Waleed Basyouni – Ramadan Debates 2016 – 01 Sick and Unable to Fast

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © A speaker discusses the possibility of a sickness issue related to fasting, and advises parents to feed their children during the test to alleviate the sickness. They also suggest that parents should encourage their children to fast during the test to improve their chances of resolving the issue. The speaker also mentions a previous panel where parents were asked to fast during a test and was advised to use the test as a means to improve their chances of resolving the issue.
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Sister Kate money in the smile posted

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quite long question in regard to her case, and she suffered from migraine headaches, when she

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fast and she saw throwing up and things of that nature. I would like to say to the sister, I ask Allah Subhana Allah by his names and attributes, and this night of Ramadan, but the Lost Planet, Allah cure you and you give you complete speed healing, and take this sickness away, and never come back to you long, I mean, to you and all to the sick, all sick one.

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Based on your description, you're exempt from

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fasting, and you can feed a meal for each day that you mess, if this is something, there is no cure for it. But if there is a cure for it, or something that you can medicine that you can do to help you to cope with that, you should use it and you start fasting. And you suggested that, can I fast some days and break my fast someday, if you can fast it should fast, but if you suffer from

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but if you experience the thing that you mentioned and the suffering that you go through, that's an excuse for you to break your fast

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if you are capable of making up these days.

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In the shorter days, I don't know if the reason for your sickness due to long hours of fasting or not. But let's say if this is the case, and you can make it up these days later on, you should but if you cannot, and any type of fasting will cause this kind of sickness, you should just feed for each day.

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Skin a poor person.

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And I want you to know that this is a test from the last panel. And the last point that I can be worshipped by so many type of Warships an act of worship. So if the fast thing is not something that you're capable of that it'd be a Salah, love the other act of worship, let it be your gate agenda through our Salah or the sada or the dolphin and Mancha and so you have hamdulillah there are so many other good opportunities for you to do and I want to I want to assure you that the Lost Planet Allah if he sees that you sincerely want to fast but he couldn't, that he will give you that he word of fasting and the last panel data is the most generous, the most forgiving and the most

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of our situation. May our last panel try to make it easy for all of us.

What do i do if I’m unable to fast all of Ramadan because of sickness?

May 31, 2016

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