Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 18

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the Day of Justice and the negative impact of the negative message on society. They touch on the negative impact of the negative message on various settings, such as the negative actions of some individuals and the loss of certain individuals. The speakers emphasize the importance of forgiveness and showing mercy towards people. They also mention a contest for awards and a complaint from a pastor about a pastor's actions. The speakers stress the need to maintain a sense of peace and guidance for the people and their hearts.
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Alright guys, I want to

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know what happened the last thought or summarize the lower and he was a human voila so hamdulillah we're here now on just 19

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getting a little better inshallah tada so just bear with me hang in there inshallah I appreciate all the the people that have been following

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hopefully inshallah Ty just a few days more and I'll be back to my full full self inshallah Tada. So

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for now though, we're going to try to go through just 19 again, I'll see what I can do in shallow time in terms of time. If I feel like I need to given 1015 minutes then I will, but we'll do our best and gelatin to really at least give you guys some overview, some roadmap and shower to understanding this just one thing as well, by the way is that inshallah once Ramadan is over, what I'd like to do is I'd like to actually rerecord

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these previous few just where my voice is not the best so that we can have a full scope inshallah Tada, so that hopefully I can provide that you know, for you guys for the future Ramadan's as well. And even outside of Ramadan, it's always good to have a roadmap of the Quran and to understand the direction of the Quran and to understand, you know, just the how to navigate the different chapters of the Quran and things of that sort. So don't worry, this is just a temporary fix inshallah, just so you can continue to follow along until we had to follow along with your hotma and then afterwards, inshallah, you'll have a full roadmap. So Joseph 19, if you remember the way that we

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started, or the way that we ended yesterday,

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at the end of surah Noor Allah subhanaw taala tells us who the true believers are. So the end of sort of note is very much so like the beginning of social media. And so it will not be known. Allah subhanaw taala gives a, you know, gives a full description of how the believers are. And in certain note, Allah subhanaw taala confirms how those believers are the end of sorts of note certainly won't be known focuses on how Emad manifests itself, faith manifests itself within a person. And then sort of newer focuses on how faith manifests itself in society. So when the individual avoids, you know, corruption of wealth avoids, you know, following their desires when an individual controls their

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private parts, when an individual is just with their captives. When an individual is humble in their prayers and purifies their tongue, then it stops many of the ills that are mentioned. So it's a moment of modesty and slander, and ill treatment of the slaves and the captives and so on, so forth. So the idea here is that this is the translation. This is the transition that we find from certain women into certain note. And certain note also makes mention of the hypocrites and those who, who show a sense of belief who display a sense of a man when it's beneficial to them in this world. But then as soon as they're put in a situation where being a woman being a believer, is not beneficial

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to them in this world, and they quickly retreat from that email. So the next surah is suitable for con and certain for con continues in the same way in terms of theme and tone. But it's a different time of revelation Surah Al Furqan is actually a mid makansutra. And in fact, the soldiers that were about to go through their mid Mexican soldiers, they're in the middle of the meccan period. The ones that were just finishing are really towards the end of the mucky period. So this is mid makin surahs, where the Prophet spy Salaam is warning the people of rejection. The persecution has become, you know, severe to an extent, but it's not to the extent that it would be at the end of at the end

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of Mecca. So one of the things one of the constant themes that we find within mid Mexican sutras is that Allah subhanaw taala constantly alludes to the regrets of the disbelievers and the hypocrites on the Day of Judgment. So Allah subhanaw taala focuses more on that they regret for missing out on the revelation. Towards the end of makin Koran, the theme seems to be that Allah subhanho wa Taala is warning the people of a punishment for rejecting their profits and rejecting their messengers and treating them in an inappropriate way.

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The mid makansutra has the theme the overwhelming theme of regret is the regret of the people on the Day of Judgment for having missed out on the message. So I hope you guys understand the difference and you know, hopefully, if you if you really focus on in fact if you're coming across a Mac installer and the folk

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On the punishment of a loss of currency coming upon people, you can almost bank on the fact that that's a late makansutra. Whereas if the focus of a makansutra is on the regret of the disbelievers on the Day of Judgment, the hypocrites on the Day of Judgment, from missing out on the message you can bank on it being a mid mech consumer. So suited for con is one of the most famous sources in that regard for what it contains, have mentioned of that regret,

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and realize the hypocrites one of the ways that the hypocrites kept themselves going, is by by by coming together and collectively be leveling the message of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam collectively, you know, pledging allegiance to their hypocrisy, basically, that they would come together and they say, Hey, what did you think of that? holtville last night? What did you think of that? Those words of the prophets lie some and they would mock it and so on so forth. The disbelievers as well they're different from the hypocrites in Medina.

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The hypocrites in Medina

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you know came when the prophets lie some already established himself in Medina. And in Medina, hypocrisy was in that they would actually claim to be Muslim. But then when they'd get together, they would you know, they would they would deny their Islam and they would wreak havoc within the Muslim community. in Makkah, it's different in Makkah, all of these people knew that Islam was the truth, and they wanted to become Muslim. They wanted to accept guidance. And when they would find an inclination to it, and they'd get together and say, Hey, don't you think the quote is true? Don't you think the prophets lie some as a prophet than the leaders that heads would sway them away from

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that inclination towards belief once again. So I want you to realize the difference in Mecca the regret is that people felt like they were about to become Muslim, they felt an inclination. In some cases, they did except the profit slice on privately but then once they got together once a while, Johanna and I was Sofia and Abu lahab. And, and you know, our equipment, having more aids, and so on, so forth. Once they got together, then they collectively rejected the message once again. So the regret is that and so you find in salaat, in sort of Oregon,

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if you go to verse 27, las panatela mentions by only abdulhadi, Mahalia de yaku Yeah, later need to have to Mao also disobedience sebelah that the day that the wrongdoer will bite his hands and the imagery is quite powerful because you know, when you're nervous usually bite your nails or you bite your fingers here last parotitis saying imagine a person putting his entire fist in his mouth out of how nervous he is. Yeah. Oh, yeah, they tend to have tomato Susie Sevilla. And he will say, I wish I would have taken the path of the messenger I wish I would have been with the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Yeah, we let her eat and eat and attack her food and honey. Oh, woe to me. I wish I had

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not taken that person. As a friend. I wish I wouldn't have listened to that person. So they start to turn against the heads of the hypocrites and those that were taking them away from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam called a bloodletting and a victory burger is a journey Wakanda shavon would insomnia doula that that person indeed he led me astray from the poor and after it had come to me. And shavon is ever a desert or to man in his hour of need. So Pamela, one of the the,

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one of the the qualities of a shake con is that he deserved to in your time of need. If you remember a few sources before and sort of Rahim, Allah subhanaw. taala was giving us the speech that Satan will give on the day of judgment and shape on turning his back on his followers. So shape always deserts you in your hour of need. And that's a powerful, you know, that's a powerful image for us to have on the Day of Judgment, constantly reminding ourselves that shale clean both in the jinn sense and in the human sense, our friends that act as shale teen in our lives by taking us away from the message of a loss of Hannah Montana, on the day of judgment, they will desert us in our hour of

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need. And that is the greatest hour of need. This is the greatest hour that that that that basically the entire world and our entire, you know, existence revolves around so you realize at that point that the shape can lead you astray and that those that were taking you away from the Koran were indeed sale theme and that you should not have been amongst the hypocrites as well. And so had a lot one of the most painful images that we have here. One of the most painful as well. Carla was Zulu Jambi in Tomita, who had an Anima Judah. The prophets lie Selim, who cares so much about his people who is and we've already covered various IR to that regard. And certainly Sir, we mentioned the

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prophets I so love crying more than anything else at the ayah were lost subhana wa tada says for Keifa either didn't know and cuddly omit and be Shaheed which it now became a lot you shahida How will it be all Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam when we bring a with

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Upon every honor, and we bring a witness upon all of those omens, how will it be for you, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So he mentioned that with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that it made him cry so much. We mentioned the quality of the Prophet slice Allah as ease when it came out, and it some hobbies and it can be what meaning are often Rahim. He has empathy. He cares about you in this world. And he's also had a son, I think

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he also cares about your interest in the hereafter as well. And he's ever Merciful towards the believers, and loving and compassionate towards the believers. So this messenger sallallahu wasallam, who is gentle, who's loving, who, who's compassionate, who's empathetic, and who, on the day of judgment will intercede on the part of everyone. And

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we'll go for finding his own, trying to find the followers of his own, to take them out of a difficult situation. The prophets lie some has one complaint against his people. And that is in the habit that in the komeito had to handle or Anima, I'm sorry, seems to be froze. So the only complaint is my call. My people did not take this seriously. They abandoned the end, they abandon the

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handle on these sutras. If you notice, by the way, a lot of them coming up, we'll talk about the Koran and we'll talk about the blessing of the poor and the blessing of divine guidance. here Allah mentions the one complaint of the messenger salallahu alayhi wasallam, against the people on the Day of Judgment, and that is that they did not take the app seriously enough. Notice that the prophets license complaint on the day of judgment will not be about personal abuses towards him. We don't find in any of the IR or any of the Hadith, the prophet sighs I'm complaining about how he was treated by the people, but rather how people treated the message that he brought, because the

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messengers of Allah Islam lived for that message. And so this is a powerful illustration, the scene of the day of judgment in that regard. And then if you move on to verse 68, I'm sorry, verse 6363, to the end of certain football is it resembles very much so the beginning of certain won't be known. And the under certain note,

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Allah mentioned the quality of the believers and sort of than what we know. here Allah subhanaw taala mentions the qualities of the servants of the Most Merciful, a bad man. What a bad man a Latina young Soon I'll be holder will either have Baba homolka hironaka Lu Salama, and the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth with ease, and when the ignorant address them harshly, they say words of peace, they respond with words of peace. that reason, the reason why they're able to respond with words of peace to the ignorant as they approach them, is because the believers have contentment from their relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala Menon, Alina

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Humphrey salata Hoshyar, one Latina woman, a lovely Mario one. So the reason why they're able to ignore those types of things is because they have peace in their relationship with the loss of data. So here a loss kind of data saying that a bad man the servants of the Most Merciful, they tread the earth lightly. And when they are addressed by the ignorant in harsh ways they respond with words of peace. Well, Latina Joby tonight, he lobby him soldiered on what piano and those who spend the night before their Lord prostrating and standing, think about this as you're going into the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Those who spend their nights in their sujood and in their, you know, in their

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prostration. And in their pm in their standing, what Lavina, yaku, Luna, Robin ASLEF and either Johanna in Nevada, how can I add on and those who say Our Lord avert from us the punishment of how, indeed the punishment is ever adhering? If you realize in the previous ones with the North, las panatela encourages the believers to forgive those that slandered them and to forgive those that cause them harm because they want the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala and here the servants of the Most Merciful, the way that they are responding towards insults and harshness is with gentleness and kindness and peace because they want to receive that same peace and kindness and gentleness from

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so they're asking Allah subhanaw taala to protect them from the punishment of the * in the house at Mr. Karma homopolymer because indeed, Hellfire is an evil abode and a place of evil dwelling, when Latina Eva and Falco lamb use LIFO while I'm here to work can have a Nevada coma, and those who when they spend, they are neither extravagance nor are they stubborn, but instead they hold to a middle way between those extremes. And so it's the mommy No, no lost parents, Allah mentions those who aren't as the county fair, even those who uphold their covenant of charity. And here are lost contact once again mentions charity. Well, Levine Alaya, the

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Unum, Allah He ILA and when I go to Luna Neff, Salatu. Salam Allah Allah will have what is known when my father Rica, el Casa La

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anti mentions and those who don't invoke another god besides a loss of Hannah Montana, nor do they take the life of someone who's been forgiven. So the ultimate manifestation of one oppression to another human being is to take his life nor do they commit a legal, you know, acts of illegal sexual acts. And that sort of thing. Let me know in the last panel, I mentioned those who protect their private parts last contest as you want

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to milk reality, wi fi mohana. So Allah mentions the person now Who doesn't take to the covenant that Allah has mentioned. The tournament has doubled for him on the Day of Resurrection, and he abides there in disgrace. 11 Tambo homina homina homina ansaldi ha, la ek you bet de la Jose artium Hassan not what can allow for Mahima was pantai says except those who believe and rip who repent and believe and do righteous deeds, so taba, they turn back to Allah. They hold themselves to belief.

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Well, I mean assignee, and they work good deeds. So they changed the course of their lives as well. So they turn to Allah. They believed and now they turn the course of their lives as well. They've manifested their belief

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in good deeds which have replaced the bad deeds that they used to do. Last pantai says he switches he exchanges their bad deeds for good deeds. Meaning what when a person takes Shahada when a person repents to Allah subhana wa tada and that's the ultimate repentance is to come back to Allah subhanaw taala that sends all of their sins that they've committed in the past are turned into good deeds in sha Allah tada and on the Day of Judgment if a person sought forgiveness for the bad deeds that they did, then Allah subhanaw taala will turn those those those bad deeds into good deeds inshallah Tada, woman turbo I mean, a slightly higher for inner huya tool ally metabo and whoever

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repents and does righteous deeds indeed, turns to a law with an accepted repentance. Well, Nadine Elias Fredonia Zoo or either Maru beloved Maru kerama. And those who do not witness falsehood, remember that the greatest falsehood that was mentioned in sort of the Nord which was the falsehood of the slander of it shall be allowed. And when they pass by the evil talk, or undignified speech, they don't get involved, and things which are of no benefit to them and have no use to them as pantalon Susan wamena last pantalla mentioned that if a person keeps himself safe from a level, they keep themselves safe from this wasteful speech, they won't fall into many of the problems that sort

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of the note tells us about when levena either looky loo will be it Robbie him lamea Haruka la Hassan Anwar omiana and those who when they are reminded of the the proofs in the evidences of their Lord, they don't fall Deaf nor do they fall blind, but rather they keep themselves close to a loss of Hannah Montana. Well, Alenia coluna love that I have learned as well as you know the reality of kurata Aryan, which I'm not done with tahina Humana, and those who say, Oh our Lord grant us from amongst our wives and our offspring the coolness of our eyes, and make us an example for the righteous hula ecozone and warfare Toby masaharu. While you'll account a fee her to hear Thomas

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Adama, those are the ones who will be awarded the gardens for what they patiently endured the rooms in paradise for what they patiently endured, and they will be received their in with with with the greetings of peace, Holly Dena fee her

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that they will remain there in forever. And last contact us hassle nuts Mr. Codd normal karma that it is a beautiful settlement and a beautiful about realize when Allah spoke about Hellfire, that the believers are even making your ad to a loss pantai saying that Hellfire isn't evil about Mr. Calderon one more comment. It's Oh, it's the worst place for a person to abide in. Here a law says he'll put you in the best place to abide in. And so last contest says cool now Yeah, but we'll be Komorebi Lola calm. Papa can dub tone for Sophia corner lizama say O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, my lord only pays attention to you because of your invocation to him. But now you have

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indeed denied him, so torments will be yours forever. The idea you know this, this, this I ends off with the idea that our value in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala is in accordance with our emaan with our faith and our supplication how that faith manifests itself into our so Allah subhanaw taala pays attention to you and assigns you value when you turn to Allah subhanaw taala and you focus yourself into to Allah subhanho wa Taala now realize in the previous is so uncertain for panelist panatela mentioned to us the one complaint of the Prophet slicin so we're moving into sort of show right now, the one complaint of the prophets I some of the day of judgment that they did not take

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the Koran seriously enough that they abandon the Quran. Look at how sorts of Shabbat starts off the next surah Allah subhana wa tada says pawsey meme

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tilaka ar tool Kitab mo bien la la cabeza here on Neff. Second la Economou Mini. Las panatela says that these are the verses of the clear book. So the book is clear. The book is beautiful, the book is valuable the book makes a person great when they turn to that book. And Allah subhanaw taala says land like a bad enough second la a corner what we need. So this prophets lie Selim, who we just saw, so distressed by the people turning their backs on the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says here it is as if Mohammed Ali Salaam, you would kill yourself with grief because they are not believers, meaning this is hurting you so much, that you care about them so much, that you are literally

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killing yourself over their salvation and over their success somehow. So tie that to the previous scene of the profit slice and I'm sad and on the Day of Judgment. He cares so much about people believing that the prophet SAW Selim is going to kill himself with grief and so little calf. Now, unlike a bear here, enough secondary that

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you are so concerned that she would kill yourself over their outcome, what's going to happen with them, what's going to happen with their salvation, and so on, so forth. So Allah subhanaw taala mentions to the prophets lie Selim, that you know, this, this, this mercy that you have in your heart is good, but don't let it kill you. Don't let it take you to a point where your grief is so much that it that it renders you ineffective. And that's a balance that a lot of us have to have to find as empaths people that do care about other people, people that actually, you know, really, really grieve for other people were people that don't care about people at all. They're people that

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don't find grief and other people's grief, that you care so much about other people, that you really want guidance for people and you want goodness for them in this world as well. But at the same time, you don't allow that wanting good for them to hinder your own pursuit of the mercy of the Most Merciful. So you still keep yourself dedicated and close to Allah subhana wa tada and you don't let yourself go astray, trying to save the world. It's a difficult balance to find, and it's almost impossible. Okay, it's almost impossible. Now one of the things about sources throughout all that is absolutely beautiful. The Prophet slice alum is Aziza and Annie, Hema and in turn, right? He's so

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concerned about what happens to the people. And he's all for Rahim, he is very merciful, extremely merciful towards the believers. And so to show off the verse, what in nada, Baca la huella Aziz or Rahim And verily your Lord, He is truly the Almighty and the Most Merciful. This verse is repeated eight times throughout sorts of show Allah Subhana Allah like, Allah is constantly reminding the Prophet sly Salah as we go through all sorts of sha Allah, the stories of many of the prophets that came before and many prophets who want a good for their people, but their people turned away and as a result, their people were destroyed. So Allah mentions to us the story of Moses on his own. He

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mentions to us Ibrahim alayhis salaam and his family, his father and so on, so forth, the newer heydays Salaam and his people who would rally saddam and his people saw into how to his sermon, his people, law to Islam and his people. Sure anybody who's Salaam and his people, so it was hands on lessons, all of these different things, right? All of these different prophets, stories, but a lot reminds the prophets lie some and barely your Lord. He is truly the Almighty and the Most Merciful. He is azeez He's the Almighty and that he doesn't need to show mercy to anyone. But Allah subhanaw taala is the Most Merciful he loves to show mercy. So Allah subhanaw taala will be merciful and no

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person can be more merciful than our last penalty and so as merciful as the prophets lysozyme is Allah is more merciful to his creation than the prophets lie Selim is to his alma so this constant reminder that Allah subhana wa tada always gives extensive chances for mercy in this world and the next and Allah subhana wa tada will show mercy. When you know, when Allah subhanaw taala sees fits. And Allah Subhana Allah who Allah Aziz or Rahim, it is your Lord we're in now Rebecca, your Lord, oh Mohammed slice Allah. Who is that Aziza Rahim he is truly the Almighty, and he's truly the most merciful. So he will take care of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he will take care of the

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oma of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and the profits away so I'm being told not to, not to focus too much on

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on what will happen to the people because Allah subhanaw taala will not deal unjustly with anybody, the next surah and the last surah in this just, it's just the beginning of this sort of, or the first half of this is sort of to nominate, and sort of the namin mentions, you know, the stories the stories of Messiah, Islam and slaughter

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So I'm in northeast as well.

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But the detailed accounts of sorts of nominees are of devil Danny Sullivan, Suleiman and Isa why because they are wood and Solomon, they were granted control or slim on Islam in particular was granted control over so much of the Kingdom of Allah subhanaw taala here in this world.

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So Allah mentions

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that the call of slay man is and the call of God Salaam, and even though they have all of that powerful that power, and they had the jinn and men and they had the birds at their service, and so on, so forth, still, some people turned away from Allah subhanaw taala. And still, that was not enough, meaning a loss of Hannah Montana has said guidance, he sent mercy and Allah subhanaw taala will put the Prophet slicin I'm in a position where the prophets lie, some will be in a state of power at times. And that's not going to necessarily translate into everyone becoming believers. So the prophets lifetime is being told to maintain a sense of patience, to maintain his dedication, to

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continue to give the message and to continue to care about the delivery of that message, to continue to have mercy on the people and love for them guidance but to also understand that Allah loves more mercy and more guidance for anyone than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and that those who will be guided will be guided and it's not necessarily about your state, it's about the state of their hearts. So whether you're in a state of Delaware Solomon or interstate of loyal to Islam and Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala will guide them leaving hearts to his path. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to have mercy upon us and to put mercy in our hearts towards his creation. And we asked Allah

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Subhana Allah to bless us with the best of this world and the next hamdulillah I made it through today so inshallah tada hopefully it's a good sign that my voice will hold on inshallah. Once my voice is strong enough that I'll try to do two jobs in one day inshallah to Allah so that way we can really be on on on on course inshallah. So Zach Hello, Hayden, thank you guys for tuning in. Please do share the video with your friends and family. and tune in tomorrow in sha Allah so that ya come up with a line that accounts

Quran 30 for 30 – Day 18 – Surah Al Furqan, Ash Shu’ara & An Naml Summary

June 23, 2016

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