Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 5

Quran 30 for 30 – Day 5 – Nisaa & Al Maida

June 10, 2016

Juz 6

Beginning of Suratul Maidah

This surah has a different time period, post Hudaybiah (Treaty), Muslims now in power after turning back to Allah. In a place of success, authority and victory. So Allah reminds them of humility. The prophet (saw) is now sending letters to the rulers of the world. So Surah Maidah details the etiquette of dawah. The maturity of the laws are also shown.

This Surah also talks to the followers of Isa and Maryam.

Allah addresses the Muslims and mentions the importance of fulfilling contracts. Allah says the grazing livestock are halaal for us. And there should be no hunting while in the state of Ihram. Muharram, Thul Qa’dah, Thul Hijja, Rajab and the sanctity of these sacred months.

Verse 3
The prohibition of eating dead animals, blood and the flesh of swine and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah. That were killed with a violent blow or strangled. A lot of laws regarding what’s allowed to eat.

Verse 5
All good things have been made lawful for us. Always start with the name of Allah. Allah also made marriage to the women of the people of the book halaal for the muslims.

Verse 7
Remember the favour of Allah (swt) and the covenant we took with Allah, addressing the Muslims. We hear and obey! If we connect this to the previous Ayat – If the heart is corrupted then the person will undoubtedly find loopholes in the law. Allah gives us these laws and reminds us to be mindful of Him. Fear Allah.
And don’t let your hatred of people keep you from being just – Because you are in a state of power doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be just.

Allah mentions rewards for those who do and those who disobey.

Remember Allah’s favour – Allah protected the believers form the enemies and the hypocrites.
And then Allah reminds us of Bani Israel – broke their covenant with Allah and fell into the punishment of Allah. We should not deviate!

And then Allah reminds us of the Christians – they deviated from the covenant.
We should not be like them!

Muhammad (Saw) is reviving the covenant that was brought to the people of Musa and Isa. Allah guides those who are pursuing his pleasure and take us from darkness to light and upon the straight path.

Allah takes us to the story of Musa (as) in Verse 20 –
Remember the favour of Allah – Allah had blessed them with position. Musa (as) is about to enter Jerusalem with his people. “Oh my people enter the holy land…” They turned their backs on Jerusalem they did not want to fight. After seeing the army of Firawn drown miraculously. They still do not realize that Allah is truly in charge and only He (swt) grants victory. Allah reminds the believers not to make the same mistake! And they then entered Makkah with grace, justice and mercy, having no fear and maintaining justice!!!!!
The children of Adam (as) – Qaabil and Haabil. Allah only accepted the one sacrifice and out of envy the one brother turned in envy and hatred he killed his brother. He should have turned to Allah instead.

Verse 39
“Whoever turns back to Allah after transgression, Allah will forgive him….” The dominion of the entire heavens and earth belongs to Allah. We are never in a position act unjustly.
We should always judge justly – Bani Israel were entrusted with the scripture and they were unjust. DO NOT be selective in punishment.

The Quran is a criterion over the books that came before!
Allah will replace nations if they turn away from the covenant with people who will worship and love Allah and Allah will love them.