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Sinhala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam behavour mursaleen Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah you it was so similar to Steven because he didn't consider formado

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today I'm going to give you a formula for the

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secret formula.

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It is called in English it is called IQ.

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Write IQ.

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But before I go there let me ask you a few questions about yesterday and see what you remember.

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I told you I will take one exam right

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so what do you remember yesterday? What did I say? What the anybody quickly after Salah mashallah wareness humble spirit Salah Tom feed people, Michelle, then

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surgeon, aha, okay, so

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the Celebi Laila one so the

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brain right when people are sleeping, is when

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I keep you know what I give you. The first three Surahs which were revealed, not the whole surah. But I had

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was, you know, the first I had five aisles from

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which are

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So voila, right? Where everybody is? Your crab is made up? Because you know, so what is so difficult to answer in this thing.

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So that was the first revelation. So the first revelation is what your Quran, Allah said read.

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So the first principle of the era is to study.

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There is no doubt for JSON.

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If you know nothing, you can teach nothing. So you should know. And knowing does not mean some Coggan bull story from somewhere. And you know, in those days, they used to say, and one man was standing on the moon or no Alhamdulillah we have a dean, which is based on a book and the book is the Kitab of Allah.

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And it is perfect knowledge. We don't we have no mythology.

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There's no stories, there's no need for stories. We have the light from the color of Allah from the I had this other way.

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If you have to tell a story, sometimes you can tell a story which is a story to illustrate something. You said this is a story as an example of something so you can do that no problem.

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But some people in the name of Dawa they just tell story after story.

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Once upon a time, there was this old woman who lived in this place and this happened that happened. None of that happened. That is all lies. So there's no need village ikura read, study, learn the deed. And as I told you, you don't have to become moved here from

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basic fundamental knowledge of Islam which is required we should study

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not difficult, doesn't take you forever, but that very important era.

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Then there is a difference of opinion which came first whether it was Surah Muslim Elorza Maga se but both begin with comb.

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Yeah, you are Muslim. Hello, homie, Leila. Illa Karela. Yeah, Eva muda still comes under.

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So common code.

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First Comis

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como la la la la kalila. Stand in the night study. Then connect with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. You are doing the work of the Emir Alaimo Salam because we have been sent in the ummah of the last Nabi after whom there is no other Nabil and therefore the work of Nobu does not stop the Silsila of robots stopped.

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Now please understand this the Silsila of Nevada which was the continuation they got the the continuum of Prophethood stopped Allah subhanaw taala and sigma decided to finish it so he finished it but the need for guidance what is the work of the rabbit to guide the need for guidance will be there until the last day the last person

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right? So who's gonna do that? That is the is

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Yesterday I told you hola como para Miguel O'Hara villainous, what is that Linda's for people what to convey to them this message of Islam.

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So, the need for guidance remains and will remain till the end of the end of time therefore, that Job has been given to us. This is a job of great oral there is nothing which is more honorable. There is nothing which is more

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prestigious, there is nothing which is more important than the work of

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gambiarra mussalam because there is no one who is more honorable than than me, there is no one who is more prestigious than than me, there is no one who is more important than than me. So you have you are doing the work of the most honorable, most prestigious, most important human being ever created. And that work has to be the same, which is the most important work. So alhamdulillah feel that feel the honor of this worker hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala gave me this or Allah could have given it to anybody.

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If Allah had chosen for us to be born in the ummah of any other NaVi, we would still have been Muslim, we would still have gone to Ghana, but we would never have had the opportunity and the honor of doing the work of awards. Because this is the only OMA which was given the work of conveying the message every other OMA, their job was obeyed and because

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Abdullah also, that's it, obey Allah with us.

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But here our job is to obey Allah or whether azul and convey the message to others. So to do that, we need power, we need a connection to the one from whom the message comes to that is Allah subhana wa

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Takumi Leila Illa Kadena Cara, read and study then star in the night and cry before Allah Yara

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I'm not worthy of this. You gave me this job. So look after me.

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You gave me this job. So protect me, protect me from myself. Protect me from shade and protect me from the evil enable me to do this work in a way which pleases you protect my knee, protect my class protect my sincerity. Let me not fall into the trap where I am now giving these great speeches or whatnot. Everybody say mashallah, Mashallah. Mashallah, I'm a great speaker in that Illa whenever you know.

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That's why he was reading the night to ask and beg Allah.

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And then come and then the third step is startup are one of the people

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sometimes in our enthusiasm, believe me, enthusiasm does not compensate. Enthusiasm is not a substitute for competence.

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Just because you're enthusiastic about something doesn't mean that doesn't mean that you can do it well.

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Right? You're very enthusiastic about swimming. So go jump in the sea, you will drown.

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You have to first learn how to swim.

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If you don't know how to swim is what you get, because you will doubt what is the river.

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So it's very, very important. And Soozee Azzam is good and we should have enthusiasm, but that enthusiasm has to be supported with knowledge. And with the connection with Allah Subhana Allah then Allah said, thirsty, stand up and one of the people not do that.

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Stand up and one of the people

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and Allah said Allahu Yasuo, he asked him to come in and ask Allah will protect you from the people don't worry about it.

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Don't say what will happen.

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Again this part we will talk tomorrow in more detail, but for now. So what is the formula quickly ukara calm.

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Call me Leila curry. And combine these

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three things study and stand in the night. Anybody who claims to do the work of the hour if he or she is not praying that you believe me, you are fooling yourself.

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You are fooling yourself may have forgotten yourself the no day must pass where you have not played the huddle at least two raka before the time for further starts.

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Pray as many as you want. They asked him

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how should we pray family he said pray to buy to he didn't separate pray, you know 10 or 20 or 15 or pay to buy two. Don't pray for a time don't attempt to buy as many as you want. So pray at least two

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every single day no matter what.

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Make this further yourself. Believe me, brothers sisters, nothing but nothing comes in this world without making an effort.

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Don't fool yourself.

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Do not fool your if you're seeking is and comfort.

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And I don't want to put myself to travel.

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You will learn nothing you will get nothing.

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Take my word for it. Try and see.

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And if you try and see and then you find you're not getting it and then time is gone. That time is not coming back. You can do what you say I was only trying no no. Time is the time.

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This is the rule Allah subhanaw taala made this rule like and I say this all the time Allah Subhana Allah made what we call rules of physics right laws of physics.

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law of gravity, the law of aerodynamics law of thermodynamics and so on and so forth. Allah subhanaw taala made laws of physics the world runs according to those laws right.

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So, if you are jumping from 30,000 feet freefall

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which law is operating on you, law of gravity, what is the law of gravity, that anything which is revolving in the atmosphere is drawn towards the Earth at

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Right, then meters per second squared 32 feet per second per second.

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What does that mean? It means that you better have a parachute. As simple as that if you want to live,

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have a parachute and pull the ripcord in time so you will land safely if you are jumping from there and you say I don't believe in gravity no problem you will believe in 10 seconds.

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Right? You will believe in 10 seconds

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The Lord doesn't change because you don't believe in it. Please understand this very clearly the law doesn't change because you don't believe in you can believe not believe makes no difference the reality is reality. Irrespective of belief, Allah is UK. There are souls Huck, Malika Oh, Huck.

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Well, Jana Duhok wa Johanna mhac

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Hey, while young Alaska Huck.

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All of these aren't there's nothing that you believe don't believe no problem. Go ahead. It is there it will happen.

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And so also the laws of success and failure.

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Allah subhanaw taala said well allays Lillian Zanni Illa masa and Allah did not make any qualification Allah did not say

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for a human being there is nothing except what he works for. Except when this this this No no, no exceptions.

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If I want to memorize color, what must I do?

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Make effort? Take the pen. That's Jeff.

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Is it easy just memorize for easy

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obod You see I'm wearing the Kitab of Allah. Oh Allah give me Baraka y'all. I'm going to sleep when I wake up I must have sort of Bukhara in my head

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that's a nice if you don't believe me, but boy,

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it's not gonna happen right? Now.

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You want to learn horse riding? How many times you heard one tell me I can tell you also

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seriously, anything anything anything you want to succeed you have to work harder. There's no exception. No exception.

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So also with that you want to succeed in our make the effort and that effort is steady standing right and cried tears before Allah and then go and give the Dawa and learn from that take feedback learn from that change your ways become more and more and more effective until you get your Go.

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Go to Korea that stuff. Hola. Hola. Hola, como si el Muslim in foster Pharaoh in the whole world of rural right