Dr Scientifically & Logically Proves to an Atheist the Existence of Hell & Heaven

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Good evening, Dr.

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Sales Manager from stripping company is the hell and paradise or their house, a common person I believe. I don't believe in any religion was the question that? How do I know that hell and heaven? How will a common man believe? I don't believe in religion?

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Better what is the definition of religion? Religion is a way of life.

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How you lead your life. Many people say that I don't mind I'm just a human being and born, I will do test and error and I will know how to lead a life.

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For example, you go to a forest

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you are going to a forest The first time you don't know whether the fruits are poisonous or not.

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If you start eating any fruit, you may end up eating a fruit which is poisonous and you may die. What do you do you ask an expert later on. When you get sick, who do you go to brother? When you are sick? Who do you go to? My

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doctor is an expert in

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treating sickness correct? You can't say that I am a human being. I will treat myself No. Therefore the Quran says in

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the Quran says in Surah Al chapter 16 verse 43 and 40 mph Aberdonian was number seven, first Aloo Ali Sikri in control autonomy, if you don't know as the person is expert, similar to lead a life, we have to ask the expert. Now who is the expert?

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Who is the expert, the person who created us who guided us, it's Almighty God.

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So we have to follow the commandment of Almighty God. If you do not believe in Almighty God, you should listen to my video cassette is the Quran God's word, whereas prove logically and scientifically the use of Allah subhanaw taala if you're an atheist, are you an atheist?

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Are you an atheist? Pardon me? Are you an atheist? No, no, not an atheist. So do you believe in God? Actually, I believe in the power but fine, that means you believe in God.

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Power you want to call it supernatural? You believe in God. It's like I believe something so mighty. The name that name is God.

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I call it power you may call it anything.

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If you don't believe in God, then listen to my video cassette is the Quran God's word if you don't know who that power is yet to listen to Micah said is the Quran God's word, were a proven scientifically undoubtedly existence of Allah subhanaw taala and the Quran is the word of Almighty God. Now coming to your question. If you say about power, that means you believe in religion because religion by definition, appoint Oxford distant legend means a belief in a supernatural controlling power. Power is there. That means you believe in a religion.

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Religion according to Oxford Dictionary means a belief in a supernatural controlling power, a personal god or gods that deserve obedience and worship. That means you believe in religion you don't know the definition of religion. So don't say don't believe in religion, religion an English word brother, religion is English word. If you open the Oxford Dictionary, it says religion means a belief in a superhuman controlling power and you believe in a power

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or a personal God of God that is the worship of obedience. To know more about that power, you see my video cuz it is over on God's word. Now coming to your question, basic question, how will I prove that there is hell in heaven? Now if you hear my video I said I've proved many scientific experts in the Quran. If you use science to the Quran, what we come to know that whatever the Quran said, Today 80% can be proved to be 100% correct scientifically, Quran speaks about various scientific facts, which we came to know recently, books about astronomy, it speaks about the spherical nature of the earth. It speaks about the Big Bang, it speaks about the light of the moon is not only reflected

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light, it speaks about the water cycle. It speaks about biology, it speaks about water needs peace about zoology, peace about embryology, all these things now, today is the age of Science and Technology. If we put this test of science to the Quran, what we come to know 80% whatever the Quran I said is 100%

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perfectly correct. The balance 20% is ambiguous. Neither right neither wrong out of that 20% not even point 01 percent has been proved to be wrong.

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percent scientific fact it is ambiguous thought my logic says when 80% is 100% correct. And not even point 01 percent of the 20% is proved wrong to my logic says that inshallah even that 20% will be correct.

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It's a logical belief

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of being a medical doctor current speed of astronomy, embryology, genetics, everything perfect. Then you asked me whether you being a doctor you believe in

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Hell to believe in heaven. You believe in jinn you believe in life after that.

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So my logic says inshallah even the other 20% in the Quran with science hasn't reached up to that level.

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Science cannot prove it, maybe science will prove 50 years later, or 10 years later, but today science hasn't reached that level. So in this way, I believe whatever 20% we science hasn't proved to be right or wrong. In shall live in that will be right. This is one way to prove about

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hell and heaven. There's no other way. simple way. without reading Quran, brother. I'm asking a simple question is probing good or bad?

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probing is good or bad. robbing is bad, bad. Yeah. raping a girl is good or bad. No, no, no bad, bad.

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Okay, now, I'm asking you a question.

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Logically, I suppose happened to be the biggest mafia.

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I'm a big robber.

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you prove to me logically and scientifically I'm a very logical person. I am a scientific person. I am a logical person and scientific person. you prove to me why robbing is bad for me and stop robbing.

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Only one reason you give me one good reason why robbing is bad for me and stop probably. It hurts others it hurts people. It hurts others who are different than me to me. If it hurts if I Rob if a robot doesn't realize it is benefiting me. I can see movie. I can go to a five star hotel. What difference does it make with her? That does not matter to me. I told you prove to me why it is bad for me. Not for others. And please bother about the others.

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Why is it bad for me when I'm robbing 1000 if it hurts him no problem. What difference does it make to me? If it hurts somebody else does it make a difference to me? I can enjoy again the movie. I can eat chicken biryani I asked to give me one logical reason why it is bad for me not why it is bad for others I'm a big mafia I'm powerful I'm a scientific person logical person prove to me one good reason logical why robbing is bad I will stop robbing Come on another type another

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another try

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one more try

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why it is bad

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no one's

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no one's tried try 2030 reasons 100 reason you can give you know actually as you said the religion means the way of life or religion by robbing is bad Tell me don't go to the no no I'm coming to the point no not point First tell me where Robin is that we'll come back to your point afterwards I'll come to your point afterwards when that is the way of life not way of life Tell me why Robin is bad according to you why it is that for me I will stop robbing after we you know it hurts either. So what difference does it make to me will hurt me? Of course you know, bad for me not quite as bad for others. Once we come to the society you know we have to face face them. Okay one has come to feel

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that they have to face them and facing them and facing them. What is

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why it is bad for me? The society won't respect us. What difference does it make whether respect or not I can eat chicken biryani I can go and see a movie I can go to a five star hotel What difference does it mean to view society respects or not? Imagine someone respects society. The poor person doesn't have food to eat. He'll be happy. Now if you require food to eat or not, you require food to survive. Only society respecting the person is starving to death. You know in India 1000s of people are starving to death What difference does it make? I must give me one good reason why robbing you gotta stop robbing. Why is bad for me?

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Can anyone else help him out by robbing is bad?

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robbing is bad.

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May I help you out? You may say police will get you

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good logical reason. Police will come and get you correct I don't get it. But you didn't give the I'm helping your

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brother. I told you I'm a powerful mafia. The police in my pocket ministers in my pocket. Big mafia to all the top mafia the police in the pocket. They're on my payroll. The police is on my payroll what really gets me small robber like you should not rob you will get arrested. I'm up top mafia. The police is on my payroll even the ministers on my payroll they are in my pocket. So small robber like you should not rob big mafia like me general.

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And the reason I'll help you out, maybe somebody will come and rob you. Yes, no one can rob me because I 100 bodyguard all of them hiding behind the stage. bodyguards small dropper Rob's somebody will rob him No one can not be because our bodyguards, hundreds of bodyguard with ak 47

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so logically you cannot prove at all

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By robbing is bad with all your science and technology you cannot prove robbing is bad So shall I take it in that way you know it is to make people feel that you know if you do wrong things then when you die What wrong thing where is robbing wrong for to prove it is wrong now? Where is robbing? You haven't proved to me robbing either on

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when you prove robbing is wrong then you can say don't do wrong thing now. Therefore what is good what is right you require a creator to tell you

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do require a doctor to tell you what food is good What food is bad. This fruit is poisonous. This is healthy for you. Apple is healthy for you. wild berries are poisonous for you. A doctor tells you there's no better doctors and our last one oh tala logically speaking, logically speaking, brother that mafia has got bodyguards, no one can harm him. And believe me, there are many examples. He dies. A very comfortable that. But I'm asking a simple question. Oh, brother, don't you think that there should be justice?

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Brother, yes, justice, someone should punish him or not.

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Law is there. But the law cannot punish every human being here by

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there are many mafias in Italy. There are many underworld people in India. The law can't do anything to them, will live in the pocket. But yet, you as a common man don't do think you should be punished. raping is good or bad. There are many people who rape, the rape the girls know nothing. The law cannot catch them. So don't you think he should be punished? Yes or no? Yes. But there are many people you see in this world who are big mafia that are comfortable that they're reaching the millionaires. They should be some justice. The replies given back later to chapter number three was the 185 Alas, it couldn't have been more every soul shall have a taste of that. But the final

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recompense will be on the Day of Judgment. This life is a mere chattels of deception.

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If there is no life after death,

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this life is of injustice. What we say that the total justice would be on the Day of Judgment. Our create Almighty God will give justice

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I tell the person fine you may be a big robber for example, you are that mafia No, I am a Muslim. No one can harm you police in your pocket. Then asked to justice required Yes. If someone robbed you, no one can agree but don't you feel there should be justice. There are many robbers there are many evil there are many criminals who go scot free. Unless there is life after that.

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You cannot prove robbing is bad. You cannot prove raping is bad. Unless it's life after that. No humanity no book on humanity. No Mother Teresa. No Mahatma Gandhi can prove robbing is bad without the concept of life after that.

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Because I must no question. Hitler. History tells us Hitler incinerated 6 million Jews. How many Jews 6 million 6 million. Suppose the Lord catches Hitler What punishment Can you give Hitler so that you can compensate for he has burned 6 million us alive? Can you give him any punishment?

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Rather we have to put him on jail till his lifetime Okay, will it be equivalent to burning 6 million US?

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is burning better putting in jail better?

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It's burning is. So maximum you can do is burn him alive. But that will be equal to one out of 6 million. What about the remaining 5,999,909 10 people? What about that? What just is is your Lord will do.

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But the Quran says in Surah Nisa chapter number four, verse number 56. As to those who reject our signs, which are caused them in the Hellfire, and as often as the skins are roasted, we shall give them fresh skin so that they shall feel the pain. If Hitler

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killed 6 million Jews. Allah says he can put him into Hellfire and give him fresh skin again, 6 million times I like and Bonnie not here in the year after in the hell.

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So only way I can prevent it from killing 6 million Jews is tell him that here you kill 6 million Jews, Allah will burn you 12 million times in the year after you can't give him that thing here. What you realize without the concept of hell and heaven, you cannot prove robbing is bad, you cannot prove vaping is bad.

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That's the reason our create Almighty God was created the human beings he tells us what is good, what is bad for us and he tells us rules and regulations this is called as religion. So first you have to find out which book is the authentic book which has been revealed by this Almighty God and when you do research, you will come to it. That is a foreign

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All the Scriptures speak about Almighty God and all the scripture they point out to the last and final Revelation the Quran and last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him Hope that answers the question.