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This episode talks about verse no. 163 from Surah Araf, explaining the destruction of the people of town when they disobeyed Allah SWT. A small story between a teacher, Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA and his student khataa’da narrating the incident of Sabbath.


AI: Summary © The conversation covers three groups involved in a fraudulent incident at the Sabbath. The first group was warned not to waste their time with the sinners and deal with them, while the second group was warned not to waste their time with the sinners and deal with them. The third group was warned not to waste their time with the sinners and deal with them, and the segment ends with a brief advertisement for a video about a woman named Missus de la Madre.
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Santa Monica Moroccans live in a castle everyone welcome back to people where every night I share with you a story of how one of our pious predecessors interacted with the Quran. So, today in sha Allah tala, we're going to go through a story of a teacher and students and this is no ordinary teacher student. This is none other than our beloved non bassel. The allowance had on who the cousin of the messenger slice alone, the one who the profits will alaris I'm used to make your app for for a lunch increase in knowledge and one of his greatest students Qatada. Rahim, Allah to Allah, so Qatada he says that one day I entered upon an ambassador a lot of times I know he says, to ignore

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Ibis neoman, La Jolla PKI. And when I entered, he was, you know, bawling in tears, were either must have foofy Hijri. And the most half the Quran was in his lap. He says that he was crying so hard, and you know, and he was holding the pub, and he says, I'd love to an attorney that I was afraid to come to close to him. He says some Muslim as Allah, Allah that He had taught them to federalist he said, and I stayed for a while, you know, I kept my distance from him until I realized it was okay for me to come close to him to comfort him. And so I came near him and I sat down next to him for color to now up here and our bus. I said to him, what is it that's causing you to cry? Oh, Father

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will a bus because he also had a son named an Ibis, Johanna Nila houfy doc. He said, Oh my teacher may Allah subhanaw taala allow me to be sacrificed for you. Allah, Allah in Worklight when Ambassador the Lord Allah and who said what's causing me to cry is are these pages and he pointed to the poor and that was in his lap for either Hua feasterville are off and Qatada Rahim, Allah says he was reading sutil at off and he was particularly on the ayah the idea that he was referring to was at home and in Korea tilla tea can a tablet or telephone Tilbury is doing a fist sub t is t him hate on him y'all mess up to him should run well Yo man ISP tuna na t him Allah subhana wa tada says and

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sorted out off verse 163. narrating to us the story of the people of the Sabbath, Allah says, and ask them about the town that was by the seat when they transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath, when their fish used to come to them openly on their day of Sabbath and what is the last kind of tide talking about Benny Islam he was commanded not to fish on the day of acept on the Sabbath, and Allah subhanaw taala as a means of testing them sent to them these huge fish, you know, that that would appear on the day of the Sabbath. And you know, whenever the Sabbath passed, then those fish would not come in last pensado says that to him on the next day, those fish would not be there. So

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what Allah subhanaw taala is talking about what even are bustle the a lot of time and who was reflecting on and this story is that shape on then came to these people. And he told them, you know, what, why don't you just put your nuts out, and you can collect those fish and you know, the next day you can you can eat them and so on so forth. The last patterns I just commanded you not to necessarily fish, just throw the nuts out there, gather your fish, and then come back later and deal with them. And so three groups arose a lot as a judge tells us that there were three groups in this incident. There were the centers themselves, okay, so the people that listened to the shape on and

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they went and they put their nuts out there on the Sabbath. And so they were still collecting all these fish and then they'd come back and get them the next day. And then you had one group called an Amen on those on the right side. And these were the people that actually warned the sinners so they said way, lucam Allah, Allah and how come and to try to cope with the law. They said well To You By Allah, we stop you we forbid you from presenting yourself to the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah, meaning we don't want to see this destruction of you. And then there is another group of people and this is where a loss of 100 statuses we'll call it that is a sir on the group on the left, they said

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Lima Terry Luna palma de la hola como de Bahama Durban shalida. They said to the group that was warning the center's they said Look, why are you wasting your time with the people that Allah Subhana hota Ana is going to destroy your loss of habitat is going to punish with a severe punishment, that a man on the people in the right they said that they are turning out to be come whether Allah Allah Allah homea takuan that we do this, you know, so that we can have an excuse in front of a loss of Hana to Allah. And so that perhaps they may fear Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and come back to him. So Allah Subhana Allah mentions that you know, he destroyed that group of sinners.

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And so we're left with the the two groups the group that advise the sinners and the group that said Don't waste your time with the sinners. A loss of Hannah Montana says fella mana Summa dokie, Ravi, and Jane alladhina and Hannah and so he will harden alladhina Walla obeah dab in the eastern Americana we have support, and when they forgot that by which they had been reminded, we save those who had forbidden evil. So Allah says we save the ones that advise the sinners and we seize

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Those who committed the sin with a wretched punishment because they were defiantly disobedience. So why is it an ambassador the law and who crying so much Qatada said, so why is it that you're crying so much? Even above the line who says, Allah Dena, who was out on atherina? looky loo, he said, I see that those who advise the sinners, those who actually stood up and said, Guys, don't harm yourselves, don't ruin yourselves. Allah says he saved them. But a lot didn't even bother to mention those who didn't commit the sin but refuse to go and warn the sinners. So he said, even Abbas Lila and who says whenever Nora, Nora, Shia and non Kealoha when our nikolova and we you know, we

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constantly see things that we dislike, but we don't say anything about it. And so I said to him, Jana Nila houfy Doc, may Allah Subhana Allah sacrifice me for you. He said, you know, at least they made their position clear and they hated the sin. Allah subhanho wa Taala did not punish them so badly alongside and who at that point, Amara de courcey to Sylvania Valley rain, even amber saw that his student was trying to make him feel better. And so he gave him to phobes as a gift, and you know, and smiled at him. But the point of the story, dear brothers and sisters, even above the law of Thailand, who is showing that you know, we have to be willing enough to speak to those who are

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wronging themselves and to speak when we see falsehood, Allah azzawajal has commanded us to enjoying the truth. And to say something when we see this taking place in us, the great scholar and Daria is crying because he feels like he's not doing enough, then what about us, when we see wrong around us, and we don't say anything about it in the right way in a beautiful, gentle manner, to call those people away from harming themselves. We asked a lot to protect us from sin, and to protect us from allowing others to sin in our presence without saying anything and to make us amongst those who live speak and preach the truth a lot. I mean, does that mean well Highland for joining me in

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Charlottetown. I'll see you next time on people have got an was Santa Monica. I'm not going to lie here, but I can't