Qur’an 30 for 30 – A Ramadan Series

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presented by Dr. and Sh. Abdullah Oduro


AI: Summary © The host of a cooking show discusses various topics including Laeboat cats, poor environment, and the new experiences that have occurred throughout the year. They mention a new guest and a guest who has been waiting for a long time. The host also talks about the importance of living life to the fullest and mentions a new guest who has been waiting for a long time.
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So I go to La Habana cats everyone and shout lots out this year it's called on 3430 and me and Chef Abdullah are actually in person right now I can touch them this is not suitable Yes, we can physically be in the same space and have the level we're looking forward to having an Anthony for 30. Again, last year chef Abdullah coined quarter and T to What did you call it? Pantene and Indian Korean Krantz unit Indian this year. inshallah Tada, we're gonna have a pseudo focus on poor and 30 for 30. So what did you call it? He told me it was called TF Sierra. Sierra. So we're doing tough See, let's think of it. Yeah, the Citadel is idea. And are you going to be facepalming? No, no.

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Well, I don't know. It depends on how hilarious you know some of the comments are you want to give them yeah, just give them a right now.

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What are you looking forward to most report on 30 for 30 days. Now I'm gonna it's gonna be a real interesting experience. Some people will be at home some people will be in the moss. So we hope that you tune in just really just benefiting from the new experiences that have happened throughout this year. It's a unique experience and kind of tying that into the life of the prophet SAW someone as well as the verses in crime and benefiting from that. No, who do you think could lift more mu? I think you can live more definitely, definitely no doubt about it. You heard it from Chicago.

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For core and 30, for 30. All on 2021 is looking forward to it. So I want to come