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Al-Mursalat 1-50 Translation 1-50

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de Souza Hill Karim allah.ru the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, but the shrine is so dirty, we're simply empty Emery, Washington determin Dasani of koko de probenecid nerima lesson number 301 Soto masala Ayah number one 250 Translation while masala tea by those that are sent for urfa in succession philosopher 30 then by those that blow violently are us for a definite blowing violently one nationality and by those that scattered national a definite scattering fell fairly party then by those that separate for a definite separating file multi party then by those who test the craw a message a reminder Earth run as justification

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or neutron warning innama indeed that which to our donor you all are promised lower care surely one that will happen for either so when a new moon the stars boom He said it was wiped off it was effaced what either and when a summer the sky 40 jet it was opened what either and when algae barely the mountains no sefa it was blown away what either and when I was Sulu the messengers later it was brought at their appointed time

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Li for which yo de Agila it was deferred Leo for a day and fossil of the decision warmer and what other aka informed you man what young is day and fossil of the decision? Why alone a big wall? Yo mama even that de Lille mocha de bien for those who deny and and did not know Lake we destroy a well in the former ones so much then notes beer home we cause to follow them

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in the later ones because alika likewise Neff our loop we do bill moody mean with the criminals. Why you learn a bit more yo ma even that de Lille mocha de bien for those who deny along did not not look calm. We create you all men from men in water by Heenan despised disgraceful for jalna who then we put it fee in our are in a place of rest McKean in firm Isla del poder in an extent. Mara lumen known Sokka domna then we determined fenyr month so how good are the rune? Those who measure Waylon Whoa, yo ma even that de Lille mocha de bien for those who deny Alon did not natural we make

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the earth key factor a container

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here and for ones who are alive, what am water and ones who are dead. Or Gianna and we placed see her in it for arsia firmly anchored mountains Shammi Horton ones Hi, we're a spine ericom and we gave you to drink mat and water for the sweet way learn a bit more Yama even that a little look at the bean for those who deny in paliku you all proceed you all set out Ella towards man that which kuntum you were be with it to get the boon you all deny. In paliku you will proceed ala towards wenlin a shade the possessor seletti three sure are been branches. Now not 111 one that is shady one a and nor you need it benefits. It avails men from a law hub the burning flame in the hair indeed it

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don't meet it throws beshara in with sparks can us like the castle, Ghana who as if it dumela tune camels suffren

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ones yellowish black.

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Why alone a baker yoma even that de Lille mocha DB for those who deny had this yo mo a de la not young deikun they will speak voila and nor you know it is permitted la home for them fire to the room. So they put forth any excuse why alone a bagel yoma in that day, look at the bean for those who deny had this yo is de l festival of the decision. Gemma nachum we gathered you all while a willing and the former ones are in so if Ghana it was local for you gayden a plot for key dooney then you all plot against me. Why you don't a big role. Yo MA in that day, look at the bean for those who deny in indeed ultimate decay in the righteous ones fee in relearning chains, or or union

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and springs or for wacky and fruits mimma from whatever yester Hoon their desire kulu you all eat or shabu and you all drink honey and comfortably beyma because of what

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content you were Dharma loon you all do. In indeed we gallica likewise, New Jersey, we recompense al mercy Nene those who do utmost good. While on a big war. Yama Aden that de Lille mocha de bien for those who deny kulu you all eat water matter? And you are temporarily enjoy alila and a little intercom indeed you moody moon are criminals. Why alone? A big war? Yo ma? Isn't that de Lille mocha de bien for those who deny what either and when de la it was said la whom do them? It Kuru you all do Tucker. You all bow down. Left not your karoon they can bow down while you learn Arabic Whoa, yo ma even that de Lille mocha de bien for those who deny Furby a ye then in which howdy then statement

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BARDA who after it You may known they will believe

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let's listen to the recitation.

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Don't worry, Louis.

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While we

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look at dB.

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He took the Boo.

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Boy Louie

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kulu shabu honey

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mosinee ye

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baby heavy, heavy