Hasan Ali – Ramadhan 2019 – Reminder 10 – Understand the Quran

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of reading the Quran in order to understand and act upon the information. They suggest starting with the material and reading it in order to gain a better understanding of the information. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of reading and reading in a serious and authentic way.
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Another one thing I'm going to tell you about the Ramadan, this Ramadan is as we go through the day of Ramadan. Okay as we go through the day of Ramadan, Allah azza wa jal has made it easy for us. It's very easy for us today, super Hannah laid out the, you know, people could have had an excuse yesterday, but people have no excuse today of not being able to understand the religion. Do you know how many places there are genuine places there are in terms of books in terms of CDs, in terms of, you know, proper courses in terms of the, I mean, the internet is full of bad and good, so you need to know which places to go. So please ask your local Imam, and so on to go to play, you know, to go

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to go and listen to someone or to find something that you can connect with. But do you know how many places that are where you can actually find the resources of all the things you need to learn religion, there is no excuse. And one of the things I want you to connect up with is

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the Quran an has been given to us by Allah azza wa jal as a letter. This is this whole Quran is a letter to one big letter.

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It is a it is something that Allah has given to us to say, Okay, I'm going to send you this letter, I want you to read it. And I want you to know what I'm telling you. And I want you to then act upon what I've what I've told you to do. So imagine that the letter came to me, from Allah azza wa jal, this Quran has been around all our lives, most of you sitting here, even your 20s 30s 40s 50s and 60s

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have I in my life, read the letter that Allah sent me, at least once. This is a big letter. Okay, it's gonna take you probably, you know, if you really want to read it fast, you can read it a month. But if not, it will take you a few months to read. It doesn't matter. You can read it slowly. But tell me this if a whole life goes by, and I never ever read the letter that Allah azzawajal sent me.

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Then what am I going to say to all on the day of judgment when he says to me that I sent you a book, I sent you a letter? Did you even read what I sent to you? It's a big shame is a big miasma. And I want to tell you, the one thing we need to do, you don't have to get this covered in Ramadan. This could be done in two, or three Ramadan's. This could be done throughout the year. But what you do is, you read a bit of the plan, in terms of English, or any language you understand whether it's through the internet, or whether it's with the actual book, actual book is better if you can get an actual book with a series better. And people ask me, Well, which one should you choose? Well, you

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can start with Abdullah Yusuf Ali is in court and that's got a seat at the bottom, you can start with that on the one that the Saudis have printed, which is available in most mustards, you can start off with that one and read his commentary, I think they've revised it because the earlier ones had some mistakes, but they've revised it. So you can start with that one, read one with commentary, read it and trying to understand it, but really, with the commentary with our believes values come to the bottom. If you want to read one, in order, you've got

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serious money by allama. Shapiro's money, the same one is available in English in three volumes is called the noble core and so read it because he's got the translation then it's got to proceed as well together, you'll have a full understanding of what a lie is trying to say, to me, at least do that much. If you want to read something a bit more heavy than read the civil Nicosia is available in most languages, the city of Nicosia, but it's it's in eight volumes or something or at least five big volumes. So it's going to be quite a bit for you to do but if you want to go for that go for that.

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If you want to do something, no one's gonna stop you from doing it. We fill our entire day by reading stuff on the internet by reading messages, Whatsapp messages, and God knows what we've got coming through. And we read we keep on reading those few clips here bytes here, what videos but once in a lifetime, we can't read the message of Allah azza wa jal what he's trying to tell you once is once in a lifetime is a huge embarrassment if I come to the day of judgment and I haven't even read it once in my whole life and never read it once. And if you read it's valid, you know, that the people who've actually read the Quran

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beginning to end. Their minds have changed. I know people who told me that I'm not the same after read Reddit. I'm not the same. So I want you to have that experience in Sharla

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