Shias use the 12 imams hadith to prove they are on the right path

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from Fatima, she says I'd like an explanation of this hadith, because the Shia always coat it as evidence to support their arguments in Swahili my Muslim, it is narrated that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Islam will continue until the beginning of the hour, and there will appear among you 12 Imams coming one after another, all of them from Quraysh.

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First of all, we as Muslims, do not pay attention at all to what ever this deviant sect known as she say or claim, because we know that they are usually blatant liars and that they are not telling the truth and they would hold information and they twist things. And one of the things that twisted is this hadith. The hadith states in

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the following words, as per se Halima Muslim and Sohail Imam Al Bukhari, jabbering Samara says, I went with my father to the Prophet alayhi salam, and I heard him say,

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this matcher will not be over until 12 caliphs

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and he said, Khalifa, not Imam,

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all from Quraysh. In another narration,

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Islam will still prevail, and be strong and in honor up to 12 caliphs. And in another narration, this religion will still be strong, invincible, up to 12 caliphs in Sahih Bukhari the Hadith was 12, a mere 12 rulers, so the word Imam isn't mentioned.

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And there is a huge difference between an Imam and a caliph or a ruler. Because according to the sheer, an imam has an extra level of being obeyed, being

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an authority and religion and that he would also add more to

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the world by being infallible. They believe that their Imams never make mistakes. And all of this is, of course, not true. And

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a Khalifa is a ruler.

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And he, as per the Hadith rules, where Islam is invincible, and honored and strong.

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And none of the 12 of the Imams, so called Imams of the Shia, ever had this except for Ali. He's the only one who held the sword and protected his followers, as a ruler as as the fourth guided rationally guided Khalifa May Allah be peace with him, and the rest are not known to have ever rained, let alone have the strength to protect their followers.

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And specifically, the last one of them, number 12. who

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no one saw his hidden for the past eight, nine centuries, as they say in a cave. No one ever met him. It does not exist. He never guided someone who went astray. He never gave a fatwa, or taught something. He never enforced virtue or prevented vise. He never done anything, let alone to be

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invincible for his people, or for the nation that he's rolling. He's always been hiding and afraid and weak and cannot do anything. And this is the same with the shear. They've never had any rain or

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a ruling that would protect them or give honor to the is to Islam as a whole

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and make Islam invincible. It's all been weakness and humility and deceit and betrayals throughout the time. May Allah protect us and by the way, as

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people and scholars say, the concept of the Shia being the 12 Imia or jafria This was lay

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later on in time, like on the fourth century, in the beginning, the Shia were divided into cults and sects.

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So a seborrhea believed only in the Imam of Ali

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Elisa II, they believed in having only four of them, such as Ali, Hassan Husayn and Mohammed. Bin Ali and these are key Saniya and

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others said the Imam,

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continued to Jaffa, but none of them again reigned. And Islam was never invincible or strong in their under the rain because they've never rained. And, again, the Hadith says, specifically, and clearly all of them are from Quraysh.

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And we know that the prophet Isaiah salaam was the most eloquent

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in speech, and he was given the concise of speech. He would not say they were all from Quraysh, when he could have limited and said, they're all from Banu Hashim

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or even limited it more by saying, all from the descendants of Ali,

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to widen it and say from Quraysh means that they're not from his descendants,

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which is the fact

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and it is referring to color so again, we don't pay any attention to such

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tales and lies of the sheep are trying to justify their falsehood.