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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a person, identified as "Speaker 1," who describes his experience as living in poverty and lack of resources, while also expressing frustration over receiving a shocking surprise from two siblings. He later offers them a job and becomes upset, refusing to receive any good offers.
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Musa alayhis salam left Egypt to Midian

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no food, no house, no money, no wife, nothing. And when he got there, he saw two sisters trying to fetch water to their cattle. So he helped them and he sat down under the tree and said, Rob be in Lima and Zika em in clearing faqeer yeah Allah, I am in dire need of any good that he will bestow upon me. Allahu Akbar. What happened? He was offered the wife, home and a job for 10 years. Along with you guys a day. We'll keep the shayateen boy