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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 5 – Nisaa & Al Maida

June 10, 2016

Juz 6

Beginning of Suratul Maidah

This surah has a different time period, post Hudaybiah (Treaty), Muslims now in power after turning back to Allah. In a place of success, authority and victory. So Allah reminds them of humility. The prophet (saw) is now sending letters to the rulers of the world. So Surah Maidah details the etiquette of dawah. The maturity of the laws are also shown.

This Surah also talks to the followers of Isa and Maryam.

Allah addresses the Muslims and mentions the importance of fulfilling contracts. Allah says the grazing livestock are halaal for us. And there should be no hunting while in the state of Ihram. Muharram, Thul Qa’dah, Thul Hijja, Rajab and the sanctity of these sacred months.

Verse 3
The prohibition of eating dead animals, blood and the flesh of swine and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah. That were killed with a violent blow or strangled. A lot of laws regarding what’s allowed to eat.

Verse 5
All good things have been made lawful for us. Always start with the name of Allah. Allah also made marriage to the women of the people of the book halaal for the muslims.

Verse 7
Remember the favour of Allah (swt) and the covenant we took with Allah, addressing the Muslims. We hear and obey! If we connect this to the previous Ayat – If the heart is corrupted then the person will undoubtedly find loopholes in the law. Allah gives us these laws and reminds us to be mindful of Him. Fear Allah.
And don’t let your hatred of people keep you from being just – Because you are in a state of power doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be just.

Allah mentions rewards for those who do and those who disobey.

Remember Allah’s favour – Allah protected the believers form the enemies and the hypocrites.
And then Allah reminds us of Bani Israel – broke their covenant with Allah and fell into the punishment of Allah. We should not deviate!

And then Allah reminds us of the Christians – they deviated from the covenant.
We should not be like them!

Muhammad (Saw) is reviving the covenant that was brought to the people of Musa and Isa. Allah guides those who are pursuing his pleasure and take us from darkness to light and upon the straight path.

Allah takes us to the story of Musa (as) in Verse 20 –
Remember the favour of Allah – Allah had blessed them with position. Musa (as) is about to enter Jerusalem with his people. “Oh my people enter the holy land…” They turned their backs on Jerusalem they did not want to fight. After seeing the army of Firawn drown miraculously. They still do not realize that Allah is truly in charge and only He (swt) grants victory. Allah reminds the believers not to make the same mistake! And they then entered Makkah with grace, justice and mercy, having no fear and maintaining justice!!!!!
The children of Adam (as) – Qaabil and Haabil. Allah only accepted the one sacrifice and out of envy the one brother turned in envy and hatred he killed his brother. He should have turned to Allah instead.

Verse 39
“Whoever turns back to Allah after transgression, Allah will forgive him….” The dominion of the entire heavens and earth belongs to Allah. We are never in a position act unjustly.
We should always judge justly – Bani Israel were entrusted with the scripture and they were unjust. DO NOT be selective in punishment.

The Quran is a criterion over the books that came before!
Allah will replace nations if they turn away from the covenant with people who will worship and love Allah and Allah will love them.

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Santa Monica Monica want to live in a couch everyone now.

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So I'm a little late today because of a lot of drama. I just got home. So it seems like that's the dream. So yesterday I was coming from back from Louisville. So today just back from the gym. So I apologize, it seems like every time I'm going to do this, I'll be gasping for air, but inshallah tada hopefully we'll still be able to benefit. So right now we're on day five. So we're in just six now. So we've gotten to the end of sort of denisa and we're now moving into the beginning of certain Magadha when it comes to the beginning of certain Magadha and the end of Sudanese that the connection is very beautiful in the end of certain Isa, if you realize the last pantalla says Maja

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alharbi either become in Chicago momentum we cannot get on anymore that the last Jews ended off with why would Allah what benefit would Allah subhanaw taala have in punishing you if you are grateful, and if you believe, and Allah subhanaw taala is always appreciative, and all knowing, and certainly saw the end of it, which comes into June 6, Allah subhanaw taala talks about the relationship between the Muslims and the People of the Book. Las panatela warns the Muslims from being divided once again, as he did in sort of early on Ron. And then a last point I mentioned at the very end of certainly saw a very long verse which would sort of sums up the rules of inheritance and things that

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were that were relevant to the Muslims after the battle

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in regards to the widows and the orphans and so on, so forth, which brings us now into certain nakida.

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sorbitol Naija has a different time period. Certainly PSA is, as we said, it's after a hit. So adding a Milan we said part of it is after bedded and part of it, the second part of it is after or the latter part of business after. So now we're really moving into a different, a different area altogether a different part altogether, in spirit.

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And certainly, when we're looking at the Battle of

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we're moving now to a point of victory. And so now we're in post her they be we're actually in post sort of her debut, the treaty that was made between the Muslims and the people of Mecca after the Muslims were now in a position of power. So what this shows you is that the Muslims heeded the advice from Allah subhanaw taala, after they were defeated, and they turned back to a loss penalty, they sought his forgiveness, they came back to him. And because they returned to a loss of Hannah Montana, Allah subhanaw taala fulfilled his promise to them, which was that Allah will protect them against any enemy. As long as you stay with the loss of hundreds out of that body bellicum then no

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one will be able to overcome you. And so Allah subhanaw taala brought them back to him, he gave them victory. They're now in a position where they actually could extract mercilessness on the people of Mecca. This is post the Treaty of her they BIA so Muslims are powerful, they could March upon Mecca, and they could get into a battle. And the likelihood is that they would win. Okay, so they're in a position of power. Now, they're in a position of authority. And you can think about the beautiful order here that we're being given from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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First and, Ron, you have pre budget, or I'm sorry, right around the time of bed that so it's one that Muslims are on a high because they were able to defeat a much larger enemy, an oppressor that was coming to consume them, and that assume that because they were a smaller number, they'd be able to do away with them. So the Muslims were a small number, but they were able to be given victory and a loss of anti reminds them to be humble, teaches them lessons from that victory, and teaches them lessons on on unity and staying together. So it starts off with better then it goes to where the Muslims were defeated, because they did not heed all of the lessons that Allah subhanaw taala gave

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to them. And now it's in sort of the Marquis de post where they be where the Muslims heeded the lessons they turned back to a loss penalty. And they're in a place of success and authority and victory. And they could extract their will impose their will truly on the people of Mecca if they wanted to. But a loss of parents and a once again, is reminding them of humility, and reminding them to stay humble, and to stay close to a loss of Hannah Montana. There's also a new age in our here. After her they be at the time period of the revelation of truth in my era. The prophets lie some is now sending letters to the to the rulers and the Emperor's around the world to accept Islam or to or

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to listen to his message. So he's sending letters to the Roman Empire to miraculous to to Persia and so on so forth. He's sending His messengers because he has that freedom it his slot was set up to be able to call people to a loss of kind of time to be able to call the Royal the leaders around the world of royalty around the world to Islam. So we find in certain mighty that now we're gonna have some of the etiquettes of Dallas some of the etiquettes of calling to a

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Loss of data, because now they're calling to people that are outside of their scope. They're no longer just limited to Mecca and Medina, and Abyssinia, but rather they're in a position where they could call out to people that are far away because they're in a position of authority. they've established themselves as Medina and Allah subhanaw taala has given them that blessing, we also see that inserted into the maturity of the the laws is shown. So you know, and certainly, there's a lot of law about marriage. And again, it really was born out of a state of emergency, because they they didn't know what to do with all of the widows and the orphans of brothers. So the laws of

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inheritance and the laws of marriage and divorce that came in sort of denisa they came because of necessity in a state of emergency people not knowing how to deal with the sudden situation that they had. So a lot of the laws that came uncertainty sat once again, we're out of emergency, and it's reflected in the tone of the surah as it's obviously addressing a post good context. Now in certain not either you have the laws of halal and haram of, you know, in regards to food. So dietary law, you have the laws of Amara, okay and Hajj, you have some more detailed laws of marriage, you have some of the criminal punishment that comes. So it's clear that the Muslims are now in an established

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situation, where the law is a lot more mature at this point, more obligations and more, more sunon have been revealed as well as prohibitions and punishments and so on, so forth. So that framework is really being provided. And sort of the 90 done it reflects where the Muslims were at, in their, in their in their state and Medina. It also of course, goes on to the lessons to the people of the book, it continues with the same breath in that sense. Speaking to the people of the book, and sort of Allium Ron and certainly sat Allah subhanaw taala, especially in certain Isa focuses on those that claimed that they were able to defeat or that they were able to kill a sub memoriam so lost

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fans are really condemns those who slander money um, it has set up well holies Mala Mala Yama, Bhutan and alima those who slandered Madame Salaam and Elisa and I lost contact condemns those who thought they killed a Saudi Salaam, those who set out to crucify him. And in certain nahida Now Allah subhanho wa Taala really is turning to the followers of Christ and the followers of Mary not to exaggerate with their stations, but rather to, to believe in them as they would have wanted to be believed in and to acknowledge the lord of society, his setup the way that he sees himself did. So last minute, and it speaks about the dangers of exaggerating the station of reciting his Salaam in

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certain manner, so the audience changes. It's not talking to the rejecters of Isa and margam. So that when I need him, but it's done, it's talking to the followers of Isa and mottingham sulamani him so we have this situation now where you haven't addressed towards some of the Christians, as well as some of the Jews, the Jewish tribes in Medina, obviously this is a post battle called Eva surah. So the the situation with the Muslims in Medina with some of the Jewish tribes is quite tense because there was treason committed by venerable Eva, Ben Okay, no carbon or no lead. There are other Jewish tribes as well now that are that have a good relationship with the prophets lie Selim.

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So it's sort of defined some of those terms once again,

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as they're dealing with it. So let's go through the sort of now that you sort of understand the context in which the surah was revealed. Let's go through the sorter. It starts off right away with you in the denominator, ofoh billet report, a las panatela mentions the importance of fulfilling all contracts Oh, you who believe and you can tell now that the address is particularly to the oma so Oh, you who believe? Yeah, you alladhina amanu certainly sat started off with yet you had NASS a takota back home, oh people, sort of the nakida is Oh, oh, you who believe. So it's it's sort of addressing the Muslims. Now in particular, elf will be there to quote, fulfill your trust, fulfill

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your contracts. And Allah Subhana. Allah mentions Hitler had that luck on behavior too, and

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that the grazing livestock, the animals that are grazing livestock are, are highlighted for you. And the last time I mentioned, the hunting that is not permitted when a person is in the state of Islam, and Allah subhanho to Allah starts to go into inverse to the sanctity of the sacred month. So

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as for Haram, which would be,

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you know, where las panatela talks about Mohammed obviously is one of them kind of the devil, how do I merge up these four months, which are the sacred month so Allah subhanaw taala mentions a person not violating the laws of a lot in the sacred months, whether that comes in, you know, in regards to the house as far as the character is concerned.

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Or it's in regards to hunting and the laws of hunting and the way that the creation of a loss parasite is treated a loss hunter I mentioned the laws of Assurant, harm and reinforces the laws of the sacred once in there sort of out on verse three Allah subhanaw taala says 30 metallic one meter to a demo when a

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woman will hit Lily Hailey la las panatela mentions, you know, the prohibition of eating dead animals blood, you know, the flesh of slime, and that which has been dedicated to other than a loss of Hannah Montana. And when honey caught the ones the animals that were strangled, or those that were killed by a violin blow, or by the goring of the horns, and so on, so forth. So you have a lot of laws here about the beehive about the slaughter and what's allowed in slaughter and what's allowed to eat a loss penalty and it also says,

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you know that yes, I do and I cannot do

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that they ask you Oh, Mohammed, what has been made lawful for them? So a last pentesters could oh hell Allah como pyy but that what's been made lawful lawful for you are all good things. Okay. In a Lost Planet. Allah mentions that that which you which you've gained by trained hunting animals, that that's the lawful for you that you can eat from that which is caught by your hunting animals. But start with the name of Allah subhana wa tada as long as you've mentioned the name of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah upon you. In verse five, Allah Subhana, Allah says at the omo hilleberg mapai. But what are amo Latina o to kita Bahadur nutcombe? What are our competitors head on down? Last time I

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mentioned that today I have made lawful for you all that which is pure, and the food of the People of the Book is lawful for you and your food is lawful for them. It's really interesting here that this is that this law

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of making the food of the People of the Book hideout comes in Layton Medina, why because the Muslims are now in a situation where they're they're truly intermingling and dealing with people the book. So Allah Subhana, Allah opened that door for the food of the people of the book to be held for them so long as it's still met the conditions that were necessary. And Allah subhanaw taala also made the

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marriage to the women of the People of the Book, how not for the Muslims. So it sort of shows you that dynamic as well. And the last pantalla in verse six goes through the states of law and the states of Geneva. So just the basic laws of law and TMR and horsford and so on so forth. And Allah Subhana hoods Allah says and this is very beautiful in verse seven, with Kuru net moto La Jolla aleikum wa mitaka, who and the last panatela mentions that remember the favor of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and His covenant with you. So he's not talking about the covenant to bending Islam, even though he's talking about the covenant to you mythical lady, WA can be the covenant that you took

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with a loss of Hannah Montana, when you were bound with a loss kind of died and we're not talking about Benny Islam even now. And I see a question what is Who are the people of the book The kid the Christians and the Jews? So last time, I was not talking about Benny Islam. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala is talking about you, your oma and the covenant that you've taken with the loss of habitat because again, you want to learn from the people that came before you. So remember, the covenant that you took with Allah now that you're successful and you're established as an oma is called term Samaritan, our Aparna when you said we hear and we obey you did not say Samaritan, our I'll say, Now

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we hear and we disobeyed like the people before you said, but rather you said we hear and we obey. So last Pattaya says, Remember that covenant, what type of law and fear Allah in the law, it won't be that salute. Allah knows that which is concealed in the hearts. If you take this eye and you connect it to the previous ions, there's a beautiful lesson to learn from it, which is that a loss of Hannah heights Allah is saying that if the heart is corrupted, then a person is undoubtedly going to find loopholes in the law, because that's what happened to the people before a lot gave them loss. But because the hearts were diseased, the hearts deviated so then what they did was they

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started to find loopholes and they started to cheat the law. So after a lot gives you these laws, a law some kind of title says remember your covenant with God and be mindful of Allah subhanaw taala and know that Allah knows what the heart conceals. And Allah mentions yet you will Edina Amador Kunal Cabo Mina de la Shahada bill was pantai says oh, you will believe be persistently standing firm for Allah. Witnesses for justice Allah mentions once again the importance of being just this is very similar to an idea that came in the last years. However here a loss however hearing loss of hundreds are the mentions. What are the men that come Shana Andrew Coleman, Allah Allah tideal Don't

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let your hatred for a people stop you from being just why is this important? Because now you're in a position of authority. You can extract revenge upon people. You can take all sorts of things.

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out on people. So Allah Subhana Allah is saying, make sure that you don't allow your hatred for people don't allow a sense of vengeance to overcome you now in your power to where you're going to no longer show Justice dealu who acabo the taqwa show justice that is closer to piety, what type of law and be mindful of a lot in the LA hubiera on demand to be my terminal Allah knows of that which you do. And last Pattaya says that he's promised the believers and those who do righteous deeds forgiveness and great reward. And Allah mentions the people who who disbelieve and the punishment that comes for them. And Allah subhana wa tada once against us yet you alladhina amanu Kuru Namah to

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La Jolla la comme la mentions, O you who believe remember the favor of Allah upon you remember the favor of Allah upon you, just as a loss of hundreds Allah said to Benny saw it with Guru netmeds Allah, Allah you come, remember the favor of God upon you. So once again, Allah is mentioning the favor that he's done to us and how Allah Subhana Allah particularly protected the believers from those that tried to attack them from inside and from outside why I'm a law ii videotel I mean on and so let the believers place their trust in the last panel exam. Then a lot brings us back to Benny's slide one aka aka de la Tomita. parbhani is slightly a Lost Planet, Allah took the covenant with the

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children of Israel. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions particularly when he delegated amongst them, leaders and prophets that would establish the right of Allah upon them. And they broke the covenant. And so that's when they were in their position of power. They broke their covenant with Allah. And they ended up falling into into the punishment and the Wrath of Allah because after Allah saved them, just like after Allah subhanaw taala saved the believers after after heard and so on so forth. After Allah save them. They became arrogant and they deviated and Allah mentions now wamena Lavina kado in Nana Saba 100 namita home furnace who helped one Min lukey Roby last time to assess and from

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those who say we are Christians, we took their covenants, but they forgot a portion of that which they were reminded of. So last time I mentioned that he took the covenants from the people of Moses from the people of Jesus, and now he's taking the covenant from the people of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and Allah lectures added Kitab the People of the Book. Yeah, definitely keytab quite Jacko rasuna made up, you know, lakum kathira mingma Quantum,

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to phone, I mean, and kita las panatela says, oh, people of the book, there has come to you a prophet, a messenger, that makes clear to you kathira Minmei quantum to phenomenal kita we are for amphitheater, he makes clear to you a lot of that which you've concealed from the Scripture, and he overlooked and overlooking much. The reason why this is important is that a loss of Hannah Montana is saying to the people of the book, that the prophets lie, some is reviving much of the covenant that was abandoned by those that came before. So he's reviving much of the law of Mussa and much of the law of ERISA, he's bringing it back it is Salatu was salam to its proper practice. And Allah

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says, Yeah, the big law. So once again, the concept of guidance and he Daya Yeah, DBT Lahu, Manitoba and Ilana who, soon as salam, O Allah subhanho wa Taala guides those who pursue his pleasure. If you're pursuing the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will guide you He will not turn you away from guidance. And Allah subhana wa tada will take them from darkness to light by his permission, we did what we had to him he lost that often was stuck him and Allah will guide them to a straight path. As long as a person is seeking the permission of a loss of Hannah Montana, a loss of Hannah Montana will, will show them that path and He will guide them. In the next few verses. You find the

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last pentameter Allah talks about the people of the book, once again, those that claim that that a Sally is Salam

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is one of three so or I'm sorry, that God is, is one of three that there is a trinity, a loss of kind of Allah mentions those who boast about the favor of a loss of Hannah Montana upon them, and those who thought that they were invincible from fulfilling the covenant to our last panel to Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions once again the position of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in regards to the previous covenants, and a loss of Hannah Montana then takes us back to the story of musante Hassan now this is an important transition.

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And I'd like you guys to stop the debate on halal food I try to ignore the comments but I'll get back to that the inshallah. So stop discussing halal food right now in sha Allah Tada. That's the Quran 3430 is not about debating the beehive versus another and so on so forth. But but we're talking

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About summarizing the ages inshallah so

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we go back to the people of most it Salaam in verse 20. Last panatuss has what is called a Moosa the homie he yakang with Kuru Naira moto La, la comida Jana Fie Colombia, or Jana como Lucan Latina taco Malamute. Tia had a mineral an item in the last kind of Tyler mentioned Oh people have to remember when Moses said to his people, oh my people remember the favor of Allah upon you, when he appointed amongst the prophets and made you possessors and gave you that which he had not given to anyone from the world before you are among the world. So last time I chose you and he gave you position. This idea here that the prophets lie some is being told to remind his people of Moosa alayhis salam in a

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particular place. What is the particular place here? That particular place is when Masada his salon is about to enter into Jerusalem? Okay. Mossad is Allah is about to enter into Jerusalem, with his people from Benny Islam, he just as the Prophet slicin and the Muslims are about to enter into Mecca. So this is right after the Treaty of Could they be a last kind of Tata is going to make the way for them to enter into Mecca. And Allah wants us to remember what happened to Musashi Salaam and his people before they entered into Jerusalem. What happens morsani is set up says he called me to Hello Arabella naka de la ticket Allahu la con, las panatela says that Moses said to them, oh my

00:21:37--> 00:22:19

people enter the Holy Land that Allah has assigned for you and do not turn your backs upon it, otherwise you will become losers. And that's exactly what they did. They said oh Moosa in the coalmine, Jabarin, there are tyrants and there are people there that are big and strong, and we will be defeated. So had a lot they were coming from the people of Musashi Salaam, had just finished the defeat of the army of Pharaoh and they just saw the army of fit our own, drowned in a far greater army than that which existed in Jerusalem. They were drowned in a miraculous way. And Benny saw he was completely you know, vulnerable to them and Allah save them. Just like the Muslims have just

00:22:19--> 00:23:02

seen the power of Allah subhanaw taala through all of these different battles, and now, the Messiah Islam and his people are being told enter into Jerusalem just like the profits by summon his people will be told to enter back into Mecca. The difference between the two is that one of them still does not realize that Allah subhanho wa Taala is, is truly in charge and that Allah subhanaw taala is granting victory. So the people have most turned away and so they were left out to dry in the desert, not allowed to enter into Mecca, not allowed to enter into Jerusalem, and they were punished for not trusting a loss of data. Now the prophets lie Selim is being told he and his people do not

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make that same mistake. When a lot writes down for you Mecca, it will come to you. And of course we see that once Mecca was written for the prophets, I saw them and for the believers, they entered with grace, they entered with forgiveness and justice and mercy. They were not afraid. They were not afraid of the consequences of the circumstances. And at the same time, they were not unjust. They maintain that justice that Allah subhanaw taala commanded them to do earlier on in the sutra and then we have the story of the two children of Adam it his setup. Okay, what do I need him never have any add another Ebony, Adam, I will help that mentioned to them, oh, Prophet sallallahu wasallam the

00:23:44--> 00:24:28

story of the two children of Adam Allah, his Salah, particularly, Cain and Abel copied and Habib, when they were both commanded to offer a sacrifice to a loss of Hannah Montana, Allah only accepted one of their sacrifices. So one of them instead of turning to a loss of Hannah Montana, he said to his brother, that I will kill you, I will kill you. He turned his envy and his jealousy towards his brother, this whole story of Cain and Abel, what's the wisdom of having the story of Calvin and Hobbes suddenly pop up? The reason being is that typically the diseases of envy and hatred, and spite and disunity and division come when we're very comfortable. It comes when Allah subhanaw taala

00:24:28--> 00:24:59

has put us in a position of ease and authority. And this is exactly what Allah is telling us that a community is destroyed from within when it's powerful, even if a loss settles your community and puts you in a position of authority and power. It's still the diseases of pride and envy, and ego and disunity that can destroy an entire community. So we see the children of Adam Ali his Salaam and what happens with them due to you know, due to that envy, that Allah subhana wa tada has commanded them to to avoid

00:25:00--> 00:25:43

Due to that lack of justice and the law warns us not to be like them. If you fast forward a las panatela talks about the prohibition of killing innocent people, the last paragraph talks about the prohibition of abandoning the laws of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah mentions the punishment for the thief assata and Allah mentions the repentance, that he still opens the door for everyone, no matter what they have done the repentance that still remains for them in verse 39, the loss penthouse has commented and in that eluded me, he, whoever turns back to a loss of Hannah Montana, after he has committed a transgression, then Allah subhanaw taala will accept his repentance because Allah is a

00:25:43--> 00:26:30

photo mahane he's all forgiving, and All Merciful. And Allah mentioned something very powerful here, verse 40. Let those who are in power recognize this lm lm and Allah Allah Ahmed cassava will help you as the woman yourself. Well, surely Misha Bala who Allah cliche and other Don't you know that the dominion of the entire Heavens and the entire earth belongs to Allah, it doesn't belong to anybody. So no matter who you are, or what what what you're trying to do, no matter, no matter what position God has given, you, realize that God is still in charge, a lot is still in charge, you are not in a position where you can where you can act unjustly, and you can act with oppression, because

00:26:30--> 00:27:10

Allah settled you in this earth. So last time, I mentioned that he forgives who he wants, he punishes who he wants and a loss of habitat Allah is powerful, or he maintains power, above all things. So Allah mentions once again the importance of judgment when they come to you, oh, Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to judge justly. And Allah mentioned some of the crimes of the scholars of Venezuela, who were entrusted with the Scripture, but they but they did not judge justly. And instead, they they cheated with their religion. So last month, I mentioned the importance of not cheating with your religion. And the last hentai gives us so for example, in verse 45, how he

00:27:10--> 00:27:45

ordained upon the children of Israel, a light for a life and eye for an eye, a nose for a nose and ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth, and the legal retribution, but again, they were selective and applying that law and and they only punish the poor and they exempted the rich and they exempted the elites and so on so forth. So Allah mentions the importance once again of justice. And so he says to the prophets lie Selim in verse 48 when Zenn la can Kitab that will happen when suddenly Kadima mania the demon and Kitab. One will Haman. Okay, well, I'm sorry.

00:27:46--> 00:27:47

Last pantai says,

00:27:49--> 00:27:51

I'm forgetting the verse actually.

00:27:54--> 00:28:02

Pamela, hopefully, it'll come back to me, I only have the translation in front of me. So I'm forgetting the verse, as it says, but basically, I lost friends I mentioned that he,

00:28:03--> 00:28:11

he sent the prophets I send them and the book to confirm that which came before and as a criterion over it. Okay.

00:28:12--> 00:28:19

wilhemina that's what I was looking for. Wait a minute. So last pantai says it's a criterion over the books that came before.

00:28:20--> 00:29:06

So this idea in verse 48, that the poor man basically establishes the just law that came before and it upholds the law that came before that was just an It comes with, with a revival of that sort. is once again, reiterated here. And in verse 49, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and mentions that what Allah Subhana Allah has revealed to him, should not be judged should not be taken away by the desires and the and the low inclinations of people and the temptations of people to where we start to become unjust with our book as well and under unjust with our scripture, as well. And we start to do things that ruin the law and we start to spoil that

00:29:06--> 00:29:46

position with a loss of Hannah Montana. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says in finally I'm just going to end with this verse and verse 54. Yeah, you were letting me know many of them in command Dini for sofa Yeti Lau be calm in your head boom, where you have Boehner as a Latina Alan mini in Arizona Island cafe in New Jersey doing a feasibility law. What I have Fernando Machado de la de la jolla t Hema Yasha well, la la si are under hiding. This verse is very powerful and it's a great conclusion to what we're studying today in this just in this chapter. Oh you who believe whoever amongst you turns away from his faith. A lot will bring forth a people that he will love and who

00:29:46--> 00:30:00

will love him. So last point I mentioned here and is to be done. The way that Allah subhana wa tada replaces nations. Why? Because they turned away from the covenant. So this message is not

00:30:00--> 00:30:44

For bending a slide, this message is for all of mankind. So if you turn away from the covenant of a loss of Hannah Montana, expect to be replaced by a loss of Hannah Montana, Sophia to law will be common. You have what you have born, they will love Allah, and Allah will love them. And then let in Allen what meaning they'll show humility towards the believers is that an added caffeine dignity against those who reject faith uj do an Effie Sabina they strive in the path of a lot one I have one alone Milan, and they do not fear the blame of the blamers that is the favor of a loss of Hannah Montana, He bestows upon whom He wills and Allah is all encompassing and all knowing basically that

00:30:44--> 00:31:28

summary of our situation in regards to bending Islam is very powerful, that Allah subhanho wa Taala can replace any one of us Allah replaced bending is slightly, slightly thought they can abuse the law and get away with it, and continue to abuse and abuse and abuse. But instead, Allah subhanho wa Taala replaced them because they continue to insist on their ways of disobedience. So we have to make sure we don't insist on disobedience, but rather we we stick to a loss of Hannah Montana and we stick to his covenant. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to accept us into His mercy to to make us amongst those who uphold the covenant with him. So this is just six it ends at verse 81.

00:31:28--> 00:31:35

swiftly malita Chawla Tada, I'll see you all tomorrow for just seven zachman low Hayden Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh