Summary of Juz 21 – Surah al-Rum

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arguments probably afraid I'm about as we enter the last 10 nights and the last hinges of the Abrahamic idea now, to many fools in each room is for us to do a recap of all of them. So we're going to do over the next few nights is I'm just going to choose one surah. From each Jews to focus I can give a brief talk here on so front of the shoulders that we are going to recite tonight, the one that takes up the bulk of this juice is Surah rune, the chapter of the Romans, and this is a very fascinating Shura. This is a surah, which, in multiple ways, is a proof of Islam. And in multiple ways, the surah is improved, that Islam is the true religion. So one perspective, of

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course, is that all of the Quran is miraculous, and all of the Quran is a proof of Islam. But when you dive into the surah, there's two specific things about the surah that served as a proof of Islam. Number one is the message of the surah. So there is in the middle of the surah, a long passage of verses, each verse begins with one means it diplomacy science, and our other mentioned one of his signs, one of the signs of his existence, one of the signs of his power. So in this visit a verse, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned to us, for example, if amongst his scientists, the creation of the heavens and the earth, so, this universe itself is proof of the existence of a creator. And

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then it zooms in for months inside your own self right and how you will create it what you will create it from, and then languages, the fact that human beings have such a complex variety of languages, all of which have things in common, all of which have things that are different from each other. language itself is a sign of the existence of an intelligent creator. And the most commonly recited of all these verses, of course, is the worst of all malice to Allah, unless you as I said, Before multi site is managed and is the love that Allah handle created between husband and wife. All of these things are mentioned in the sutra for us to reflect on that each of these things is enough

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of them. Even though these are things we take for granted, but in them are aspects of medicals. They are things that can only come from the Creator of the heavens. And so this surah brings our attention to the fact that Allah exists, and he's most powerful, and all of these things that we see around us and take for granted, actually signs of the existence of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But there is a negative side to the miracle of the surah. And that is a prediction that is made in the opening verses of the Surah Surah. Our room, the chapter of the Romans is called this because it's the opening verses make a prediction about the Roman Empire. This is a very brief history to

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understand the context of this verse, at the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They were two superpowers in the world, right, the Persian Empire and the Roman Empire and Arabia was sandwiched in between the two. It was a small land that both empires ignored. And at that time, there was a war going on between the Persians and the Romans. And the Persians were defeating the Romans, not only with the Persians defeating the Romans, they had defeated them so badly that it looked like the Roman Empire was about to collapse. And at this moment, when it looked like the Roman Empire was about to collapse, Allah Subhana, God revealed the verses the opening verses of

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your room that will never hold back your room, the Romans have been defeated. But soon after a few years, they will be victorious. So this is a prediction is very, very bold prediction is a bribe. But it's a double prediction. Because the next verse says, On that day, the believers will also be happy because Allah will have assisted them. So look, at the time when this was released in Makkah, the Muslims are being oppressed, there is no sign of hope of victory for the Muslims. On the global scale, the Romans are being destroyed and defeated by versions, there's no sign of hope of the Romans being victorious. Allah says in a few years time, the Romans will be victorious and the

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Muslims will be victorious. Five years later, exactly five years later, the Muslims defeat a Buddha and his army in the Battle of butter with the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala. that exact exact same year, the Romans take back all the lands of the Persians defeat the Persian Empire and take back all the all the events. So in that year, the second year of the history of both of these predictions came true that the prophets lawyer had defeated the disbelievers of Makkah in the battle, the mother and the Romans had defeated the Persians. And after that the Persian Empire would collapse within 20 years without Oman or below. While the Romans would remain in power, the Byzantine Empire would

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remain for another 500 to 600 years until the time of the Ottomans. So this verse is a miracle. This is a proof of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam that Allah revealed a verse stating that the roles will be victorious at a time where it seemed impossible to happen and exact prediction came true five years later. So these are some very powerful and readable

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Think about this sewer should really increase our equipment our hearty opinion that this is indeed a true religion and prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is indeed the true messenger of Allah subhanho wa

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