Omar Suleiman – Qur’an 30 for 30 Season 2 – Juz’ 22 with Sh. Suleiman Hani

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of learning and understanding oneself in order to avoid misunderstandings and malicious behavior is emphasized in the message of Islam. The message is not about actions, but rather a process of learning and understanding. The importance of learning to value oneself and others is emphasized, and a YouTube video about the Prophet sallam is also mentioned.
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All right.

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So now my econ reference library cuts everyone welcome back to court and 30 for 30% I would have the loss of some are still low on it he will be here woman weather. So inshallah China tonight we are joined by a special guest, beloved friend and someone I've known for a very very long time and has allowed me lots of family stories and in law stories to think my father in law and your father were like college roommates or something like that, to have that in law, but also has been a part of yaqeen and has been a part of working on air Jasmine put on with the pain,

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the miracles of the poor. And there's so much within Moffitt and outside of that, and we're very blessed to have you for the first time ships with a man honey Aquila, Chef Zach will finish his medical off Econ, how are you feeling? hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah The days are flying by them. I do that come

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and check So mine is going to be doing inshallah so you did the air Jasmine on you're still working on the miracles of the answers that you've been doing with your pain

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and you're working on another series in Charlottetown that people should be expecting this year but in the light on it right so can you tell us a little bit about that series and Shama medical adhikam so this new series be the law will touch upon a number of critical thinking tools for our entire community in shallow tada and summarized condensed something that can be digested by all people from all walks of life in order for us to analyze evidences more carefully to think more critically to know where we're gaining knowledge from how you know what you know and is it reliable, and then inshallah tada during the series we'll touch upon some foundational topics such as guidance to

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Islam, what is he Daya guidance to the truth and the concept of truth and the evidence is for truth and inshallah tada Of course, we will be touching upon some of the common trends common ideologies around us, we'll be addressing secularism, atheism, some aspects of liberalism inshallah tada but most importantly, discussion on the existence of a loss of power with tala everything from the fifth floor to the teleological argument to the argument from consciousness and then establishing and articulating a coherent case for Islam. Something that the average Muslim inshallah tada especially in our times should be able to do we'll make this very easy to digest and there's a lot more to

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cover in shallow tada but keep an eye out for the series inshallah.

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Sure, Hello How you doing? Camilla good as always hamdulillah

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we love about you man good as always to Article

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Well, I got a kick the day you're not good, we're gonna know that someone overstep that we had a guest that

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that overstepped probably moved out that I'm not if someone's gonna make

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he's probably gonna make a comment, you know, about a turban or something like that. But

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as a fellow Michigan or ships with a man, he came on to the show and just took shots at us every way possible.

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That's true. That's true.

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Zackham Allah insha Allah tala, we'll get started then we are in just 20 to 100 an hour. But I mean, and I know that there is so much to cover here. And I know ships with a man in particular has a lot of content. So I'll try to keep my remarks as brief as possible inshallah tada tonight with the the background of it. So really what I want to focus on as we get to, you know, these these various sources, where you start to see a mix of Mecca and Medina now, right, so it's no longer just these Mexican sources that come together with something that is plugged in between, but you start to see the mix, and they start to emphasize these themes in different ways, calling, you know, briefly

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these brief snapshots of some of the incidents that are taking place in the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And so let's start with an eyes up because certain eyes up, speaks to the obvious right, the Battle of hand up the Battle of an eyes up and the aftermath of it. And this took place in show one, the fifth year after his so it's a panel if you've noticed, you know, most of these battles took place in Ramadan or show while or right before Ramadan, so they're connected right and so here you have show where they have just come out of a month of fasting in Ramadan, and now they are in a month of forced hunger. You know, the example that we always give of feeling

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empathy for those who are hungry. Truly Subhan Allah for these Muslims right after Ramadan came a month in which they suffered from starvation and the prophets lie some of them suffered the most out of all of them in regards to

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The hunger and the suffering that came as a result of this just in the difficult preparations and what it was like to be under siege by the Meccans for an entire month. So certainly speaks to the Battle of Azov and I want to speak to the CLR in regards to how it connects to everything we've spoken about here, you know, at this point now, it is abundantly clear who the hypocrites are right and the undermining of the Prophet slice Allah is taking place in multiple ways. And I love No beiben salute actually is offering to the people of Mecca that want to come back and bring the largest army in the history of the Arabs. He's actually actively promising them 2000 men to actually

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fight alongside them against the Prophet sallallahu sallam. You have the treachery of the tribes like venoco either from within Medina as well. So the Muslims are about to face the most difficult test from the outside the largest army from the outside. And the hypocrites and the tribes from within that are committing treason are becoming emboldened by the size of the army that is to descend upon Medina. And of course, this isn't a post or hoods context where what hood was meant to be demoralizing, and the Meccans essentially smelled blood so they wanted to come. And they wanted to do away with the Muslims, once and for all. As a result of that, as the Prophet slice them is

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taking the advice of the various companions. Remember, the decision was do we fight inside Medina or go to the outside of Medina, as they didn't hurt so non authority or the allow Tyler and Holt makes the suggestion that they build the trench. And that basically the strategy is to slow down the army and to fight off the army plate and entirely defensive role in this battle so that they cannot enter into Medina and eventually they will themselves become frustrated and exhausted by the seeds and turn back towards Mecca. And so the prophets license accepts the advice the suggestion of seminar will be a lot of time and they build this trench now. There are so many snapshots of the Battle of

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hand up that I'm just going to focus on, on a few of them in sha Allah to Allah one in particular, for the sake of our test gamma Milan and sha Allah to Allah as well. And that is the incident Who are they familiar man will be a long time on which directly ties to one of the ayat that comes in the surah are they familiar man will the low tide I'm home, who describes the incident when they've been under siege now for a month and they are freezing? It is cold, they are hungry, they are tired. They are afraid, right? They fought off. They've had these skirmishes here and there fighting off the army from different directions of the ditch. And it literally is one breech. Right One mistake,

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and everyone in Medina is going to be massacred, right because that was the size of the army on the other side. And the profit slice I'm stands up in the profit slice I'm requests that someone go out and bring news of the enemy. And the prophets lie. Selim says that I will be that person's companion on the Day of Judgment. Now, it was so severe that are they familiar model the A lot of times I know says despite the fact that the Prophet slicin was saying whoever goes out and penetrates the enemy now goes to the other side and finds out what's taking place with the enemy will be my companion agenda, that no one went forward, because at that point, the depleted energy and strength that had

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that had come about due to the siege. And at that point, the profit slice of them called for her they follow the law of China, and who was of course, the secret keeper of the Prophet slice of them, to go out and to disguise himself amongst the Meccans in the dark, and to hear what the news of the enemy was, what their plan was. So how they felt all the time it goes forth. And he he says that it was a difficult thing, but he could not, you know, deny the request to the prophets, Eliza. So he goes out to the other side. And as they are shaking, and as they are shivering, and as they are freezing, little Sula slice of them, makes their art for her they follow the law of God, I know a

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very specific grant that a lot of times I protect him from, from his right and from his left from in front of him and from beneath him. So they follow the law of data at home. So basically to protect him from all different directions. So they follow the law Tada. Andrew said, when the profit slice I made that the fear was taken back from him. So he went to the camp quietly penetrated the camp of the Meccans. And Abu Sufyan was right in front of him. Right. And her they thought well, the alongside I knew that this was a difficult, you know, situation that he was in that he can be exposed any moment. So he disguised themselves very quickly. Now the Meccans at that point, were

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deep into the siege and Abu sufian he stands out and others the piano is about to give orders to the army and he says everyone makes sure that the people next to you are trustworthy, make sure we have not been compromised or penetrated. Make sure that

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Everyone here is actually from our army. So here they are the Alon who thinks quickly. So he immediately starts to ask everyone around him, you know men and men and men and who are you and verify their identities so that he was so busy and asking everyone else who they were that no one actually asked her they fed me the amount who he was. And as he remained in that state he was he was able to have a lot to be protected by the drought of the prophets lie some other soufiane announces that due to the difficult situation we're going to turn back and Allah mentions the re the the wind that Allah sent on them. As they were holding Medina under siege, there was a wind that was so

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strong on them, that it was blowing their tents away, it was extinguishing all of their fires, it was blinding the Meccans literally from the amount of dust that was coming into their eyes so that the Sandstorm became so difficult for them that they even had difficulty breathing and so almost if Yan says at this point now you know we need to turn back and I was soufiane also says battle cry that has led us down the hypocrites have led us down and he turns around with the army and are they follow the Allahu tada angle comes back to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to give him the news and he finds the profit slice of them standing and I'm paraphrasing the story finds the profits by some

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standing up in Silla and the profit slice and I'm was so cold and he was hungry. Remember the profit slice I was starving, that he was wrapped up in? In his blanket it his thought was and I'm so not just his garment but the blanket that he and his wife would sleep with an hour they came in and her they follow the law and he came in and he was shivering also and the Prophet slicin when he finished his a lot, he calls her they fall forward. He puts him under the blankets that he had sallallahu wasallam and he asks him what happened and he gives the profit slice of the news and Eliza Jed reveals verse nine yet your lead enamels guru Annette amatola here and he had come to Northern for

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Astana and even Rehan where do you know the numbers? Oh Ha are cataloguing not time at all not bossier. Oh you believe remember the favor of Allah upon you when the armies came to attack you and we sent upon them wind and armies who are the armies the angels, which I know shifts who the man is going to be talking about inshallah to Allah, but you could not see but Allah subhanaw taala was ever seen. So Han Allah, Judah namta raha armies that you could not see but Allah subhana wa tada was always bossy and Allah was always seeing everything. So this is the incident that has up and we find some of the reforms in his lab as well. Very important incidents in Medina at that point, the

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incident of hijab, the revelation of the hijab, the women in Mecca used to cover their hair. And in Medina, they used to cover their hair at the time, but they would wear it sort of as a turban style, or they would leave their necks and their chest exposed. And then when the incident of the hijab was revealed then they covered their chests as well. And of course, there were more implications to this. the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam being given instructions as well the incident of soda Benzema while the Allahu tada and her which you can go back to the first and you can look into that the incident of Zaid and then how to follow the law tada and when the forbidden of Tibet money

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which was to take the name of the of the foster parents was there in the marriage of the profit slice of them Zainab or the allot of time to Angela Jemaine, so that's all there. The last thing I'll mention is sort of that and then surah Yaseen connection there with the seat of the Prophet slice of them and pseudo fault that Allah pantai says what in your head the walker pocket could be but to Russell Roman publica will either lie he told me a little more Oh Prophet, if they be lie you then know that messengers before you were also called liar until Allah subhanaw taala all affair shall be sent back everything shall come back to Allah subhana wa Tada. And then last pantai says

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yeah, you are not in Noah and the law he had found out or one common hire to dunya What are your runner Camila Hello. Oh people know that the promise of Allah is true. So let not the life of this world delude you. Nor let the deleter being the shape on delude you in regards to Allah subhana wa Tada. And of course, Surya seen comes and Allah azza wa jal addresses who Allah talks about the prophets and messengers that came before the Warner's that came before with the welfare of their people at heart and their people killed them and they tried to tell them about the hereafter and even after they were killed, yeah later call me out I'm on I wish I could go back and inform my

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people about what I am seeing of what Allah subhanaw taala has promised Indeed, the promise is true. And then a warning directly to the people which Allah contact has done speaks directly to the people Oh, people, you know, be careful this messenger was sent to you with good and if you kill him, then you are yourself and you're removing yourself from the promise of Allah subhanaw taala in this regard, I know I said I keep my remarks short, I'm sorry, the incident they follow the alongside I noticed too beautiful. I tried to paraphrase as much as I could, but with that inshallah, too.

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I'll ask for a man if he has any reflections you'd like to share and shall and then we'll move on to shift from

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a lot of coffee can shift does that come okay? I can listen to you four hour shift a lot of coffee, similar 100 hour slot to someone else with a loved one or your software you just very briefly with the law in terms of sort of the forklift, also referred to as soliton mela, aka the sort of the angels. And this is because of the opening verses touching upon the angels of the loss of panatela sent as messengers to mankind and Allah describes their quantity of wings. And of course, we know in other narrations from any authentic narrations about Djibouti Lani Salaam, and many of the angels and their specific qualities like the hundreds of wings that Andreotti son has, but in particular, I

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want to touch upon what sort of default and not just the power of a loss of Panama Tada, and his appointing of angels, but a few things that we can summarize this with three questions. Number one, what kind of Muslim are you when it comes to hand when it comes to praise? Number two, what kind of Muslim are you when it comes to knowledge? And number three, what kind of Muslim are you when it comes to practice? Amen. And so in the surah, you have sort of faltered in right before it so that both starting with him, and in fact of the 23 instances in the planet, which Hammond is mentioned, or Hamdulillah, specifically is mentioned. Three, or in these two, so on here, both starting with

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the praise of Allah subhana wa Tada. So objectively, factually, All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala what kind of Muslim Are you with regards to praising Allah subhanaw taala not just in your heart or on your tongue, but in terms of your lifestyle is a lifestyle of gratitude. And the 100 of this world is connected to what the Holy Spirit or the hand of the afterlife as well, because anything you have in this life, and in the next life as well, earning the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada working for Jenna and the unimaginable of treasures of paradise. May Allah grant us that, that too, in terms of praise belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada. What kind of Muslim are you when it comes

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to knowledge?

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In verse 28, Allah subhanaw taala says, in them, Shalom,

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Verily, those of lost servants who fear Him who have all been lost apana Watada are those who have the most knowledge of Him, or more specifically, those who have the most knowledge of those who understand him, but those who know his names and his attributes. So what is knowledge and what kind of Muslim already when it comes to knowledge. In Masaru, there'll be a long one who said, knowledge is not for you to know an excessive amount of narrations or reports, but rather to have an excessive amount of hatia, and excessive amount of all of them. Also, panatela knowledge should transform you were living during this pandemic in which Al Hamdulillah Yes, one of the silver linings

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is that we have countless video series and programs, and institutes and organizations and educational programs and live streams from all types of massages and scholars all around the world. So we don't have a lack of access to knowledge. The question is, are we being transformed by that knowledge is it's bringing us more hatia? Is it bringing us closer to a loss of panel autonomy, who is the one who fears a loss of power, and who is the one who's closest to a loss of power Tada, there's a balance that was presented by it been a while but on the long run, in terms of who is the true scholar and listen to the following formula is really interesting. He said, The truly

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knowledgeable one is the one who does not cause people to despair from the mercy of Allah. And the one who does not make it easy for people to just obey Allah, Who does not make them feel secure against his punishment, who does not abandon the Quran turning away from it inclined to something other than it? Surely there is no good in devotion that is devoid of devoid of knowledge. And there is no knowledge without understanding and there is no real citation without contemplation. And this is as more reported it. And so we're living in a times in which due to social media and the internet, no doubt there are going to be a number of people who have influenced or have platforms or

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have access to speak to the rest of the world. But it's not necessarily true that this is the right person to listen to. It is important for us as we are giving and sharing, receiving and taking online that we are cautious in terms of what we say in terms of what we post in terms of knowing our target audiences in terms of knowing people, whether it's your private group of friends or the entire world. And the way that we approach this in terms of religion requires some understanding requires all of Allah subhana wa Taala in memory of shallow I mean, I barely get to read everything you watch everything you read every social media post you see, make sure that you are taking it in

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first you're internalizing it you're thinking how am I changing how am I getting closer to Allah subhana wa tada through this, the objective is hatia the objective is taqwa. Oftentimes we focus on the external superficial qualities of a thing or have knowledge or have qualifications or degrees and we forget the transformative process that is necessary to

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reach our end result we almost had to accept from all of us alone. I mean, and right after this, Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the what is referred to as the verse of the reciters. The Porat as one of the companions said, the verse of the surah. Why? In the Medina tuna Kitab Allah He walked home salata, one frappuccinos up now I'm Sarah Wallonia, you're a teacher, or talented boy, those who recite the book of Allah, and they establish prayer, and they give in charity from water law. So panatela gave them in private and in public, they're seeking they're hoping for at Giada a prophet a return that does not end, look at how today's panel law, especially as we're all connected to

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everything that's happening around the world, how people talk about investments, or stocks, or specifically recently, cryptocurrencies, or how people talk about real estate or degrees, and they're seeking some kind of future return on the thing that they're investing in some kind of benefit in that degree, or that real estate or that cryptocurrency, this verse here, and we hope to live in by it may last part, I lost exemplify it. It's about the the reciters of the book of Allah. There's hope here for everyone who recites the Buddha. So make this regular in your life. And notice that it's three acts of worship mentioned here, very simple, but very powerful, very important to

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perfect in terms of quality. There are citation of the poorer those who establish their prayer, and those who give in charity in private and in public, they have hope for some kind of reward with a loss of power wattana, specifically, a profit that does not end today when somebody tells you some stock is going to increase, or the markets going to change or real estate will go up. Or cryptocurrency this or that what happens, some people have a fear of missing out FOMO. So they start investing, investing, investing, because they value the return. If you want to live by the spiritual or the religious, from the Islamic paradigm, the religious form or approach we should have, it's

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that we rush to be with a loss of power with data more than we would rush for any kind of profits in this world. Even if it's billions and billions and billions of dollars. you're rushing to be with a loss of Hannah Montana and the return is eternal. And in fact, one of the main things I shuttle the lohana reported that the believers will regret on the Day of Judgment is an hour that passed by in which they did not mention the name of Allah. The believer seek this hoping for once a reward and a return that is forever Do you are feeling Buju La Jolla xeomin fumbling in a hunger for charcoal so that Allah subhanaw taala will reward them in full and increase them out of His grace, and he is all

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forgiving. So every time you fall short, you have an opportunity to go back to him. And he's Shaku he appreciates what you do a lot, appreciate everything that you do. And then Allah subhanaw taala tells us about three different types of Muslims in the next area and very short term in home volume cleanups a woman who mostly women from Serbia home in hierarchy villa. So last repatha talks about the home of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and Aleppo to be listed many different opinions about who are these three categories here, and many of the companions and the set of sort of a belief that these were the three different types of Muslims, specifically the type of Muslim who always fall

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short with regards to the commands of a law and instead they're also falling into many major sins, May Allah forgive us protect us alone, I mean, so the first category, those who wronged themselves those who are committing mistakes, number two, those who follow a middle path lawsuit. So some of the scholar said, this is reported by even Cathy, the one who is following a middle path is not necessarily committing a major sin. But this is the type of Muslim who rarely pursues anything that is most or had anything that they deem to be extra. Why should I pray extra prayers, which is interesting, because especially in this month, the month of Ramadan, we emphasize we emphasize we

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emphasize as much as possible for young lady and the increase in recitation of Quran and the increase in charity, which are all mentioned in the previous verse panel. So the one who is following the middle path is basically the Muslim who does the absolute basics, the obligations and staying away from the prohibitions, but in terms of the most of the things that are preferred and rewarding, they don't usually do these things, in terms of the mcru the things that are detested by a lot, but they're not at the level of how long they may fall into many of these things. And the last category here, those who are racing ahead woman home service company hierarchy with the law and

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service, the one who raises a Serbia phone, as well as sort of a workflow, those who run an excel in terms of what they're doing all of the things that they deem to be most handy. They placed a value on them, and what you value you will pursue what you value you will pursue when you know who Allah is because your knowledge is transforming you, you will find yourself connecting more with the things that other people may deem to be extra volunteer. In fact, not only do they do the things that are considered to be volunteer, or extra or sunan, almost the hub, they're also staying away from things that are doubtful, and oftentimes, the one who is at this level as many scholars stated,

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they may even prevent themselves from doing something that is MOBA that is permissible. It's not rewarding, but it's permissible because they have a fear of later on falling into the huddle or falling into the mcru. And in fact, they may also be preoccupied with that which

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His religious, the end result of all of this is a reward that is eternal. Also panatela promises this reward and it's emphasized throughout the Quran in this Jews emphasize it. Remember we started with him What kind of Muslim are you when it comes to praise of Allah and the life of gratitude and verse 34? Well quality with hamdulillah the other band that has a praise be to Allah, the people of agenda will say Praise be to Allah, the One who has protected us from sorrow from grief, from distress, from difficulty from anxiety, or let the other band that hasn't. And that's the hazard of this life. The difficulty of this life as well as many scholars stated, The difficulty of the next

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life, because when you enter Jannah, there is no pain. When you enter agenda. There is no hardship, when you enter Jannah there's no trial or tribulation, eternally, forever, is it not worth it to spend a lifetime in this world, even if you live for 1000 years, a lifetime of dedication and humility and sincerity and tranquility and hand entering and hatia for the sake of Allah, and the end result that you're hoping for is an eternal end result. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us that work hard until you meet Allah and live by the verses of praise you find here, the verses of praise throughout the Quran, and you will find yourself enjoying the the praise the first expressions of

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praise that are found amongst the people of Jenna, may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them alone, that a fluffy cul de sac with a man I think some how to love the

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when you're talking about like reading ourselves into the characters and the categories, the categories that you mentioned sabich will highlight that that main person, the foreigners, right, and then you see it in your scene, who is that the person that was a messenger of a very precise time of Jesus peace be upon him a dowry, a messenger of a messenger who called those people to Allah. And you know, being a follower of Jesus peace be upon him in a close proximity to it calling people to toe heed the pure message of Christ at the time. And when he's killed, he says, Yeah, later on the Yanomami mouth, I've already heard the word journeyman and mocking. I mean, he sees his

00:27:01 --> 00:27:17

place. I mean, we can't imagine the other side of this, right? Like the realm once you're struck, right? But the Shaheed sees their place in general as soon as they're hit, right. But you know, just kind of just the mental part of like, you're looking into this world, and then in an instant, you're looking at another realm.

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And he is he's, he's enjoying what Allah promised him right away, that he's been calling these people to the promise of a lot, and warning them from the promise of a lot. And they're lagging and lagging until they eventually kill him. And he is that person. So it couldn't be hydrops. Right. He's an example reading ourselves into that character as well, the character and the category. And I think that's the beauty of the Quran is that it gives us the category and then it gives us the manifestation. Here are the actual stories, the people that live up to those categories. And it's almost always found within the same discussion. I don't know if it's authentically. I know that

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Habib I think his name being Habib and my job is not authentically narrated through senate but it's in the books of Tafseer. But a very particular type of of manifestation the people of

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the people who not only absorb the religion, but call to it are, are in that category of being savvy, cool. And so being formed is like a locker for that medical collection. If you come and share hamdulillah spinazzola take us away chef. R Heyman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam America let Amina Mohammed while earlier he was looking at Marina my but Mashallah, she's still a man Mashallah hit on a number of points. And, you know, what was interesting to me is, is something that he just mentioned passively. But, you know, when he said, of course, we have a number of opinions regarding this. And you know, some follow on when we say the names of the scholars, many of

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you may not know these names, but to kind of lie in the circles of people that read these, these books, and within these disciplines, these names are enormous. I mean, these are not names that that should be taken lightly. And, you know, we say quality if, you know, if you're going into civil court to be there's going to be a number of opinions, but the way that he brings it particularly Subhanallah it's an easy read, and you feel nourished, not to say that the other books of Tafseer you don't. But if you're looking for Okay, what are the opinions regarding this verse, you can definitely find it interesting, it occurred to me, there are numerous other scholars in tafsir. But

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when he mentioned in my epsilon mini about the healer, no matter the verse, about those that have custody of Allah, you know, fear of a loss mentality, they are the scholars, and the importance of scholarship. When anyone can be an online scholar Now, it's important to decipher and to understand who are the people that should be taken from you should take from because we go and learn other disciplines outside of Islam outside of religion, we're very particular on who we take from. So when it comes to the religion of your connection with God and how you manifest that in your life, we should be very, very particular and very, very adamant about having reservations on those we're not

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sure in regards to taking our knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So I'm glad he touched on that point, and I'm glad that he you know, sometimes you hear

00:30:00 --> 00:30:32

As mentioned some names of these illustrious people that have inherited this knowledge of the religion from the province align it with something that's the province and align it with some set and one of the two and be at the center. And he says in a hadith that the scholars are the inheritors of the prophets. So with that being the case I want to kind of use that is a segue. The ones that are scholars are the ones that Allah subhanaw taala has chosen with their Eman And with their hatia with their fear of Allah and with their induction of, you know, with their induction reading throughout the continuous texts of the Quran and the Sunnah and the lives of the companions.

00:30:33 --> 00:31:13

They're the ones that Allah has chosen to show us and to remind us of what is the hustler and what is the Savior. Now hustler is that which is beautiful or beautified or that which is good. And Assia is that which comes from Sue and that which is evil, a loss of Pinewood doll in the beginning of the chapter Felton, he talks about something that is very important and I want to bring, you know, just ask ourselves a general question, which will allow me to further embark upon apply that if you will, a general rule that's important for us to remember in regards to who Allah is in our relationship to him, Allah says, after the mother saw Jean, a woman's routine, and I will sue I'm in the heat for

00:31:13 --> 00:31:31

our house and for in the La Jolla Lulu manga Chateau yaghi Mejia chef. for that. Neff suka la him has a lot in the Lucha island in the map, yes, known Allah subhanaw. taala says, Is he then whom the evil of his deeds is made fair seeming so that he considers it as good?

00:31:33 --> 00:32:09

Verily, Allah since astray whom He wills and he guides him, he will also destroy not yourself, don't destroy yourself install for them. Truly allies, you all know what they do. We're going to split this into three parts. First part is where lots of kind of data asks a rhetorical question, a rhetorical question is a question that you already know the answer. And what's very interesting here is when a lot asked these rhetorical questions, it's a question for the person that has some type of belief in God, or it's a question for their natural inclination, being the fitness So in other words, when a lot asked these questions, he's talking to your fitrah, the ones that don't believe in

00:32:09 --> 00:32:33

God, the ones that may believe in God and other along with him at his level. He's talking to that fitrah. He's talking to that natural inclination that is calling out to a deity calling out to its maker. The question of lust from doll is asking here in regards to the authoritative method of understanding what is true good and what is evil. So a lot ask the question

00:32:34 --> 00:33:01

is not the one who has evil deeds is made fair seeming to him and considers it good? That's the first part of them and Xena who Sue I'm at EA for who has an en su and hasn't is not the one that zu Geena, and this is a passive verb, Xena, and Xena, Xena means made beautified for him, who was the one that beautified it, some scholars say shavonne. Some scholars say that it could be he himself

00:33:02 --> 00:33:39

when that was beautified for him, and he sees it as good. This could even be a form of misguidance. That's why some scholars even say Allah subhanho wa Taala because of the punishment in this life for being consistent, voluntarily consistent on the actions of evil. When that first time you did something wrong with your friends or things of that nature, you knew it was wrong, you continued on doing it the second third time, you didn't feel as bad as you did the first time. But then it comes to a level of why don't have to create doesn't even matter. As a matter of fact, all these things that are going on left, why do I believe in God? It doesn't even matter. I don't really see anything

00:33:39 --> 00:33:45

that proves that there is a God. This is a process. It's not just over one night. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying here

00:33:46 --> 00:34:26

is the one that these actions made and he sees them as good for who has done and we see this upon a lot with people that define and deny the message of Islam during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is you know what the Buddha was called upon them, because they know him as someone that was Hakeem and wise. So in looking at him and seeing what he does, the ones that may just follow him may see that what he's doing is right, and some people will understand that it is wrong, but they will continue on in that in that see that action. But in this first part in particular Subhan Allah when we as Muslims know that of that Allah subhanho wa Taala is an alien and within his

00:34:26 --> 00:34:59

infinite perfect knowledge, he is going to tell you what is happening in what he's saying here. So when it comes to what is good and what is evil, it ultimately is with Allah subhanho wa Taala ie the word of Allah, the Quran, and within the actualization of the Quran, the walking Quran, the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. This is the repository of good and evil aware we find what is good and what is evil and it is not totally, it is not totally up to the occult not totally up to the intellect.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

Because the intellect is limited with its capacity, and if you have similar you're a bit fidgety at work. So we understand that the intellect is not the repository, the ultimate source of determining what is good and what is evil. So that is what is beautiful here. And it's also a reminder for us to look at what we're doing and the things that we may enjoy and love, we should stop and say, okay, is this in line with Islamic principles? Islamic ethics. In other words, is it in line with the sources of Islam, the Quran and the Sunnah. Second part, then Allah subhana wa Taala continues on to say for in Allah He will be looming and shut away the mega shot.

00:35:40 --> 00:36:25

Last month, Allah says for Verily Allah Subhana, Allah misguides me wills and guides move us when we see misguides whom He wills, one could understand that why would a lot misguide someone we have to understand Firstly, again, going back to the Beautiful Names and attributes of Allah, and Adam, he is the just one that whatever he does is based on ultimate knowledge, on ultimate wisdom on ultimate love, on ultimate protection, ultimate, every name when we see this name, justice, and I do if he punishes misguide someone, or guide someone that is based on justice, it is couched within all of the names and attributes, justice, mercy, love extra Hello Maduro, etc. So when we see this, let's

00:36:25 --> 00:37:03

not use our limited intellect, we can ask the question, but that's when we go back to the editor. The people of knowledge as was mentioned earlier, to have a further understanding of some verses that may be for you, in particular or in general have Muhtar shabby hat as something that may be a misconception or misunderstanding or may present because of our limited intellect, not because of the Scripture may present something that may be problematic in the beginning. It's important that we seek the knowledge and understand when Allah mentions this, it is that someone that has had many chances in the science have been given to them the science even within themselves the unphysical,

00:37:03 --> 00:37:44

evidential bassoon, even within yourselves or science, it takes one to stop and to ponder and to think and to be honest, upon the conclusions that they come about. So when seeing that ilasik kind of without a guide to me wills and misguides me wills. Last month Allah says after that, for that time to have enough suka Annie in hasard. This is to to be here. So do not let Do not let the fact that these people are sent the stray. Don't let that cause sorrow for you Hassan's like regret or sorrow. As was mentioned in the chapter of catholica bath here in Africa, perhaps you want to kill yourself over the sorrow of the people that mean misguided. Allah saying, Look, you've done the work

00:37:44 --> 00:38:22

I they could have been off, why didn't he say you've done the work, you've done what you can I know your love for your people. I know your love for humanity. But this Do not let this doesn't take you to the degree that it is detrimental to you detrimental to your health detrimental to the message. And that's important for all of us that may have loved ones that were trying to call to religiosity trying to call to praying, trying to call to leave off bad habits, whether it is something from their manners or actions that they are doing. We try we do our best to offer them but do not let that sadness overpower you to where it's detrimental to you as well. And the last part is we're last

00:38:22 --> 00:39:07

month Allah says in the Lucha demon demon is known Allah is well aware of what they yes snare or what they do. Why is this important? Because what was just mentioned, Allah is Allah has ultimate knowledge of what is in their hearts. He knows their motives. He knows if they fought those evil motives and continued on with what they were doing. At the time when you were calling them too good. And they were still persistent, a laws on knowledgeable based on that knowledge is where he applies that justice. And that's very important for us to know. So in conclusion, as we say, Allah Huma Abedin husband was looking at the wedding party that Bob Dylan was interested in ever, Oh Allah,

00:39:07 --> 00:39:09

show us the truth as truth

00:39:10 --> 00:39:36

and and give us the wisdom and bless us to follow it and show us false as false with and bless us to stay away from it. That's a do either we should continuously make because if it was up to us, we would be destroyed. We have to rely on something that is a loss of kind of data to show us what is clearly good or what is clearly evil and to bless us to be of those that stick to it from vertical low FICO. Zack come off pressure from the wire

00:39:38 --> 00:40:00

shucks, remounted welcome any anything you'd like to share in shallow time and we'll wrap up does that shift found a lot that's a I love the reflection in particular about knowing who Allah subhanaw taala is a knowing that with all of these different attributes, that there are a number of potential causes and factors for people's misguidance. So Paula, in this very same sort of something that I hadn't covered as well. Yeah, you want to know when

00:40:00 --> 00:40:34

want to call out we don't want level one you will need to know yourself is to know a law to know yourself is to realize you are fully if we don't know who we are, and we start to think we're independent of God as a nation or as a society as a civilization, diluted because Allah has tested us with worldly things and blessed us with worldly things, it is one of those factors that leads to arrogance and misguidance May Allah protect us for someone to ever think that they are not in need of Allah, where the reality is, if you know that you are amongst that for all human beings, we're in need of a masu panatela for everything day and night for every breath for every beat of the heart

00:40:34 --> 00:40:46

for every single thing that you do and every single thing that you have, then you know who almost pantalla is as well only Hamid he is self sufficient. So we turn to him for everything May Allah protect us and guide us and keep us grateful alone learning.

00:40:48 --> 00:41:20

Library exactly professor from the other day man, it was a pleasure having you want to remind everyone shall Lazzara yuckiness slash come along and we are in the last time so please do in sha Allah to consider supporting yaqeen but in the nighttime amongst the other efforts, you can sign up to have the rest of your nights automated in the nighttime or you can give whatever it is that you give inshallah tada and these blesses moments and last pantai Bless you all and except from you, we appreciate all the support and we look forward to being with you again inshallah times

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when I sing if any of you need 114 tips to learn how to memorize the Quran, look up chicks, and you'll find you'll get some tips on it. So I've actually got a look here. So do we have

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114 tips to memorize the whole answer while trying to gauge the

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100 ships A man has a good book

00:41:43 --> 00:41:44

looks at frumos

00:41:46 --> 00:41:48

Alright everyone so that when he called a hustler, we got the answer.

00:42:00 --> 00:42:43

The mission of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was to impart knowledge, to speak truth and dispel false hood, to bring hope in times of darkness, to build a confident people to bring us together with compassion, and its strength, and most of all, to instill everlasting faith in every aspect of our lives, so that we can have stronger conviction, fuller hearts, and a well defined purpose. This is what motivates us every day, to inspire a world of faithful changemakers who serve as ambassadors of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And as the team strives to build on the final Prophetic Mission, we invite you to join us in these final 10 nights and realizing that

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