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So now I come around to law here to catch up with your brothers and sisters Welcome back to the first and then reliable I mean we hit a milestone now, this is officially our 40th episode of the first with Ilan hunt and we are going into Ramadan and in sha Allah tada we will resume the series immediately after Ramadan and I pray that all of you are looking forward to the meeting Mohammed Salah hardy wisdom series as well as the poor and 3430 which will be sila centric inshallah Tyler So, again, if you've been a part of the series, then inshallah tie this one Milan will be particularly enjoyable to you and I asked the last panel to accept it from you and from those that

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you love and I asked Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us all for our shortcomings Allah mean, and the Sahabi that we're talking about today is directly tied to of course sadhaka infamously tied to sadhaka he is absolutely one of my favorite companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and before we talk about him, I want to remind everyone in sha Allah tala that we have the Greek Ramadan with Southern campaign, and this is to support the work that we've been doing at home that a lot of but I mean, with your support, where we have been able to consistently put out free resources and hamdulillah whether that's in the form of video series, or curriculum or whatever it may be, and we

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need your support in sha Allah to Allah, we've been grateful throughout the entire process of growth, to really be able to say at hamdulillah that we've had the support of our community, so please inshallah, tada amongst the various causes that you will support the similan go ahead and from now plug in inshallah tada your support for your team. This all done in the night he Tada. So make sure whatever it is that you sign up for inshallah, however, the amount is inshallah to Allah or whatever the amount is, make sure that you sign up inshallah to Allah. Before you finish this lecture been in it, Tyler. Now I'm out of narrow flow, the Allahu tada and I guarantee you that

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there is so much that you don't know about him beyond the savoca. And I want to start in sha Allah to Allah with his background, as we do with every Companion of the Prophet sallallahu. It was something that we cover, first and foremost before Islam, his name was actually not up to diamond, but it was Abdu IgM, or Abdullah Kava. Okay. And we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to change the names of those who had names that were contradictory to Islam, he would not change everyone's name sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when they became Muslim, but if there was something inherently negative about their name, something that was pessimistic had a bad meaning, or

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you know, included, being a servant to anyone but Allah subhanho wa Taala, than the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would change your name, and also last by some gave him the most beloved of names to Allah, as he said, so Allah hottie who is some that the most beloved of names to Allah, Rahman and Abdullah, so he named him Samba lahardee, who was salamander, Imam, and his, his cornea, which is his nickname was Abu Mohammed. So we are here in sha Allah to Allah without that amount of an oath, while the Allahu taala Abu Mohammed, a wealthy, exceedingly handsome, dignified, you know, pleasant men, all the Allahu Tada, and if you look at the amount of nanoflow, the Allahu taala, and

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how everything about him was absolutely stunning or the Allahu taala. And that was something that would even continue beyond Islam. And of course, he would be even more beautified by his Islam by his faith. As far as his tribe is concerned, he is also from the tribe of Ben ozora. And we know that this was the tribe of sides of an abbey castle, the Allahu taala. And who and this was also the tribe of the, the mother of the Prophet sallallahu. It was something I mean, I've been to a hub. So two of the 10 promised paradise, are related to the Prophet slicin through his mother by being from Daniel Zahara, so it's a powerful tribe. And that's of course, where his father is from his mother.

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His Her name is a Shiva and we don't have much about her She is from the children of the

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evenin Hadith the children have given of Hadith. As far as his connection to other tribes is concerned, we know that a man was married to multiple women before Islam, and this connected him to multiple tribes within Christ. So he had a powerful position and of course he was extremely wealthy. And he is one of those that accepted Islam at the hands of Abu Bakr Siddiq are the Allahu taala and also since we're now on the ninth of the 10 promise paradise within the series. Let's summarize how many of them belonged to a Rebecca it will be a lot of time so we have our Beckett himself obviously, we have upon her was obeyed, or if not have been a fan sided maybe war class and the

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amount of nerf and some of the narrations suggest our VEDA, who we talked about last week, may Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with them also above Beckett will be allowed to

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And what accounts for more than half of an actual mortgage lien, the 10 promised paradise and some how to live, it also shows the wisdom and the positioning of abubaker that when these people heard about the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, many of them winter wobec it all the time No. So he was searching out for people to tell them about the profit slice of them and people were going to him knowing his wisdom or the allot of time when his positioning in society and his closeness to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, Madame nanoflow, the Allahu taala and who has the unique experience of needing a monk not in Syria in a sham but needing a monk in Yemen. Now remember, recolor tu*a you

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will save you had the winter trip and you had the summer trip that Allah talks about, that were the famous trade routes of the people of Mecca. And so you have all of these stories of the Sahaba meeting monks, people that were particularly Christian monks that were awaiting are speaking about the coming of a prophet from Mecca, and they would come back and they would find that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had come out, in the case of added him out of an oath. He was in Yemen, on a business trip, and he was a famous merchant will the Allahu taala on him. And while he was in Yemen, and he was with one of the seniors in Yemen, this elder in Yemen introduced him to a monk.

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And when he introduced himself to the monk, the monk said, Where are you from? He said, I'm from Mecca. And he said, What are you here for? He said, I'm here for a T job. I'm here to trade I'm here to buy and sell. I'm a merchant. And listen to what the monk said to me said Allah. Allah obersee Roca BB Shara where he was he a pharaoh NACA Minetti, Java, Allah, De Luca de beshara, or hydro Naka Mina te Giada. Shall I not give you a glad tiding that is greater than any type of trade that you can do over here? And he said, What is this bisazza that is greater that mighty Giada? What is the glad tidings that's greater than my trade. He said, a man that will arise from where you just left,

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that receives revelation from the Lord of the heavens and the earth. And that is the continuation of the way of the Saudis and on the way of Jesus peace be upon him. So I've had him on. Now for the allotted time when he comes back to Mecca, and Subhanallah, just like many of the others, he goes to Hubble Beckett will the longtime, who was a close friend of his, and he told them all Beckett What happened? And he asked about Beckett, have you heard anything he said, Indeed, it is Mohammed Abdullah. It is Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And he took me to the home of Khadija, or the Allahu taala on her that day, to embrace Islam. So I'm not under oath is again one of the first 10 or 15 to

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accept Islam, who embraced Islam before Darwin outcome and who, who would know the Prophet sallallahu wasallam before the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would formally start to gather the people and teach them and he became one of the students of outcome as well. One of the things about him is that he maintained his trade routes all the time. I know he stayed under the radar in Mecca. But he was persecuted and we see that other American heroes was one of those who made the first migration to Abyssinia, the first migration to Habesha and then came back and he stayed back in Makkah until the migration to and Medina so last week, we talked about about rubedo, the Allahu taala and who,

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who only made the second migration to inhibition to Abyssinia and this week we talked about the amount of knarf, who only made the first migration the first trip to El Habesha and came back and spent time with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and waited until the order to migrate to Medina. Hence he becomes and I want you to memorize these terms in sha Allah Allah also from us Harbin heads will attain one of those who has the distinction of being from the people of the two hingeless. The people who migrated twice for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And probably his most famous story with the unsought of the Prophet slice on them. It might be the most famous story

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of an MA of how the Prophet slicin paired off the unsought and the mahadji. Deen is a story between him and his brother side of narrow beer. So as we know, when the mahadji Ron came to Medina, when those who migrated from Mecca came to Medina, the prophet slice unpaired off everyone with a brother from the unsought and that brother from the inside of the helpers of Medina was to take one of them hygiene in and was to care for them and to help them get settled in Medina

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have the nerve who is used to being a wealthy businessman who is successful his entire life, he was extremely sharp. He was a hard worker, he was very determined, and he knew how to take care of himself. So he's in a vulnerable situation, being a refugee fleeing persecution, right fleeing the persecution of Mecca, and he's with this man who he doesn't know. And Sarah says to him, he says, oh,

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My brother he says I am the richest of the people of Medina. Now by the way, I want to stop here because this is something that's often not spoken about the prophets. I said, I've had a wisdom for everyone that he paired off with in Medina. Okay, so it wasn't a random pairing off and you see the wisdoms of how alone you start to study the personalities from the unsought and how they match up with the personalities of them. Oh, how do you don't. And so sad was clearly a wealthy man. in Medina, he says, I am amongst the most wealthy of Medina. He said, I have to have everything and he said, you can take anything that you want. He said, I have two gardens, you can take whichever one

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of the two gardens that's pleasing to you. And he starts to split his wealth. He says, This is my wealth, take half of my wealth. And he gets to the point where he says that I'm married to two women. And he said, whichever one that you would like to be married to. And of course, this is not the advice of the Prophet slice of them, right. But this is just, you know, speaking to what side was saying to him, he said, whichever one that you want to be married to, he said, I'll go through the process. I'll get divorced. And then after she finishes, whatever, waiting period and she becomes harder for you to marry, then you can marry her instead. And I'm the man is looking at him.

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And he's offering all of these things. Now that man was embarrassed by, you know, his words, his generosity, obviously, and his words and the way that he's basically telling him, Look, I'm in charge, I'm taking care of you, whatever it is that you want. So other man says to him, he says barakallahu, Li, Kofi, Kofi Malika May Allah bless you, with your family and with your wealth, but he says, I have no need for any of that. He said, however, do Lenny Allah soup, the very famous words of art that I don't know if he said, Listen, just show me where the marketplaces. Now the marketplace was extremely hostile, right? This is not easy for someone to just make their way into

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the marketplace, especially as a market and to suddenly make their way right. I mean, he's still a refugee. He hasn't even got his feet wet. He doesn't understand Medina yet. But I'm not going to Oh, he says, Just show me where the marketplaces I will take care of myself, I'll make my own money and you don't have to worry about me. So he told side, I want nothing from you does Aquila Hydra, I need to take care of myself. Now the marketplaces were controlled based upon what they would sell. So some of the marketplaces were under the tribe of, of some of the Jewish tribes that used to exist in Medina, some of them were under certain tribes that might have been hostile to the Muslims. So he's

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looking at these different marketplaces. And he's saying, Okay, let me see if I can wiggle my way in, you know, the silk of bento, Crayola, the soup of benoquin, aka all of these different marketplaces. So he goes in there, and he studies it. I mean, he's, he is a businessman all the time. I know a brilliant businessman. So he first starts off with what is easiest for him to acquire, right? But if he, you know, obviously packages that the right way, puts it together the right way, packages that the right way, then he can start to make a living with that. So he starts off with selling what he starts off with selling yogurt and butter and dates, whatever he can

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acquire, he starts to do that and what he would do, obviously, you know, somehow if you think about the way that food is sold, right, a lot of it is just about the recipes, putting them together. So he would do things that were popular to the people. So he would mix the yogurt and the butter and the dates, he would make different, you know, things with that. The famous dish, which is known as haste where you put it all together, and he started to sell that. And he did well for himself. Then he worked up enough money, it'll be a long time ago to start trading in horses. And he knew horses from his time in Mecca, then he, as he as he started to trade horses have they're not going to ofe

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started to sell saddles, horse saddles. So he's getting more and more wealthy in Medina, even though he's new to the place. It was just brilliant like that. So can Allah and he said that, you know, there was a time that I could literally look at a stone and I could turn over any stone and I would find gold under it. I mean, he's talking about his own ability and how Allah blessed him to be able to make something out of nothing when it came to business. So it didn't take him long to be able to get married. I mean, to have enough money to get married and start his new life in Medina. So he goes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And the description of it in this narration is that

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the sense of perfume was all over him. He was dressed nicely, I mean, he's coming to the Prophet slice I'm looking looking, you know, happy and handsome. And the Prophet slice I'm looked and he said, Ma'am, yeah, man, which means What a pleasant surprise. Oh, man. What is it odd that I'm not he said Yella sulla I've got married and the profit slice I'm said What did you get married with like, what did you give her as a Maha we just got here and we're just trying to figure out all of these different things. So he said I gave her the weight of a newa and gold which is a portion of gold. I gave her a block of gold. So the profit slice on them he was happy for him. Obviously

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pleased but he said oh them when we shot the very famous narrow

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that we use today when we talk about walima. He said have a walima have a feast, even if it is with a single sheep and he said me, Allah Subhana, Allah bless you, in your family and in your wealth. So that I'm not a matter of being the first of the mahadji Deen that we know, those that migrated from Mecca to have a wedding in Medina. And he did it all by himself, meaning he did not take up the generous offer of his sponsor inside binaural beat to take some of his wealth or some of his gardens to be able to do that. So this was a man that Subhana Allah was extremely wealthy, and smart and really self sufficient in the sense like he did not want anyone to do anything for him at all the

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alone time. And he was not arrogant as a result of his welfare as a result of his position that he had. Rather we find that he participated in every battle with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so he did not take a posture of jasola I'm wealthy and I'm not going to go out and battle or get my clothes dirty alongside you. Instead, we find that he maintained the closeness to the Prophet slice Allah in battle, just like all of the ash and will actually in all of the 10 promise paradise they always found themselves near the Prophet sighs I'm in battle, seeking to protect the messenger it his Salatu was set up. So some of the stories that we have from him in battle. One of them if you

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remember when we talked about Bilawal the Allahu taala. And he was the one that took as a prisoner will may know harloff who of course used to torture billable the lot of time and billable the a lot of time and who was the one who killed Amaya.

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And of course, if you remember, of the amount of narrow sister Hynde was married to build up so the law or the law of Thailand who was the brother in law about that anatomy, or the law of town, we also see that he was one of those that stayed the course. And while he did not suffer the wounds of pinhead aldila hota and who are loses teeth the way that abora Vedado DLR and who lost his teeth biting out the the helmet that was driven into the face of the profit slice on them to have suffered over 20 wounds on the day of hurt and some of them were so severe in his leg that he would limp for the rest of his life will be alive today because of the wounds that he suffered in a hurt in the

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companionship of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and we also find that once as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was preparing to dispatch a force a mission and also lost a law when he was

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asked for people to sponsor it that night and when it goes home and he brings back 2000 coins for the Prophet sallallahu Simon will soulless Isom says what have you left behind? He said the other sort of lot, I give 2000 for the sake of a lot, I left 2000 for my family. So giving half of your wealth for an expedition is pretty significant. And this is something that he constantly would do with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in multiple expeditions, the only one that would outdo him in giving for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada in those expeditions was not other than Earth man, I've been a fan of all the Allahu Allah. And we see that the Prophet slice and I'm actually appointed him

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to lead one of those missions and something significant that happened. And this was the fifth year of his law, that as the profit slice on him was dispatching him the profit slice that took a turban. And he wrapped the head of that amount of an oath himself. I mean, just think of the scene. And as he wrapped the head of that amount of an oath, he put his hand on his head, well, the Allahu taala on him, and he may do it for him. And as he made you out for him, he advised him to have Taqwa as the profit slice and would always do when he sends someone out on a military mission. he advises them to be pious to be mindful of Allah subhanaw taala. And that means on a personal level, to

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always be in a state of preparation, right to meet your Lord. And also, you know, to be mindful of Allah to not transgress, because a lot of things happen in the capacity of battle. And the Muslims have to abide by a certain level of ethics. So he is he put his hand on the head of the amount of an oath, the turban that he wrapped himself on his head, and the prophets eisah may do out for him. He advised him to have Taqwa. He advised him to praise Allah Subhana Allah for everything that comes his way. And then he told him something very interesting. He said, Listen, when you get to those people, invite them to Islam. And if Allah subhanaw taala gives you victory, then propose to the

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daughter of the chief of the tribe, proposed to the daughter of the chief of the tribe. This is a very specific advice that the prophets I some gave to him. And of course, this was a way of softening the hearts of tribes that were hostile and bringing people together. So the Prophet slice of them, gave him that and I'll see how gave him that advice, and Subhanallah through that marriage, so I've been I've met him there. He did what he was told, and he married the daughter of the chief of the tribe, and through that marriage, his most prominent son was born and that was Abu Salah. If another man even if

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Who would go on to become one of

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the seven jurists of Medina, who were famous, the most famous seven scholars of the tambourine in Medina, a student of the greatest of the companions of the Prophet slice I'm a student of it shall be Allah. And he, you know, just one example, by the way, is that Abu selama? If not, man was the one who asked, he showed the law on how to describe the prayer of the Prophet slicin them to me, right. So you think about how crucial the role he plays in the transmission of the deen. And it came from this marriage, that the prophets I seldom gave him advice and told him what the Allahu taala and who to marry the daughter of the chief of that tribe. We also find that the famous Hadith where

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Lao Tzu I hadn't been asabi for in haidakhan lo amphicar. This offered in the Hubba madaraka. Monday, I had him well, and I'll see if the profits a little while and I'll see if I hold the promise that I sell them said, that do not curse or reveal my companions for if one of you were to spend as much gold as

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it would not amount to as much as a as a handful, that one of them spent for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala or even half of it. And the context of this Hadeeth interestingly enough, was actually that an argument took place between Khalid Liddell the Allahu taala and Han Abdurrahman, Rio for the law. And Khalid was new to Islam. And Khalid or the Allahu anhu, said some words top that I'm not under oath, as they were arguing in the wake of a battle. And the Prophet slicin was saying to hospital, the Allahu taala, and who do not curse my companions, or abuse my companions. So of course for us, this applies to all of the Sahaba of the Prophet slice and them but when the

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Prophet slice I'm spoke to the Sahaba, there were, of course, degrees amongst the Sahaba and the Prophet slice. And I'm always gave preference to a cibic on a widow and the first right, and those that came to Islam early on the Prophet slice, and I'm judged people in accordance with that, and the Prophet slice, and I'm even told Khalid there'll be a lot that I know, do not abuse my companions that you cannot reach the rank of a person like that, not even all the Allahu tada and there are other narrations about his virtues, and they are plentiful Subhana Allah, and I'll go through some of my favorite and I could literally go all night talking about the amount of nurofen

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how the companions spoke about this man that was so generous with his wealth and generous with his heart and generous with his spirit. One of them is the narration of pulka ignore obey the law or the law. And I hope you remember the thought of what the law and what was thought had been hired Paul hottel Jude, he was known for his generosity too. So the generous know that generous, they compete with each other for hired for goodness, and palheiro. The Allahu anhu was someone that would look for people to give sada to give charity to and listen to what he says about the amount of money. He said, all of the people of Medina lived off of other amount of narrow sadaqa in some way. And he

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explained it, he broke it down. He said 1/3 of the people had debts that they owe to others, and not enough paid them off. So that's one way, if you were burdened by debt, you were 1/3 of Medina and you owed someone else money, that amount of nerve would pay off your debt for you. He said, 1/3 of the debts were actually owed to him and let him know forgave them. So 1/3 he paid off in terms of debts to others. 1/3 were debts that were owed to him and he forgave them. And he said 1/3 was the southern thought that he gave to people in Medina, and he never looked to that person for any repayment again. SubhanAllah so he said everyone in Medina, was somehow living off of the sadhaka of

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this man, little the Allahu taala and,

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and the only one that would beat him at times was again, there's not even a fan, or the Allahu taala and who saw the famous story of dish and Ursula,

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which was a difficult campaign,

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where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked who would come forward in earth model the law and who came forward with the most, we see the other commandments, the Allahu taala and who donated 20 or 200 pounds of gold ingestion, Ursula so there's a narration says 21 that says 200 The point is, he donated a whole lot of money. When the Prophet sallallahu wasallam asked who would finance that campaign? And then listen to this narration of the amount of Nero for the Allahu taala and who is the only person that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam confirmed prayed Salah behind Okay, why do I say that because there's if the laugh there's difference of opinion when the Prophet sly son was

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dying and he came out for his last Salah. If Abu Bakr radi Allahu taala and who took the imama or the prophets lie some continue to be the Imam but the but they were situated in a way where a bucket will the low tide and will remain the Imam and the Prophet slicin was so sick that he came out and sat next level bucket there's a difference of opinion about whether I will bucket all the law and who led him on

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Or the profit slice and I'm assumed the imama from our bucket has to do with the law. And as Rob did, I don't know if he's the only person that we know from the Sahaba of the Prophet slice alum that the Prophet slicin prayed and did soju behind, particularly such the behind while he was fully healthy. What's the context of this? It was actually in tabuk and bilad, or the Allahu Allah and he looked around, he used to go to the Prophet, slice Allah, to ask the Prophet size, some of you should do the other than the Prophet slicin would give him the permission, he'd go make the other and then the Prophet slicin would come and lead the companions in prayer. This time, the Prophet

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slicin was nowhere to be found. And as they looked around, they realized that the profit slice of them had gone far away at that point, and they did not want to risk the timing of the slot the window of the Salah, so below the Allah hotel and who, and those that were there, appointed that anonymous arrow to leave the slot, which tells you about his position in the first place. So without garak he did the other and the akarma other economic growth began to lead the Salah. Now the profit slice of them came upon them while they were praying jamara Okay, this is an unprecedented situation. I know that it sounds pretty self explanatory, right? But yeah, the prophets I will just

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pray behind them, but he had never prayed behind anyone before solahart he was Allah. So the prophets I send them just assumes a position it was dark. He just assumes a position and he prays catching the second record behind the other anatomy.

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And this is I'm going to read the narration Arabic because it's so beautiful as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as did his tasleem Kama Kama Rasulullah sallallahu it was Aloma you Tim salata, the profit slice, and I'm stood up to pray his last lecture. So imagine you're in the loss and I want you to last night when you come down to LA, and you look and the prophets lie, some stood up to pray another icon. So everyone was terrified, okay. They did not know what to do for us or that he can muslimeen and so the Muslims were just completely over overwhelmed. They didn't know what to do for accurate tests be accurate to spear so they started to do they started to say Subhan, Allah

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Subhana Allah like they thought they must up because the prophets lie. Some did not lead them in Salah he prayed behind on time. And that one record of the prophets lie Selim, you know, can you imagine how long it was to have that I don't know who is who doesn't know if he sinned at this point, or if he made a mistake. So, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam finished his Salafi Lama bada and abuse of Allah who it he was sending muscle not to who up to the era him the profit slicer. And after he finished his record, he looked towards them and the profit slice them said, I sent him You did well, you did well. So he put them at ease. sallallahu wasallam. And he once again

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reaffirmed sunless Allah, He walked, he heard that you pray your prayers on time, so you did well. So this was an honor that Allah bestowed upon

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him to overrule the Allahu taala and hope that he would lead the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in Salah. Now, after the death of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam we also see that the man continued while the Ola hotel and hoods play an important role in the community. He was entrusted by Amr and a hospital, the longtime home and taken into shore by our back in a study called the law of Thailand. And there are very specific ways that his generosity continues to shine all the time on hold for one of the man, if not all of us to take care of our mothers used to take care of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, he took it upon himself to be the sole provider of the wives of the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, after the Prophet sallallahu wasallam passed away, and that's something that's just extremely beautiful that you take it upon yourself to say, our mothers and you know, think about your own blood mother, right, someone that took care of your mother, these are our mothers, the wives of the Prophet slice on them, these are our own mahat. And this is the man will be a lot And with that said, I will care for all of them, they never have to worry about their finances, again, it is on me. And it was so well known to the Muslims, that other man is the one who provides for them, that anytime he sold something and he he got a portion of it, then he gave a

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portion of it to the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam whether it was a big transaction or a small transaction, a part of his salary went to the widows, the wives of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam our mothers in particular, there's narration that one time, he sold a piece of land for 40,000 dinars and he distributed the entire amounts among the general Zahara, who are the relatives of the Prophet size and his mother, and among the Prophet sly sums wives and the poor amongst the Muslims and it shall be Allah and have received that huge amount of money and

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

He said who sent this money they said it's the Imam and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam remembered that Russell I'm sorry, I saw the Allahu taala and he remembered that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that Oh, I should no one will feel compassion towards you after I die except for the righteous, meaning only a righteous person will rise to the occasion to take care of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after he passes away, and that was under economic growth. He has the distinction as well of accompany the Prophet slicin his wives on Hajj. So he was in charge of taking the wives of the Prophet slice of them on Hajj. And that is just such

00:30:38--> 00:31:20

a beautiful distinction that belongs to him all the time. I know that he can meet Allah subhanho wa Taala with there's also of course, a very famous story about that I met him there on his caravan came back to Medina. When he would come back from his trade routes, it was always a scene because his camels were loaded with all sorts of goods. And so one day, he came back from a trade route. And it literally was so loud that the city of Medina started to rumble to where people thought that they were under attack, there were clouds of dust. And, you know, the wind was blowing the sand. And, you know, the people of Medina thought that maybe We're under attack. And instead what it turned out to

00:31:20--> 00:31:59

be was other phenomena ofce caravan coming back, and it was 700, camels, 700 camels, all filled with goods. So how about coming into the streets of Medina, and Amanda Mero for the allotted time. I know as he was doing that I showed the law and he asked, he said, what's happening? And they said, it's the caravan of other phenomena. Oh, he just came back from a shop. And this is his merchandise. This is all that he he gained. And she said, you know, all of this from one caravan and they said yeah, I mean, there's 700 candles, and she made the door for other economic growth that there's some narrations that indicate the profit slice and made this out for him as well. She said Oh Allah allow

00:31:59--> 00:32:42

him to drink from the water of subsidy, which is a specific spring in paradise. Pamela What a beautiful day that sucker hola May Allah grant him the drink of set of Sabine a very specific spring in Paradise Just as he is distinguished with the law of town I'm in his trade and in the spending for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala that let him be distinguished in gaining this particular gift of agenda and drinking from the spring of Ansel subete. You find multiple narrations though, about handle the law of town I know about how uncomfortable he was with his wealth and this is from his Zohar, this is from his asceticism, and these narrations are extremely powerful. One of them he

00:32:42--> 00:33:24

said are the allow Tata and booted over to Lena now Rasulullah sallallahu it he was Saldana with blah blah he for Sabah una funaab to Lena bissa wa vida who Fela nos bill. He said well the law of Allah and who we were tested with hardship with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we were patient. But then we were tested with ease and prosperity after the Prophet sallallahu wisdoms death, and we were not patient, What is he talking about? The first type of patients is the patients of hardship. And that is when something happens to you, you're tested by Allah subhanaw taala. And you are patient your response. The second type of patient is the patient's of hips, enough of a

00:33:24--> 00:34:05

shower, the patient's of desires, and he's saying that it was much easier to survive adversity than it was prosperity, because in prosperity, we had a hard time keeping to our promise with the loss of hundreds on our covenant with the loss of Hannah Montana. And that was from his COVID from his asceticism that he was always spending for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala out of fear that he had betrayed that covenant with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam there is another narration and somehow I listened closely oma, this is to the unloved Muhammad's lifestyle and that the prophets lie Selim said, if the treasures of Persia and Rome are open for you, what kind of people will you

00:34:05--> 00:34:40

become? What kind of people are you going to become? and have that and I don't know if he said, The Allah so Allah will be as Allah commanded us, we're going to stay upon the covenant and the profit slice that I'm said, it may be that you become something else. So how you become unrecognizable because of the wealth that enters upon you. He said, Salalah How are you? I said, I'm Tatiana fursona, so Matata has I don't wanna so metadata Runa su Matata, bahuguna he sets out a lot of you saying you will compete with each other and then you will envy each other. And then you will turn on each other and then you will hate each other. So how Allah I mean, this is such

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

a message from the prophets I send them because he said I'm not afraid shaniqua and *er, I'm not afraid of poverty for you, oma, I'm afraid that the doors of wealth open to you and you kill each other over that wealth. So he said to them, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam particularly i'm not i'm not overly alarmed, who said jasola will stay upon that which

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

Allah commanded us he said, you know, it's not like that, that unfortunately as the riches are open to you, first you compete with each other and then you envy one another, and then you turn on each other and then you hate one another. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from being of that prophecy, Allah. I mean, there's another narration that I've done, no reported that the prophets lie Selim said, that shape on has said that the owner of wealth saw he will now say he will not the owner of wealth, the one who possesses great wealth will never be safe for me, by one of three ways, either will I'll get them through one of three ways. Either I will get them to take money without

00:35:43--> 00:36:25

permission, the lady happy how like they basically they take money and wrong, or I will get them to spend it without it's right. Or I will make it so beloved to that person that he obstructs its rightful use. So either they earn wrong, or they spend wrong, or they become so intoxicated with with wealth, that they obstruct, it's being spent right. So shavon says, the prophets lie. Some says that shavon says In this scenario, Bob does not mean that the eye will be able to penetrate saw he will not be the one who has much wealth through one of these three directions. So I'm not going to overload the longtime, who was extremely cautious about the wealth that he had. And one of the

00:36:25--> 00:37:01

things that's narrated about him well, the alojado you might remember this from prayers of the pious that there's not an arrow for the Alo Han who was seen making koloff around the cab, and the only day he made the entire time Allah homoclinic shorthand FC. O Allah protect me from the greed of my soul, Oh Allah protect me from the greed of my soul, Oh Allah protect me from the greed of my soul. So he was afraid, while the Allahu anhu for the wealth that he had, and that's why it is narrated that other Americans Oh, for the law, I know despite his great wealth and his the large caravans that you could not distinguish him in a gathering from the poorest of servants because of his

00:37:02--> 00:37:46

because of his asceticism, and there's no narration that are documented in your overall the lowdown on home center Buhari, that one time someone gave him some food, and he was fasting for Jalla Yaki and he started to cry thought put in a Hamza, Fela mujer ma you caffeine ofii. So Hamza, what the Allahu taala was killed, and he did not have my UK final fee enough to even cover him in a Kaffir Illa, Philbin wahida except for one garment, we'll put it on Musab farlam ujet ma you kefan ofii, Illa, thoburn, wahida and Musab was killed and he had nothing to cover him and his death except for one cuffin one except for the garment that he had for his death. And he said look like the Hashi to

00:37:46--> 00:38:24

a near corner ergy that Lana Paiva to nafi hyah Tina dunya I am afraid that we are amongst those for whom the dunya the goodness of this world or for whom our reward has been hastened in this world meaning what is left for us as the punishment of the hereafter. By the way, this is a man who was promised paradise on multiple occasions, and he would cry because he would think about those who suffered, who who he felt like we're better than him and who better than the Prophet sallallahu it was settlement. So there's another narration very similar, that one time someone served him an extravagant meal of hope as well Latin, bread and meat. And so he started to cry and he said,

00:38:24--> 00:39:03

halakhah Rasulullah sallallahu it he was seldom when I'm Yesh, bhairahawa elevated heat and Hobbes's sherried he said that the Prophet slicin passed away from this world and he and his family never once got to eat their fill of bread or barley, you know, just to have the basics of this world. They never got it. Salalah honey, he was selling it early, he was gonna be a domain. So this was other phenomena overall, the ALA hotel and who and the fear that he had, because of all that Allah subhanaw taala had given to him. Some of the other stations have other phenomena. One of them is that, of course, as we talked about with Laura Bader janela, he was the one that solved the

00:39:03--> 00:39:40

discussion about how Muslims should act. In the case of a plague and the plague of I'm lost, he was the one that intervenes in the argument between our model the Aloha, abort radar, the Allahu anhu, when he said at a federal and other Illa Are you running away from the decree of Allah subhanaw taala by fleeing from the plague and armadyl the law and we said, we are fleeing from the decree of Allah to the decree of Allah, meaning we're not being reckless, where we're showing to what code and this is how we show to I could buy as Bob by taking the means we trust the loss of Hannah Montana, and it was a matter of narrow for the law. I know I said, I heard from the Prophet slice I love what

00:39:40--> 00:40:00

I heard that if a person is in a land and plague breaks out, they should not leave it and if they're not in that land, and then they should not go to it. So it was him that intervened in that regard. We also find that one of the rulings of accepting jizya from the images from the Zoroastrians, that was also taken from Monroe Who said I heard it from the public

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

To tie some insight from the profit slice I'm so the ruling of jizya from Al Kitab was not specific to Kitab but apply to these other religious communities as well that they would be protected under the jizya. And then finally,

00:40:14--> 00:40:57

you know, when we come to his death or the Allahu taala, and we come to his role in the khilafah of Omar or the Allahu taala. And when then it is normal, the law in the appointment of the pinata of the halifa. And so it starts with almost all the Alon as Alma appointed his Shura, and it was the six people left of the 10 promised paradise with the exception of sightedness eight, due to him being a relative of the narrow narrow for the Allahu taala and who was particularly instrumental in what would transpire next, and that'd be it'll have a whole lot to it, he actually says that it is from an awfully monarch TV, what they allow to unhook from the greatest of his virtues, was the way

00:40:57--> 00:41:36

he handled himself on the shoulder of amabile. The law I know in choosing the next Khalifa, Abdullah Madam europro, the Allahu anhu, immediately disqualified himself from being the Khalifa. And instead, he waited out to see who he would give his vote to, in choosing the next Khalifa. And when it came down to his vote of that amount of narrow for the Allahu anhu went through the streets of the oma. And he did sure I mean, he consulted the men, the women and even the children, asking them who should be the halifa? Should it be Earth normal, the Allahu anhu? Or should it be ideal, the Allahu taala. And after all of that consultation, he took his decision, and he gave his vote to

00:41:36--> 00:42:17

earthman will the law of town and it was phenomenal, the Allahu taala and who became the Khalifa. Now, in the time of Earth mominul, the Alon, it's important to remember that any one of these Asher memberships in 10 promise paradise, how to claim to khilafah, right? I mean, they're all in this category, this illustrious category of being from the 10 that were promised paradise. And one of the narrations is that Aristotle, the longtime, who once became sick. And he, he wrote in his will, that other phenomena would be his successor, that if he passes away in this illness, that other kind of narrow would be this his successor. So it could have been that odd that I don't know who is going to

00:42:17--> 00:42:56

be the leaf of the Muslims. And of course, I'm not going to have had a very similar personality to earth model the law I don't know him for his generosity, yet his great modesty and humility. And so when, when they, the man hurt him, Ron was his name. He heard that Earth model the law and who ordered that? He went up that amount of narrow in the masjid he found them in the masjid. And he said, I'll Bushra I'll Bushra he said glad tidings lie tidings. He said, When are dark What is it? He said, Earth man has written that you will succeed him and understand him their oath went between the grave of the prophets lie some of the men but of the prophets lie some meaning he's in the

00:42:56--> 00:43:40

robot, right? And he said, Oh Allah, if it is indeed that Earth Manuel the Allahu taala has entrusted me with this matter. Nittany cobbler, let me die before he dies. I mean, that's powerful, right? Like he immediately said, Oh, Allah, if that's the case, if I'm going to be his successor, let me die before he dies. I don't want to be left alone. I don't want to be tested with that responsibility. And he did not live except for a few months after that. And he passed away due to natural causes before the fitna would break out. And before he passed away, he had this dream The night before he passed away. And in his dream, he he he looks behind him in the entire Omar's behind

00:43:40--> 00:44:19

him. So it's an interesting dream that he shared with some of us harbor before he passed away. And I leave not to be thought about all the time and he describes the scene of his janazah he said that there was like the whole oma came to the janazah of the phenomena of you know, you think about that how many people were standing in that janazah that added economic growth had helped, right? If all of Medina used to depend upon him in some way. How many people felt truly indebted to him? You know, when someone passes away, you hope that they don't owe anyone anything. You don't find anything of owing anyone anything, or hurting anyone. And so I literally allow Tyler I know he's looking out at

00:44:19--> 00:44:59

the janazah. But he says it's like everybody was there. And we know the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that when the people testify as you are passing away, that if they say good about you, what about the whole Jana, that Jana has become mandatory. And the opposite is also true. And it will be a lot of data and we're looking out at the janaza of of the amount of neuro for the yellow tag. I know he said those words that were a bit longer journeys and what a sign like this is Jenna, being mandatory for him in sha Allah. And so I've known him now for the a long time and who passes away at the age of about 75 years old and before he died

00:45:00--> 00:45:42

He liberated, they save hundreds or even 1000s of slaves. He donated so much money to everyone that was around and look at his will sia Subhana Allah, how he will what he still had, he will 400 dinars of gold for each veteran of whether that was still alive, because he loved the bed that he owned because the profit slice I'm loved the veterans about that they were the best of the Sahaba. So He willed that whoever was still alive from the veterans of bed that then then they take 400 the knobs and then He willed for on the heart and movement in, you know, a huge share of money for those that were left from the widows, the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a huge share of

00:45:42--> 00:46:22

money. And they say that Subhan Allah was up to, you know, over 400,000 right, I mean, somehow just He willed so much money, and there are different numbers that are there. But he divided so much of his money, with, with the wives of the Prophet sly, some that were left behind, and all of that and his family, his actual inheritors still had a lot of money that was left behind for them, even though the Allahu taala and who he spent so much in the path of Allah, and I leave all the Allahu taala and who he said, Rahim, Allah, may Allah have mercy on you, Mohammed, you attain the goodness of the world, but you overcame its literal, you overcame his deception, you were never diluted by

00:46:22--> 00:47:03

this world. And I want to end with this hadith from the prophets of Allah or use them as we go into them a lot. But also last night, so I'm not applying was shocking, that the one who eats and is grateful is like a slot and asabe is the same like demons either to sign a saw, but it's just like a person who fasts and his patients, meaning a person who is grateful, and they have is just like a person who is restraint and their patient, because it's the same thing that inspires gratitude that inspires patients. And that's that connection to Allah subhanaw taala that that helps you see, through all ease and through all hardship, right, that you should remain connected to Allah subhanho

00:47:03--> 00:47:41

wa Taala. And I want to address actually one narration, that's a very common narration that gets quoted about the amount of narrow for the longtown I'm home. And that is that I show the law and has said that I heard the profit slice and I'm say that the amount of nerf would enter into Jenna had one crawling. And then I'd recommend Ralph cried, and he said, you know, but I want to enter gender standing, I want to enter gender upfront and SubhanAllah. This is a very common narration that's quoted in the books. And, you know, doing, you know, just a little bit of research on it, it seems like there's really nothing that is authentic whatsoever about this. The lesson, obviously, that's

00:47:41--> 00:48:15

usually used in the books, is what the prophets lysozyme said that the poor would enter into jhana, hundreds of years before the rich the capital reserve because of all of the accounting that has to be done of the wealthy. And so they say this is what it meant without that I'm not going to follow the law today. But as I said, with our VEDA or the Allahu taala, and who, though we don't scrutinize narrations, when it comes to see it all the same way we do a Hadeeth. When there's something that just seems very contradictory or seems out of place, then it is important to scrutinize and so there's nothing authentic that says that, that I'm not an arrow for the law and who will enter Jenna

00:48:15--> 00:48:57

crawling or behind or anything like that. Rather what we see is that he is from a sub equaling an overload and he shows us he shows us that your wealth does not have to become a distraction between you and Allah subhanaw taala does not have to hold you back. Rather if you are generous and grateful that you will have that position with Allah and with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for the Allahu anhu May Allah be pleased with him and all that he gave to this oma and and with one narration actually that connects him to our VEDA the allow time and that is that he was known as the amine of Nisa itosu de la he sallallahu wasallam the trustworthy one upon the wives of the Prophet

00:48:57--> 00:49:32

sallallahu it was said and this is narrated by as a bait of novacom can Abdul Rahman of nurofen Amina Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Nisa he was the one entrusted with the wives of the Prophet slice Allah and abort Obaidullah the Allahu taala and who was the mean of this honor so you see this this beautiful distinction that's given to him and surely we benefit from him until today and we ask a lot to make that from their good deeds and a reminder to everyone We look forward to being with you for them Oban we still have some programs to go inshallah Tata before it on my blog, but please do inshallah tada as you learn about this great Sahabi who is distinguished with

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his sadaqa Greek normal bond with sadaqa in sha Allah to Allah and sign up at the link below. Does that go low Hayden I'll see you for the Ramadan series and then we will restart the first in sha Allah to Allah after Ramadan. notic lo fi con with Santa Monica Welcome to LA he lit a cattle