Do I Get Extra Reward For Wearing Eastern Clothing In The West

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Does one get extra reward if he were to wear eastern clothing in the west? What is the indication of the Sunnah in this regard? How does Islam come into play here?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi  touches base effectively on this topic.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the preference for Islam's clothing guidelines, citing the success of wearing clothing that is out of culture and fit for people. They also mention a tissue tissue dress that is looser and may be preferred, but it is not required. The speaker suggests that wearing clothing that is out of culture and fits people is a way of rewarding oneself.
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Do I get extra reward for wearing Eastern clothing when I live in the West?

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I will profit from the law while he was selling them dressed like his people, he wore a job and everybody wore a job. So this notion of certain clothing somehow being Islamic, it doesn't quite really because wherever Islam went, the people adopted to their clothes, and they and they wore the clothes that they wore as long as the general guidelines of Islam were met, if not, the famous scholar of Islam said that the sooner is that the Muslim should dress in the clothes of his people, as much as the Shetty allows him to do so. So as long as there's nothing blatantly haram and the outer is covered, and it is loose, it is actually preferable to dress like the people. That's what

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the prophet sallallahu I said them said and did. Some of the scholars said that maybe if you have a slight change, for example, you have a tunic that's a little bit looser or longer. That gives a slight difference. Some scholars said that that might be preferred and others said there's even no need for that, but definitely to make it a point to wear clothing that is very bizarre that is completely out of sync and culture. For example, you know what to wear Shalwar Kameez or a job in the middle of, you know, a streets of New York and think that you will get rewarded for this. I don't agree with this. The sooner is to dress like your people and to be a part of your people as

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much as possible.