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Doctor Madiha Saeed talks to us about health, depression, gratitude, Food, and explains the Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan, the holistic approach to life with heart, mind, body in Islam and much much more!

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We were taught no nutrition and very minimum lifestyle. Okay, this needs to be if you're really if you would read a book, this is where you'd get the highlight marker. Right? And you'd highlight this. This is very important. They don't learn basics of nutrition 28 in a day, I think in a week he was telling me he has a C 110. He got slapped on the wrist for seeing 108 talk about a little bit of the benefits now of Ramadan. I was like prophetic, this is very healthy. a superfood, this superfood

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salam aleikum greetings of peace. Welcome to the deen show, which is a way of life we try to put out there for everyone to see helping you understand Islam and Muslims. Now you heard these words tayyiba. And hello. Ramadan is coming up. And we have a medical doctor here, not just any medical doctor. But we have the author of the holistic RX. Dr. madiha Assalamualaikum. How are you? I'm

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so honored to be here. Thank you. Thank you for being with us here. Tell us a little bit about yourself. So I am

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born raised in Illinois. So I had multiple of the same bad habits that I love, have led most of adults down the road to chronic illness. I had lupus hashimotos severe digestive complaints, you know, acne, seborrhoeic dermatitis, eczema, allergies. And as I was going through my medical training, I graduated residency from South Bend, Indiana. So I was a new mom, a new wife, a new resident all at the same time. And that's when all of my conditions sort of came to a peak where I was severely fatigued, and I knew I was just trapped in this body that wasn't doing what I wanted it to do is your medical doctor, you would think that okay, you're a medical doctor, you're at optimal

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health. Yeah, but no, but what was so scary is that I was also being thrown just the medications like, Oh, you have fatigue? No, no, it's just because you're, you know, you your new mom, new wife, new resident, which could be the case, but I knew that wasn't.

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And I was sick and tired of just taking steroids and then they wanted to give me you know, other medications and I didn't feel like nobody was getting to the underlying root cause of why I was getting this because every, every time I turned it seemed like I was diagnosed with something else. And I was getting sicker and sicker instead of getting healthier and healthier. So I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. So right after residency, I joined this medical practice where under one roof there was me an OB GYN and internist and exercise physiologist, nutritious counseling, chiropractic massage therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy all brought together for the

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complete healing of the whole person, a concept that's really foreign to us. My parents sacrificed everything for all of us, my siblings to be doctors, my brother's an interventional cardiologists, my sister's a pediatric ICU physician. I have cousins, sisters and Harvard psychiatry and psychiatry in Florida, and you know, everywhere, pediatrics, you name it, I have all these specialists. But none of us have been taught a single class of nutrition unless I missed it in maternity leave nutrition in medical school, probably just a couple hours in medical school. Okay, this is what we really apply in to our patients is in residency, yes. And residency as a family physician. Yes. And

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as the rest of all my siblings and all the other colleagues, we were taught no nutrition and very minimum lifestyle. Okay, this needs to be if you're really if you would read a book, this is where you'd get the highlight marker. Right? And you'd highlight this, this is very important that you don't Did you know, the Cimarron, the medical doctors, they don't learn basics of nutrition or nutritional lifestyle is the key to health. These are the key to health. This was one of those aha moments when I learned this. That was like, hold on, you know, if you don't learn nutrition, and that's the fuel for good health, then and lifestyle, like you said, that is something that is really

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like, you know, profound that Oh, absolutely have to know that's the key to health, nutrition. And doctors know I mean, when you go to your doctor, we know that lifestyle is important. But we've never really been given because because like for example, my husband's a family physician. He has to see 28 patient patients in a day, how many 28 in a day. I think in a week he was telling me he has to see 110 he got slapped on the wrist for seeing 108 and so in that many patients in a week in a 40 hour week. You are we are we have to see 15 to 20 minute patients visits. That's it. And you're just taught we were taught in residency that we just ask the patient to tell us one symptom and one

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complaint only. And that's

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We're going to address at this time, if you have another complaint come back to me and another visit. But we are not like that we are not just one complaint. We are not just one organ system. We are Mind Body soul, and it's all interconnected. Some heavy actually cut that down to like 510 minutes. Yeah, I know.

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I can't I mean, why is this? Someone might say, well, what's the big deal? Because you're trying to get a proper diagnosis, you really got to get into the history, you got to get into the, to the person. But if you only got 510 15 minutes, how do you do that? And you can't really, really understand the underlying root cause. So this is where maybe it's good for a symptom, but some acute conditions. It's great. Okay. And is it true that now, I mean, medical doctors and medical school are not taught how to cure the disease, but how to symptom management? That is, what's primarily is that is that true? So we are taught that beast conditions do not have cures? That's another aha

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moment right there example that we are going to if you have high blood pressure, you there is no way you're going to live the rest of your life with the high blood pressure. Yeah, if you are on thyroid medications, they told me when I even as a doctor, I knew and as I was telling everybody else to when I was in residency until I really had my aha moment also. And with that, when we are on these medications, we're on them for life, unless your customer for life, I'm a customer for Wow. And this is where my but that goes against our Deen, I mean, our DNA should tells us a lot about the Creator, the heavens and earth tells us that look for every disease, he has sent a cure. But they're telling

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us the opposite. Now that there's no cure, there's no cure, we can just manage that man and see people don't know this. with medication, this is really important for everybody listening. So those drugs aren't actually meant. They're just symptom management. They're just, they're just like, and they all come at a cost. So you're just putting a bandaid on the check engine. Absolutely. That's what you're doing. So as I sort of describe it, like a hand or, you know, put up my little tree later on, but it's basically all these symptoms are we have a root underlying cause of inflammation. So if somebody comes in with, you know, digestive complaints, insomnia, depression, autoimmune

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conditions, like thyroid problems, or even, you know, any other cancer, all we know that all of these symptoms can be treated with a drug. We all know the underlying root causes inflammation. This is not new to us. doctors know that if you have sinusitis, it's called inflammation of the sinuses. We know that if you have arthritis, it's inflammation of the joints, which is you treat with an anti inflammatory. If you have eczema, it's an give me give you a steroid, we know that there's inflammation. So we know that the underlying root cause of all of these chronic conditions is due to inflammation. And so but doctors though this is what explained to the, to the layperson, when you

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say inflammation, yes, in a simple term, like how do you explain give us a vivid some kind of picture, like what does that mean inflammation. inflammation is what I tell a layman person, it's your body off balance. And there is multiple, like, there's two different types of inflammation, there's an acute inflammation, and there's chronic inflammation. Acute is what we're all familiar with. If you get like that sore throat or cut, it's good inflammation, good inflammation. And then there's the bad inflammation when your body is constantly being bombarded with either constant stress, or infections, or bad food, all these impurities lead to our body being up in arms all the

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time, for a short time that chronic inflammation is okay. But over time when your body is constantly being bombarded in all directions with this,

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toxins and bad food and stress and all these things, it starts to get confused and when it gets confused, and it starts to create diseases of every stripe is just like a fire in your butt like a fire is rageous Yeah, so inflammation actually means fire. Within a fire within your body. Yes, it's a fire within our body. And so this is where we again doctors know that

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chronic diseases are due to inflammation. That's why we give you anti inflammatories. Yes, but the under, if you still have the the water running, you know, you can be mopping it up all you want, but if the water is still running, you're still gonna get a flood. So you're a medical doctor. Now you also are dealing with some of these you mentioned what was it lupus? I had them what Yeah, you had them? Yes. So Alhamdulillah you were able to get cure of it and you went against the odds because now according to conventional medicine, if you have what was it lupus what else you have to modos seborrhoeic dermatitis, acne, eczema, allergies, severe digestive complaints, emotional imbalances.

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I was miserable. Yes. As a medical doctor.

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As a medical doctor, and then now as a medical doctor is also they go to another medical doctor probably for another opinion. So what are they telling you now you're going to your will, you're going to now for these conditions, so you're going to a specialist for these, you got a specialist specialist, even if basically it's Oh, here's take Synthroid, but I'm like, I'm still not feeling well, because I wasn't dealing with the underlying don't those come with those come with side effects, they come at a cost, but side effects and they're not actually healing you. They are just covering up the symptoms there band aiding it, it's kind of like hurting is it kind of like okay,

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putting perfu I'm sorry, good. This I just came to mind like I do do, like, you know, you're, you know, at the end, it's all you're covering up the smell, but it's still like on cart on the carpet, you know, the cat or someone goes on and you just, it's still bringing it up, and you're just putting perfume on there. And then some cases, this is where I really want to reiterate to your audience. And everybody listening is that in some cases, you'd need that in order to control the Blaze, you need to first put out the fire. Okay, so you put it on, I put it out. But it's that long term constant, you know, when you're not really addressing the underlying root cause or getting rid

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of that. doodoo? Yeah. If you're not getting rid of it, then you're not really dealing with the underlying root cause. Okay, so sometimes you need it to for conditions like to really because if you have this fire blazing, it's better to you know, get on the army first and an emergency in an emergency get rid of the fire and then but the thing is, is chronic conditions that over time we really can if we deal with the underlying root cause you can then really even I have had people get off of all his medication. Yeah, you can kind of okay, firefighters come they put out the fire. Now they keep that water is good to put out the initial fire man don't destroy the whole property. They

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keep blazing. And keep flooding the place. Now you got now you destroyed everything inside the house. Absolutely. That's what's happening in the body. That's what's happened that was happening to you. And then at what point did you decide to go above and beyond and take control of your health?

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I when I joined this medical practice, I had a I had one child in residency, and me and my husband were both working 80 hour workweeks. I could your husband's also a medical doctor, he's a medical doctor. Okay. So he's a family physician. And

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right after residency, when I was having my I'm like, I can't live like this. I have severely fatigued, I can't How am I going to take care of my family?

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properly? How am I going to do proper about that to Allah where I could barely pray monitor, it's affecting everything. I just was tired, I was exhausted. I was in pain. I had joint pain. I was like, This is not this is not for me. So I'm going to take charge of my life. And I started learning from all these amazing practitioners, I started to apply it in my own patients first, before I even started playing in my own because my

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my patients for example, my first patient was a 31 year old at the nine autoimmune diseases, my senior Gravis psoriasis, like his plenish sjogrens hashimotos. And, and she actually was on them highest dose of me around they wanted to, I mean, at highest dose of mestinon they wanted to put her on me Iran, and they told her sorry, you're just gonna have to let this live its course. It's like, what is the disease, I can kill you eventually. Because it's an autoimmune disease of the muscles. One month, all gone 50% resolution seven months. She's now a scuba diver instructor for autoimmune diseases of the muscles. Now she was a scuba diver instructor. So when I saw her and then I started

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researching this in a lot more detail, started applying it to my own life. And therefore, when I was able to heal myself, and then since then I have about 100% success rate and healing, chronic illness of lifestyle. And that too, later on, I realized that it's all this Islamic medicine. It's exactly what Allah has told us of our lifestyle should be, is that's all I'm doing with these patients. And now conventional medicine is really backing that up. That's what it really blew my mind. And I I realized that there was not a single book out there written for somebody with multiple chronic conditions like I was dealing, I'm a family physician. So I see adults children, you know, everybody

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and everybody in between. and,

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and I wanted to give a pick up the people, one source that kind of covers everything integrated functional and holistic medicine and one source for all ages. And that's what I wrote my book, the holistic RX. And so

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I'm trying to inspire others that they can get in charge of their own health, just by getting back to

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purity. Now that that is what we opened up with to you but tell you about Hello. And this is how would you translate that tell you that because many people they they see the word but now and it's thrown in there a lot the creator of Amazon is saying to each other tell you back but now what were you eating before you got the cure? kind of foods give us an example. So what were you letting into this I was loading into this you know gift that Allah has given us I was letting in junk. So we have

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Fake food fake food. Yeah, let me tell you why.

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As doctors we were brought me and my husband are both working 80 hour workweeks. There was free food on our residency, free food. We were not sleeping, we're not eating properly, we had free foods, we can eat all the junk that we want.

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And that's when all when I told you my symptoms came to a head, it's because I was totally not respecting this body. And with all fake food, artificial everything now, especially if it's processed, you have to look really careful. It's, it's fake food, artificial food. And biab means that pure, pleasant, nutritious, safe, peaceful, something that is good, good and full of more good. Specifically, when Allah talks about in Surah, Baqarah number 168. And, oh, mankind either wishes halaal employ you up and do not follow footsteps or shaitan.

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We I was not doing that. I was eating junk and artificial foods,

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just like everybody else right now. But when you go to the hospital, a place where you're supposed to get well, she'd people are confused, because you go to the hospital and you stay there for a night a day, two weeks, and they're bringing you this type of food. Because again, doctors are not taught nutrition. So when we aren't taught that, and we don't even we are not even taught or even told to even look outside the box of lifestyle. How kloudless lifestyle can even help we believe that it can't Yes, we believe that it that's a totally different entity and your diseases are totally different entities. And so this is why trying I'm working right now I educate lots of

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doctors all over the country.

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And about trying to bring this into our, our conventional medical practice. These are some now this is this is some we have a display here. This is some while people are looking at this. These are some examples of real foods. We're talking about real food, you can still have delicious, right? People think okay, it's something that's very expensive. I can't keep up with it. And they're maybe confused. Like, okay, well, I eat this kind of stuff. I can buy this at Walmart, you know, to me, but what's the difference? This is sweet, right? Well, let's give an example. What's the difference between this and a fake food that looks like this? So this what do you call this? These are my I

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made them this morning. They are my apple cinnamon muffins. Apple Cinnamon muffins. Okay. And but there is only four ingredients in it. Only four, honey. Okay, so, Honey, let's start with that Honey Nut. Now what the honey you use? Is it what kind of honey is because there's like, organic, raw and feel organic honey. So pure honey, not like they got some honey that I was watching a documentary. It's so it's a shame. It's like, the estimate like 70% of the honey that's sent here. Some of us from China. It's fake. It's they put ingredients that now it doesn't even qualify as as funny. It's really sad. Yeah. So this is real.

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Non damaged. Raw honey. Then you said What else? almonds. almonds. Mm hmm. And what else? Eggs, eggs. And when you say eggs is like what kind of I have organic eggs. Organic. Okay, so I'm from healthy chickens. Yeah. Okay. And then we have is apples. apples. Okay, organic apple cinnamon. All right. Now compare that to let's say you go and you look at the ingredients, people going to start doing that. And you look into some of these ingredients. You can't You can't even pronounce these ingredients. It's all made in a lab. Okay, and let me This is why I wanted to really emphasize what we say it's fake. Its fake. This is real. This is real. Yeah, this is fake. Yes. And that's the

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impure foods that we're gonna be talking about. Because these foods that are not by YouTube. So any of these fake foods, these artificial foods that are not viable, actually affect our body in in so many different levels. So when Allah talks about food, so let's go ahead and talk about especially with Ramadan coming up. Yes, when Allah talks about food, he says that it should be pure quality and small quantity. Right? And so why your quality You said your quality unless quality and less quantity. Okay, so let's talk about why those two are important. One that I want to emphasize is that the gene aspect comes into my conversation a lot. They're like, all we have is genes we're

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gonna call everybody in my family has diabetes, it's okay, I'm gonna get diabetes, I'm gonna eat what I want. Now there's a study called epigenetics and this epigenetics is telling us that we can turn our genes on and off just by our environment. And the Quran even tells us that whatever good happens is from Allah and whatever bad for happens is from ourselves. And now that that's what exactly what science is proving.

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Is that we can turn our genes on and off just by our environment. And food is key because especially when it comes to you know, so abeka, numbers 168, halide and vibe. So quality is let's talk about quality.

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the quality of the food matters because of the fact that the difference between somebody with the problem and somebody without a problem, if we study the same anatomy books, and we, if we say the same physiology books, if we're all the exact same on the inside, it's our environment that makes a difference. And the biggest connection between our insides and outsides is through our mouth, our gut. But why does Allah say, the worst vessel you can fillers your stomach? Why does it like there's hubbies, where if your gut is diseased, your body is diseased and your gut is healthy? Your body is healthy? The profits are so much worse. Yeah. The worst vessel you can fill is your stomach. Yeah.

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Why does Allah say that there's, you think that there are so many other places, because our gut contains 100 trillion bacteria that line our gut lining? How many 100 200 trillion we're only 10 to 32 trillion human cells. So if you think about it, we are more microbiome that's called the bacteria that lives in our bodies, microbiome than we are human cells.

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Then we have 70, to 80% of our immune system lies in the gut, immune system, 70% and 80%, if not more, lies in the gut. So our microbiome, which is the geese, gut bacteria are responsible for

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are responsible for digestion, metabolism, they can turn our genes on and off. epigenetics they can control that, even to the fact that they can they make 90% of your serotonin and 50% of your dopamine is made by that gut bacteria. You give an example in your book genetics, the environment being the gun, and what? Yeah, so this is where if you're,

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it's like, genetics is basically your genetics is the gun, but the environment pulls the trigger. That's what you said in your book. Yes. And so this is environment, these impure foods actually go and kill off these good bad bacteria, when it kills off these bad bacteria that are doing all these amazing, when it kills off these good bacteria that I'm doing all these amazing things. It gets replaced by bad bacteria and bad bugs. When that imbalance turns to more bad bugs to good bugs, your 70 to 80% of immune system is like hey, you shouldn't be here. So go because these bad bugs are letting things through that should not be getting there. 70 to 80% of immune system is attacking it,

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leaving immune complexes all over the body leaving resulting in chronic disease of every stripe and this is in and the conventional medical practice. You guys can look it up all the studies out there in PubMed.

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It's called increased intestinal permeability. Yes. And for the layman, it's called leaky gut syndrome. Yeah. Many people are also there's also another top medical doctor, Dr. Kelly Brogan, have you heard of our, here, your food here, your mood, something like that. And she stopped prescribing the drugs. And many people have she's a psychiatrist, or a psychologist, psychiatrist, the one that can prescribe drugs. And she stopped that, and she talks about depression. And many people haven't also pinpointed this, and they give them the drugs but being linked to food also. Absolutely. That's a huge epidemic depression. And now, obviously, the spiritual component, but some people are

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spiritual, also praying and everything. They're like, why am I depressed? They're not connecting it back to the food. And they're going to the person who's giving them more prescription drugs. And that's not solving the problem is not solving the problem and what's really subhanak So talk to me about that. So depression can be linked back to your food. So Subhanallah Subhanallah SubhanAllah. Remember, we talked about 70 to 80 90% of your serotonin is made in the gut. 50% of your dopamine is made in the gut, your feel good hormones, yeah. And there's a direct connection between our gut microbiome and our brain through the gut through the vagus nerve. It's called the gut brain

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connection. This is what's so sivanna line this is what science now is proving. Is that why a log link insert Buckeye number 168, ido wishes Helen and Ben do not follow footsteps straight on because Allah linked our guts with our brains and our decisions and how we feel and how we interact with life. So yes, depression, especially now that it's an it's on a rise in our budgets that you know, anxiety, suicide rates, all of these things are at epidemic everywhere now. Yeah. It's affecting even to the I mean, yesterday, I saw a patient he was 12 years old with severe depression and was trying to get suicide, what is going on? What are we doing to our children? Even not even just this

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the epidemic of autism, as we know that they are continuing at this current trend if we continue at the current trajectory, one out of every four children will have autism by 2033 how many want

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out of every four children 25% of our children

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will have autism by 2033. That's around the corner. Yeah, it was one in 10,000. Not too long ago. What is it? 10 years ago or so now? It's one in every 50. But then they say one every 50. Yeah. And then so now it's just, it's just continued. What do you say to me? What do you say to the argument? The counter would be like, well, we're, we're able to diagnose it better. Have you heard that we are able to, yes, maybe we are able to diagnose it better. But it's specifically where I mean, like genetics, if you have a genetics problem, yes.

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You would not see that increase, you would see that very stable, but because of the fact that we are finally for diagnosing a better whatever, we're these kids are still sick, they're still sick, they're still sick. And it's not genetics, it's our environment that's making a difference. I'm that also the Director of Education for documenting hope. And that's a nonprofit national organization dedicated to heal chronic disease in children. Yeah. And they are taking 14 children with seven chronic illnesses, and healing them through lifestyle and fixing their deficiencies, all this pure stuff, living purity, and documenting it via media, we're putting an eye out we're doing an IRB

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study right now. And, and, and through media, we're gonna record it and do a video TV show. But what's so cool, the head of the study is the pediatric neurologist at Harvard. And and she even she is she's had quotes saying that, you know, she's the one that's be backing this up. The reason why we're having all these conditions is because of the fact that our we are constantly bombarding our bodies with impurities in every directions. There's toxins in our environment that are under rise. There's toxins in our gut, in our food that's on the rise all these artificial fake environment, leading to a decrease in the gut microbiome, leading to leaky gut increased intestinal permeability,

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that leads to diseases of every stripe, you can start with like, for example, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, autism, to digestive complaints to headaches, visual changes, thyroid abnormalities, other autoimmune conditions, cancers, pain, arthritis, eczema, you can actually even start to notice these changes in children very, very young, colicky baby ear infections, sinus issues, molds, you know, yes, you can start seeing these things really young. But as doctors again, because we're not noticed to identify it, we just say Oh, if I were to put a tube in the air, it's fine, but never really addressing the underlying, underlying cause the doctors whose education to

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this aspect is limited here. Good doctors who hands are tied in most cases. And my uncle, he's also more holistic minded. He was at the masjid in MCC. And we were talking about how when you walk out of there because you said okay, what are we doing? And when you start in the masjid, you come out on the Juma. Have you ever seen this brother, where you come out? and sister, I'm talking to Brother asking him also to collaborate with this. And now they got the Coca Cola, which I think just drinking one of those a day increases your chances of diabetes by 30%? Yeah, so you have all of this fake food, you come out to have all the potato chips, and the person says, well, potato chips,

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potato. So what's the big deal, and all of the other garbage that's there, you know, this candies and whatnot that are given to kids. So he goes and he talks to the mom. And the mom says, My hands are tied, because this is the board and all that. So it goes into the Hadith where the prophet SAW Some said, if you see an evil, you know, you change it with your hands and if you because we think it just limited to, to certain aspect, but this is also something that's affecting our health and kids are dying. And this is one of the greatest blood children, our children our future. So

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he would have got up the mom to educate himself and to also now speak up and bring the Hadeeth and the eyes would you Tom, I'll tell you, but but many scholars here are also limited, or they are so busy on other aspects might Allah bless them, but this is something that they need to start getting more educated on. Even though climo Josie, one of the great scholars, he wrote a book on this, he was someone ahead of his time who speaks about this, but many of us need to start speaking up more and replace those fake foods in the mustards at least start there and with real foods, real foods. Yes, yes, those fake foods are the quality is destroying our gut by microbiome. This is why the

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worst vessel you could fill is your stomach but also the quantity now that is really scary because of the fact that it is Allah puts it proper mama says I'm sorry, Heidi Hadees says a believer fills a stomach with one I mean fills us those one stomach and then a non believer like really differentiated between believer and non believer fills a stomach with seven. And what are we doing as a muscle

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Mamma Mia. That's that and this is sahoo boo boo Haha, this is the, this is how the importance of Allah has on quality quantity. And now science is proving that when you eat more foods, when you eat fake foods, these fake foods are actually raising our blood sugar level, either

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by raising our blood sugar level higher than normal, then real food does. Yes. And so this is another epidemic that our children in 1980 there was zero cases of diabetes type two, in 19. I mean, just in 2010, there was 60,000 cases of diabetes type two and now it's even worse diabetes, insulin resistance is such on a rise. Yes, most I have. Because I see a lot of kids. eight out of 10 kids that I see are pre diabetic. Yeah. And I've been practicing medicine for nine years. And I'm like this is I mean, out after residency. But this is crazy, because now these artificial foods are raising our blood sugar level that is leading to pre diabetes. And pre diabetes symptom is probably

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what we're all walking around with.

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Weight Gain around the midsection, fatigue, irritability, brain fog, acne, irregular periods, problems with when you have sugar crashes, carb cravings, and we think that our kids are just we're feeding them junk. All these lollipops and all these things because they Oh, they love sugar. No, it's because they're getting sick is that their that's why they're craving all these knives. And so and then it also leads to if you notice when you go to a restaurant,

00:31:37--> 00:32:08

if when you go to a restaurant, the what is the first thing they give you, you put the bread on the table bread, why would they give you bread on the table? What's wrong with bread says Dr. Modi had many people they say bread is that's a real food now. So Alhamdulillah like, there has been no documented anywhere that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had ever eaten eaten wheat, barley, but he never ate wheat. Yes. But our bread now has been so genetically modified where it used to be 14 chromosomes. And now it's about 44 chromosomes.

00:32:09--> 00:32:32

And our body doesn't recognize it as food but the thing is, it's not just the wheat itself when they give you this bread at this restaurants. It's fake. If you have they ever look at the ingredients, it's mostly just completely fake, processed, refined, so much so that it is destroying our insides by destroying our inside. Yeah, it goes actually inhibits our leptin

00:32:33--> 00:33:09

and leptin is a hormone for satiation. Yes. So these fake foods are actually making us leptin resistance and inhibiting the leptin which tell us we don't know when we're one third full. Yeah, you know, yes. Alhamdulillah Allah tala Hassan says one third one third, one third, one third. But we're eating it we're filling it with the fake food that is then telling us about our bodies that we don't know when we're one third full so then we keep on eating until we're completely stuffed. So this is not the bread that your great great grandpa This is not 100 years ago had that kind of bread and this is why this chronic diseases such an arise is because we have been eating the fake

00:33:10--> 00:33:44

processed bread for so long. And if you think about it, we have bread, bread, breakfast, lunch and dinner. There's some sort of grains brassica breakfast lunch and dinner and the barley that is prophetic now we're we are even reacting to that. We're because of the fact that has very so has gluten in it the barley has gluten, but the barley would so Subhanallah about it is it doesn't raise your blood sugar level. But I when I want to help heal and prevent chronic illness I have people stay away from the wheat as much as possible. Yes, and eat fill your one third up with the most nutrient dense foods that are going to help heal you

00:33:45--> 00:34:05

heal your keep your gut bacteria healthy because that good quality, pure quality, good small quantity that is getting keep your gut your hormones balanced and your insulin balanced and your glucose balanced. And then nutrient dense. So whenever even my kids my kids are 10 seven, five and two.

00:34:06--> 00:34:45

So even when they're hungry I have them go down the list. You know what we want to only fill the one third up fill it with vegetables, protein and healthy fats. All those foods will satiate you anywhere you're in less than the kitchen so yay, double you vegetables, protein healthy fats. You spoke on some statistics What do you think and this goes back Okay, so I was mentioning before the prophet SAW some last and final messenger sent to mankind problem hung peace and blessings be upon him said if you see an evil to change it with your hand if you can't then with your speak out against it and then the least amount of hate in your heart so people can see okay if someone is

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

giving my son drugs or about to get hit by a car you push them out of the way you you know you stop that evil from coming. These are now when you look at this something this disaster that's about to hit a family where tomorrow their kid can have cancer.

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

Sir, a disease that can just destroy their health. So of course we're speaking out against this falls in line with that now look at this. Some statistics What do you think when you when you hear this you probably you've heard these 100 million people in America today are either pre diabetic or have full blown type two diabetes that's we have like 325 million I believe in the US so 100 million pre diabetic or have diabetes. 30% of kids have a chronic disease. And you've you're seeing that eight year old kids with diabetes. You have one in two people have a chronic diseases half of America almost one in three have multiple chronic diseases. 40% of us here in America are obese 30%

00:35:41--> 00:36:19

are overweight so that 70% are obese, overweight. Here's a scarier one in two people. Men will have cancer one in three women will have cancer. Wow, what some how long? What are you continuing to rise? And that's scary, scary. So that's is taking the future. It's taking your mind blowing by hearing this, what you just said it's continuing to rise. It's continuing so that's the evil the disaster now that we're going to continue to rise with it or we're going to go ahead and make a change and honor this vehicle of life that last one to Allah has given us It has a has has a right over us. Yeah, and awakening needs to happen. Awakening needs to happen. I need to start in our

00:36:19--> 00:36:51

budgets. We as a Muslim Ummah have a lot we are we have such a beautiful religion. It's holistic and every aspect. It tells us how to eat live, breathe, yes. So but the thing is, this is the one piece of the puzzle that I've noticed is we are not focusing on in the Muslim Ummah, we are getting back to taking care of this body, this vehicle that Allah has given us by filling it with, you know, good pure foods. Now no artificial foods that should be just like we look for gelatin, and

00:36:52--> 00:37:30

we should be looking to make sure there's no artificial stuff in our foods, because that's not the Yep, yes. Then we have as you want to make sure that that the world around you you're living in is as clean as possible. These toxins that we put all over our homes, cleaning supplies, cleaning supplies, if they kill 99% of the bacteria on the outside, what are they doing with the bacteria on the inside replacement? What can you do? Okay, so there's natural things you can buy natural at wall at all these grocery stores, you can even buy natural lemon you can clean with lemon, what's the other one vinegar that you can clean with? And I do vinegar and water on my floor? That was good.

00:37:30--> 00:37:48

It's toxic, free, toxic. So that's another thing. So we talked about food, you just mentioned chemicals that you're every day every day that you're cleaning with right cleaning with living with putting in our body lotions, shampoo cosmetics, now that's a whole different Wow, you see, like, it's not even just

00:37:49--> 00:38:17

it's it's, it's this pure lifestyle that we really need to focus on with our environment around us should be as clean as possible. So if you're not going to be eating it, don't put it on, don't put it in around your house. That's a good so the commercial industry is making money capitalizing and there hasn't been really many safety regulations. And now we're finding out on the other end, you know, the skyrocketing cancers and all these other things, and there's Yeah, and there's, there's so many hormone disruptors in our houses, just

00:38:18--> 00:38:28

because I mean, we can't control what's going on outside. But we can at least control what's going on our homes. Yes. And it's all about I tell people to just take one step at a time. So friends out go buy a new natural soap,

00:38:29--> 00:39:06

detergent or I'd go buy a natural detergent. Yeah, because of the fact that the there's so many hormone disruptors that are messing up our children and our biology. Yes. Just by being there. Look at this one. This is just this is mind blowing. I mean, you have you have this is something people can do a lot of these things. They're not complicated. It's really simple to understand it just taking the time now listening, watching this and then going and doing your homework and now's a perfect opportunity. Because you're detoxing. We'll talk a little bit about the blessing of Ramadan and now you're really you know, good having this chance during his bosom Buster month Ramadan, but

00:39:06--> 00:39:42

you know what just came to my mind. we brush our teeth every day 100 law you turn it over and it says you know of swallow call poison control? You know, I mean, the fluoride in the toothpaste and these two pages of toxins and just one simple thing. Can you imagine that now how many kids are swallowing? You know, because we're adults will spit it out but training a kid to swallow and it says on the back it says poison call poison control. Did you know about the road? It is? It's everywhere. Wow. No. And it's that's what we need to just take one step at a time and get in that right direction. The next piece of the puzzle that I always work with all of my patients on and

00:39:42--> 00:39:45

actually start with this with my patients is

00:39:47--> 00:39:56

gratitude, the power of spirituality. Because if we live a life of frustration, they've done studies where our heart rate variability goes all over the churches.

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

And if we are live a life of appreciation

00:40:00--> 00:40:23

Our heart rate variability is a nice sine wave. It's like coherence, how the stress goes down, goes down, or it lowers our stress levels or lowers our cortisol levels. It just by being grateful, it actually turns genes on and off, and even lowers inflammatory markers and actually improves heart failure. They've done studies where it even improves heart failure just being being grateful. And

00:40:25--> 00:40:37

it is so Subhanallah and syrup Bukhara. And so Abraham is number seven, Allah uses a strongest language on the ground, he says, I swear to it, I swear to it, I swear to it, I promise I'm going to increase you, if you are just a little grateful.

00:40:38--> 00:41:13

It's just an outlet isn't specified. This is what's also finalized a lot doesn't specify who you need to be grateful for. Yeah, he doesn't specify what you need to be grateful for. Or even if you need to believe in him or not. He just says, Be grateful. And I promise I'm going to increase you. That's deep, that is so deep. And so I start every one of my patients on gratitude. But now the science is proving the power of gratitude. And we can go ahead and live our lives, we know that we are we should be a people that have done and that we know we should be we know we know you need to be thankful we hear it in our machines on a daily basis. We hear it everywhere we go. But the thing

00:41:13--> 00:41:23

is our environment. Now we've turned on social media, everybody's lives look perfect, perfect. Yeah, our subconscious governs about 90% of our thoughts and actions. So if we,

00:41:24--> 00:41:34

we and 90% of that subconscious is like oh my gosh, if I didn't have the best iPhone, I should have, you know, I'm going to be depressed if I don't have this materialistic thing than I should.

00:41:35--> 00:41:51

But we constantly immediately look at the negative, not the positive, and gratitude and gratitude. So we need to so I work with my patients. And I've been doing this for the last 1314 years is all my patients, every single solitary one patient immediately when they wake up in the morning, I have them say 10 things that that thankful for.

00:41:52--> 00:42:23

And it really makes such a huge difference. And that's not me doing the healing. That's Allah doing the healing, because he promises it. So then I have them focus on this with people around them toxic friends, how many times have the Prophet Muhammad says and I'm saying, um, watch your friends, make sure you only hang out with those people that will lift you up, not drag you down. Now you're a doctor telling your patients that this is also something very unique, very rare to find, if at all, but this is all there my book I backed up with 500

00:42:24--> 00:42:29

evidence based studies and pepper, pepper view you can go and you can go public, you can come

00:42:31--> 00:43:07

out, they're everywhere. They're all science base. These are science based they've done studies where just love heels. They love actually when you give somebody love and appreciation and all that stuff, they actually releases oxytocin and yes, reducing hormones that help you heal from the inside out and lowers inflammatory markers and improves your immune system. Like you can live it love really truly does heal. And then we have is so we talked about spiritual health, social health, sleep. That's something that again, we as Muslims, we are not focusing on, we're not putting an emphasis on that.

00:43:08--> 00:43:41

We are sleep while we sleep, we're not using much energy. So it leaves more energy for us to for our bodies to detox make hormones to help heal from the inside out and lower inflammation just by improving your immunity by just sleeping. Yes, then we have Stress Stress leads to 80% of the complaints that come to primary care physicians are due to stress. And this is what's so crazy. 80% of the complaints that come to primary care physicians are due to stress, we all know it, but who was not taught any stress management.

00:43:42--> 00:43:50

I was not taught anything and as a new mom, a new wife, a new resident, me and my husband are both working 80 hour workweeks,

00:43:52--> 00:44:05

not sleeping, not eating well, I really wish somebody taught me stress management. During residency, I developed shingles what old what older people develop. I had developed shingles because my mewn system was so weak.

00:44:06--> 00:44:26

And this is where just by I wish somebody taught us the power of meditation, yoga prayer. You know what, we're not taught any of that because just by incorporating a stress management technique into your daily routine, you can keep damaging hormones at bay, and it's so Savonarola, just by that and that in and of itself puts a lot of emphasis.

00:44:27--> 00:44:59

There is one Sunnah that needs to be revived and it goes back to what you're talking about gratitude. Because usually a person who's also depressed one of the things is that they can't see anything good. So if we there's such a shocker, where the prophet SAW some would just fall down. You don't you just fall like some good news, small good news, big whatever it is. And you just put prostrate your head to the ground and you think Allah, that's it. So you're being thankful to the small things, and then imagine the great things so you're seeing the blessings

00:45:00--> 00:45:08

Coming the blessing, but this is also a remedy. That's such a shocker. You know, the prostration of gratefulness, this is another and it's also yoga pose.

00:45:10--> 00:45:52

Now this is where the science and we have everything there. Our religion is so beautiful. If we just go back to the basics of ardene Yeah, and treat this vessel like a gift from Allah and our children like gift from Allah, then we would not be putting junk in and we would be taking care of it. This is why Allah says our body has a right over us. We're almost out of time. Tell us before we end we got one of these we got just the main difference between fake is that you have artificial ingredients ingredients in there for a longer shelf life is not fresh, it's toxic. So here you only have the four ingredients. So it's healthy for you and it's something now you replace the fake and

00:45:52--> 00:46:29

it's delicious and it's satiating. No, it's only have like one or two at the most and there's no one of the killers nowadays is the new nicotine is the white sugar right? Why brown all the sugar that now you replaced it with honey? Yeah. And this is what's so Subhanallah honey in and of itself, actually it goes into it holds on to the pesticides and the artificial chemicals in our body and flushes it out Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Subhan Allah And another thing that I did want to emphasize is when you use pure foods, yes, you spend less you spend a little bit more on food quality, but you spend less on food quantity while you when you eat a lot of fake foods you spend

00:46:29--> 00:47:09

less than food quality but more on food quantity and obviously the first one is with the way that our Dean should and this is what our normal plate should look like with I mean you can this is says whenever I have my again my patients and my children vegetables protein healthy fats, you have your delicious vegetables here we peppers okay peppers, we have spinach, great he talks great antioxidants really help your body heal from the inside out. Then we have his oranges that's where you leave for dessert but specifically we have vegetables protein, you just need a little bit of protein Prophet Muhammad had a little bit of protein is not as big but you have to you know those

00:47:09--> 00:47:48

huge steaks and just a very small amount of protein to help see that's the salmon no salmon what's the difference now wild caught Okay, different someone's because there's salmon out there and so for people okay, they're gonna get the salmon but now they had the farm raised ya know, why do you want to avoid farmers because they're they there's chemicals in them you don't get to this artificial they feed them all that stuff you got out so this is very very small amount and then olives like prophetic. This is very healthy. So here's a superfood, this superfood and on top of that it's healthy fat. And this is what will help satiate you so vegetables protein healthy fats then we have

00:47:48--> 00:48:24

is if you want that crunch in that biscuit if we're there are almond flour crackers out there. These are almond flour, crackers, flour crackers, you can buy it any of the stores What if someone says okay I just do you know potato chips comes from potato you hear this your blood sugar level too high Yeah, you know increases your leads to leptin resistance. It's fake. Its fake. Its fake food. Yeah, you can you can get stuff if you really want it I mean cooked and done and coconut oil, potato chips or fake food. They're also cancer causing food because they're fried and get in the artificial oil. Yeah, okay, so but the here we have is almond flour crackers, you can buy them at wholesalers, you

00:48:24--> 00:48:48

can buy them everywhere and a couple are so satiating. That's all you need for that crunch. And then I have all my patients heal with it. So the it's to take out the bad foods to heal you take out the bad food take out the bad, but the good, good replace with probiotics like sauerkraut. Oh, I love sauerkraut. Yes, probiotics fermented so fermented food that's good for the

00:48:50--> 00:49:01

good foods. Yeah, repairing it with bone broth. Oh, key nutrients like vitamin D and fish oil that we're not getting in our bodies. And then rebalancing with everything that we just talked about.

00:49:02--> 00:49:43

being thankful, keeping the people in and around us happy and healthy. Make sure you keep those people that are lifting you up, not dragging you down, sleeping well incorporating a stress management technique into your daily routine. Focusing on vegetables, protein, healthy fats, eating one third one third one third, intermittent fasting is all there's science that backs that up now that it puts our body back into balance. It helps us detox lowers insulin, and then focus on these healing foods. And then detoxifying our bodies. Bone broth, easy to make is it so it's so healthy. All we do here is you just take you're gonna buy enough you're gonna buy the bones anyway for any

00:49:43--> 00:49:59

meat that you're gonna cook. I just take that in the slow cooker, the bones after they're done. How long do you recommend like anywhere from eight to even 14 hours depending on how faster and you got soup. So that's the soup from the, from the bones that the nutrients from the bones, the bone broth, it's

00:50:00--> 00:50:38

healing, it has all your bioavailable amino acids, it has a glutamine that helps the body heal all that. And then I have people do for detox purposes, I have them do like Epsom salt baths, to help really take those toxins out, but specifically really just got to focus on this. So now we have Ramadan, the benefits, can we talk a little bit about before we end now's a perfect opportunity, because now you're not only spiritually, but physically getting your body and everything in balance. You want to move forward, now's a great time to do that, with all the things we're talking about. Can we talk about a little bit of the benefits now of Ramadan, like what's going on in the body

00:50:38--> 00:51:20

during the fast, it is amazing. SubhanAllah. So there is this doctor. He's a neurology nephrologist. He wrote the book, the obesity code. And he talks about he's in Canada, talks about healing diabetes, healing this chronic diseases, and the way that he does that is by fasting. And he talks about the benefits, how it helps to detox. You know, when we eat all these foods, especially processed foods, it raises our insulin level to a totally different baseline. So now no matter what we do, we can bring that baseline. Now this is why a lot of people can't lose weight, you hold on to these toxins. But what happens with fasting is now you take that insulin level baseline, and you

00:51:20--> 00:51:41

bring it down to a totally different baseline. And that baseline now is a healing baseline, you lower your sugar levels, you're able to lose the weight, you're able to lower inflammation, insulin resistance, remember we talked about insulin resistance leads to all of those diseases? Yeah, so if you're able to then lower the insulin, you know, lower the insulin resistance.

00:51:43--> 00:51:49

My, my father in law, he's a doctor himself. When he came to me, he was on 30 units of insulin.

00:51:50--> 00:52:37

And he's had diabetes for the last 30 years. He occasionally takes a Metformin now by focusing on this intermittent fasting by really helping to detox fasting is amazing has so many health benefits. And now we're in that we're approaching Ramadan is the perfect time to get it right. Many people end up feasting after the fasting. So now you start off before the break of dawn to have a nice little meal you can start off with what do you recommend that day to stay hydrated to get the electrolytes What do you recommend before as they start Ramadan? And then to break the fast what do you what are your recommendations? So I have actually, I wrote those recommendations in a 25 page cookbook, yeah,

00:52:37--> 00:52:47

that I would love to offer your give us that code. You have some color for the text, the code 44222 has type healing etes one word

00:52:48--> 00:52:57

244 healing, healing eights, yes, healing aids, one word texted, you text it 244222

00:52:58--> 00:53:39

text healing eats and I will send you my recipe book. And that will benefit then for Ramadan. But again, that's healing eats text 244222 and it's so Subhana Allah so for example, you just go down the list vegetables, protein, healthy fats, you want to focus on all of this stuff will keep you satiated. If you're going to a smoothie in the morning is especially when somebody can't get up in the morning. A smoothie is an amazing option. You have your healthy fats, you have your vegetables, you have everything in there like a coke like I love a chocolate smoothie in the morning. You know you put your nut butter you your almond milk in it. A lot of people have issues with dairy so almond

00:53:39--> 00:53:45

milk in there with ice cocoa powder, which is so many healing benefits because of chocolate and then

00:53:47--> 00:53:57

when not unsweetened at some dates in their almond butter. I used cocoa powder. Yeah. And then I just did frozen greens you can't even tell. But humbler it's so satiating,

00:53:58--> 00:54:39

you know, until you're actually pretty full. Yeah. So small goes a long way when you eat quality foods. And then for if dye and this is what I want to emphasize, to all the machines out there, we need to we need to be this example of what we need to open our budgets with. We can open our real fast with artificial foods. There's you know, artificial if if it's pink, it's most likely The drink is pink. It's most likely artificial. You know, and things like that. We need to open it with similar foods. Yeah. Okay, let's call to action. Yep, a call to action. Many people have had their lipo sensor, like you said, blocked.

00:54:40--> 00:54:59

Sugar the culprit that is the new nicotine of our time. It's more addictive than cocaine. They've done studies on it where the brain is lighting up just like it does for heroin or cocaine. So it's very addictive and many people have become addicted to this. Now is a time Okay, that's another question. How do they get off the addiction

00:55:00--> 00:55:21

How do they break that addiction? How would you suggest because it's addicting. I mean, addicting. What do you suggest? So I have them all my patients start off with something like instead of sugar use honey, okay, so replace it you replace it so it's not like they're taking it. What are the replacements I have honey How about natural stevia? Yes. I love natural stevia. Okay, organic raw stevia, and

00:55:22--> 00:55:45

stevia, honey, there's raw maple syrup out there. Okay, date sugar, not that other stuff. What's not the stuff that you put on pancakes? Oh, no. Okay, raw, organic maple syrup. I'm just a little bit goes a long way. Yeah, so and it's still just treats but that's how you really want to look for example, if somebody stuck with brownies and cookies and crackers, guess what you can still make?

00:55:46--> 00:55:48

What is it? You can make sweet potato brownies?

00:55:50--> 00:56:38

There's so many so many alternatives out there. Yeah. So you have also that's the code you put to get those recipes you get I have 25 recipes. It's also in my book. It's You can also subscribe. www dot holistic mom md.com my Facebook page is holistic mom MD, holistic mind md.com and the code is holistic type holistic eats sorry, healing eats healing eats one word 244222. Now quick call to action. So I was saying that Okay, now the addiction is there. Many of the leaders in our communities that we talked about the epidemic of chronic disease, cancers, you have a responsibility if you are guiding this community towards spiritual enlightenment also this is a thing the prophet

00:56:38--> 00:57:17

SAW Some said that the greatest blessing after you mind is health. So now the shift scholars they shouldn't be obese. No, they should not be also they should also be monitored. They shouldn't have like they twin like pregnant and I don't want to offend anybody but this is something that we need to shake some shake some people on reality they shouldn't be obese because they're sitting exams should be talking about this because it's going to be affecting, it's coming the wave its hits here and it's continuing to grow so they should not allow when they come out of the gym, where you have people selling this junk, garbage junk. We have a professional here medical doctor holistic doctor

00:57:17--> 00:57:31

so we bring you the facts. We need to make those so those are the call to actions that now replace it with start Yes, we need to get back to I've been focus on whenever focus on Hillel and play appear foods

00:57:32--> 00:58:15

whenever we feed it to our children, because our future depends on it. One out of every four children will have autism by 2033 and that is going to continue to rise. Where does Islam go? If all of our kids are sick? They're even saying sperm count is completely drastically disappearing. That where does where does civilization go? That happens. So this is an urgent matter that our Deen is so beautiful that it has all of the tools that we need to make this happen but we need to put our focus back on this now I've seen places where they've they've taken the initiative they watch some of the programs that we've done in the past with some of our nutritionist come in I'm so thankful we got

00:58:15--> 00:58:27

you now also a medical doctor to substantiate these points. And we've seen people eliminate some of the fake foods they've introduced I was at a Masjid in Florida I was so happy to have mangoes bananas

00:58:28--> 00:59:12

the days I was so elated when I saw that I said wow you know I have to film this so it's an easy fix substituted right take the bad I'll put the good end to you but just focus on and then we have your book here it's called the holistic our extra guide to healing chronic inflammation and you can get it on the library's and the first Muslim woman to traditionally published in the medical field that I know of. And I also have like children books I have courses I have I'm trying to make this healthy lifestyle as easy as possible. So I have all the sources at WWW dot holistic mom md.com and my Facebook page where I do Facebook Lives weekly. have lots of fun stuff coming up I have infographics

00:59:12--> 00:59:35

of how to heal but it all is this so good start so much. You got the material get educated on this. And we talked about gratitude so much stuff we covered and if you implement these things, it's only going to better your life. Absolutely. Yeah and what I love to do it in Ramadan. Thank you so much for being with me guys, my honor. Thank you. Thank you.

00:59:36--> 00:59:59

And thank you guys for tuning into the deen show. As I said the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. After Eman what is the greatest blessing is your health. Take advantage of five the Prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him. He said before five and one of those is take advantage of your health before sickness. Don't let the sickness come and now you're looking all over for the cure.

01:00:00--> 01:00:20

Know your body. This is the vehicle that gets you through life. All the leaders in the communities, they need to get educated on this. It's a simple fix simple solutions we gave you some of them here implemented, you're going to be responsible in front of a law for it. Not getting this information out. We hope to see you next time. Every week. Kind of Dean's show, tune in Peace be with you as salaam alaikum