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Speaker 1 discusses the importance of "har" and the need for everyone to work hard. They also mention the need for "har" to allow people to be successful and ask for "har" to allow them to be. The transcript does not provide any information or advice on the topic.

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And Phil dose is only mentioned in the Quran twice, once in sorbitol cat and once in Surah tournament noon, and that shows us how precious it is. But what's really interesting is when you reflect where it's mentioned in both of these sources, it comes after those who have worked very, very hard for it if you're looking for little calf because it comes at the end, but Allah subhana wa Tada said in nella Dena, Iman or I'm in Asana, hat, Canada home Jana tool Theodosia Newsela, those who have believed, and they've done good deeds, that they will have genital fear dose, they will have the third dose and agenda as their Newsela as their lodging where they will be. And if you're

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looking at me known, also it comes after Allah describes the description of those who will be successful, those who have worked hard, the description of that successful believers that they also will have, and for those, and so little careful, I mentioned, those who struggled and worked hard, the youth who ran to protect their Deen, the ones who were blessed with wealth, the one who put it in the right way, and the one who put it in the wrong way, the fitna or the test of knowledge and authority, all of these were mentioned. And then the issue of those who have failed those comes down to work hard for it. So shows us if you want to dose it's not something you just wish for. It's

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something that you work hard for, and then you wish for what is it a fair dose, our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in the Hadith, that the agenda has 100 different levels. And he said, between each level is equivalent to that which is between the heavens and the earth. And he said that the highest level is that of a full dose. And he said, it's the best of them. And on top of it is the outer sheath, the throne of a rock man subhanaw taala. And he said from the unharmed of the agenda, the rivers of the agenda that they burst from that area, and he said, That's ultimate law. He said, If you ask a lawyer, I mean, he asked a lot for Jana, he said that ask him for a full

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dose. But like all things in life, that are the very precious and have such high status, you have to work hard for it. And that's why even in this dunya we see those who are successful, it's only a select few. All of us need to ask ourselves, do we really want to be from those select few? If we do that we have to put in the work and ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us generative for DOS