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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming "offense" of Islam, including a woman named Edina who wants to stop her "offense" and a woman named Hope who wants to stop her "offense" and "offense". They also emphasize the importance of trusting in God and increasing confidence in one's ability to face challenges. The speakers emphasize the need for people to act with their emotions and make a positive impact in their own lives, as well as the importance of protecting oneself and not letting anyone take advantage of the pandemic. They also mention the history of the word "bringing" and its connection to the "day of war."
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know how many of you want to start you want to still feel when are we going to show me on fusina Women say you know a young

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woman up even further how the other Why should anyone either no more water cooler Sharika Why should one number two who also do you year everyone in Edina Tacoma have potable quality? Whether it's

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towards the moon? Yeah and you will Naveen toquilla When you tell him oh we'll have some fidelity. What type of law in Nevada for Bureau Bhima?

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Oh praise is due to Allah exalted, we praise Him and seek His help guidance and forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils within ourselves and the evils of our sins, whomsoever Allah guides because they sincerely seek the guidance. No one can misguide. And whoever he rightfully causes to be led astray because they are not sincere in their pursuit of guidance, and uncombined and your witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah alone. And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam peace be upon him, is a servant and final messenger.

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Allah the Exalted reminds us in the Noble Quran, when is translated as, oh, you will believe be conscious of Allah, as he deserves, and do not die except in a state of worship. May Allah subhanaw taala make us steadfast upon worshiping Him and allow us to die upon his worship and may Allah subhanaw taala resurrect us in a good state, Allah, Allah reminds us all you will believe the conscious of Allah, and let every one of you reflect, think about pondered, and then take action, about what you prepared for your afterlife for the Day of Judgment, for your meeting with your Creator, and be conscious of Allah. Verily, Allah is aware of all that you do.

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There is no doubt that we are living in times in which many people feel uncertain, in which many people feel anxious about what the future holds, in which many people fear their surroundings, their environments, their circumstances, we're living in a times in which we are facing once again an unprecedented pandemic in our lifetimes. And no doubt. For the believer, we have a number of reflections and a number of reminders from the One who created us and created this world about how to cope with such a reality. For many people, there are uncertainties with regards to their health. May Allah grant us all she thought, for many people, their concern is about their wealth, or their

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livelihood and their families may have lost count on and protect us and grant us sustenance that is pure Aloha. For many people, their concern is about their faith alone. mulata, God will say you wrote an op ed and our whole life did not make our trial, our calamity, our difficulty with regards to our faith, for that is the one thing that will guarantee you genuine. When we look around us and see what's happening locally and globally, once again, at the many, many occurrences all at the same time. There's a reminder today that brings us back to a reality that we know and it grounds us in this reality so that we do not have excessive fear when it comes to worldly matters. In fact, from

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the from the perspective of Islamic psychology, an increase in trust in God, an increase in tobacco and dependence upon God leads to a decrease with regards to worrying

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about the future and what it may hold. And what I want to do very briefly, is remind us today about the saying of Allah subhanaw taala in one of the earliest revelations in Mecca before the hostility led to violence before they started verbally, before they started physically assaulting and then talking the prophets on Lohani send them and his followers and this is with regards to the revelation on the sawed off and half pod in the beginning of the surah. Allah subhanho wa Taala gives an emphasis and a reminder so that people are listening and there's a literary device here in which Allah subhanaw taala says and

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Paul, man ha

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as the people who are listening to this, they hear and how and there was that Madhopur what is it and how what is this referring to? What can happen when Allah says in the Quran when the Orca such as water

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tilaka men are the one that rocket men have up and so on and so forth. It means Allah will inform you about what it is, Allah will tell you or describe this thing he's referring to. Whereas if Allah subhanaw taala says what you did he can then he will not tell you, when they leak, allow yourself to technically where Allah subhana will not give you information about the Day of Resurrection, the time of when it begins,

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what is unhelpful? And how is referring to the inevitable reality, that is the Day of Judgment, the afterlife, the end of times in this form, it reminds us that this life is temporary, so do not become attached to it. And as the people of color who are listening, well might as well come and help for now they are captivated with the opening three verses, Allah subhanaw taala says cut the events, the people of the ThermoWood a previous nation that you know of why rather than the people of Ireland, a very powerful nation as well, video quality are they denied they rejected belief in life after death and all of Europe is another name for the day of judgment and quality or has the

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connotation of that which is striking that which is loud that what you pay attention to the sweating reality, I will help for an apology I mentioned in the opening I answered the soma and Allah Subhana Allah mentions how these nations rejected the truth and what they did and what their punishment was for an environment and all in the Quran as is mentioned many times, what did they experience the experience soft, solid, Marathi, a cold, severe wind, a wind that actually blew their entire land and destroying their land? They were annihilated. My point here is not about the description of the punishment. But what Allah subhanaw taala says right after this alien number eight, Allah subhanaw

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taala says the head to toe.

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Bow the Do you see a trace of them today? Does anyone on Earth today with the 7 billion human beings that we have? plus? Does anyone today on Earth attribute themselves to the people of Ireland or the moon? No, because they were completely wiped out. You see no trace of Ireland or Scotland today. And this is a reminder for us even as believers when we reflect on past nations, Allah subhanaw taala starts by mentioning the Day of Judgment, and then reaches those who rejected and oppose the truth. Those who oppose the belief in life after that those who oppose their messengers, Allah subhanaw taala realize that people have colorations along the $100 level of imbalance, etc. any trace of them

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today? Do you see anyone positively speaking about the elites of Polish who rejected Islam today. And this is a reminder for us as well.

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When we reflect on the nations of today, and people who may seem to be in a position that is advantageous a position of power, in worldly terms, we say what's the measuring stick is not what you have in this world, the measurement of your success, the measurement of your truthfulness is where you are in the sight of Allah for there are nations that have power today that will not exist in the future, every nation that rose to power fellow, and those nations that fell in the nation states that fall today as well, they might not fall in the same way, especially with the changes in the modern world. But do not forget that power ultimately is with Allah subhanaw taala for him and

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taught him in Bulgaria. Now someone might say what is the reminder for me as a Muslim, this is a clear warning and a threat to the disbelievers. My brothers and sisters reflect on what you are leaving behind was one. When you leave this world, what traces were there of your presence on Earth? Whose heart did you touch? Who did you benefit with a reminder? What post did you leave behind on your social media accounts? What do you teach your children that would benefit the long term? This is not only a Reminder for those who are being threatened, those reminder for us as believers, reflect on what view are leaving behind. If you left today, with all the uncertainties of a dunya

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today, and there's no guarantee that we will make it to tomorrow. May Allah grant us long, healthy, righteous, productive lives, there is no guarantee. And so the question is what did you leave behind? What are you leaving behind? Old and young and sometimes young people think well, I'm still too young, I have a long life ahead of me. And we know this is not the reality. How many generations have we attended in which there were people in their 60s and 70s and youngsters? 510 15 years old as well. There's no guarantees for head to toe on the balcony. There are so many people who passed away in our community. Well long in their affects their positive effects are still seeing today. May

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Allah have mercy on them and except for now, that is due to their sincerity. We assume their sincerity because their deeds are lasting. And then it's due to the hard work. Hard work sincerely for the sake of Allah will pay off. What is it you're tasting this life constantly? What trace positive traits or the affinity for people have you left behind? One way to think about this is to ask if you were removed from the

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legions of this world today? What difference would that make in the lives of people around you? Are you that good friend that reminds people when they mess around? When they fall short? When they start saying certain things they should not say or sharing things they should not share? You're the one who advises gently and wisely. Are you that person that reminded the community? Are you that person that remind you of your family? Are you that person that shared something beneficial on social media? Are you the person that contributed to so many families and so many orphans and so many masajid that when your presence is taken out, people notice a difference, like the presence of

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some companions, it was said about how you know, in the long run, and others, that when they passed away, it was known that they had passed away. And it was known that they had been doing something specific, because a specific family was receiving food at its door as a donation on on his donation. And they did not know who it was until they have passed away. What traces are we leaving behind with all the uncertainty of this pandemic and it is ramping up May Allah protect us all we must be cautious, we must be cautious. As this this uncertainty is increasing under political uncertainties as well. We take caution we take heed we protect ourselves we do what we can. But do not forget your

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ultimate reality, the inevitable as if it traces that you want to leave it behind those people who oppose the truth there is nothing we have known today, the holy tomboy that will be involved in now remember, as well that when it comes to oppression and oppressors, sometimes a believer who is not sure or clear of how theology works will wonder, why is it that today we are still seeing the brothers and sisters in Palestine suffer and struggle and this is a long conversation. Allah subhana reminds us not only about Palestine, Allah subhanaw reminds us of oppression in general, in eastern Pakistan and Palestine, in America and all around the world in Yemen and Syria and Iraq, everywhere

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we see oppression everywhere today.

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Without the law, if you don't, I'm Maya, Bonnie, do not assume that Allah is unaware of what oppressors do. You yourself can say I will not be an oppressor. And I will work throughout my life to be amongst those who try to solve the problem of oppression. Allah subhanaw taala reminds us so that you're not worried and concerned will ultimately you know, in a que de Mateen I delete them the oppressors for a while longer at times. I delete them with a plan my planning is flawless. Do not be like some Muslims who say well, Allah will take care of it. I don't have to do anything about it. No, you might be part of that plan of Allah to solve the oppression in this world. And that is what

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is required of us to work on what matters most. And to spend most of our efforts and our times on things that are lasting up things that are useless, things that are wasteful entertainments that has no benefits whatsoever. May Allah subhanaw taala guide us and protect us along the immune now in the Sulong Allah subhanaw taala that reminds the people of God Aishe it's not only Ireland at the moment, but remember that Ireland as well who had so much more than Allah subhanaw taala reminds him of fill a hole in the people of Luke all in the same is one of the longer one and pump it out one more typicality will hopefully not take out to about the people who are overturned and more tickets

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to the city, the town that was flipped over and punish. They rejected Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala says, but also a pseudo of being in the upper left that Turabian they rejected the messenger that came to them so they were taken with a seizing grip or a crush. A reminder of past nations is a reminder for us. A reminder from other people's lives is a reminder for us. And Allah subhanaw taala that reminds us about one of the oldest messengers and this is the finale here in our discussion. Almost preparing a toddler says in

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moving Johnny Lena John

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Kiato Oh, what are you up

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When the floodwater had reached a high level? We carried you on the ark? This is of course referring to profit and how do you settle? Now I want you to pay attention to one particular word you have a non coding we carried you this is a reference and this is directed out to the people of Malaysia who are listening to this. And so you might wonder what does Allah mean? We carry with you when the people have not had a salon or perhaps 1000s of years earlier.

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This is a reminder for us as well. We can review on the ark of view when the flood had reached high levels.

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Have a learn because had there not been believers who are saved with Prophet Newell, how you set up so you buy more subhanaw taala that there will be no offspring we would not be here today. The descendants of Dulhaniya Salam will not be on Earth today. And the reminder here my dear brothers and sisters is also a spiritual one. This is not only directed at the people of Polish, the one who

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Carrie knew of hiding his salon and his followers, the 70 or 80 followers after he came down with for 950 years 70 or 80 followers according some opinions, the one who carried and say you know what Instagram Do you not believe he can carry two out of every difficulty? Do you not believe he can see you from every calamity? Do not believe that can protect you even when all the worldly circumstances look like they are against you, or all the world's armies are attacking you do not believe that Allah subhanaw taala can save you. This is a reminder for us to turn into a loss of primal Uttara and call upon him with sincere humility. Truly, depending on him truly loving Him, humbling

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ourselves and realizing we are not in control of this world. You are not in control of worldly circumstances, you are not in control of the pandemic, but you can put your trust in Allah subhanho wa taala. While you take all measures, you can do what you can by turning to Allah as well. All you who experiences sadness and anxiety and pain and a time of darkness. Remember, remember, remember, the One who created your body and ruler is the same one who saved people on the ark of newer. Remember Allah subhanho wa Taala the one who for Musa split the sea and punish those who oppose the truth. Remember Allah subhanaw taala, the one who brought back use it to his father, then maybe Musa

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to his mother, the one who ascended the reciting Salam to the heavens, the one who accepts your every prayer he says with the Rooney aesthetic devil call upon Allah subhanaw taala we're going to walk the university Java and you are believing with conviction in the acceptance of your DUA call upon them Allah subhana wa Tada the one who says call upon me, I will respond to so call upon him with love, with hope, with optimism for the Promise of Allah is always true. The reality is if we want to be saved at a time like this, we reflect on these past nations. We reflect on these past lessons. Allah subhanaw taala carried the believers and saved them when a flood took over the world.

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So how about today? So how about your situation and wants to pilot and split the sea for Musa Sullivan his followers? So how about for you, but you must put your trust in Allah.

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Oftentimes, we take all measures and some people still have fear and anxiety of worldly things. But you have to remember the end point you lay your sleeve on

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the wall with whoever

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long you

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can, you know, put your trust in Allah for Allah subhanaw taala he does not decreed for anything to harm you that nothing can harm you. He is our protector. We put our trust in him. Well, I don't want defending until okay, but we know it. This means you must believe as you're putting your trust in Allah that you are in his hands your affairs are safe with him. And the reality is as we reflect on the many uncertainties politically, on the many uncertainties in terms of oppressions around the world, on the video uncertainties in terms of the pandemic, put your trust in Allah the one who says Quinton fair coin May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us and allow us to be amongst input our theory

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may Allah subhanaw taala because optimistic productive during this time and adapting to every situation and they also depend on talent because amongst those who aren't going in any any cause of guidance for others along the Amina hula party how there was something more even a professed of blue in the womb of

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how do we know are salatu salam ala Rasulillah early he was suffering he woman walled off in hola hola melodica when we saw Lunarlon that we Yeah, you will need some new Allah he was sending waters Lima and your brothers and sisters Allah subhanaw taala reminds us when he mentions the caring of the other people on the ark of Noah, honey salaam, the gyro teltik Er, so that this may be a reminder for you. This is a reminder for all people, whatever you have with them unwelcome and so that the attentive ear will listen to it. How many reminders do we hear how many people scroll through social media and see so many beneficial things and ignore them, and they overlook them

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quickly? They become impatient very quickly. How many people see things around them and they don't take sides? They don't take heed. They don't learn lessons. Although inquiry is not just someone who can hear, but someone who hears attentively with their heart and sincerely as well in order to act upon what they hear. How would you find it was have we heard allowing us to have this checkpoint of a reminder from Joomla to Joomla. How many prayers do we pray every day? I checked them from Salalah to Salah and the ratio of many sins excitation of many sins. And how many of us now as the the long winter

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We are increasing, are going to take advantage of these knights praying to Allah subhanaw taala call upon the loss of volatile in times like this in times of difficulty in times of ease, and make sure that you're increasing in your unburden. You're connecting more with the Quran, when the world becomes more uncertain. This is a reminder for anyone who wants to take heed, for that give them early, maybe a half a warning, so reminder for those who want to take a lesson. But your brothers and sisters that wants to prioritize it was all that we need to get through this life. And it's turmoils and its trials and tribulations. The question is, what will we do to increase our

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connection with Allah moving forward? I ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us all in our communities around the world, and to make us people who are optimistic and resilient and attached to the hereafter attached to Allah's pleasure attached to our greater objective, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst those who benefit from every reminder we hear and every reminder that we read, or there are different types of people when it comes to the reminder, there are those who sit in the presence of a reminder and do not listen at all, there are those who hear the reminder and it benefits them for a very short while a temporary boost and 100 and that's great. But then there are

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those who hear the reminder and they intend during this time. They intend to while listening to the reminder to make real change in their lives. I asked you to make the intention today and the intention now that when you go back to your home or to your work, that you intend to make real change when your actions with your connection with a walk with your family while dealing with worldly situations may also Pentatonix up for all of us, forgive us all protect us in this life in the next slide. And may Allah subhanaw taala grant us all the highest levels of Jannah Allah I mean a lot more than a minimum you know when you will be nervous when we're singing and listening and

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watching a lot more thoroughly well you know anyways you want to do you know, Allah may Allah

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saw that beautiful Bernardini Allah Medina What have you been? Sutherland even a tender along with Superman who want to follow

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along my father but our

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area of time a lot of money a lot of furniture to come back and was seen and equally my car along with energy combined was needed equally my car alarm mythology combined wasn't enough equally my car yard and generally when they come along once the sun was in Bosnian alarm was already valid or solid enough he couldn't leave my car and ya know, in general anyway from Marbella tip dunya Hassan often filthy has worked harder than now

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