Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf #16

Sulaiman Moola
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shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Allah Allahu Allah Moby my libido lovoo voluble sama one to one, I will sleep it will be he will ask me, madam

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Dhoni him

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You should eat coffee How can me he had sort of a love love him. We concluded verse number 25 yesterday in which Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the duration of their stay in the cave, will it be through and they stayed fi caffee him in the cave fella semi atin three centuries was the duties are and they added a another nine and we also expounded on the wisdom of the adoption of this expression. So Allah subhanho wa Taala did not say 309 but Allah subhanho wa Taala said 300 and they added nine and that was to incorporate the solar and the lunar calendar. By the solar count. It was three centuries by the lunar count it was 309 we move on to verse 26. But before we do that, yet

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again, another reflection, which I came across in futa Farsi

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when it came to the duration that they slept, and their subsequent awakening, Allah subhanho wa Taala explicitly spelled out the period. So it wasn't vague. It was unequivocal it was clear it was categoric. It was you know what clear print wallaby Sufi coffee him Salah semi attain 300 years, three centuries, yet when it came to the number, then Allah subhanho wa Taala released a hint that they were seven and Allah did not explicitly say there were seven, Allah quoted or mentioned three different views that people say one is the view so yopu Luna thalassa turabian home kalba home where your bow Luna concert on se room caliber home some argue they are three and the dog was the fourth

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others argue they were five in the dog made it six and then those two Allah refuted and then Allah subhanho wa Taala said why am Paul known as a baritone with me know whom caribou and some say they were seven and what the dog was ate and then Allah subhanaw taala did not comment on this opinion, which itself is suggestive of the fact that this is the correct view. So the scholars analyze the to that with regards to the exact number the most we can say the Quran released a hint that it was seven and of course Abdullah Abbas or the Allah Allah mustard seed supports that view ganhou seberang wa and Amina Colleen, it's into Raman su abohar, it makes mention of the narration that

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they were seven and I am amongst the few that Allah has referred to. But none can argue that the Quran has not categorically explicitly mentioned there were seven. Yet when it came to the duration of the slave Allah explicitly said 309 years, why the difference in the two and again, the scholars bring to the fore the same argument that the aspect of the pro long sleep was a point that needed to be driven, impressed, amplified and magnified, because it is a reflection of the Grand year the magnanimity the power, the the qudra and the mind of Allah. That this is how long Allah gave them sleep yet Allah kept them alive, alive, Allah kept them safe and intact. And as far as the argument

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of the number that was not of such relevance, because it was still a manifestation of the power of Allah, whether they were three or they were five, or they were seven. So we need to understand this year and we need to climate ties to this teaching of the Quran that focus on the key points focus on that, which is connected to the guidance and do not pre occupy yourself in other related information, which in principle is not of such importance and significance. So I found that quite amazing and profound by the deduction of the scholars. We move on to verse 26. Allah subhanho wa Taala says pullela mo Bhima

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To say unto them, surely Allah knows best, how long they stayed in the cave, how long they slept. So, in verse number 25, Allah is saying they stayed and slept for 309 years. And in verse number 26, Allah is saying, Tell them all Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam surely Allah knows Allah, Allah knows Allah knows best Bhima for the duration lebih through the state. So what's the reconciliation? It is categorically explicitly mentioned in the preceding verse, and in the subsequent verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying, Allah knows best. What is the duration? Bhargavi Rahim Allah and I came across this intern virual at the hand, he says that the duration of this leap was 309. But oh

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Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. If some of them still choose to argue, and they counter argue, and they say no, well actually tell them you know what, Allah knows it. Allah knows the reality. Move on. Don't stagnate with them. In this argument, you've conveyed the message. You've impressed upon them the greatness of Allah move on Allah, Allah moody Mallaby through just like we discussed yesterday in verse number 22. fella tomography him Illa, mira and ba hero. Don't embroil yourself, don't entangle yourself in a feud in an argument in an altercation with them while at a stuffy minima hada and do not inquire of them any more details, because what Allah has conveyed to you is

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sufficient, and whatever else they might give you through other narrations, or whatever is unimportant, because whatever is important was conveyed to you through Quran through Wahid, the absolute authentic narration, or absolutely authentic revelation.

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So we learn from this my brother and we learn from this my sister, that you know what you in a debate in a discussion in an argument, you can present your facts present your points, but if somebody wants to argue and persist, and he is adamant and obstinate, then convey the facts and move on Colella who are alemu Bhima lobby through verse number 26. I told you that they stayed for 309 years. But if you still want to argue tell them oh Mohammed Salah ism, Allah knows the reality? And why will Allah not know it? Why will Allah not know it? Now, you know what, when when you study astronomy, then they talk of The Big Bang Theory and the major explosion. And then they they talk of

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astronauts that went to the moon and the dust on the moon. And in so many light years, dust settles on the moon and based on that, they make these calculations that the world or the universe dates back to so many hundreds of millions of years. And you just have zeros and zeros and zeros. That's basically what it is inconceivable numbers and digits that come to mind. And again, this is nothing but a ruiner in love one. This is an assumption. This is an assumption. This is your estimation. This is your calculation. Allah subhanaw taala knows everything with precision with precision with absolute detail. So why will Allah not you know, Why will I lie? Yeah, Allah man hallak Wow, I just

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have a flesh of this verse Surah Al mulk, right. 29 jos?

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Allah Allah, Allah, will he not know who created it? The one who created will he not know? People are arguing No, no, this child is like this or he's like that. That's a sibling. That's a neighbor that's appear that's a relative. And then you say Wait, wait, wait years, the mother the mother will know best. The mother will know best. She is the mother she bought the child. If the mother is the most accepted authority, because she gave birth that's her biological son and rightfully so from human she'll have the most info. Then what about Allah Who created what about Allah Who created Allah? Allah moment?

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The one who created will he not know? And hence he knows every emotion of yours, my brother. He knows every emotion of yours. I mean, even Abdullah Tommy I love goat in his words ilahi holla petani bambrick lie holla petani be unbreak what accompany v balaiah the dunya be mushy attic. So Makayla tele is stem sick while our team came for a stem Seiko elementum second A B look thicker yarn Toby Yo, yo Mateen Oh my Allah, You created me with your command. And then you place me in this world by your decree. And then you surrounded me with temptation, and then you created in me different inclinations. And then you impressed upon me to restrain myself. I asked you

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If you don't assess me Then how will I accomplish this goal? Allah knows you Allah understands everything. Lahore labels summer wa t well, nevermind the duration, and the number and the details and the geographical location and the whereabouts of these youth Lahu de bas sama watty well our for him is the knowledge of everything that is hidden in the skies and the earth bhulaiyaa Alamo manifest sama de Waal Erbil Reba il Allah wa yes Runa aiyana you burn through a verse of the 20th Jews of the Quran surah to normal, saying I'm to them nobody knows the knowledge of what is in the skies and the earth but Allah warm is Runa Yana yoga hi Zun belly Dora Karima home Villa, or they

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don't even know when they will be resurrected. m mewat. m. Awad lado

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a verse of the 14 Jews chapter 16. are miroir they are dead they are corpses. Later they are not alive. Um What do you do I wanna yes Runa Yana you but I soon and again Allah says they don't even know when they'll be resurrected. ala hukum Illa one wa hide your Lord your Creator is one and Allah alone, level labels somehow it will all for him is the knowledge of what is hidden in the skies and the earth and laberinto

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as they would say in Arabic, a cylinder who Allah Ania a cylinder who alania that whatever is hidden to us is known to Allah subhanho wa Taala Well, hey Brenda, who Shahada and whatever is veiled to us is visible to Allah, Allah who was a he was somewhat he will

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say Ruby, he was a smear, you know some things you need to know basic Arabic grammar, like I often say there's a proverb in a language or there's a quotation in a language, you can endeavor to capture the essence and translate. You know what the essence of it, but if you appreciate it in that language, it's just a different thing altogether. It's just a different thing altogether. So basic Arabic grammar will make you understand above zero as me is a violet dye job, astonishment verbs of expression of astonishment of other Serbia he will ask me, How well does he see and how well does he your meaning his sight is the best his vision is the best is hearing is the best. Allah subhanaw

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taala sight Allah Zirin is the best in Surah laquan in the 21st years of the Quran amongst the advisors of La C'mon to his son, you're born a in in Tacoma spa hot button main hurdle for the convenience of rotting out of his summer YT o Phil rd ITV Halla. yagoona Oh my beloved son in aha verily that in aha

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vermi rashaan Let me Russian in Arabic grammar.

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Let me wrap this up and the middle Shan.

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Sameera Tessa in na intercon Miss Bala hi Betty min hurdle. jela. Lane says A l has led to say yeah, if you were to perpetrate a crime, and commit an offense in Naha, interco in takuna interco. Miss Paula Huberty Minh hurdle. If you had to commit a crime, or an offense the size of a mustard seed for the confy Sahara in a boulder ofus Some are white or in the skies? Oh Phil ardon the earth beneath the earth in Allah hi lovely fun hobby. Lovely from B is the harar g ha hobby room B McCann McCarney ha, Allah is familiar with the location. And Allah will present that offense with its related details before you on the day of Yama because Allah His knowledge is all encompassing a bus

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will be he will Asmir

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he is how great is his site and how great is his URI and by the way, I should just mention here, pulley Allahu Allah Moby Mallaby through that's a portion of verse 26. On that note, the tail of the sleepest kind of wraps up and gets concluded. Of course, the chapter continues, the incarnate story is still to come ahead. And we are also mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the repugnance of Allah.

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reckons that Allah subhanaw taala despises the arrogant one. And it's despicable, deplorable and detestable in the eyes of the Almighty May Allah protect us. So Allah was able somehow they will art for him is the knowledge of the heavens and the earth. He will ask me how great is his vision and how holds them easy is hearing. Tabatha levy Oh Laura tabara can lady oh and someone who couldn't shake? Was it not our mother in shadow the loved one who played you know, praise Allah subhanho wa Taala when hola bien Tessa Allah

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da came and she was complaining about her husband always been cemented the Allah when I know which prompted the revelation of the opening verses of the twin ages of the Quran. Namely, the very name of that chapter is known as moja della which means mutual argumentation, because she came requesting for some concession or abrogation in the existing rule in with regards to talaq and divorce because she needed you know, her husband back and he had issued a divorce. And then she said that if Natasha, Bobby, the satola, who Bethany had covered Sydney, one of our diva hominy that my husband has given me divorced and now my my youth has faded away, I have given birth to the kids. If I keep

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the kids with me, I don't have any finance and he keeps the kids with him, then they are neglected. I will never you have Allah is there any hope for me and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that the verses have been revealed while you are now forbidden for him because that was how the luck was given. And she kept on presenting her requests until the verses were revealed.

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But there's something I love

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it too john McAfee is oj Stuckey illallah wa la jolla smell hota hai wala Kuma in Allah has sent me from BuzzFeed and levena yo boy he rune I mean cominis in him my own Omaha at him my word you must read this comprehend this process this digesters understand this eight is just profound on another level altogether. And I inshallah Allah, Allah says, she is talking to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I kind of hear the murmur and the whisper and the back and forth, and I couldn't grasp the details in its entirety. And then revelation comes down what all details and that is how all encompassing how all encompassing is the urine of Allah subhanho wa Taala Of course we do not we

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do not visualize Allah is free from all organs and lums laser cam mythically he shade a verse of the 25 jewels of the Quran and into academics and grammar welcome fossa, Ada Welker fossa ADA, right. This is for those who will appreciate Arabic grammar and context. There is no equal to Allah there is no equal to Allah. Allah is unique he years and but he's free from eyes he years but he's three from your ears. Allah subhanho wa Taala is led to the ricola bizarre Who are you reckon absorbed? Okay, so let's move on. We still busy with verse 26. As you may be, he will obviously Allah Zirin is complete. Allah seen his complete Mullah whom mean don't he me, Willie, the creation does not have

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any help or protector or guardian besides Allah.

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The creation so if you had a fallout with anyone, you can get Shelter by Allah. But if you had a fallout with Allah, you cannot get sheltered by anyone. Simple as that my brother, you had a fallout with your spouse, you can turn to your Creator and he will help you. You had you were retrenched. You were laid off, you were dismissed from your employment. You know what economically it's a crunch. It's biting on you. You've been dejected you've been you know what humiliated you've been violated. You've been betrayed by your own near and dear ones, and you feel so hurt and internally distraught. You can turn to Allah and you will find shelter, protection, comfort and consolation.

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But if you are at war with Allah, you are at war with Allah. You are committing haram perpetrating the offense living a life of promiscuity, living a life of consuming haram your dealings are haram you doing wrong? You are cheating, you are fraudulent, you are deceiving. And then you say no, no, you know what? Well I have a backup I have a friends I have an army. No one can give you shelter when Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to you know ally is angry with you now.

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Nobody Nobody can give you a shelter. So my Allahu menthone me while he the creation has no helper Guardian protector besides Allah, Allah usually Kofi How can he alpha and Allah does not include in his command anyone there is no body that is a partner to him in his command meaning there's no machine to him well ah and he does not usually go Osaka usually go israa include or you know what partnership there's no partnership fee hook me he in his command in his decree haha anyone? Why so beautifully written in one of the seed league Kamali? karate he arranges he has a shadow who Allah Akbar Lika Malika durante I consult. Why? Because my understanding is so limited. And let me let me

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pause for a moment and say to myself and remind myself and one in all. As humans, it is so vital, it is so integral that in all matters, especially matters of significance, we take an opinion, because we have one eye one look one vision one side, and you know what, anything just running through your spouse running through your children running through your parents, and get their opinion and there's a different perspective to it. Our vision is so limited, our understanding is so narrow, and how often when we consult we realize, oh wow, what a different angle. It never crossed my mind. It never dawned upon me. But Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah usually Kofi hook me. There is no partnership in

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his command. Li command, t because his power is perfect is in finite, is grandia is the greatest and Lee read Ziva at every one Besides, Allah is feeble. Remember this year. So this is the message of the Quran. The Quran when you talk of the galaxies, and the constellation, and the Milky Way's and the atmosphere and I'm just talking about, you know, the cosmic world and related mysteries. Allah subhanho wa Taala repeatedly impresses that whatever greatness brilliance you see in this atmosphere, it is me who has placed it in. So astronomers tell you that in the diameter of the sun and not in the ball of the sun, right 109 Earth skin fit in it? Yes, that's what astronomers tell

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you. And in the ball of the sun, or hundreds, and I don't know how many can fit in it. So just in the diameter of the sun, that's how huge the sun is. That's what astronomers tell us, is 109 Earth. Now what does Allah tell us? Who will levy gyla shumsa.

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A verse of the 11. Josue knows that sun is not bright by itself. It is me that has made it bright. It would be foolish now even silly, bizarre and crazy for a child to say, you know what this credit card, this debit card is amazing. It's awesome, man. I can swipe, I can withdraw, I can pay, I can fly, I can do anything. Hang on, there's a man behind it. That is constantly doing a deposit into that account, allowing you the privilege to swipe. So your focus of gratitude or to be to your dad or your mom or your senior or your guardian or whoever. And this is just by way of example, and you cannot attribute the goodness to that this is a service. Yes, it's a benefit. It's ease, it's

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comfort. You can swipe you can tap tap and go. But somebody is depositing money into that, who are lady Jamila, Sham Serbia, while camara Nora and it is Allah who has put that light in the moon

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in the 18, Jos in Surah two nor Adam Tara and Allah uses the Sahaba lm Tara and but won't they say don't you look? Don't do my word man. Like really my brother? Really my sister I beg you, I beseech you, I implore you. Open up your heart and mind and commence this journey of the Quran. Allah I'm Tara and Allah use g Sahaba. Nothing consumes me I there's nothing in which I can get lost. Like how I can get consumed into the text of the Quran. And just marvel at this year this morning. I was sitting with the family and I was saying to them, like you know, Allahu Akbar, when you study and you lead and you research. It's so compelling and convincing. We ask Allah never to block or deviate

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our hearts.

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Hello I'm Tara anila use g Sahaba. Don't you see how Allah drives the clouds? See how Allah drives as da use the LM Tara and Allah use g Sahaba sama yo la fubini know who that Allah gathers the clouds you can just see there is a storm that's brewing. You can just see how the weather is changing. You can just see how the sun is disappearing. Darkness is setting in. Clouds are gathering storm is brewing and Allah says Don't you see how I bring the clouds close? So mejor le fubini who Olafur you alifu live then I put them together on top of each other around so mejor LA for buying a home so Maria I know who Raka Raka actually means to put on top of each other un live means to

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gather them bring them together fat word data Yahoo rojo Min De La La and then on Looker you will observe how the rain droplets fall from those clouds while you serve be Harada will be handy well mela Inca to mean fit and even the thunder glorifies Allah and even the Mullah eco salute and worship and reveal a lot.

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Well, are you sure Kofi How can we hear a Hydra His Majesty is complete? We move on verse number 27 what you know my Oh la come in kitabi rahbek la mobile Denali, Kalamata volunteer gentlemen Tony monta hada what you know my Oh hyah and recite to them ma that oh la GG which was revealed to you in Africa Do you mean Kitab Arabic from the book of your Lord? In other words, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam your duty amongst other duties is to convey the message whether they accept oblige, they revolt rebel, they are arrogant, obstinate, your message is to your duty is to convey for indoor low for innama ie my home Mila la cama home mill tone for interval low for in nama alima home Mila Wa la

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cama meltem yeah your Rasool bellisima on Zilla la camera big so recite to the mother that oh here in a camera back which was sent down to you in Revelation in the book of your Lord la magdeleine aka Maddie no body can change the words of your Lord law No, but the law you bet diluted real nobody can change. Luckily mighty the scholars expound in different ways. It means llamo bad deal and a word he nobody can change our last promise or nobody can change our last words or nobody can change our last decree. You know humans are like you think you're in charge? And then

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the teacher goes out and he appoints a student and now suddenly he takes the role and for the moment he feels you know what glory is mine is the throne his mind right okay you know what? You will be detained and you need to do this year or somebody is put in charge many days and he says okay, tomorrow you'll be working extra hours and you're not going to get and then the boss comes in and the head comes in what no no no no cancel this here no no no no tear this out. Everything is he just overrides just override just press the override button and that's what the law says that I override everyone and nobody overrides me. I override everyone subject to change because of weather.

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So what happened there's a storm what happened there's snow what happened there's winds gusty winds flight can take off I mean I've had this multiple encounters I literally was once in Manchester and we weighed in with border and we you know went through immigration procedures we sit in in the lounge and we seem the inbound flight which is the flight on which we would be returning it circling in the air and and you know what this update coming into the tower but because of the

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because of the weather the you know the weather was not good enough the pilots simply could not make a landing simply could not make you seen the plane you can see it's clean, but it couldn't land. Well Allahu Allah decides l'amour actively hockman nobody can override his decision. La MOBA Denali Kalamata, nobody can change the text of the Quran, they tried a Tiburon in writing a bad deal change the seal, but never unsuccessful. The word of Allah will remain. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the reliance on the promises of Allah. We we put so much conviction on the promises of others, yet you know what, it's subject to the compliance to the delivery to the

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Commitment etc or not. But when it comes to the promises of Allah, then it is absolute and it is permanent. And that is the aim that we need to have trust in the promises of Allah. And we need to fear the warnings of Allah. May Allah grant us the understanding. I mean, you're a blind I mean, was suddenly 11 I was suddenly mad and maybe you know Muhammad Ali, he was happy it's money. Well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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