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So, now I can what I can look at I will ask me not even a shape ontology was not even handed in I mean what are one in a lot I mean when I have too much caffeine Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik avocado silica Mohammed and solo Longhorn he was sillim. While early he was talking to he was selling to semen kathira Alhamdulillah Brahmin, I don't want to shoot the mood down because you know, I was afraid that because of the way that the talk was going was Mashallah very upbeat talk and have the ladder rung very inspiring. At the same time he lost Panama to preserve half of the sum and May Allah subhanaw taala continue inshallah to Allah to guide him to the straight path and to

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make him amongst those who call to guidance and they themselves are guided. And may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to continue to benefit from our scholars and our speakers and our instructors alum I mean, so whenever I saw it, so upbeat, I was like, Man, I'm gonna come and depress everybody, because I've got a serious topic. I don't have a funny topic. I don't have any kind of topic that I can throw in a joke here there. Well, Hamdulillah, you ended on a serious note and hamdulillah so I can continue from there. I'll try not to depress everyone. But and I'll try to keep the topic as optimistic as possible because the topic last night was optimism is from the sinner, right. So the

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main thing that I want to address first and foremost, because I just came to know that actually, my mom did Malik touched on here yesterday and he asked the people, what is your definition of hyah? As Pamela I just want to mention a statement from him or him a whole lot tada to start off this lecture. Because the mountain podium Rahim Allah He had a very, very different definition to higher.

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Whenever he was asked what higher is he said, Mandela Yeah, him who Allah Allah, Allah will haraam whoever doesn't care about halal and haram.

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And some people might think, well, what's so profound about that? Because if you're speaking about higher if you lack higher if you lack modesty, if you lack shyness from Allah subhanho wa Taala, you're not going to care what Schiff gave the conservative footsie one what Schiff gave the one with the strongest delete, and you're not going to care about any of that whenever you come and keep asking questions and saying, is this type of makeup haraam? And can I email this sister without getting in trouble here? Do I have to put a cc there? Can I drop in a few smiley faces? Is it haram to poker is haram to do this? Whenever you're asking those questions that in and of itself is a sign

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that you like high up.

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Because the questions themselves reflect an attitude. It reflects that deprivation. Because you're not really concerned at the end of the day about whether you're pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala or not, you're trying to find a loophole. You're trying to find a loophole. And your attitude does not reflect that you are humbled by Allah subhanho wa Taala that you are shy in front of Allah subhanho Todd, and that's why a very profound Hadith and Muslim that once Rasulullah seisen and passed by one of the onslaught and that Ansari was speaking to his brother. And he was giving him a lecture on hyah I mean, he was he was on him about HIA and some of the Sahaba were looking at him and they were

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saying, you know, he's being too tough on them. You know, sometimes whenever someone is actually saying what they're supposed to be saying when someone is actually telling it how it is, Brother, don't depress him, brother, don't put her down, brother calm down. You know, don't be too extreme with the sinner right now. You know, they don't need to hear about this stuff right now. Take it easy on them. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was the one who taught us the perfect method of data loss I sent him said, there are who for internal hire, I mean, and he man, leave him because HIA is from a man hire is from a man. modesty is from faith. And I want you to really think

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deep about that statement. If you don't have higher then you will lack faith. You cannot have complete faith without having complete high. Now some some of us what is higher also mean in the Arabic language by the way?

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I'm from Louisiana, we answer questions to

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what does it mean? You can't answer your question.

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You're the Arabic teacher. What does that mean? Anyone life other than modesty. Hyah means life. But there's a difference between these two words hyah which is modesty and higher which means life but they both have the same roots. And if you don't have hyah, you can't have higher if you have no modesty you have no life. Your Eman will suffer death. And so Pamela Think about this. If you are not shy from Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you are not modest, whenever you are thinking about the fact that Allah Subhana Allah is watching you, if you

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Don't feel that sense of shame and bashfulness in front of Allah subhanho it's out then what's going to hold you back from doing those shameful acts that enter a person into Hellfire and also last a little longer it was sort of made that connection whenever he said something alone he was solemn. And the hadith of who will be a low tide on who? La Yes Nice Danny Hina years Nico mcmunn and adulterer does not commit adultery while he's a believer at that moment. whenever he's committing Zina, he's deprived of a man he's deprived of belief because you cannot possibly do that thing while having belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala because if you believe in Allah, you know Allah is watching

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you at that moment and then also lost a lot he was sent and went on well I yesterday kahina yesterday

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and he does not steal while he's stealing and he is a believer at that moment he's deprived of faith at that moment. Mmm am Rahim Allah gave the example or actually was on full native Narayan Rahim Allah to Allah that whenever a thief is entering into a house,

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and he hears the doorknob rattle you know, imagine someone robbing a house and he hears the doorknob rattle. And he goes and he hides he just committed chittick because the law was watching him the entire time. But he wasn't ashamed of what he was doing or he did not become afraid until he heard the doorknob rattle because a human being was coming. So the very very first thing that we have to understand is that hyah first is from Allah subhanho wa Taala beings being shy is not just the way you dress, these are categories of

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being shy is not just the way you dress. It's not just the way you interact with the opposite gender, it's not just those things, the very first most critical ingredient is being shy from Allah subhanho wa Taala knowing that my creator is watching me right now, whether I'm in my room and it's dark, whether I'm in front of my laptop and no one's home, whether I'm on you know I'm chatting with somebody and no one can see those chats except for me and that other person and the 20 other hackers on your computer that you don't you don't feel shy from them. Okay, whether it's this or that I'm being watched Allah subhanho to Allah is there watching me so I have to feel that sense of shame and

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shyness from him and also loss I sent him said in the Hadith it's narrated in Abu Dhabi was also lost. I said, I'm sorry, it's that you mean Allah you have been hyah be ashamed of Allah subhanho wa Taala be shy from Allah subhanho wa Taala How can I How can I uh, the way that shyness is due to him for law who I have to understand here min Allah subhanho wa Taala has the greatest right for a person to be ashamed from him. Think about the things that you would not do in front of your parents but you do in front of Allah subhana wa tada all the time. Think about the thing that things that you do with your friends, but you would never do in front that you would never do in front of your

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friends but you do them in front of Allah subhana wa tada all the time. Allah has the greatest right upon you, that you should be shy from Allah subhanho wa Taala you should feel modesty you should feel bashfulness you don't just go doing every sin that you can find an excuse for no one ever told you point blank that it's hot, um, and you couldn't find a more liberal fatwa on it. You do things knowing that Allah subhana wa tada is watching you. So you feel shame. Because Allah has a greater right upon you that you shouldn't be shy from him. And then the second aspect of hire is people. Now, some people will actually be arrogant and they'll they'll actually do things that are

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disobedient to a loss of hands out of they'll actually do things that are shameful because they'll say, I don't want that person judging me. Who does that person think he is to judge me. So you go and you do things that are disobedient to Allah subhanaw taala. So you cannot have a lack of height without loss of Hannah who is out and have height with people, or vice versa. And whenever you experience Allah subhanho wa Taala whenever you come into interaction with Allah subhanho wa Taala you naturally gain a sense of higher and that's why Allah subhanaw taala says, enough fall at 10 and in fact, when Mancha Salah we saw Allah, your connection with Allah, your prayer, if you do it on

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time, and you do it with for sure, who could possibly experience that we follow that connection with Allah Subhana which Allah then come out of his salah and do everything that he was doing before, you're not going to be on G shot g chat or Facebook chat and say, Hey, hold on. I'm gonna go pray muck it up. I'll be right back. Aloha

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touch whatsoever. No, nothing, you know, no hotshot whatsoever. Now I can I can run back to the computer. Hey, sorry, I was gone. I missed you smiley face, heart, you know, doesn't work that way. It's not going to happen. You have to be able to experience a loss of hands out of it for you can be shy from him. So that's why I mean, people always mock and they say it's not all about Salaam, man. It's not all about prayer. It's not all about Salah, but at the same time as on a public

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They allow on who said half of the other slot off and I get to have Anthony mercy while they are hold on to your salon because if you lose that you lose everything else. That's your basis. That's your connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you're experiencing a loss of Hannah hoods, Allah, you will not be able to do half of the things that you do if you have an even an atom's worth of sinus and bashfulness inside of you, then there's the sense of shyness from people. And whenever I go to sinus with people, first and foremost, I want to divide those two. Because this is something that had a profound effect on me, the dead end the life.

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Whenever people die, they don't walk in our houses, they don't sit with us, they don't come after 40 days and EBIT on your mokulua they don't do any of that stuff. All that is garbage. That's true. But at the same time, it is from the arcade of Addison nojima, that the people who are dead can see the actions of the living, they can see the deeds of the living. Once you lose a parent, once you lose someone that's very beloved to you, someone that used to have someone that you felt a great sense of shame from. Imagine now that when they are dead, they can see your deeds in Abu Dhabi or the law of Thailand. He used to say Allahumma inni also became an army law mln Zb here and there, Abdullah

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Abdullah raha Oh Allah I seek refuge in You, his friend, his companion, our beloved Nora law was passed away up with the dot, the great scholar or the Allahu taala. I know, he says, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in you from doing anything that would humiliate me in front of Abdullah in Rwanda. So when you think of your beautiful grandmother, your beautiful parents and those types of things, guess what, you're being exposed to them right now. They can see your actions, they can see your deeds, there's so there's feeling a sense of shame. And the reason why I mentioned this, I know that it's uncommon. This has a profound effect that had a profound effect on me, that's scary. If you

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love someone who passed away, that's scary. They can see what you're doing. They can see everything that you're doing all of your deeds, and then the aspect of the living.

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And some of us might think, well, if I'm shy from Allah subhanho wa Taala, then why should I be shy from people? There is no contradiction. They didn't know Sabbath or the Allahu taala. I knew he was once walking to Salatin fetchers they didn't know that but one of the greatest scholars as oma has ever seen. And as he's walking, he was coming late to slot the budget. And the people were already leaving the masjid. And he put his head down and his face was full of redness. He was so ashamed of himself. You know, most of us are not that fragile. Yeah, whatever. If you can get a rower to professionally, that's great. His face was down and he was full of redness in his face. And he was

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saying men lamb yesterday, men and us I missed him and Allah, whoever is not a shame from people is not a shame from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So whenever you don't feel a sense of shyness, a sense of shame. Whenever you don't feel like there's anything wrong with posting this picture, writing this status or doing this or saying I was here I was there. Or suddenly that what, whenever you don't feel that sense of shame. Whenever you're at a university or at a college campus and your parents aren't watching you, no one is there. Whenever you don't feel it from other people, you don't feel it from Allah subhanho wa Taala. You cannot be shy from Allah and not be shy from people. The only

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time that there is a contradiction whenever you're hiding from people means that you will be disobedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Whenever you're shy from your Eman whenever you're shy of your belief, otherwise HIA is comprehensive. And it cannot be distinguished. And at the same time, sometimes we come across this attitude which is the don't judge me attitude. Again, don't judge me attitude. Oh, I went to the president that guy was looking at me funny. So next time I go to the muzzle you know what I'm going to wear not only am I going to wear a picture that has, you know, a shirt that has a picture and I'm going to wear one and I'm going to put you know some kind of some

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kind of caption on it and there's a lot of captions. You go to Walmart and there's all these selections and stuff like that. Oh, he told me that my jeans are too tight next summer wear a pink shirt and I'm gonna have a mohawk and I'm gonna put my earring on he said that he didn't like my bracelet. Don't judge me attitude. Oh, she said something's wrong with my hijab. Who does she think she is to say something about my hijab? Next time I go to the masjid next time I go this I'm gonna wear a tighter shirt. And I'm gonna match everything. I'm gonna wear eyeshadow instead of just coral. I'm gonna go all over the place. Because she can't judge me She doesn't know my heart. You're

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only kidding yourself. That is deception of shape on 100% one shape on can deceive you into thinking that by being disobedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And by having no shame in front of people, that somehow you're proving a point that your heart is actually with a loss of power to say pawn is the one who's whispering to you in your ear and saying, Hey, don't worry about your job. Don't worry about your interactions. Don't worry about this. Who cares about the music that you listen, who cares about all that kind of stuff? You're still a good Muslim. Don't these people know what a good Muslim is?

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are shavon the same one who's trying to lead you away from Allah Subhana Allah is telling you what a great Muslim you are, who these people think they are to judge you. So that attitude also doesn't fly because HIA is comprehensive. Finally, I want to come to

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two aspects of hire. Actually one aspect that covers too, because hire again, reflects in your behavior in your attitude. A woman once came to the messenger sallallahu wasallam. This Hadith is Muslim, and she says to the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that sometimes I have seizures, seizures, think about that. And whenever she has seizures, she's she's walking randomly in the marketplace. She's walking outside of her house, she collapses and whenever she collapses, she says to Lhasa Lhasa limited cash if I become unveiled, I become exposed. So she said to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Can you make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to heal me from to healed me?

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Soto Sula, Cicilline says, If you want, I can make that for you. And Allah subhana wa, tada will definitely heal you. It's going to be okay. And he's not telling her that you're going to go to Hellfire, you're just going to be normal. You'll have to live your life like anyone else. Obviously, she's a righteous woman, you'll do good deeds, bad deeds. And then at the end, you'll have your skill measure, or, or you can be patient, and you'll definitely have gender.

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She has two options. Either she can be cured, and she can still have a pretty good shot at going to gender. Or she doesn't be cured, but she's definitely going to enter gender. So she says that she will take the second one but listen to what she says next. She says about Jada sola, can you just make that whenever I do have my seizures that I am not exposed?

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Whenever you have that disease, and that disorder, who's going to be thinking about Hey, job, who's going to be thinking about being unveiled, you don't care? No one's gonna care about that. Now, there's a very important detail that we often neglect here. Whenever she says at the cash stuff, it doesn't mean that the woman is wearing one garment and she falls and she's all of a sudden naked. Okay, imagine the garments that they used to wear What is she talking about? Maybe her arms, maybe her hair a little bit falls up maybe a little bit of her leg? She's talking about the things that women expose voluntarily. Today, voluntarily? A little bit of this, a little bit of that it's not

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just a debate between the hands and the face, or whether the it's not that anymore. It's what about my arms? What if I wear short sleeve shirts? What if my job is just hanging off of the bow in the back? What if my legs are exposed? What if I've got my henna tattoo on my ankle? So

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think about all of that. It's the attitude, you're not really thinking about a job, you're not really thinking about being bashful in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You're just trying to find the loophole. And still everyone tries to feel good about themselves. And this is not in any way shape, or form of put down on the sisters who don't wear hijab, or who are struggling with hijab brothers. We don't even know what it's like for them. We don't even know what it's like, we don't have to go through half the things you know what, it's a struggle. May Allah subhanaw taala reward our sisters, whenever they do anything that's close to a job. It's a struggle just to be put out

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like that. Imagine if we had to wear coffees everywhere, we wouldn't even be willing to do that. It's a struggle in and of itself. So May Allah subhanaw taala, reward our sisters, and preserve them and inshallah to Allah make them stronger. It's not to put anyone down. This is just to show that once you have hyah

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no one can tell you that this is head on. And this is how long

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no one can tell you these things. You don't care about that stuff. Your heart will be your daddy, your heart will be your guide. And I end with one story because this is a contemporary example. This example blew me away because this is not from this hobby. This is not from the tablet. This is not from 400 500 years ago, three years ago, or so I don't remember how long friends put the ban on hijab. I actually forgot the year that they actually did hate banning hijab and public schools. There is a young girl 12 years old, and she's French. Okay, she's actually French, and she's a Muslim. And of course now all of a sudden they're prohibiting girls to go to school without their

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day jobs, or with their Hey, jobs. That's a Pamela Dean, this girl does something and some of you might have seen the story that I thought was absolutely iconic. I'm not getting into the discussion of all those types of things if she had to do this, or if she did it. Or if it still counts as a job. She goes and she shaves her head. You know how hard that is? Think about that. Those of us who are out always to try to show off and show people that you know how good we look brothers or sisters because brothers dress and act like women today. It's true. All right, you stand in front of the mirror longer than girls do.

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All right, I'm not talking about that. But the fact that she's still a 12 year old girl, imagine the self esteem, the effect of self esteem, had the courage to shave her head, and then she would dress herself all the way up to her neck. Again, don't worry about the filthy discussions, the attitude, and go to school like that, and have everyone jump on her and make fun of her and go through all of the humiliation that she did.

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And you know what she says this is a quote, whenever she was interviewed, she said, if being beautiful in the eyes of the Creator, if the creator means being ugly in the eyes of creation, than it's worth it.

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If being beautiful in the eyes of the Creator means being ugly in the eyes of all creation, than it's worth it. If I can gain hyah from Allah be bashful and shy from Allah. I'll be shy from the people. I'll be bashed for from the people, but it's comprehensive will hire a mentally man hire is from a man. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us the gift of a higher and the lack of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and not to make us amongst those who buckle to all of the pressures of society and the buckle and the pressures of shavon We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make a strong on our Eman and to grant us allistic karma will hire a llama