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Everyone to sit them on a comb Rahmatullah. He was at a council of law cemetery ministry foreigners he was an American and Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen whatever we want to learn why they mean and Arqiva to attain a lot more solidly was selling robotic Li because silica Mohammed and sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam. By the early he will be he will sell them to semen Cafiero. So when I said you're in for a special treat tonight, we have hamdulillah chef Suleiman Hani who is with us and handled a lot of learning who actually has recently written a paper for you on the question of evil very blessed to have him with us and have done a lot of I mean chefs today man Welcome to the

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Welcome to 4am 34 very logical have been looking for a live at a kikkoman so when I typed when I actually put online that we have a special guest I've got to say man, a brother named Rami on on Instagram wrote

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you know, chef is Do you have an angel appearing so because I talked so he actually got me laughing so that we don't have a special guest appearance by an angel tonight. But we do have Shaykh Abdullah duro hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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play now Why did I say though, tonight is a special treat, if you've been watching the angel series because Subhana Allah, if there's any Jews in the Koran, where you have a heavy presence of angels, particularly in regards to their interaction to us, it is this just in particular, and so just 24 is the juice of the angels is the juice of the melodica. So this Mendota came in handy last summer to lower it will suck them in water, we'll just go ahead and get into it and Sharla tada and hopefully, I'll be able to do justice by tying these all in together inshallah. Tada. So in order to zoom up, we covered the first half of it, which ties into the previous judges, which speaks about the groups

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of people that are showing up on the Day of Judgment, the arguments that people are having with each other, because you know, of people that lead others to misguidance the consequences being faced the leaders in disobedience and disbelief being challenged and then supplicated against by their followers, the believers resting comfortably, seeing that the promise of Allah subhanaw taala has come true. And now we get into the second part of sort of zoom out where Allah subhanaw taala has, as we said, I wonder if he keytab in the most hopeful verse in the book of Allah subhanaw taala clear about the alladhina Astra for unfussy him. Lots of motoman Rahmatullah in the La Jolla filled

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with the Nova Jamia in the whole of Rahim say oh my servants who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair from the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala Indeed, Allah forgives all sins, and Allah subhanho wa Taala is Forgiving and Merciful. And then a last pensado gives a call to action. Okay, well, he will eat out I'll be como se Mola to turn back to your Lord and to submit to Him in poverty. And yet to clean it up. Don't wait for that punishment of a lot to come to you. You're being invited. And it will come to you suddenly when you're not paying attention, and it will be too late to rid yourself of the consequences. Now, I mentioned the three excuses that are made

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here. And so alarm tells us about these people that refused the invitation to His mercy. And they call out to allow with the following. First they say yeah, hacer la la la for what to fee Giambi, LA, we're in control, I mean, necessity. So first, they express regret for the mockery that they put forward for that which they associated with their Lord. And they say that I found myself I was amongst a Saturday and I was amongst I was just doing what everybody else was doing. I was amongst those that were mocking the messengers as they were sent to me, oh to coda, or it would say, low and Allahu danila Quintanilla and with Tofino or a person would then make the excuse and say, Well, if

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Allah would have guided me, then I would have been from the righteous and the pious. And so you see, this is a person that's failing to take accountability measures for themselves that's failing to hold themselves accountable, and is always waiting for someone else to save them. And somehow that ties into the previous just because you have in the previous Joe's very strong expressions of people that are upset that those who lead them astray and those who lead them to misguidance. And so here you have them calling out and they you know, they've got nothing but more escapism more excuses. And saying, If Allah would have guided me, then I would have been from them what subpoena would have

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been from the pious otaku to know under the Kabbalah and this, you know, otaku the hanaa tamala de la underly karma and then once those excuses have failed, I can't blame those people. It's I can't blame a loss of Hannah Tata for not guiding me now that all of those excuses have failed. What happens next? That person sees the punishment in front of them and they say, No actually cut What if I had an another chance back when I'm in my sinning then I would

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Amongst those who excel, I would be amongst those who excel. And so in that you have a sign. You have a message that people that usually blame their environment, they don't take accountability for their own deeds and their own wrongdoings. And they try to put it off on someone else. Or they say, well, it's God's fault. If God wanted me to be righteous, God would guide me, or, you know, I just did what everybody else was doing. And it's that person's fault. If that person would have been this way than I would have been that way too. They also are bound to have the paralyzing disease of procrastination. So this person now sees the punishment and they say, No, under the camera, you know

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what all my excuses are failed. If you send me back, not only will I not be from necessity, and from those that mocked, not only will I be from the pious from the Mattachine those that do what they need to do, to avoid sin and to avoid the consequences of sin, but I would be from those who excel. According to me and my singing, I would go above and beyond in pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the problem that the problem is, of course, at this point,

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you know, that's, that's no longer there. But it still stands that suits Azuma. Eliza is inviting people to turn back to him to repent, to make those changes that are necessary in their lives. Now, why did I say this is such a beautiful connection with the angels? Because if you go to the end of sorts of zoom out, the last contact says was sikhala Dena taco Raja Hamid al jannetty. Zuma, this is where the name comes from Hector Elijah who has a foot he has a Ba ba ba Karla home Hosanna to ha Salam aleikum to him further who have led in Allah mentions those believers being brought to the gates of Paradise in in throngs. And as they're being brought to the gates of Paradise foot, one

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foot, he had a wobble her, the gates are opening slowly, and they're looking out and they're seeing the beautiful, the beautiful gardens of agenda opening up before their eyes, things that they could have never imagined right in front of them. And as they see that they are, they're completely, they're completely,

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you know, shocked by the beautiful promise of Allah subhanaw taala coming into being coming into existence right in front of them with those gardens of gender that they were promised because no matter how much you're told about gender, it's different when you see it unfolding in front of your eyes. And so you get to the gates of Jonah. And as you're in front of the gates of Jelena the gates of gender open slowly they don't open rapidly, they open slowly and you're seeing your place in genda. And who is there the melodica the angels are saying to you salaam aleikum, they're saying peace beyond to you what we seek from them on data to the other salon to say peace on to the

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believers Salaam Alaikum. Peace beyond to you You've done well. Further Hulu ha Holly Dean so entered now they're in forever go ahead and enter Gemina forever and then a lot gives us the site what God would have did Eli Lilly sadhaka now what are the what are often a little bonnet about our own agenda to hate in a shop for net modular laminin and I purposely skipped for now the punishment part the other party because I want to speak about those who are from an agenda and we asked a lot to make us amongst them a lot. I mean, so here they are now and they're in Jamaica, the angels are congratulating them and they are calling out and saying Al Hamdulillah hola de sol de Pena Wagga All

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praises be to Allah who made his promise came come true. would often Allah it's overwhelming agenda to hatefulness shot, and gave us the earth to inherit and now we may dwell in paradise. Wherever we please Finnair, magical, and I mean, how excellent is the reward of those who labored for the sake of God? And then what's the scene what's How did he get to happiness and how did I'll show you step behind that behind the lobby him and then you see the angels surrounding the throne of Allah subhana wa tada glorifying their Lord with his praise. What called the avena home bill hack and judgment will have been made among them with fairness, well plead al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. And

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they're all saying all praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds and so the angels are praising Allah as they're seeing the reward of those that have entered into paradise. Everyone is celebrating you are saying hand they are saying hand everyone is glorifying and praising their Lord, at that beautiful blessing upon entering into gender and shifts to the man and check of the law. I'm sorry, I'm going to go a little bit over time today, but inshallah I'll try to wrap up just to show this this beautiful tie in and this just the next suit, I sort of often laugh at them. Well, cognito shaadi.com is totally La Ilaha Illa, who la Hill mostly of Los pantai says in verse three,

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the Forgiver of sins, the acceptor of repentance, the stern and retribution, the bountiful there is no god but He to him all are destined to return. And so the same, you know, suited to Zuma sort of tumors summed up in one is verse three of sort of offer because it's a lot inviting you once again but saying if you continue to

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On this path, then he's severe in retribution as well. And everyone returns to him. Verses seven to nine, have sort of offered are those angels that we would hope to see at the end in paradise? So that's the very end when everyone's agenda now celebrating, may Allah make us amongst them with the melodica celebrating in the presence of the angels, and that's the end result. That's the ending that we seek right now in this juice. You're going to move backwards peel backwards, what are the angels doing right now? around that throne of Allah subhanaw taala so verse seven through nine, Allah subhana wa tada says alladhina Yamuna I'll show him and hola your sub behind behind the ROB be

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him well you know wanna be here we are stuff you're only letting me know Robin I was here at akula Shea and rock mountain where Ella puffer little Edina turbo whatever it was a V loca what pay him a double j so beautiful. The angels are right now. The bear the throne of Allah subhanaw taala are going around that throne extolling the Lord's glory with his praise. What you mean wanna be here and they believe in Him? And what are they doing? They're seeking forgiveness for the believers, saying, Our Lord, you encompass everything with your mercy and knowledge. So forgive those that repent and follow your path and guard them against the punishments and a loss of habitat continues. Then our

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attended home Jannati I didn't let you at home man Solomon, woman Solomon about him as well to him with a reality him in naked until as easily Hakeem and our Lord admit them into the everlasting gardens, basically, the scene and sort of Azuma, they're asking for that scene to happen with us with believers. Oh, a lot. admit them into the everlasting gardens that you have promised them. Remember, the end of sorts of zoom out of the believers are saying this is the promise of a loss of Hannah Montana Alhamdulillah Allah de Sadako Nevada. This was the promise we were made from our Lord. And now the angels right now are saying, Oh Allah, grant them the agenda that you have

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promised them and those of their parents and their spouses and their progeny that were righteous. Indeed, you alone are most mighty, and most wise, what can humans say at one on one in Tbilisi to marry them for Padilla hinter with urtica hohenfels Aleem and guard them against all ills. For verily he whom you guard against all sins on that day will be successful to him, you would have surely been most merciful and that is the great success that is the great triumph. So right now, the angels are seeking forgiveness for the believers to basically take us to that scene at the end of Spiritism. Now Subhan, Allah, the word of Allah comes in once again, verse 55, Foster, in the word

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la Huck, be patient. Indeed Allah promises true. And these two themes sober and the promise of Allah patience and the promise of a lot are tied together inherently. So here foster Be patient, the promise of a lot is true, was stuffily them big and seek forgiveness for your shortcomings was submitted behind the object will actually will pick up and celebrate the praise of your Lord evening and morning. And lastly, move on to the next surah what stands between us and that scene,

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entering into gender and realizing what the angels are asking for us right now and what we are asking for ourselves for that moment when we are gathered around the throne of Allah subhanaw taala being told peace beyond to you for the patience that you had, you've been purified. This was the promise of Allah subhanaw taala it's come true. What stands between us and that is death. Right? And here verse 30, so it's full see lots of Han Allah, Allah vena cava rabona Allahu Phimister como tetanus de la human Monica to Allah to hafele. What are taxes? No, wherever she Rubin agenda Attila t quantum to ion. So Pamela, I'm just going to summarize this because it's important to tie it in

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that those who say Our Lord, Allah is our Lord, and remain steadfast upon them descend the angels at the time of death and they say Allah to hafele will attest and do not fear what is to come, do not grieve over that which you are leaving behind. Whatever she would have been generated let he condemned to it and receive the glad tidings of the paradise that you were promised that you were promised. Now, not only our company hired to do Phil afra we were we are your companions in this world. We will be your companions in the hereafter. And they start to tell you about Jenna as you're still as your soul is still leaving your body in this world what a comfy how not touch the heat and

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for Tsukamoto comfy hamata don't wait till you see the promise of Allah. Everything that you could desire, all that you would ask for no zulum in a folder Rahim. This is a this is only made possible by the author of forum Rahim Allah the most forgiving and the Most Merciful and I'll stop there in sha Allah to Allah but you see Subhanallah all the scenes of the angels tie and this is Joe's of 24 and I apologize chef Dolan chick fil a man I took way too much time so inshallah tada with that. I'll pass it on and just make that little last minute and allow that to be our reality right now.

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And our reality in the hereafter.

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That you,

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you looted to this beautiful verse

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with these verses, verses that I chose

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verse number 3336 33 to 36 that we see in this beautiful, beautiful chapter, you'll see that because the shifts are mentioned that the ones that followed up when a law firm, Mr. Coleman, they had the app, they had the statement of their tongue. And then they did is the comma. They were upright, and then they had a firmness and what they preached or what they said, you know, there's a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where a companion came to him and he said, Holyfield, Islamic Poland,

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and who had invaded. The purpose of the lesson was asked, he was requested by a companion said, Tell me a statement that which if I was to say it, I would not need to ask anyone, basically, whatever I say, is sufficient for me, and practicing my faith and exemplifying my belief in a law and you or miss Nicola, you said, Amen to Billa thermostat can say, I believe in Allah, and then stand firm upon that. And that is the karma is the same thing that we ask, you know, Allah subhanaw taala Dino Siddhartha mooster team, Guide us to the straight path, the path that doesn't have any alterations in it, or it's something that is straight up, right, honest, truthful, full of silk and full of

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honor. And that is what shipped from I mentioned in verse number 30. And then after that the blessings from the angels are mentioned and their characteristics, and that Allah subhanaw taala is going to promise them that promise agenda. But then here we see in verse number 33, I want to talk about briefly something that's very, very pertinent to I mean, everything is in the Koran is pertinent to our reality, without lesser collateral. There's no doubt whatsoever. But I want to capitalize on something that is pertinent to our situation now, within the last 10 days, and particularly late, it's a lawsuit pending with Dallas's and verse number 33. There are other

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blemishes on the regime woman acts an old amendment data in a law. Well, I mean, I saw they were color in any minute. I mean, so here he says, What is a better statement than the one that calls to Allah and does good deeds and said they're fairly I am from the Muslim mean, die in Allah that they call to Allah, whether they're telling people about a lot directly from their statements, or whether it is from their actions, but particularly if you find the number of them were first city mentioned, it is them calling to Allah and some even say it is the event, you know, when you call the event, and I'm in a solid one is the performing the prayer after the event. But in any case, it is where

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one if they are asked, they say that they are Muslim, and they have full integrity and representing that they're comfortable in their they're comfortable with their belief, this is what is rewarded, but to Ramon son, so we see that the reality of the one that has the olan calling the cost to a lawsuit panel without it, it requires effort in every single one of us have that opportunity. That's not say it's a challenge. Let's say it's an opportunity to show that gratification to show the gratitude, gratitude to a LASIK panda who went out and then he says we'll call it in an email and we'll see mean saying that verily, I am from the Muslims, you have no shame in saying that, because

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you know who you're doing it for and why you're doing it. Then the loss of peninsula goes on and says, Well, that's just the way it has to win a sea. And evil and good does not equal one another. Equal are not good at the good deed and the bad deed in the fact but let's see here, I'm going to repel the evil by that which is better for either the beynac Albania who I dealt with some, who will even mean some Hanalei says here and there upon the one whom between you and him or her was enmity will become as though he was a devoted friend. To where if someone was to say something bad to you, many of us in our in our homes now, in any situation as a profit center line, he was going to

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mention that anyone was to any to curse you or to say something bad to you, you should respond by saying in the sun in the sun, very unfastening. Really, I'm fasting if it's outside of Ramadan, take the bigger route to where take take the better route to where if someone was to say something bad to you, or bad about you or your faith or you as a Muslim or you as a Muslim woman or us whatever nationality, take the better route and say Salama, I think she covered cover that last night at 1am talking about the hearts of one Magellan called us and if the ignorance come to you, everyone wants to come to you and say say something to you, say sell out maternal weight, or silence. If it's

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online, and people are cursing you and using your name will lie the best treatment is silence. Don't say anything.

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Because they're wondering what you're going to say, when they know that you know that they said something about you, and you're quiet, that is the best treatment, because it makes them think and ponder while they aren't saying anything. And they see that it doesn't affect you, to a certain degree to where you don't respond with the same. It's better to take the higher route and not say anything. And even better than that, to ask a lot to forgive them for rarely, they are acting upon ignorance as a problem. So some even said about the orange that were physically harming him. And then a loss of kind of what Donna mentioned is out to that well, now you call her Elon livina, sobre

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la mejora, for her in level havlin of him. And then he says, but none is granted that except those who are patient, and none is granted it except the one having great portion of good. So lots of pain, what Donna mentioned here, that those will never reach that macom or that position of being the one that repels an evil with something better with something good. And there's been no hassle that comes from beautifying something. So when you do an action of someone that does something wrong to you, you know, they've done wrong, they know they've done wrong, and you repel it with something better. The only ones that reached that level, are the ones that are patient. And what's interesting

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here is the albatross you mentioned, he said that it levena sabado that he says except for those that are patient, meaning that modern and fusuma, Allah sobre that they were individuals that consistently practice patience, you're not born with this, it's something that you hold yourself Calvin Mina leave, you suppress that anger that you may have, for a better situation. You know, someone that is patient with their son, with their mother with their their family member, their patient, and that is what last one of Dallas says no one will reach that level except one that is patient and the second one that has good fortune and the good fortune some scholars say is more

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general patience is the Russell amor is the is the best attribute of having this a good characteristic of those that has the havlin alvine and then allows it pantalla continues on to talk about if the shape dawn was to poke you first that it's been left shakedowns to try to affect you and whisper to you that say 11 sheets on a gene first started Billa in who who was semi over 19 there really he is all hearing the all knowing why am I saying this in the relationship to sort of to be the night of other? You know, in here, there's a beautiful Hadith that many of us may know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was coming out to tell the people about later to other

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but Allah How did you land? As in a hadith in Bukhari, two men were arguing. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that I was going to tell you all about the lots of other when it would be photofunia but it was raised and some scarcity he forgot. But in any case, that when he was about to tell them about latest other because two men were arguing later to color the night of later to the color what night it was, was taken away. But then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said it inshallah it'll tell me so ha fantasea wa sahbihi wilhelmsen Oh humps, he said, then try your level best to arrive at it in the seventh, the ninth the seventh or the fifth being the 2729 27 or

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25th in any case, many ahaadeeth around this issue. But we know that at least in the odd Knights that wants to try their best to approach that into other but just to remember, try your level best to be the bigger person in the argument if there is an argument or not if when because we are human beings and just remember to take the better out and do that which is beautiful, beautiful for yourself beautiful for the situation by doing a deficit by repelling the evil in that which is good man last one Allah make us of those that arrive at this beautiful night of me.

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Appreciate it. And sexually man it's a it's really a privilege to have you on tonight.

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I've been looking forward to it. You know from the very beginning. So please do follow him and take your time and a lot of coffee. So that somebody else latos law while early he was a happy woman Wallah.

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You mentioned yesterday she Hamada, the summary of three themes or just 23 which was preparing the heart cultivating the victory in the hearts and seeing through the fog. And I I really want to emphasize that with pulsatilla tea in particular, the theme continues with clarity seeing through the fog with clarity, sort of the poster that is one I have a strong love for I did a deep dive to see over the sort of few months ago and has very powerful proofs of prophethood as well as proofs for the Divinity or divine nature of the Quran. The time that I see with what you mentioned about the angels with regards to sort of full scale that is actually tied in directly to the passage that

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I wanted to focus on. Sort of suppose the logic for a quick summary for those who may not know that will smith meaning it clarifies everything. It's the clear truth between

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Truth and Falsehood are what is right and wrong good from evil morality, advice, light and darkness Kitab and facilite. A book that is clarified, elucidated, very clear, you cannot deny, and you cannot come up with excuses after considering the statements of Allah subhana wa tada in this forum.

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And within the Soto, I feel that one of the strongest themes amongst many others,

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is that humility is clarity. Humility is truth. Humility is part of the epistemology and seeking God finding God submitting to God. And you mentioned chef Omar, the example of the angels and their humility, and the pastor don't want to focus on 3738 and 39

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minutes also kind of talks about some of his songs and the sort of has many signs within it when he Leela when the hotel was sham. So while former la studio former was Julian learn hilarie Honda Honda incontri otaku, amongst his signs are the day and the night, the sun and the moon. Do not prostrate to the sun or the moon but prostrate to Allah, who created them all, if you truly worship Him alone. So we begin here with the theme of humility for any stuck model in the next day. But if they are too arrogant, if they are too proud meaning for sudo to prostrate to God, for Latina and because you said before, Allah who believe anyone know how humble is I won't let them know that the angels who

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are close or with a loss of habitat nearest to your Lord, they glorify him day and night, and they never grow weary or exhausted. Now here we have in the Quran, one of 14 or 15 subjects, you know, what a prostration for re citation and this is a very important one and this is why it's referred to as Mima. sajida. So there is a frustration here, the theme of humility becomes more important for any stuck vote if they are arrogant, meaning if they think that it is below their dignity, for them to listen to you or messenger or more for them to persist in their ignorance in which they are involved for Latina and Arabic and then let them know that there are creations that submit to Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. And they do exemplify humility. Such a Tila here is taking place, or it is occurring at a moment in which the entirety of the universe is being referenced as a sign of a law. And it is submitting and responding to a law called letter A Tina, in previous in Surah, the heavens in the earth said, we come to you on law willingly and humbly and submissively. And here too, we are submitting, and we are humbling ourselves before loss of habitat. And this brings us to the crux of it and like a total of the Harsha verse 39. And amongst the last science is that you see the earth devoid of life. But you danzan Allah, Allah does that water but but as soon as we send down the rain

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upon it, it begins to start the life and to swell in the number field note in the hawala Felicia do indeed the one who revives it can easily revive the dead. He is certainly most capable of everything. And sorbitol, Hajj, Allah says Hermida here Allah says, Harsha, what's that all about homina homina for Sultan Haji was because Allah was discussing the power of the Buddha of a loss of eternal time the creation of the universe and the creation of the human being. Here a law says what Harsha. You see the earth devoid of life but the word hotshot which is also linked with humility here, it's being referenced after a sensitive to you know, after a verse about prostrating to a loss

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of Connaughton. So once again, the theme of humility, the humility of the entire universe submitting to God, except for the jinn and the human beings who have free will, and they must choose and they must purify themselves to submit to a loss of Hannah Montana. And so I want to share just four very quick gems and I'll end with this inshallah. On this note, the note of humility and solitude. The first gem here with this passage of such data is that the most powerful exemplification of humility is the state of frustration. It is, it is the closest position a person is to unlock a portable Mayor corner that allowed him to be what was satisfactory to other prophets lie Selim said the

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closest a slave is to a law is in prostration. So increase your increase your supplication. Number two, if you humble yourself to the lowest position or loss of panelists, Tanner raises you to the highest of breaths. In a worldly state, you might consider yourself ahead or behind other people, but these types of measurements don't matter to a lot. Rather it is about your humility before a law, your submission to a law, humbling oneself physically and spiritually, in sujood raises one's ranks. And the third annual claim the law says about us to do that it is the secret of prayer. It is the greatest or the greatest pillar of the soul and the seal of the record and all of the other

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actions of Salah are like a prelude or a warm up to the studio itself. The second jump Allah subhanaw taala says in the lady that Murphy alota rarely the one who gives it the earth life also gives a

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To the dead. So here we reflect with regards to pure humility, reflect on the powerful submission of sujood and how one quality prostration one quality centered up brings life to a dead heart. We have seen and we have all experienced in different ways that when a person really puts their heart into it, that one says that might be the son of they start to cry in that one session, they start to open up and that's the one stage in which they feel their emotion increasing, they feel themselves remorseful, over their shortcomings grateful to unlock humbling themselves in this position, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So as a reminder here, put more effort into your

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shoot and you will experience life in your hearts which cannot be found anywhere else in this world. In the Lydia here her emotional motor, the third gem here and loss of pilots honor reminds us in the Harada condition for the his powerful and evil over all things no matter how distant you are from a law, or how did you feel your heart has become or how hard it is or how impossible your situations or your difficulties. Last the panel Watada is either really shady or powerful and capable and evil over all things. He can change your situation, but Humble yourself to Him. submit to Him pray to Him. And don't delay that humility. Don't wait for another day Don't wait for another month. This

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might be the last opportunity and the last gem here gem number four in that the devil's sin was one of arrogance disobedience to law, he refused to prostrate above was that model what can we do to carefree and he fell to the lowest positions. The position of arrogance blinded him and clouded His judgment from seeing with clarity. And a person who's looking for truth and looking for God and looking for success and looking for happiness must submit to a loss of handle without it, there is no shortcut to humility, meaning it must be done. And as a result, they are raised to the highest positions. We cannot afford to skip or miss a single song. And when given the opportunity for many

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no wife and many voluntary prayers, we are not in a position where we can afford missing out on these opportunities because one of these opportunities will be realized in the linear motion motor. We asked our last panel Italia to give life to our hearts and to keep our hearts alive. And we asked Allah subhana wa tada to keep us humbly submissive until the day that we returned to him. Or Salam Allah Muhammad Ali. He was average man