was looking at and I was preparing this one I was like Pinilla one year I mean almost 11 months and my last pantalla Europe I mean except whatever good deeds we did in whole this year and what may He forgive us and pass and you know he'd held lays off or Rahim pass for us and forgive what we did not do what we didn't do

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which we should do or what we did and we should not have done so humbler O'Brien so what I thought is what should we talk about Ramadan? It's three weeks

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it's a three weeks and five days it's probably most probably maybe the six month day, Allah Of course knows, but this is probably what they are saying according to what, especially with the beginning of Shabbat. So the first thing I thought it's let's talk about fasting in general, because we have three weeks so we're going to do with fasting and then we're going to fasting meaning the real meaning Why do we need Kufa specially because this is the month of Shabbat and Siobhan is the month we're supposed to be processing more than any other month and I've come to this and then I'm gonna go inshallah with the next whatever Allah opened us from the time is to the Ramadan itself and

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the fifth cough so yom and what other things we want to do so the first thing what I was looking in this and this is one of the followers used to say that the Sahaba the companions of Swati site was used to pray six months before Ramadan so this means now we are April so they are from November

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right? And I just think was me how many of us thought about Ramadan in November right and why do we want to think of one in November we normally what do we think about by the holidays whatever we are living by the location where we're going to travel I'm applying for something so the Sahaba six months before Ramadan, so basically November, they actually had one bra resistant consistent, and this is a llama we're looking at on mobile. You're allowed to make a slim Can we see it on mobile and this is an amazing you are and even now we should more and more focus on this. Why? Because we have three and a half weeks left. I have no idea if I am going to be living till I serum Allah and

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we just this afternoon pray janessa writes Paula, how often we are navigating, I'm sure most of you are in this group. May Allah reward everyone in that group and how often we are getting male or female notification of death. So it is

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anytime so the first thing is we need from now till sha Allah the night that we're going to start praying that are we that your Allah please make us see that month, make us limb two. So the first thing is make us live breathe. And then we still are breathing and thinking and able to do it by that we will Leach it. That's that's the most important thing and then as we get to Oman, then we're going to start hoping that we will do the first 10 days and the second 10 days and then we all gonna start actually from day one making the dua that Allah subhanaw taala will make us see what

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what the most important thing in Ramadan Laila to write so May Allah Subhana Allah give us life to see in a Milan and then not only the first day of 10 days or 20 days it's the whole last 10 days and specifically little other that not only we are alive, but also we will have the energy and the time and we're not sleepy and we are not sick and so that we can give there to other it's do write your own army. First thing I was thinking is what is sown, fasting, don't think of Ramadan in general or even before I start with this, this is the month of shabaan in what is so specific about the month of Shabbat.

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This is the month of Shabbat and this is the eighth the ninth.

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This is the eighth month of the history and Chava What's so special about Java if any

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Silence. I love silence. Hmm.

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start with the most

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accurate reporting. It's an old job. So it is not in in Java. So what is so special about Java?

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Prepare for oh one You said it. So what do we do?

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Right so there it is. There's two Hadees about Siobhan specifically. And one of them is the one I'm just reading to say that I saw the Alon and this is an Imam Muslim. She said I have seen the Rasul Laurie sought to sit down in general, fast continuously, not in Shabbat only in general, till I say to myself, he will never not to break his fast. Then I see him not fasting outside Ramadan, but I think he's not gonna pass. Then she added this, and she said, however, I have never seen him fasted a whole month, except Ramadan. That's one and I have never seen him fasting more, but not a month, except in shaba the highest number that I have seen him of days that He fasted was in Shabbat, but

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he did not do the whole month. The only month he did complete was Ramadan. So that's the first one the second one is actually a Sahabi which is a suburb of New Zealand. And he said your roswaal law and he said that was I've never seen you fast that much in a month as much as you fast in shaba. Why?

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Look at the question that it applies to all of us. So why what do you think why Shabbat?

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Prepare for Ramadan? Yeah, for sure. But there is more.

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It's definitely one of the ideas or training for Ramadan, there is more specific for Shabbat.

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You all celebrated.

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I gave you a hint.

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Because it is the month that our deeds are presented to Allah. And he said, I would like my deeds when presented to a law presented and I am in a state of fasting. Why? now combine all this together, I'm not going to keep asking you because let's just focus, it's okay.

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The most beloved to Allah subhanaw taala is fasting. And it's a private deed if you want to translate in our mundane language, because I lost honkala and heavy squats. He said, uh, so Marie, one, Zb, fasting is for me. And I reward for it, meaning, not one by 10, one by 70. We don't know, Li specific. So think of it all the time when you read the Quran or you read the Hadith, try to think of it in my daily life, something personal, I do it for someone, think of this, right? So I come to your house, I knock on the door, you open the door and says listen, I baked whatever, specifically for you. How do you feel

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very special. And you're very happy. Even if you don't like what is this? Why honestly, even if you're not going to eat it, even if you are on diet, why? But you just feel so special. So imagine Allah, our Creator, saying, a soul, moly. So you are fasting, we are fasting, I am fasting for Allah. And he says, This is for me, and I will reward you for it. So that's one number. So this is now connected. So he said the roswaal insight was the month of Siobhan is the month that our deeds are presented to him off and learn this one statement. Our deeds has a daily a day, every day our deeds are actually presented to Allah. And every week, there is a special times that our deeds are

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presented to Allah, you know that right? I hope 100 and then every year, once our deeds are presented to Allah, so the daily presentation is after fudger and after also. And that's why we do as Carlos Saba hiromasa, the morning and the evening call. So that's one then we have a weekly appointment with Allah our deeds weekly will be presented to Allah and this is on

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Monday and Thursday. This is why one of the reasons he fasted that he has sought to ascend on on Monday and Thursday, because he said the same thing what he said in shaba. He said I love when my deeds are presented to Allah, I am in a state of action that Allah loves. So what does

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Make you

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so when you when somebody does something to you and does something you love, and then he gives you a letter, right? So you like, think of it this way always we think of food. It's okay. You love chocolate cake, right? or chocolate and somebody gives you a gift and the gift has a letter for you. And with the gift is a piece of chocolate and he or she knows you love chocolate. The first thing you're very happy. Number two is whatever you're going to read in this letter, even if the letter it normally will make you very upset. How you're gonna feel about the letter. It's okay you know, he's very sweet. He's so I'm just making this for you to understand this. And Allah subhanho wa Taala

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every Monday and Thursday, our deeds are presented to him Saraswati thought was teaching you and me fast monday and thursday because when these deeds are presented to Allah is going to be presented and you or I are we in a state that Allah hora de la so I already gave like an extra so my deeds will be presented better and rewarded better. The monthly the week, I'm sorry, the yearly appointment is Siobhan from the whole months of the year including Ramadan. It is not it's Siobhan. This is this month is the month that our deeds are presented. And that's why he said and I love when my deeds are presented to Allah, I am fasting. So that's the first thing we need to as we are

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starting to get ready and I hope we are that's why I call the lecture is what the awaited guests are, you're ready. When you have someone coming, right? What do you normally do? There's I quality three preparations, there is a personal preparation, how I feel, how I'm gonna dress, if they are staying with me, I'm going to get the room ready. And then there is the physical preparation, you're going to get the house ready, you're going to cook ready, whatever they like. And then you're going to make her a plan what I'm going to take them What do they have to see in St. Louis? So how do we offer a mobile? And what is my cloud? And this is what we are all trying to learn. So Siobhan is the

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planning period. If you How many of you here are planners, you plan everything and you write your list, right? And make sure do and then check it right and reminders. There's nothing wrong with this is beautiful, you're very organized. So what is your checklist for?

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Huh? What is that?

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So here you go this month Siobhan is to prepare for Ramadan, minimum. And this is for everybody myself, number one, minimum Monday and Thursday.

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Because they want to from Milan, if you have not fasted this whole year, I can reassure you, you're going to have a lot of doubt from me, may Allah make it easy for you, honestly, especially these days, and it's going to be either Monday, and you most probably it's a Monday so it's a working day, or it's a school day. It's not off. It's on a Sunday or a Saturday and you can sleep all day. And you're not gonna say excuse me, I'm fasting I'm not coming. That's not doesn't work. So get ready. Number one. So when Ramadan comes in and you start to try to be spiritual and feel it you're not going to be distracted by the headache. And by the hunger and what is my coffee? What is my tea? I

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need my water. So get this Monday and Thursday and the best thing hamdullah with this beautiful group I'm seeing specially the youth to our new alboreto do it invite each other Monday or Thursday? Remind them and it's difficult one tell the other it's not that difficult. Let's do it.

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Remove things that's unnecessary throughout Monday or Thursday, till you get used to anything extra that you don't have to deal with on a Monday you remove it, because you're fasting it's a long day. So number one is Siobhan I have to start looking at Shabbat as a different month. And it's a preparation getting ready for Ramadan, spiritually and physically, physically because physically the fasting itself is not easy. I mean, how many of you work with non Muslims and what do they tell you about fasting? Not a sip of water.

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You hear this all the time? Not even sip of water. What about coffee?

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And you say no one what do they tell you? I can never do that. Right I'll die. But you know, how did you always say that hamdulillah I'm alive and I can do it and I've been doing it since I was seven and I'm okay so but we really need to prepare spiritually prepare for it and physically prepare for. So this is the first thing I want you to get into is that Ramadan prepared to it physically. Now I'm going to take you through the spiritual meaning of fasting in general. So hopefully this will take you through of these three weeks to not only

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Prepare physically but also prepare spiritually. So number one I want to come is what is fasting? The word soul also yum is actually not ramadan ramadan is another meaning Ramadan is the name as another means fasting is actually to abstain. abstain and in the Quran Allah use the word Psalm, but not about Ramadan only right and the first one is with a Seder. Maria in order to learn Rahmani Salma for an aka Lima Lima insia I have made an oath or I have made an oath to the last pantalla that I'm not gonna Salma fasting, unless she explained what kind of fasting I'm not going to talk to anybody.

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Right and the same thing will say you'd know Zachary, when Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him so even if he did the same thing for three days so it's to abstain and the reason I'm saying this in detail because it is upstream meaning things that is halal become haram it's amazing it's beautiful, meaning eating it's Hello right? The halal food is Hello drinking waters in Ramadan or not in Ramadan during the fasting day. Throughout certain period these become from true or false and it is has to be this time I always say this to myself remember this when you break your fast what do you do normal

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right how many how many watches you have around you and look in seven This one is reading 740 no no it is 741 and then you always ask yourself so why 741 740 and you what is the one minute you fasted 16 hours or 17 hours What is this minute and then you try to put the date in says hold on no no it's 741 Okay, another 30 seconds.

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Why? This is what I'm trying to get to you Why?

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What does it teach me in you? This is one of the main lessons of fasting in general what does it teach you? discipline and patient and obedience? obedience to Allah with no why and if and but you know how much we argue and our why and I'm not convinced and tell me and explain to me Alhamdulillah and Ramadan we don't have this. We don't we don't say why to 730 or why to 745 so the essence of fasting is to withhold one of the withholding is not only talking his argument internally, I'm not convinced you teach yourself for 30 days, you submit to the will of Allah and the word Psalm is used for the sun the sun fast on the sun does not come out and the reef the wind fast when the the wind

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suddenly was so loud and so hard and so fast suddenly stop. They say sama totally

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stopped the wind and also usually it's also used for the

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horses, solid metal hybrid. This is very common in the Arabic language, or the horses fasted. So why I'm saying this in as we are in Sharla training to fast tell yourself I'm going to be fasting right and think of the horse when the horse suddenly stop in the beginning is it easy? Have you ever any of you done horseback riding and when you stop a horse especially if the horse is going fast? Not easy unless you're really trained right? What do you do you hold it and it's hard and he fight but then finally you hold this is me with fasting

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This is me with fasting specially they know offered me with fasting I need to teach myself to hold and to restrain restrain what the usual food and drink that we know and the intimate relationship. But what is the main thing we need to restrain and this is what I'm going to share with you what is the main thing we have to restrain

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Hmm This obedient to Allah here but usually

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the tongue okay and I'm looking for the honey that's exactly the tongue and this is a heavy Saraswati salatu salam Abu hurayrah said,

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whomsoever fasted, they use will fast. We talked about the 747 41 but did not stay away or did not fast from lying.

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And false testimony. Allah does not need his hunger and his thirst, or her hunger and our thirst, tongue, fasting of the tongue, all of us young and old. This is to me this is much harder than the food and the drink, right? Meaning meaning the norm We are the norm look at our norm because the norm for 11 months, this is my norm. And then here I am. Within a day I'm going to switch completely it's not easy. Switch food and drink is easier. But now

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means nothing coming out from my mouth, not pleasing to Allah.

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You know, backbiting, which is very normal, looking down at people making fun of people, and I'm not talking about only tongue. Because these days where there's so many ways we speak,

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what is the other way we speak these days, the communist way we speak

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eyes, social media, social media is talking. But I am not bringing a voice. But when I am typing, I am talking. Right? And that's why sometimes says, you know, what these messages does not, does not come out, as I mentioned, because you didn't hear my voice, but I'm talking. So social media, one of the highly I really advise everyone and this is going to be really tough, much tougher than food and drink. How many of us can fast from social media and the month of Ramadan?

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Fast and not not from morning to evening?

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And he's going to fast for 30 days. Right? What is going to happen?

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What is going to happen? Honestly?

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Nothing. Nothing. 10 years ago, we had no hit no social media, right? Nothing. We didn't know what is. I don't know Facebook. No, Facebook was earlier. We didn't know what. So fasting. The main thing is restraint, restraint, food and drink, although I love it, although I like it, but mainly my Lamia da call is Amelie lying, false testimony and acting upon this, that Allah does not need his his fast, his hunger or his

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thirst. And the first thing as we said, we all know this, there is obligatory and there is the voluntary, which we are talking about it now. Now.

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essence of fasting is two things. Now this is something you're going to look internally. Fasting is I do things, and I don't do things, right.

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And both are acts of worship. So what do I do in fasting? What is the things I do?

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And what is the things I don't do?

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Two things and always think of that. So what is the things I do and things I don't do? I don't do meaning I am going to restrain myself, the ones I don't do is that we just talked about food and drink and my tongue and logging and what I'm looking at, what is the things I do in fasting, during the fast not after, during the fast?

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These are the way I'm coming to that the actions was number one, the first thing I am doing in reality is what? I'm obeying the last pantile. Because honestly, fasting by hour, if I remove all my spirituality out, and I just think of it, it doesn't make sense. And why do I have to be honestly, and this is how shavon comes to you. And to me as like, what does it What does it mean? For 12 hours I am hungry, right? Unless I start digging and asking Allah Subhana Allah to show me and then he will show you the beauty, the beauty of the spiritual beauty of this hunger, of the suffering. But basically what I am doing is the main thing I am doing, I'm submitting completely my will, which is

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very hard for me. Specially these days for something reality doesn't make sense. Bite and that's what everybody tells you. This is torture. This is how the how the non Muslims say this. So this is torture. This is too hard. Right? And then you say no, it's not too hard. But here you are. So you are actually who in reality, every act of worship is you're doing and not doing, but mainly fasting is teaching me to submit to the will of Allah, even if I do not know. Really why. number one number two, and this is a Hadeeth Oren. So the fast is half patient. Half of the patients you want to be solver and who doesn't want to be solver patient, right? You want to control your anger.

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Your yesterday morning, I was somewhere else and I was giving a talk about

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what makes you angry and you should see what the woman said. Amazing. Amazing. So anger is one of our main problems suborn fasting teach me to be patient and teach me to control my anger. True or false? Should be

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how many of us during the fast, really work on our temper.

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You're laughing? Yes. Because I remember some people says they are fasting, don't talk to them.

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Because they will get very upset quickly and this is not this is what I'm talking about is I need to hold to obey a law by this by going against my nerves. By being more patient. I need to talk to myself I say Listen, you can withhold yourself from

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Coffee that you love and the tea you love and whatever we normally love for 12 hours Can you control your anger for for that time too? The more you talk to yourself the more you will be able to do with

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one of the main major elements of fasting which we all have to learn oh and this is the main goal of Ramadan is dakhla you all know this and what is the core

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what how do you feel about taco What do you think? I don't think any

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academic taco when you have somebody look at you and says you know what your Myra you're on top here and you're gonna smile and says Revie and I saw your your what what do you what is in you that you that I see you're on? Or you see in me or we see with each other? What is it?

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You're always in remembrance of Allah. Little bit more. It's definitely one awareness.

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Awareness Allah is watching. Excellent. And then this will lead me.

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General huh? And you want to please Allah And you, you don't want to displease him. These are the four things. You are always in remembrance of Allah Mata Mata, you're actually putting a shield, turquoise, a shield a job between me, you, US and the punishment of Allah. That's why it's called taqwa. And the punishment of Allah, I'm attacking. And to be a monkey, I need to remember I was planted, and I need to really want to please Him. And this mean I cannot do something displeased. This is the essence of fasting. This is why part of the fasting things that it does not make really sense, but I'm doing it because it pleases Allah.

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I just told you a ceremony on IGB one of the most beloved actions to Allah is fasting. So I am doing it because Allah subhanaw taala wanted.

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Why you are fasting, what do you say? When people ask you why you are fasting? What do you say? I'm a Muslim. I have to. It's part of my religion.

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Is this is what it is. And this is in Shabbat. As I am going total Milan, three and a half weeks. I cannot be on the 30th of Shabbat on 29th of shaba. I'm doing my usual life, and I am going to wake up Rama bond first I am the McDuck just turn off the light and suddenly I am the MCI. Does that work this way? No, I wish that would be very easy. It doesn't. It needs also training. So did you know I hope you all get to what it does Siobhan take me because the more I fast, the more I'm going to be patient. The more I am going to be the more I am going to be pleasing to Allah the more likely I am one normal one comes in I am these Neela day one would keep your taqwa that when you get to the last

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10 days of Ramadan, you are on a turkey, you are absolutely focusing on Allah. Now that's number number two, three, the reality of fasting is not only external, and I'm going to repeat this again. And again, because we are most of the Muslims. Honestly, they are good. And they observe the external throughout the fasting time. But talk about the internal and what is internal? internal is what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling, how do I when I look at you, what do I think when you look at me, what do you think when someone says something, right? What do I feel someone who really hurted me at three months ago, and I'm still in the garage in me, and I'm still thinking what I'm going to

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do so the internal part is external, and it is an internal part. And the main thing is, the more you work on the internal, the external becomes very easy. And the more your external is perfect, your internal will be very easy to look at it as a circle. There's an external which we all do. And the internal, the more I am aware of my tongue that's external, my tongue, my eyes, my ears, the more My heart will be more in fasting, then cough, your heart is fasting. When the heart fast What does the heart has to do? has to restrain himself, look at it itself from the or shield itself from the punishment of a loss pantalla so you it needs to calm down, calm down, and the more I shield my

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eyes, my heart is calmer. For example, when you are at home for a day and you don't leave, and your phone doesn't work, right, and you're just there alone. How is your heart much calmer than if you just went out. You didn't see anybody but you're driving and it is traffic. What is going to happen? You're going to get upset and the heart and you're going to be not in peace. So the more I control the outside, the inside will be much more keep

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Working on the external and keep working on the east end and

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internal fasting is which is so true Have you ever tried fasting outside Ramadan at least every other day? Or one day after the other and some of us some of us does that when you will want to make up for Ramadan and there is only one week I always call it the last minute race Have you seen that I see this always my Pregnant Patients are like I have to fast now I was like why you have to fast No, there is three weeks left for me I was like all this year.

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Now coming to last and she's pregnant. The point is, some people does because they died I used to do this, but don't don't have 10 and 20 days because it gets harder. So have you ever tried fasting two or three days together if you fasted three days of the month? And have you tried What do you feel on day three?

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Much more calmer. Have you seen it much more calmer, calmer and happier because Danny I will use this word I will say I did it Allah made me do it I was able to control and it's amazing feeling when you can control how many times those of you who are so angry but they control their anger to one point you feel so happy so the control that's what it is purify the soul of one of the Allahu it's unfortunately because Ramadan became so much a habit that these words these things really have to really re reborn like let it get it come to life again give it's more like it really purify myself that I'm eating less and hopefully we eat less as I said the whole different story we are

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unfortunately the highest number or are the highest amount of money spend on food in the Muslim countries during Ramadan

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This is statistics which is so sad but let's be us us Let's be not let's be not don't go on from now and order or whatever you normally order

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right and invite everybody and do all this let's make it pure if this Ramadan and let me do this and start from Siobhan is going to be the month that I am going to be training myself to purify fasting is an amazing training to stop your attachment if you want to cut down on your caffeine for example and how many of us are attached to coffee I cannot this this coffee morning coffee not me What I'm saying is I see people there is this morning coffee I cannot function right and then in Ramadan you will function so what are your your cutting the attachment? So push from now plan that what is the attachment take two or three that you really want to cut down on it and let it be Siobhan the

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training field and Ramadan is going to be the final practice.

00:33:02--> 00:33:31

And of course we all know is once you fast is your going to feel how the hungry feels which I don't think we we feel it. I mean how many of us really when we are fasting, learn at five or six o'clock and we're so hungry and we say law May Allah help those who doesn't have food. We really need to bring this back. Again. Three things. The first thing we'll do on this all from Addis Ababa, Swati Sato So number one, I think of this Have you ever gotten burned when you're cooking? Right? How does it feel?

00:33:33--> 00:33:33

How does it feel?

00:33:35--> 00:33:57

painful, so painful. Have you ever sometimes left like it's very cold and then you are letting the water to get warmer? And then you just put your hand and suddenly the water is very hot? What happens to you? Literally at one moment you feel your soul is out of your body. Right? fasting, Jin

00:33:58--> 00:34:05

sama. As soon surgeon will be having a non fasting is a shield from the hellfire.

00:34:06--> 00:34:17

It's a shield from the Hellfire Allah loves it. And why it is a shield from the Hellfire from everything I said the right now we probably can answer why it is a shield from the hellfire.

00:34:20--> 00:34:25

Yes, Allah loves it. Yes, it's an act of worship, but what else mainly, we just said it.

00:34:27--> 00:34:59

Exactly, because when I am fasting in sha Allah with this spirit, I am listening. I am listening one and I am doing more good deeds. Other than fasting, I'm doing more good deeds, whether in Ramadan or outside Ramadan. So the first one, assume your surgeon will be the abdomen and now fasting is a shield. It protects the servant of Allah from the hellfire. Second one, it's a mean of forgiveness. It's I mean, this is all I'm going to give you. This is a

00:35:00--> 00:35:12

Been a forgiveness. Look back at this year. Each one of us Allah knows how much we disobeyed the law. Right? And how much we disobey the law we do remember, and how much we disobeyed Allah. We don't know we disobeyed the law.

00:35:13--> 00:35:52

We don't know we don't remember right and this is fasting. And this is about thermoball. My Samarra Mobile Email and what is urban warfare? automata. At the moment, there is only two acts of worship that Allah said this. Let me translate the Hadith and afternoon this whomsoever He the person, she, you or me, he or she, who observed fasting during the month of Ramadan with two conditions. Imagine what the Sabbath faithful with a theme with a certain deity that's a lot what do you what do you and with your full eema and you are waiting for your reward.

00:35:53--> 00:36:33

You know, when the child you tell the child you do this, I'll give you $5 and the child do that and come to you says where's my $5? Right? This is called that disable meaning honestly meaning that's why when I was on you go through a difficulty, or especially when you go through this, they say especially as you're carrying the law, look for your reward with a loss pantile so I am fasting full faith and I'm waiting and I know not only waiting, waiting, and I know last panel what Allah will reward me if I undo fast in this in with with this feeling. And in this spirit what is going to happen all fear Allah hamata

00:36:35--> 00:36:36

all the previous sins are forgiven.

00:36:38--> 00:37:08

All these previous sins are forgiven. Let's try from now. Tomorrow this coming Thursday is two days from now. Let's try to practice this. Let's I Allah I'm going to wake up in the morning I'm going to make my whole trip on is going to come and tell me it's too long and you have this and you will have that and and just say you're what you are until morning You are the one who is going to make it easy. You are going to make it easy. And I am doing it because you love it. And I know I will see my reward author no matter for them.

00:37:10--> 00:37:23

And if you do this throughout the whole norm avant oseguera one more action. That's the last point I said about one more action in Islam, that if you do it properly, you all your sins are forgiven. What is that?

00:37:26--> 00:37:51

Other than ramadhaan hedge, hedge fund hedge fund Amir footwell me of soccer Roger aka Yamato, the one who goes for HUD, and he does not just obey a law and does not have intimate relationship. He's gonna come back as his mother just gave birth to him. So think of that. And it is this is one actually I love it. It's one of the needs to get your paradise.

00:37:52--> 00:38:16

This is a special entrance. special interests. How do you feel when you go into a door? Come this morning this afternoon? He came to the masjid right at the main interest and says was Allah interest? interest? I didn't say me. Why What did I do? Right? Or Myra are a foul any one of us? In general, there is a door What is the name of the door?

00:38:18--> 00:39:01

And what who comes through this assignment only? Only only. So here you are and really you have to feel these things. And think of it like my daily life. So here I have a book. And the book is being looked at your life make it easy, and the books is like okay, a lot of fasting or fasting or fasting. Okay, she goes from Arabia. So I'm not going to see everybody. I'm going to see only a saw him. So Psalm is one of the actions that when I do it, and I will do it with this spirit. I am entering Jana, and who doesn't want to go to Geneva? And why do we all what is if everybody you asked young and old, what do you want in life like I want to go to john was like me too.

00:39:03--> 00:39:19

And we all of us. So here you are. So basically, fasting is the lead German with nothing, they call it. The word Taki. He has a lot exalted up, but I'm just gonna try to make it easy for you. When you want to

00:39:20--> 00:39:23

restrain an animal. What do you put around the

00:39:25--> 00:39:37

corner and what do they call it? Especially for the horses? Right? Yeah, really, john, you put them in their mouth, right for the horse and you hold it. Fasting is the right of

00:39:40--> 00:39:59

fasting is the right of the modality because it holds you. It really holds you holds you from many things. So the German Mottaki and jannatul Mujahideen. Those who struggle for the sake of Allah is their paradise. It's their paradise when they start fasting even if what I am saying

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

Is, is above, it's too difficult just Just think of it. Just think of it. There's people who enjoy fasting. Your law Make me like them. Simple, simple, not to be make make me enjoy fasting, make it easy. And it is the exercise and the struggle of the pure people. The more I want to be pure I The more I am going to fast, the more I am going to try harder, and it's going to be difficulty, but I am getting around it above it and above it. How many of you exercise? And how many of you love to exercise?

00:40:37--> 00:40:38

Uh huh. Aha.

00:40:40--> 00:40:43

Yes, I want to see someone who says I love exercise.

00:40:44--> 00:41:33

But everybody after they exercise, how do they feel? So good. Right, so good. That's what keeps you going. Think of it this way. Thing covered this way. It's way higher, of course. But throughout the fasting, it's a struggle. You're really control your tongue control your heart control, your eyes don't eat, and no one else is doing good around you. Right? And it is for 16 hours. But when you break your fast, what do you feel? Amazing. Now you don't know why I didn't eat yet. I just had one date. Why? And I just drank some water. There is a feeling and then remember this Hadeeth they saw me for her time for her to name a few three or four how to identify your ob, the person who is

00:41:33--> 00:41:46

fasting does not Ramadan necessarily. We are Siobhan there is two moments of joy. Two moments of joy. One is when he or she The moment you break your fast. Why?

00:41:47--> 00:41:56

Why are you happy when you break your fast? Number one simple, I was very thirsty and hum lamb drinking water, simple and very hungry. And finally some sugar is getting into my mouth.

00:41:57--> 00:41:59

But usually

00:42:00--> 00:42:01

the reason you're happy.

00:42:03--> 00:42:46

Exactly. Allah helped me to do especially for the voluntary fast, especially the voluntary fast. And usually you woke up in the morning says I'm not gonna do this today. I missed my support. I'm so tired. But then Allah push you, push you and push you and it's like two o'clock, you're much not much left. The moment of fasting when you come in to break your fast. And you put in you say Alhamdulillah Allah helped me to do it. That's true. And the third reason you're happy. in dunya you're not yet making a law. Number three, because you will be the last pantile we all all, even if we are not the most righteous person left over last Pantone. And we're very happy when we OBEY Him.

00:42:47--> 00:42:55

In sometimes we feel it, show it and sometimes we do. The second joy is when we meet a loss Paragon

00:42:56--> 00:43:12

for Farhatullah, indelicato Robbie, when I meet a law is a special joy. Why is that? Because the most beloved action to Allah is a soul moly. So he is going to look at you. And he was going to say, yeah, Haifa. Yeah, I mean,

00:43:13--> 00:43:22

you did it for me. And I'm gonna reward you. Al Karim. Allah is the generous one, he is gonna reward what he's gonna give.

00:43:23--> 00:43:37

And it's amazing. There's only two things in all our actions in all our deeds that we do, only two, that Allah did not specify the reward, no number two, one is fasting and the second one

00:43:38--> 00:44:26

sub patient in my office IV Runa eduroam. Very hisab those who are steadfast and those who are patient, they will be rewarded in unaccounted for, for how much Allah knows. And the same thing is with faster that's why I'm what I'm gonna go like again, think of it you know, like you have a homework and or the or you have a project and then you did it and then they tell you if you finish on time, and you come I'm not gonna tell you what you're gonna get. You will love it. This is how they tell you or you tell you're the student, how you feel when you when you bring your project, back waiting, let me see it. So this is how it is fasting. I think we all need to look at fasting in

00:44:26--> 00:44:57

this way, in this way. So we change the way we look at Ramadan, to start from Siobhan and please forgive me, but it became a habit. Ramadan became a habit and everything becomes a habit we lose the essence of it, just like Salah it's a habit right every now and then we feel it. Every now and then we feel that hamdulillah we're praying your beautiful hand but we need to move to next step or Milan became the same like when you now people are talking about Ramadan. What is the normal talk

00:44:59--> 00:44:59


00:45:00--> 00:45:01

You see people talking about the

00:45:02--> 00:45:08

real really people say what's your plans it's what what are you preparing for oma What do you say I'm preparing taco

00:45:11--> 00:45:28

yeah but but what what do we normally prepare for Ramadan? list of invitations right list of List of food. Right? And then okay which must be done I'm gonna go hamdulillah which taraweeh This is good how many of the taraweeh but I don't say I'm preparing

00:45:29--> 00:46:01

the Allah contact account. This is what all Romani about that. And the last thing it handed out no done yet Allah subhanaw taala says, and this is you all know this includes fasting Ramadan or outside Ramadan. And this is a long hadith of roswaal this AutoSum includes almost everything. So yamo June, fasting is a shield to protect me think of it this way, right when it's hot, right and you have a very fair skin and your physician told you don't get expose your skin to sun. What do you do?

00:46:03--> 00:46:07

We all do it. What do we do? sunblock? What is sunblock,

00:46:09--> 00:46:20

and it's gonna protect your skin from the sun. So the sun when it comes to my skin, it doesn't go to my skin right away. This is a shield. This is the first thing

00:46:22--> 00:46:37

I'll see I'm again, number one, right? That kind of saw me after the call when one of you is fasting. So whether it's a Thursday or Monday Siobhan or it's Ramadan number one, hello, your footwear. I do not do indecent actions.

00:46:38--> 00:46:51

Well, I again, don't do things that is not correct. Don't act like an ignorant person, then this is what I tell myself and everybody of you. I have to be different the day I'm fasting.

00:46:53--> 00:47:28

internally and externally, because I'm fasting, I have to be different. That's true. And if someone and This usually happens, what you alter that when you move on katella who if someone will absolutely Curse you, someone will, quote unquote, be on your nerve and do something that they know it will upset you. What should you do? What should you say? Say after this is saying and it should say aloha my Nissan Aloma Nissan Altima, Nissan, three times panela, why not one,

00:47:29--> 00:47:30

not two,

00:47:31--> 00:48:13

or three, because I need the reminder. I need the reminder. The first will tell me control your tongue. The second word, tell me it's alone make it easy. The third was telling me Don't waste your soul. Because on the other hand, he says whoever cannot control this, Allah doesn't need the hunger and be fast. And this is the love I love this and it applies to us especially because we have a long days. We're living in fcbd when roswaal so to some make an oath. And the same thing Allah when he do come to Oran, what is coming pay attention will love you neck CBD by the one who owns my soul. That's what Saraswati sought to surrency and who owns our souls law, but he didn't say a law we're

00:48:13--> 00:48:47

living fcbd in other times he say we're living up so Mohammed Nbd like the hollow farmer saw him the smell that come from the mouth of the fasting person because of the long hours and you're very dry, doesn't pay it doesn't smell good. And he says by the one who owns my soul, that smoke that's come from the mouth of the person who is fasting much more Beloved, and smell much nicer and better than the refill misc than the mosque

00:48:48--> 00:49:13

then the mosque always remember fasting is a personal action between you and Allah only Allah knows you're fasting you can you can make an announcement on all social media and everywhere right on your on your door on fasting and you can easily be not trusting only Allah that's why he's only Allah knows this is one of the but that will have a call it it's a secret

00:49:15--> 00:49:59

relationship between you and how you can get to the bathroom and eat and drink but no you don't do it because you know Allah is watching us and I can do it I'm fasting so that's why he said the the smell of the fasting person more beloved than the refill misc and that now he's saying what yet ricotta? Allahu Allahu wa what Oh my God. He loves his food, his drink, and what he loves for me that's what Allah saying. Menagerie for me. Why you're not eating? Why you're not drinking. Why you are not why you are controlling your tongue while you're doing this and this foreign law and theory comes or CR Molly, what an edge z v. Or how Asana to the Australian Saudia fasting is for me

00:50:00--> 00:50:32

And I will reward and one deed is 10. So how much is this? One? Allah knows. Repeat these even if you know this, and I'm sure a lot of us know this sounds like something new. But we knew that given that the court and follow me remind ourselves remind the believers reminder Billy benefits the believers. Siobhan is the training field is like a running marathon. Right? Have you ever had talked with people who run marathon? You know how long they train for a marathon? How long?

00:50:35--> 00:50:42

Six months minimum before the final one. I know somebody who ran 23 miles, six months daily.

00:50:43--> 00:50:59

Six months daily, and I must demand enemy assets to Panama. What will they have? And you know, how hard is it to run 23 miles? Right? Subhan Allah and they do it. Siobhan is our Ramadan is our marathon.

00:51:00--> 00:51:29

Siobhan is the training field training field and I need to train physically by fasting spiritually by training my heart and reminding myself again and again, I highly recommend you put these habits in front of you send yourself a reminder, you all do that, right? We all send the reminders alert one day or two days we all do that. Send yourself reminders of these virtues that we know but we don't remember one number to help each other too fast in shaba

00:51:30--> 00:51:45

one of the last thing I still have time is and I'm going to what is the other a bad that is related to fasting that has a special virtue when I am fasting? I gave it to you I gave you the hint

00:51:46--> 00:51:48

before the Quran

00:51:49--> 00:51:50


00:51:51--> 00:51:53

Specifically, da

00:51:55--> 00:51:59


00:52:00--> 00:52:10

our three states are three conditions of the human being where there are supplication is granted spam law, one of them is fasting.

00:52:11--> 00:52:21

So the fasting person till he breaks his fast and there's a lot of discussion about this shala I will explain to you later in detail, but that includes as you are eating

00:52:23--> 00:52:34

as you are eating your f4 not just before you know we all before if pa but as you are eating, you keep your job because what I have and the second one and mozaffar

00:52:35--> 00:53:22

and Dawa tool model by Sabrina when Allah if he job the the supplication of the one who has injustice being done against him or her so here you go that comes with its addition you know May Allah forgive me but I have to give you examples from dunya so buy one get one free Don't we all do that once you buy to get 50% less we all do this so how long here you go now was pantalla has not given us a free is giving you a drug that's granted and when a loss pantalla said that it is done you are what what do we need the long list of da and don't think only of dunya dunya and alpha However, if I'm not going to train myself on do now when I don't need anything is not going to come

00:53:22--> 00:53:33

in on mobile when I'm very tired and I am doing my taraweeh here and then I shall extend and finish that all we had 12 I'm going to be too tired to make dua unless it becomes

00:53:35--> 00:54:21

habit train that's another thing in shabaan you train yourself train yourself for the fast thing train yourself for the job when you don't need something look at yourself on me when you have an exam tomorrow you have an interview and you need and you really want this job right how's your day ah that morning? Yeah I any yeah law right into you just give me this interview. Just give me this job and see what I'm gonna do when we say this dollars aren't all right. So this one we need. Most of the time we're in dire need. Our especially as these days when you learn from the days of the need is less than the days of No need. Meaning the day off is is more than the day off difficulty.

00:54:21--> 00:54:59

So the DA is not doesn't come natural. And look at yourself and mind after solder. What How long? How long before if you if you wake up before 500 long. A lot of stuff all right. I need to train this because this is an opportunity only when I am fasting. A slightly more hot day of meaning when I eat and I'm fine, it's gone. It's gone. It's when I am fasting and I need to train myself to come make a list. Put a list of these other three or four memorize. I always say this, put it on the fridge. Put it on

00:55:00--> 00:55:44

Put it on your car, put it on places where you keep seeing it. So you remember so shaitan does not come to you and make you forget, supplication, a jar, a jar. And I'm going to end up here and this is a beautiful summary of fasting and I read it but I cannot remember who said it. So it says a car more about the toman agenda like that fasting is one of the loftiest act action of worship and an act of getting closer to Allah nothing like it to get closer to Allah and this is the habit of the righteous people the habit of the righteous people and it is the landmark of

00:55:45--> 00:56:02

the landmark of Mottaki it's purify the soul and it's a gift the human being more etiquettes and and manner more manner and it is the School of tequila and it's long

00:57:55--> 00:58:44

so the last thing I want to say is fasting is the School of the court and it's the School of guidance also our got accepted this is very nice the way they've put it whoever got accepted and went through it with a pure intention and the right way of following the path of roswaal De Soto center, you will be given the degree of his diploma, degree of straightforward degree of obeying a loss pantalla the right way and he will be saved in this life and the hereafter loss pantalla makers of them European panic along maganda shadow leyda and stuff go collect all the eggs online I see them Why don't I do yours home with this demon Kathy next week if you have a slight inshallah we'll

00:58:44--> 00:58:53

do the fifth part of the SAM so if you have questions, it would be really nice to send it to me earlier. So I make sure I cover these specially woman

00:58:54--> 00:59:08

by the usual questions, right so I may remember some of them but not so if you're any question related to the of the fasting and related to Ramadan. So Sunday Chaucer we can cover it next week. inshallah zachman La Jolla.