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A Good News For Those Who Struggle While Reciting The Quran

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Zakir Naik

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Is what about those people who are not fluent in reciting the Quran in Arabic and struggled to recite the Quran, as it should be recited with all the days weed and Maharaj etc. Could you give some advice to that person?

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I find out the person who struggles to recite the Quran and doesn't have proper energy then he has difficulties a beloved partner himself, as mentioned, say Muslim, born number one, in the book of Salah did number 1745. The blind Prophet said that anyone would excite the Quran fluently properties with etc. The angels will be with him. But a person who falters and struggles to recite the Quran, he will get double reward.

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And the explanation is given that one for reciting the Quran and second for struggling, so a person who cannot recite the Quran correctly and yet he continues and struggles and reads inshallah he'll get double reward. So this is Islam Mashallah. The more he struggles, the more reward we'll get inshallah.