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The Conquest of Makkah

Can someone love Allah and His Messenger S and still commit a major sin? When should we stop forgiving a person? How do we understand the concept of “an eye for an eye”? How was the Prophet S described upon his return to Makkah? In this session, we talk about the importance of fulfilling trusts, how Quraysh broke the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, Abu Sufyaan’s (R) acceptance of Islam, and the long-awaited conquest of Makkah.

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The European Church is a place where small mistakes and bigger mistakes are essential to avoid harm. Discussions include addressing root causes of sin and being a good person to avoid punished by others. The conflict between Muslims and their enemy is expected to be a war of substance, and the importance of accepting Islam and showing actual faith is emphasized. forgiveness is a best option for everyone, and actions such as forgiveness and forgiveness oneself and others can lead to rewarded behavior.

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Assalamualaikum My dear brothers and sisters once again jacmoe love hate on me, Allah grant you all that which is good for you and your families. I mean, no, but I mean, we're here now back with another session. Where do we stop at the last session? The holiday visa treaty was at risk of being violated, by whom? by the prophet, no way on Earth. Remember, the prophets never breached any covenant. Then from whose end? from the end of the other side? Let me tell you remember, Benny,

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Benny Becker joined alliances with who was kurush Benny, Hosea joined alliances with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, Benny Bakker and Benny Hosea used to have battles and wars before the treaty. Benny Becker had so much hate to Benincasa that they could not manage it properly. And the hatred grew more and more because they saw many people of Casa they are aligning with Mohammed Assalam. And they're also getting stronger and stronger. So now their hatred and jealousy. It's a mix. May Allah forgive us. So Benny, Benny Berger said, let's go and attack Benny Hosea at nighttime. So it's not clear who is attacking them. So they Benny Becker spoke to crush their alliance and said, Would you

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help us with like weapons and they didn't just help with weapons kurush help with people. So now Quraysh and Benny Becker together, went on attacking at night breaching the covenant of no war for 10 years. No, they went at nighttime, at the tribe of Hosea. And guess what brothers and sisters, many Hosea was not ready for this. They came at night and start killing right and left. People were praying and the night killing killed them while they were praying. And then some people from Benny, Hosea, what did they do? They got shocked and they ran and they fled away. Where do you think they ran away? to the mosque, the sacred mosque around the Kaaba? Why would they do that? Because it's

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known in that area, that whoever goes there and is present is never ever physically harmed. Even if the one who's there killed your own that you still do not touch them in that part of the land. So pantalon so their benefit was that they fled there, so no one can hurt them. So when Benny buckler came, the leader who was named was no foul, he was told Rob backrub back your Lord your Lord, no fun. Was it nofal c'est la ilaha illa Julio no fillers no God today that Elijah la CEO anger me Allah forgive us. So he says, not La Ilaha Illa holy Oh, no God for me today. So they said no fan, this is the sacred land we can go that far and killing them. They're like, we're like doubling down

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on our our sins and the wrongdoing and so on. Now, Phil says, You people, steal, steal in that sacred land. Now you're acting all religious, that you don't want to get revenge.

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So that influenced them. And they went and attacked in the sacred land, and they killed the venue that were there. What's the point here to share with you there's a lot that can be said. But you see how no foul be little the small sin. As a result of belittling the small sin, the larger sin became even easier to do. It's no longer as difficult to do. And that's something we have to take very seriously. All of us have shortcomings. When someone does a sin, make sure you address it. Make sure you say you know what this is wrong, I got to do something about it. I need to make sure to stop the root cause of why I did it. Because if you don't address your smaller mistakes, and you don't care

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about them and the sins, the bigger ones will not be as difficult for us to commit to me Allah forgive us and protect us a little bit. I mean, you know, when the alarm goes off in the kitchen, or next to it, what do some of us do? We grab like a blanket, and we try to push the smoke away because the alarm system to stop doing pee pee pee, right? But before we do that, we need to see where is the smoke coming from.

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Similarly, when you're about to do that, which is wrong, your heart Your consciousness does that B B, you don't shut it off. See what went wrong, if we don't address it to cause a bigger problem. So the point being is that address the smaller sins, so we don't fall into the bigger ones as a loss of Hana with data. What did he say in the Quran? Do not come close to Xena too.

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Not come close to the Xena is wrong, but don't even take the small steps that lead to it. May Allah protect us and make us people of modesty Amira, but I mean, one of the people from Benny Hosea managed to escape and run away not to the sacred mosque land. No, he ran away to Medina. He went ran away to his Alliance, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he started getting poetry. Allahumma in Nina, she didn't want her mother or Allah addressing Mohammed Salah Salem and he started complaining to Mohammed about what happened. The disbelievers of course he did this and others did that. For pata Luna Raka and waso Giada. They killed us while we were prostrating and bowing to God

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to the Prophet SLM. Is he going to be faithful to His promise of supporters? Alliance? Yes. He said No, sir. on this island, Amber, we got you you will be helped you'll be supported Allahu Akbar, the prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who always always keeps his promise and is faithful with the covenants I will share with you the story will lie It's just shows you the remarkable how remarkable Mohammed Salim is, many years ago in the Battle of better and the Muslims were about 317 317 the disbelievers were about 1000. So any man that can join the Muslims will be great. We need every possible man to be involved. What happens? How are they effective nilima and his father,

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may Allah be pleased by both of them. They escaped Mecca to go to Medina when they escaped. They got captured by the people, of course, the people of Christ that the enemy that is this believers at the time, they will not let go of what they find is that until they make a promise and a covenant, what is it that any upcoming battle that will come between the Muslims and kurush that where they finish father does not participate in

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the process? For sure, for sure. Just let go of us and we promise we promise you we will not join an army of the Muslims against you. What happened? Brothers and sisters, the Battle of better came that first major major battle and then who came to the Muslim army holiday for a vanilla man and his father. So they told the president of the promises they made to the disbelievers. Quraysh at that time, was the prevalence of them say, you know what he said? He said, You guys have a friend Your dad go back to Medina. Go back to Midian sorry, fair, Neff. nephila home big deal. We shall fulfill the promise given to them the covenant when staring into law, highlight him and will ask a lot help

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and assistance against the enemy La ilaha illAllah as desperately as you need that person to help you out in that battle. Yet he kept his promise to the enemy who's trying to kill him like Ilhan Omar. May Allah make us be trustworthy people. May Allah make us never betray. You know what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teach us? He says a deal Amanda to eliminate Dominic fulfilled that trust to those who entrust you

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with the one man hanoch and do not betray the ones who betray you. May Allah allow us to follow the teachings of Islam I mean noble alameen brothers and sisters With that being said, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has a plan, what's the plan? We will go and assemble an army to crush but no one shall tell kurush anything. We will do it as secretly as possible come all the way from Medina come to Mecca and shock the people of Quraysh see not ready, agree, obviously. So I said let me give that command the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the army is being put together assembled 1000s of believers remember Muslims are growing in huge numbers during time of

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safety and security, the peace the treaty that happened? Brothers and Sisters all of a sudden What happened? a companion companion.

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His name is how to May Allah be pleased by him. He wrote a letter to the people of Quraysh, detailing the plan of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he gave it to a lady. And privately no one knows no one knows. Privately go right now send that letter to the people of Christ America.

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You think no one knows. someone knows. Allah subhana wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam one of your companions by the name of how they wrote a letter and gave it to a lady to forward it to the disbelievers to share the plan. Allah Subhana Allah, Allah from above seven heavens, he sees the end on a roll

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In a dark night, Allah subhanho wa Taala that knows what happened, knows what's happening and knows what will happen and knows what would have happened if something else has happened. A loss of Hannah what Allah that sees what we do a lot here is what we say Allah, the One who knows what we think of Allah subhana wa Talon. Nothing is difficult on Allah revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I live in a pileup, said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam requested me I live in a pilot as zubayr and admit that these three companions What do you tell them go to such and such garden is the distance from here, go to that garden. in there, you will find a lady in a house that

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a portable like tent on a camel, basically in that garden that will be heading towards Mecca towards people of courage with her with her is a letter from hottub giving the details of the plan to the enemy encourage, go quickly get the letter I live in a ton of said and we went so fast the fastest pace possible to go and rush to war get the letter until we arrived to the garden. And we saw the lady in that portable tent or small room on the camel. So we told her take out the letter. Give us the letter. She said I have no letter with me. I have no letter what letter. So they settled the camel down the data complete Search Complete search and they could not find the letter. Hmm. They

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could not find the letter. Brothers and sisters the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he sent us a letter. Look what he said. Do you have the belief of alley or the lawn? Check it out. He said my sewer lines some of the law and he said and the Prophet of Allah said lamb never in his life did he lie

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and he cannot see the letter.

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That Zubair could not find it. They searched it, I cannot see it. I cannot touch it. Nothing. But what I know is there is a letter. So even though the intellect on the general basis, there's no letter, but their belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala is such strong belief that there is a letter not this isn't people accused some of us Muslims or leaders do this, this and that, which God said the Prophet said, you don't know the wisdom behind that you don't know this and that? No, it's not because we're uneducated. It's because we are very educated is because we trust Allah subhanho wa Taala we trust the Prophet peace be upon him. He said to us so many things. truthful not once did he

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lie so there's a credibility proven by God's a pinata Allah. So there is a letter there's a letter. So look what they said ready for this? They said the regional keytab Allah No. Kiana Thea, listen, you either give us a letter, she has a letter, she is also contributing and committing treason. She's contributing in this treacherous act to be more specific. Okay, and this will cause damage. You have this letter, what you did is wrong. Give us the letter, or we will strip you off your clothes.

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When she saw that they're serious. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Then, she had braids, and the letter was hidden inside the braids. She took it, gave it to Allie zubayr dad, and the letter said from how to just like how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said and they got the letter and they rushed back to Medina. The Prophet SLM is their how to be their companions or their gets the letter. And the prophet SAW Selim says, ma Ha, ha, ha. What is this hot tub? What is this? Hahaha, this is a treacherous move brothers and sisters. So how to explain himself? He says lead taggi Allah jasola this, Don't be hasty. Let me just tell you what happened. Okay. I am a person that has some family

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in Mecca, but very small. I don't have a huge family that will back up you know one another and help one another. Unlike the people here who are the immigrants and have large families there. So I was worried if anything goes wrong in Makkah, it would mean sending the letter Peter when I send the letter. The people in Mexico appreciate that from me. As a result of their appreciation, they will protect my family. I have no support there. So I was hoping this will help my family was a minority in Makkah, and oh prophet of Allah. I did not do this because I disbelieved. I did not do this because I left Islam No. My heart is full

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of belief.

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So the prophets of Allah, Allah, what did he say? In no sadaqa? How to present the truth in what sense? what he said? He did does truly believe. Even though brothers and sisters he committed a major, major, major sin. And before I proceed, this just a quick note to all of us here so Pamela, how it is possible May Allah forgive us and protect us someone to commit such major sin? a treacherous move against the prophets I send them yet still have loved to Allah, this prophet says Allah, may Allah grant us wisdom and protect us. Our capital line was there. As I said, Yasser Allah Hand me this guy, the owner codon Manasa, bring me this guy so I can kill this hypocrite. This is

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treason. So the prophets I said, I'm told Mr. Ahmed, listen, at least I'm in Alabama, did health not participate in that battle of better that how to not fight in this grand battle that one of the grandest the elite of the elite which helped the Muslims and Omar, perhaps a loss of patent what Allah would forgive how to, and the people who participated. Whatever they do after that, for the grand deed, good deed that was done in battle of better I must start to cry for them at Dinah. And he said Allah and His Messenger know best indeed, it brings emotions and heart softening to know how forgiving Allah subhana wa Taala is, as much as that sin is major yet allow us to forgive brothers

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and sisters, go to Allah with a big, big, good deed. What do you have, you have something Sharla you have something that you've done yesterday, last year, a week ago, some time in your life, that such a great massive good deed that inshallah will be means means to help you on the Day of Judgment for all the shortcomings that we have committed? Do you have Do I have, let's make an oath to Allah subhanho wa Taala to have something major that we present to Allah. Let me give you this example. Let's say you have a bank account of $1,000 pretend pretend your bank account holds your good deeds, so 1000 good deeds. Anytime you write a check, anytime you write a check, that number is the number

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of bad deeds. So when you have $1,000 1000 good deeds and you make for example, a check or a sin, that is 500 bad deeds. It's okay now it's okay as in it's fine. You can commit a sin stuff for a lot of him, but he's still inshallah have hope and chance by the will of Allah subhanaw taala your good deeds are still there, you still have 500 good deeds 1000 minus 500 it's just an example not a perfect one. Now the issue is that when we go and commit a sin, that check is 10,000 and all what you have is 1000 May Allah protect us from such moments? May Allah make our good deeds a lot larger than our bad deeds and May Allah forgive us and protect us. So go to Allah subhana wa tada and

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anytime you are a shortcoming. One of the best ways to get that sin erased and removed is by doing a good deed that replaces it. May Allah protect us. I mean, our brothers and sisters how to stays with the army. Allah still protects the prophet SAW Selim. And everything is completely secretive. No one knows about anything that is happening. koresh has absolutely no clue. You know how large the Muslim army is? Are you ready to hear the number? The Muslims are 10,000 in number 10,000 believers 10,000 soldiers six years ago Battle of better how many were the 317 you see how Islam spreads during peace? Islam spreads with that peace tree that was made and people accepted all the profit once once

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you just give me room to convey. People want to accept good higher people don't accept also higher Just give me room to convey the message that's all why he wants to build up the last contact to convey the message may Allah allow you and ITV people that do that. I mean, I mean, brothers and sisters, they're coming closer and closer to Mecca. No one has an idea in Mecca Mecca they know something might happen. We're worried what will Mohammed do but they don't know they're on the way. Why are the profits are settling is coming to Mecca. Guess who comes and emigrate to the Muslims. And at best, our best is one of the four uncles of the prophets. I said let me come to this family.

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What is you want? A shadow Allah Allah Illallah Muhammad Rasul Allah. Can you imagine how happy the prophet SAW Selim is that my uncle got to accept Islam and join Alhamdulillah he joined brothers and sisters, as they're coming close, and they were so close just a few miles away from Mecca ready for that was night.

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The prophet SAW Selim the companions, what do they do? They light a fire. Everyone holds a fire torch. It's like a dark room. The lights are on and people have melted.

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They know the plan. Someone is coming to attack us. Something is happening. Abu sufian brothers and sisters he leaves the city of Mecca looks at the scene he is unbelievably shocked. That's it. It's no more secret. It's known.

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never seen anything like that before. I will. Look what Allah best does who's the best he just became a Muslim. Allah das looked at the the scene of the Muslims. He looked how close Mecca is. He said, If this army enters Mecca forcefully, Mecca will be done. No one will be in Mecca, Ahmed will be destroyed. So, bass rides on the camel of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he writes on the animal of the platypus and lamb and he heads towards Mecca. And he's hoping to meet anyone to tell them to tell the leaders in Mecca to surrender surrender because you cannot withstand this army surrender asked for safety. Now, is this a betrayal? No. The plan is no longer a secret a lot better

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trying to work out something for the best of both worlds for the Muslims and the disbelievers at that time. I bet it's coming dark at night. Guess what happens? I bet he hears someone talking. Who's the one talking about Sofia was a fan was saying to his friend. Listen, you look at this. Look at this scene. I have never in my life seen an army that large with such organization. The friend says, you know who that army is? Who is it? I think it's Benny, Hosea and remember causada were killed. That's Benny Hosea coming to attack and seek revenge. Abu sufian he's a military guy. He's really knows his stuff. He says Benny, Hosea is not that strong to have such army like that. There's

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no way Allah best heard that. He says he called Abu sufian Abu Sufyan heard someone calling his name. And I wish I can recognize the sound. I will follow Allah bass. Allah says Yes, it's me. Then Abu Sufyan said, My beloved, what brought you here? Something serious is taking place. He said, Yeah, I was a fan. Yeah, I was a fan. This is the army of the Prophet of Allah. What does this tell Sophia? That Allah best believes that in Islam, Allah best accepted Islam. So butia fan tells us what should we do? There's no way we can handle this. What should we do? He said, Listen, the best thing to do is go seek safety from the assailant and surrender. Make it make it peaceful. Okay, come

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ride on my camel on the camel of the process our Salah, and let's head back and talk to the Prophet of Allah. Once again said yeah, sure, sure. Don't forget that was a young Abu Sufyan was the one who was leading the Battle of killed the companions of the Prophet sought to ruin Islam and the Muslims, Abu Sufyan. He took a major leadership role in the Battle of the trench, which we discussed in the past, with a 10,000 of the enemies coming to attack the Muslims. He was one of the core leaders, so his harm to the Islam and Muslims is unbelievable, compared to others. But Allah said, Come with me. So I was a fan. And to an ally bass Allah best is the uncle of the process alum. They're headed

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towards the 10th of the profit. This was at nighttime. So I said, I'm ready for this. As they're coming to the 10th of the profit anyone that sees them, he says mentor Who's this. So they see the uncle of the Prophet on the animal the ride of the prophet SAW Selim. So let's say Hi there, I'm gonna be this is the uncle of the processor. And they move forward until they came came past and who saw them? Or if they'll hop up or the line? He says, Who is this advance? Okay, the uncle

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Abu Sofia, and you came right to us. Yeah, I do a lot of enemies a lot. Thank God that you came right to us come here. He wants to end him an enemy. This is battle brothers and sisters. This is war. So Allah sees that from Omar and they go as fast as possible to the prophet SAW Selim. So Omar doesn't come and capture apostrophe. And then what as fast as possible, and guess who's running all modern laptop running after him after Abu sufian. And then a bass comes down. Abu Sufyan comes down the enter into the tent, and then runs right after them. They barely made it, by the way before murottal and that's how fast he was running. So then on top said, Yasser Allah Hand me this Abu

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Sofia, and he came right to us right here. Let us enter him. There's no covenant it's voided. They breached the covenant. He can say, Oh, no war, it's over. Let me go and kill him. So the prophet SAW Selim. What will he do? This man who was responsible, I was a fan of so much damage to Islam, so much damage. The Prophet I said, like diffused calm down.

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In this situation, he told us, let Abu sufian stay in your tent tonight and we will talk tomorrow morning inshallah. When Abu sufian woke up and Allah best woke up I'm gonna remind you one more time just to clarify things lab bass became Muslim is the uncle of the prophet SAW Selim, Abu sufian is one of the major enemies of Islam at that time. When they woke up they went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ready for the conversation ready for this? Also lies accidentals. Abu sufian whitehair What's the matter with you? Is it not time for you Abu Sufyan to admit and to accept that there's no deity worthy of worship but Allah is it not time for you? apostrophe and said

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that Allah

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economic how generous Are you or Mohammed? How kind Oh, you're such a patient individual. I was again appreciate that. How kind you are, how good you are with a family you such a great family person. You know, he didn't forget where you came from you from Croatia relatives. He says I was a few ancestor mamas are seldom asked for that. And you're totally true. You're totally correct. If there are other guards there, if there are other gods to be worshipped besides Allah, they would have helped me they would have helped me out today. But indeed, there's no God but Allah. Then the prophet Isaiah says why hack wrote to you I was a fan. Is it not time for you to admit that I am the

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Prophet of Allah.

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Abu Sufyan said, How patient you are, how kind you are, how great family person you are.

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I'll be honest with you, on this one, I still have doubts.

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I still have doubts that you know, the prophet of Allah, Allah Bess tells Abu sufian Listen, Abu Sufyan What is the matter with you? testified there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet before you're done. Okay? before you're killed, Shabazz vn says, Okay. And he admits or he testifies as there's no deity of worship but a lot and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is God's Messenger. You can tell the hardship there but we only judge based on what we see and based on what we hear. With that being said the conversation has ended up with Sophia now as a Muslim Can you believe that sentence to come out of Luciana is now a Muslim? Brothers and sisters, when the

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conversation ended, pay attention to this one. Allah best to the prophet SAW Salem Rasul Allah, Allah, Abu sufian likes to be recognized, you know, likes a bit prestige, you know, that kind of helps him soft in the heart and things like that. So there's anything we can do to kind of give a boost to some status, there'll be appreciated, once again, not at the expense of displeasing Allah. The Prophet Salim already knows that, of course. So the prophet SAW Selim says the short,

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the announcement is to be made in Makkah. Whoever locks themselves in their houses are safe. They will not be fought. Whoever seeks refuge in the sacred mosque will be safe, fantastic. The additional profits are made. And whoever is in the house of Abu Sufyan is also safe.

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Like that, and went to Tel Aviv, Sofia and that Allah, may Allah be pleased by him is heading out. The Prophet Allah tells Allah best Wait, there's one thing I want you to do. What is I want you to have a booster fan with you. In a spot, there's a spot, which is very tight on the way to Mecca. So Abu Sufyan can see the entire army or most of the army sorry to go through that bottleneck because that's where the most crowded the army. The processor wants to see the army walking in. One of the benefits brothers and sisters is that this will help increase the faith of Abu Sufyan and see the prophethood of Muhammad wa sallam, it will help them appreciate that. And see Abu sufian stood next

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to a lab bus that was a fan was looking at the army coming into Mecca. Wow. Look at these groups. So he says, Oh, yeah, best Who in the world is this tribe was this group? He says that this is by no shame. It's another tribe. Wow. Another group comes with this. It's Musina. This is unbelievable. Group after group group after group is so amazed and he says Who in the world is that group? It was a group of brothers and sisters covered with shield and armor head to toe all what you can see is what just their eyes that's how much covered of armor and so on. He said Who is this group? And about says this is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that's the group and the immigrants and the

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supporters are with him. Then apostrophe and look what he says ready for this one? He says, Oh ALLAH does

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your nephews, your nephews kingdom is so powerful and so strong. Your nephews kingdom is just out of this world. Allah best said yeah, Abu Sufyan. This is not Kingdom he's not a king. This is Prophethood This is Prophethood it's revelation from Allah given to Mohammed assailant and makes him a prophet. Then abortion, acknowledges he said, Noah, that's so true. Nom nom nom. Brothers and sisters, Abu sufian walks into Mecca ready for this? People are scared. So Abu sufian makes the announcement. Whoever goes into my house is safe. Whoever locks themselves up in their homes are safe. And whoever is in the masjid in the sacred mosque area is also safe, and everybody floods

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away, go to one of these three safety locations. The streets are empty. Things are quiet and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is walking towards the Kaaba, the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This was the area brothers and sisters. This was the area where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was persecuted. People physically harmed him. People emotionally harmed him. People used to call him a liar Magno and someone who lost his mind a sourcer occur in all these attributes given to him. They went as far as making fun of the death of his son, when his son, his baby boy, and nothing, even an adult child, a baby boy died they made fun of that, that no one will carry your

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last name. You are Aptera no one will carry your name, you'll eventually your last name, your lineage will end Thank God. That's how bad they were. They went as far as throwing stones at him where his feet would bleed. That's what they did. They contributed the process and not just him, what they did to his companions, what the they have caused to his family in pain. Some of the companions such as the sister so may or may Allah be pleased by you're the first one to die as a believer from the torture that they have done. All of that these were the areas this was the land, May Allah forgive us. So the President is walking brothers and sisters, he sees 360 idols around the

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Kaaba. He has a stick with him that stick What does he do? He hits and strikes one idol after the other, when he strikes the idol that used to be worshipped besides Allah, it would fall on its face, and it will break and the companions contributed 360 idols. And when the Prophet did that, you know what he said brothers and sisters, he used to say,

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about and the truth has come falsehood is gone, falsehood is vanished in Alberta, Canada as a whole, indeed falsehood is ever bound will always be temporary, and then leave with it will be gone in sha Allah. And that's something for all of us to appreciate. You see falsehood strong, you see falsehood, powerful has a crowd to it, but we tell you something, according to this verse, When the truth comes, that strength of that evil of falsehood, shrinks, becomes weak, becomes destroyed in sha Allah, may Allah allow you and I to be people of truth and not falsehood, and May Allah make you an eye means of guidance to others. So brothers and sisters, when this happened, the idols were

00:33:34--> 00:34:14

destroyed. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked for the keys of the Kaaba, and he got the keys, and he entered into the Kaaba, and there were idols there, and he destroyed the idols. And then he locked the door of the Kaaba while he was in the Kaaba. But he took such a long time. He stayed in the cabinet for a long time. What was he praying? What was he doing? I just said it, he was praying to Allah subhanho wa Taala. He was praying to Allah humble in victory. And when he was in the Kaaba, that people start coming out, surrounding, on the mosque, sacred area,

00:34:15--> 00:35:00

waiting, what will happen to them? Then the process of them opens the doors of the Kaaba, ready for this opens the doors of the Kaaba, but will the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam do the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam starts with glorifying Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allah is greater than everything and anything that he says La ilaha illallah wa. There is no deity worthy of worship, but Allah alone, these idols basically are nothing it's only a lot to be worshipped. So the kawada Allah fulfill this promise number two, number three, when Nasir abda, Allah gave victory to slave was the man has a BA and Allah was able alone to

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

Defeat the Confederates, all the people that ganged up together against the Muslims. Allah alone defeated all of them. And one of the very famous speeches that took place on that day and narration that is has an array. So it's a sound that narration that reaches that level due to other references that strengthens it, according to several scholars. What's that narration? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brothers and sisters ready for this? He tells the people all in front of them silent looking at the Prophet What will he do to us? They know what they did. So the prophet SAW Selim said, Ma, todo, pneumonia, Masha matter of price, math are known and newfangled become, what

00:35:41--> 00:36:28

do you think are people of course that I will do to you today? What do you think I will do? So they said higher? You will do nothing but good. Again, Kareem. We have no action Kareem you're a good noble man, who is the nephew of a good noble man. So the prophet SAW Selim. Look what he says. He says, Let the three ballet common you know blame on you today. We will not bring up the stories of the past. I will not blame you and rebuke you and and reproach you, I will not do that. Yes, very loud. Welcome. May Allah subhana wa Taala forgive you, I from from the prophets and I forgive you basically. And I pray to Allah In addition, that Allah forgives you. Why? Muhammad Rahim? Allah is

00:36:28--> 00:37:07

the Most Merciful of all those who have mercy. How powerful is that? How powerful is that, that the prophet SAW Selim? ability to forgive such group of people such a large number? May Allah make us people who forgive others? brothers and sisters? Can we learn this from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam can we be able to forgive? Yes, yes. You have the right when someone wrongs you, you want to take? No, what does that say? You attend a lot of classes on the Koran. What does he say? What does that say? attend say I don't miss law. Right. Sorry. Let me confirm this law. Okay, I'm gonna repeat that. What does that say? I didn't say I don't miss loja, that's what Allah says in the Koran.

00:37:07--> 00:37:41

That's an option. Right? What does that mean? The retribution that payback of an evil act is that you respond back equally. But there is a level above that, which I pray to Allah that you and I reach, which the level of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with Allah saying, from an alpha was select the ones who forgive and reconcile, so as to who Allah, their reward is on Allah if you forgive a lot tells you if you forgive you reconcile, I got you. Your reward is with me, I will reward you Yeah, Allah was the reward.

00:37:42--> 00:38:25

I have no response to you. The idea doesn't tell me the reward. But you know what we know. This makes it even more beautiful. How is that? Brothers and Sisters when the king in this world tells you I met Khadija Sarah use of whatever your name is now love Bless you, wherever you may be. call you by your name. It says I'm the king of such country will have a gift ready for you? What will you think that gift is equal to the wealth to the power to the generosity of that King? Correct? You expect something big? Because it's the king? What about the King of all kings? Allah subhanho wa Taala. When he tells you if you forgive, your reward is on me, I will reward you. That gift that

00:38:25--> 00:39:08

reward will be equal to allows generosity, a loss capability and allows Dominion Allahu Akbar, and when to help you forgive brothers and sisters. And yes, do we forgive everybody? Anyone and anything? Some of the scholars they teach us forgive, that's the best best option. But the people who may not deserve to be forgiven are the ones when you forgive them, they increase in evil, when you forgive them, they increase in evil. These people may not be worthy of forgiveness. And Allah knows best. That's some of the scholars they mentioned that but to the most part, brothers and sisters, we have brothers and our sisters, spouses, children, parents, siblings, colleagues will lie

00:39:08--> 00:39:31

and many times our fights and dispute is not worth what's happening to cut them off. Not even greeting not even saying salon we're not being we're not telling you be best friends like how you used to be, but have a connection. Salaam Alaikum Peace be upon you. Aid Mubarak May Allah bless you in this holiday so on and so forth, to help you forgive brothers and sisters. Think of how lonely this life is.

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

this dunya is not worth much. The Prophet sallahu wa sallam he passed by a dead goat with a chopped ear like looks miserable that maybe flies insects on it. So the prophet SAW Selim says who would like to have this dead goat for one Durham very cheap price one Durham. The Companions they said Yasser Allah of Prophet of Allah, we would not want this goat even if it was for free.

00:40:00--> 00:40:31

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, For Allah He I swear to God, the world in the sight of Allah is of a lower value than this dead filthy goat is to you. This is the dunya this is the this life it's not worth many of the problems that we have with our loved ones. Forgive me Allah grant, you're genuine and May Allah elevate your status. Brothers and sisters forgive and alone forgive you. Forgive and Allah forgive you. That's what the prophets of Salaam said a few years.

00:40:32--> 00:41:16

So think how lonely this dunya is this worldly life and think of how grand the afterlife is. That's the real deal. May Allah subhanaw taala reward you in ways to make everything fruitful to you in terms of forgiveness and will lie when you forgive? Many times you do yourself a favor. You have all that weight of grudge and pain and sadness. As one of the people said, when you're holding a grudge against someone, it's like you're drinking poison and wanting the other person to die. when in actuality you're harming your own self. be alarmed because people are forgiveness, the way the prophet SAW Selim forgave all these hundreds and 1000s of people. Yes, if I'll be frank with you,

00:41:16--> 00:42:03

there might be a few there are there are a few people whom the process would not forgive. Very few, but the majority have forgiven all those people. May Allah make us people of forgiveness me noble Allah mean, so we can be forgiven by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Brothers and sisters, when this was said, all these people that you can think of many of them accepted Islam, how many 2000 people 2000 people, no sword, no bloodshed, no killing all the hundreds of people nothing forgiven, and they accepted Islam. Brothers and sisters, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stayed for about 19 days, 19 days in Makkah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam got news to major tribes, housing

00:42:03--> 00:42:52

and Turkey. What about them? They joined forces assembled and massive army. They want to fight till death. So much so they brought their wives and their families with them. They have this two options, that to them. We want to fight Mohammed and the Muslim and end them all. Or they kill us all. We don't want to ever be ruled under Mohammed assassin, Can you believe that? They'd rather die and have all the families destroyed? How will this battle take place? What will happen? All of these things? They want to meet at her name. It's a valley and they're ready. They're the enemy. What will take place? May Allah protect us? May Allah grant his long life to be able to tell you what's going

00:42:52--> 00:43:04

to happen with a life of our life. Someone lost a limb in his companions at that time, so we can all benefit inshallah, thank you so much for listening and watching me Allah grant you all Jenna, I appreciate you. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh