Why Did Prophet Muhammad Choose Taif For Dawah

Kamal El-Mekki


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The speaker discusses the importance of choosing a city to give the prophets Allah wa sallam to. They also mention the reasons behind a decision to choose a city, including the second largest city in the area and the powerful tribes from Mecca. The speaker suggests that a person who chose a city was a strategy to plan and not just because they were close by, but also because of competition between the powerful tribes.

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Why did the prophets Allah wa sallam specifically choose the city of uplift to give Dawa to Allah Muslim Institute presents q&a with Gamal el mekki. Most people think well, I thought it was close. That's why. But that's not very strategic. The problem Selim didn't just choose a type because it was close. But there was some other reasons. And once you learn them, you see how the problem was strategy to pick apart. For one, it was the second largest city in the area. So yes, it was close, but it was also the second largest city in the area. And if a large city comes into Islam, that means a lot more than a small village coming into Islam. All right, third point. But I've had a

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great place in the heart of the Meccans already and there's proof from the Quran from Allah azza wa jal says, we'll call Lola Zilla hodel Carano, Allah Raji liminal Korea think of him. They said if this Quran, it should have been revealed to a great man from one of the two cities, these are the Mexican saying it should have been revealed to a great man from either Mecca, or applies. What did they pick up both because they thought highly of a pipe. That's another reason. Third reason, many of the powerful tribes from Mecca had actually a lot of property in a place. So better Hashem had property in many of the shops, Burma, zoom, all of them they own land and property in life. So if a

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thought comes into Islam, then that would be a severe blow to these leaders of the Meccans. Then there are also other reasons, there was competition between mecanica besides the respect, there was competition, and Mecca, had the Kaaba. And that's how they gathered and attracted attention. But a thought if had the goddess a lot, and a lot was the specifically the goddess of a pipe. So now if there's already competition between them, and now a prophet comes to them, that's more of an incentive for them to accept that Prophet, because that way they can get a leg up over Mecca. So it's strategies not just coincidence, one more reason, I've had the powerful tribe of the thief, and

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this tribe is so powerful and so large that later on that Muslims besieged that life for one month, and they still couldn't conquer it and then five came to Islam by themselves. So that's why the person who chose applied it was strategy it was planning and and not just because I was close by and that's the difference between when you know the details behind the CETA versus we just know the information and that's what we're going to be doing in this course, does it rose with commander McKee Hope to see you soon was Salaam, Allah crapola.