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Now the reality I love this analogy is beautiful So those of you who will be gone read this one it's beautiful and Aldean and he I did my best to translate but anytime you translate, it's not like the original language. So basically the reality of fasting. What I am doing here today is actually I am leaving what my nerves enjoy and delight through referrals. I love my morning coffee I love my breakfast. I love my afternoon biscuit depends on something and it's all fun, but I'm doing it for number two. It's a Shogun brainlab do Robbie it's a secret between you and Allah only

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three which if you do it frequently you will feel this number three and what I'm saying frequently at least Monday and Thursday in the month, every month every week if you do this you will feel this it's not you're not gonna feel number three.

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If you do it for one leg move on to the other. It's not you need to frequently Did you hear about the five two diet.

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Augusto ladies, you're not up to date in diet and health. As long as

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you are all healthy male like if you healthy and this is actually there was a study done.

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The whole thing is diet in for the human being is to starve the human being two days a week and feed the human being five days a week.

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And I always say thank you. We have found this long time ago

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and this is basically what it is and there's a war of benefits from starving the body I mean and starving the body at least 12 hours they say at least 12 hours. The best is 16 hours, which is how love is they increase then literally This is scientific, they increase your immunity they help you to find more cancer cells span libido and then there is a famous line and honorable language says sunart osafo has to be healthy.

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So strengthen and guard and protect the health of the person limbs body and the heart. The more you fast The more you are walkers The more you will feel a walk around you in your day. Daily daily I'm not talking about Ramadan This is in general and a great way of improving your tempo improving your tempo because you need to start doing monday and thursday routine routine and then it will even increase it more

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reality of

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it so this is beautiful so I think I don't remember who said this either. Josie already mammal

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in Halle German we're talking it's the line you know when you have a horse and the horses usually wild? How do you have you? How many of you ride horses here?

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What is this August?

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Last Monday and Thursday everyone looking at?

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horses everyone looking at? Who knows diet two and five everyone looking at?

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So neither do you know Do you

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know why is the male must make us better. So the horses if you do horseback riding, right? The

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the trick, the trick is in the lineup.

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You hold it and then they teaches you if you pull it this way, the horse will go to the right. And if you if you will pull it this way, the horse will go that side he wanted the horse to stop you actually pull it. If you want the horse to run you head to the horse and use this is how it is. So what does it do now think of the horse and then what does it do to control the horse?

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It control the horse. So they say fasting really German with

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those who have tuck what is their Ryan keep them the right direction.

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So powerful fast. The other thing it's the paradise of the Warriors where he didn't have to show

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the agenda to Mojave naturally. It's the paradise of those who are struggling or fighting for a law they enjoyed. This has higher levels leads higher levels. The people who feel fasting is generally don't struggle about coffee and tea. They feel they are doing things with a loss. So go up and fit and save yourself. Am I there? Do I even one day from the 30 days I feel this way I feel the joy and the I'm close to a loss pantalla under control. Now the exercise and the struggle of the pure and those who are near Tomas.

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What is it called?

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What are your thoughts on the closer you are to Allah subhanaw taala you will enjoy more fasting sign of your meanness to Allah is weird is fasting to you. Like one of the signs is the book of Allah and of course a Salah to sign when you love fasting when you miss it when someone invite you on Thursday now of course you don't feel I'm saying but inshallah you will one day when somebody invites you on a Thursday or Monday, and you say what, it's Monday Why did they invite me for lunch on Monday?

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They invited me then you called the lady and says Can I come fasting? No You please don't.

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Right after the now you'll have to break the fast and the new feel.

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then then then these are you.

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Right versus like a humbler. She invited me Hello. I know my knee was too fast. She invited me on my plastic, then you're not there yet. So look at this, you know, like when you tell your child, I want to a plus. And he's like, what is a plus what's wrong with B?

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And you say no, it's a plus. That's a plus. For a fasting person. That's a plus for a person who wants to get close to almost pantalla does the equals and leaving what the neffs enjoy. That's the main thing about fasting because it's what we are leaving is Hello. You are leaving with enough sin, joy and delight for the love of Hawaiian is pleasure. That's it. Now we have to look at fasting. I am living what I love for what Allah subhanho wa Taala loves. And it's one of the major elements to attain. what it's really all we talked about this many times.