Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 29 – L295A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses a webinar and a series on the topic of "quarantine work." The speakers mention a book called "quarantine work" and a film called "quarantine work." They also mention a woman named Vanessa and her daughter's work.
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una suddenly Herodotus Hootie hoo get him a mother earth forever with a villa him in a shape Lynas. rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem furbish, roughly Saudi Arabia sadly I'm the owner of that Emily Sani kuqali probenecid in Lesson number 295 sort of No, I am number one to 28 translation in there indeed we also know we sent no one no early salon in our only he to his people and that and they warn our Mecca your people, men from before and that yet to whom it comes to them or their bone a punishment a Lehman painful Allah He said yeah call me all my people in need indeed I luckily for you, maybe you're on a warner MOU being clear. And that we're buddhu you all worship Allah, Allah or Taku and

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you all fear Him will alter your UI and you will obey me yell fair, he will forgive Luckily for you mean from the no become your sense where you are he'll come and he will defer you Illa until agile a time muslima one fixed in indeed Agila time or term Allah of Allah either when it came land not you it will be deferred low if only kuntum you were Darla moon you are known. Allah He said for a big Oh my rub in me indeed I there are two I called only my people Leyland by night when a * and by the Phantom so not yours it home it increases them there are a my calling Illa except for in flight. We're in need and indeed I could llama whenever they're out to home I call them little filler. So

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you forgive the home for them. Jerry Lou, they put a sabia whom their fingers fee in other any you their ears was still show and they covered up themselves Thea home their garments, what are savu and they persisted was stuck about who and they became arrogant, is thick Bella and arrogance. Some then in me indeed I doubt to whom I call them, g Hara openly, loudly. Some then in need. Indeed I learned to I announced lahoma for them with a slot to and I told secretly the home to them. Is Radha a definite secrecy focal to then I said is stuck through us seek forgiveness or become of your inner who indeed he can and he is ever have felt or one who is most forgiving. Or a fella. Perpetual

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Forgiver you'll see he will send a summer the sky. I lay come upon you middle,

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showering abundantly while you do the comb and he will reinforce you or he will supply you all be unwell with wealth Weber Nene and children and sons were john and he will make Luckily for you, Jeannette gardens where they are and he will make Luckily for you inherit or rivers. Now what Lakota is for you, let's not do you will hope you will expect the left for Allah workato any dignity wakad while in fact hopatcong He created you at well in stages and then do not throw you will see gay for how high Lacan he created. Allahu Allah sobre seven semi wet heavens three bath or one above another order Allah and he made altamura the moon fee in in them neuron as a light or gyla and he made a

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shumsa the sun Saroja a burning lamp. One ma who and Allah and betacam he calls to grow you mean an ugly from the earth Nevada a growing some then you're either come He will return you fee her in it while you read your code and he will take you out is Roger taking out one law who and Allah Jalla he made Luckily for you the

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Earth be sample and expense. Let us look Ooh. So that you ultraverse minha from it sibulan ways fija one's broad Allah, He said new home new Robbie O'Meara inner home indeed they are Sony, they disobeyed me whatever and they followed man who learned Did not he has it who he increases him milu who his wealth while I do who and his children except herself in loss, one Mecca rule and they plotted makran a plot cook belt or mighty will call you and they said let Do not tell the owner you will definitely leave and he had a comb your Gods wanna and do not tell the owner you will definitely leave what then what, Juana and Nora so we're on to our webinar and nor yahooza Yahoo's

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where UK and Europe Vanessa and Vanessa work and in fact about Lou they misled Catherine many wanna and do not does it you increase a volley Mina the wrongdoers Illa except banana in error mimma because of what happened to him, their sins, their faults over vehicle they were drowned for autofill then they were admitted now in fire for them. So not only do they find the home for themselves, men from dunlea besides of law, unsought or any helpers what color and he said no one knew or the salon or be Oh my rub led Do not tell you leave either upon the earth mineral caffeine from the disbelievers the yellow or any inhabitant in Africa indeed you in if that are whom you

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leave them, you lilu they will mislead or bad luck Your servants while and not yearly do they will they get they will give birth to a toddler except farraj is one who is wicked one who is sinful get foul one who is most ungrateful Bobby Oh my rub ill fish forgive Lee for me while he while he there yeah and for my two parents while the man and for whoever the holler he entered Beatty my house Manan as a believer while meaning and for the believing men one minute and the believing women while and do not does it you increase over the mean the wrongdoers in that except dibella in destruction.

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We listen to the recitation of these

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This means

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saw the movie

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to start

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your series

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Nuh 1-28 Translation 1-28

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