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AI: Summary © The importance of "oppressed king" in the context of loss of life and evil messages is discussed, as well as the success of Judo by the Prophet sallahu Sallam. Successful setting up courses is emphasized, along with the importance of setting expectations and bringing passion to achieve success. The success of Judo by the Prophet sallahu Sallam is also highlighted, along with the use of words like "helpful" and "immoral" to describe one's emotions and thoughts. The success of graduation is also highlighted, along with the importance of setting expectations and bringing passion to achieve success. The conference in Charlottetown will provide practicality for graduates.
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to feel the reading sisters, I want to start off with a reflection on a very powerful high end. And I know it departs a little bit from the topic but I hope that you'll be able to connect the dots as you go along. Where Lawson talks about one of the most extraordinary young men that has ever walked the face of the earth. In fact,

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this deal that we follow is easy. This way that we follow this path. And Allah subhana wa tada tells the messenger bot he was willing to follow his way.

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And that is

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one who lost a lot he was some of them saw in the highest heaven whenever you travel the night

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and the one who lost his voice Sebastian was a macaroons to me that he chose you and made you listen, some of the scholars said he was the one who actually did the name of calling us Muslims in some sort of loss out of it. But uh, certainly, you know, men that accomplished amazing things. Who till today in every major of this Deen we commemorate his sacrifice to commemorate his effort in the salon. When we do a slog All he

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has is about following the pillars or following the the monastic that

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was taught by Allah subhana wa tada that the profits have a lot more to sort of reinforce, and in particular, the idea that I want to look at, but I want you to reflect upon for a moment, a lot of times it says about Salaam

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Salaam was by himself, he was an entire nation, he was a homeowner.

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This is very interesting, because the scholars struggled with this concept first and foremost, the linguistic meaning of the word oma. And if we come to the

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conclusion that oma represents a community represents a nation, but what does it mean in regards to

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some of the scholars about what it means is that there

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was a

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because all the armed

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forces people

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throughout his entire youth until he got married, so a good portion of his life, all of the

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the most eloquent of the prophets, everything that he put forward, we read his arguments in the end. And you know, what kind of data tells us that by the time he was finished with his people, with all of those arguments, and his father instigated the murder.

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He was thrown into the fire stripped naked in front of the people humiliated.

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That fire and he loved his people. And he said, what we haven't even been grabbing from the righteous that not a seagull person from his people believed in him except for his wife and his cousin,

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who was in another locality anyway.

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Can you imagine?

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The the arguments that he put forth to his people were extraordinary arguments. And he's strong like no other human being construct was almost nobody.

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So in that regard, for a while I

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really didn't represent the oma. But it means something much more powerful than that.

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As the majority of them have pointed out, which I find phenomenal, that they say that what

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Salaam was able to accomplish the good

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work an entire nation could not put forward and that's why Allah subhanaw taala called him an oma. Everything about him was invested towards the dour was invested towards spreading this message. Emotionally, he invested himself into this message he committed himself to the cause.

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Know how hurtful it was for him to hear those words from his father, he loved his father, his mother father, he wouldn't be making God for him the entire time. And so loss of hundreds Allah forbade him from doing so loves his father, and to have your father rejection that way to have your people rejected that way. He emotionally invested himself so much as physically invested himself to the point that again, he was going to be killed at a loss of

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not safe, and made the fire.

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Cool and peaceful, have fun.

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And we all know

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that statement sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt. We all know that.

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Emotional hurts emotional abuse is much more severe than physical abuse. Right. And that's why, you know, when we were growing up, many of you might have this the same, you know, the same understanding that you know, growing up, if you did something bad, you really wanted your parents to just get it over with a smaller one, your dad who put you in the corner your mom and say, I'm disappointed in you, you really let me down, kept, you know, I don't even know what to make out of this. Like that you smacked me across the face.

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This is much more painful than that. Right? Because that's most that emotionally hurts. You know, that really beats you down on the inside. And he was beaten down inside out for this cause I know it's amazing. When he leaves how long to Egypt, he continues to download.

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A lot of data tells us about the person who the key the oppressive king who says

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my lord is the one who gives life and gives us

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a good life and I give

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him roots as well. Here's a guy that was going to be killed. And I'm gonna let him go. And here's the guy that said this and I'm gonna kill him.

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He said, okay, a lot brings the sun from the east breeding from the west.

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The disbeliever was was baffled, he didn't know what to say he

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to muscle

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everywhere. He was completely entirely invested in the Dow to a loss of kinda what's out. And that's why a loss of title data calls him buying himself a whole mind, an entire nation, and

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all of the human would come out just by himself. And what are the fruits of that is that the province of Southern referred to one of these Sahaba in the same way, and that's

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what the prophet

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by himself is an omen.

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Judo the allow to understand that for a minute

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ago there

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was a young man

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in the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam receives the message, receives the message, he has no lineage he doesn't, you know, some kind of law, no one's to take care of him. No try. He's one of the low people in society. So Young, separate, that the prophet SAW a lot he was send them off by the law and then one day, and he was in charge of some sheep and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Can we have something to drink and you have some milk to drink? And I'm the loveliness who says no, because I am.

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I was trusted with the slop. I can't give you anything. So the problem is why someone says,

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Bring us a sheep, or a goat that has nothing, no milk that doesn't produce milk. And

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the amount of time who saw the profits,

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put his hands on the others and the milk came out,

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gave me a drink, drink from it.

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Some praise the traits, the attribute of our beloved must be aligned, which was trustworthy. The same.

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goes and accepts us now. One of the first successes goes out from the very start. He's the first person to recite for publicly despite protection.

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He believes so wholeheartedly

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classes when he goes out and he starts reciting for the Walkman.

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And the people are listening to them saying what is that.

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And then they realize this is from the poetry of

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audio. So as they called it, and they jumped on them, and they beat him unconscious, broke his collarbone, collarbones. And when I

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woke up from that beating that throbbing, they said,

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Why did you do that? My son didn't tell you

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to do that.

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And he says,

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I want to do the same thing today, I want to go back and make them listen to them, and beat me up again. I don't care.

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He didn't care. And he is the one for the public that was started officially with the Islam of all of them for probably a long time. He is the one that called the Islam of victory.

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Why? Because now he could go out and get our freedom without having to worry about any of that stuff.

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is the same one who would climb on the test of uncle john in budget?

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And look at him and say,

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You have climbed a difficult mountain? Oh separative See, who do you think you are?

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A huge human being

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who stands on top of him.

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And he says,

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oh, by the way, who's winning the battle? He's about to die who's winning the battle.

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And I'm

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gonna tell us

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su de la Yahoo ally, victory for a lot of his messengers a lot

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of a lot. And even Massoud

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would take the light of the of the summer.

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what makes him so amazing is that he

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was a dwarf physically, physically speaking, he was he had a deformity he was short. And

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at one point, he even made fun of him, as the incident is

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on the line who was applying the cut off tree to get to see why. And we blew him into that tree and his legs were exposed.

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What are you laughing at

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was a short reconvene as you know, it says the city person would be at eye level with him when he was standing short human being

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those two legs that you're laughing at

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are more heavy on the skills of a loss of tunnel. It's out on the day of judgment in the mountain apartments. Why? The man gave me everything for Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He was in his own man, by himself. He's a nation, he fought this war. And, you know,

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when he was given a hard time,

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he says, Look, I'm gonna send you a guy that if you if you give him our time, sure that you are at fault, because there's no way that he's gonna do anything wrong. He says.

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He said, It pains me to send them to you.

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But he sends them to me. Because he says, you know, maybe that will fix the situation over there. And when

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the next time he saw a group of people coming from apartment,

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and he started to ask them questions, everything that they answered was was full on.

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Where are you going?

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Where are you coming from? A dark valley. He's asking questions they're answering. And he says,

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he taught.

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his entire life was invested towards the dean. And so what we allow you to accomplish is an entire nation doesn't accomplish and that's why

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we allow the greatest human being who ever walked the face of the earth who was not a prophet.

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No wooziness

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if you took

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and put it on a sale and put the rest of the oma all

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Imagine all of the fans and all the all

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the knowledge

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you put all those people on one side and on the other side

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the man was heavier than

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all of us sitting here today, one man does billions in his email. Why? Cuz everything about

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he invested himself physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, he gave it his all blood, sweat and tears, it was all for the oma, it was all for

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the point that I'm trying to make your brothers and sisters without loss of data has given us certain capabilities and

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certain expectations of us and the expectations that allows us is different than the expectations that people have set for us. Many of you, your parents would be satisfied if you just you know, trade on time, we're nice to them faster.

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Here, they're

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not you know, I'm good. He became the trophy college kid and didn't completely you know, humiliation.

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Great, no, my kids doing

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or you know, a little bit more, you know, get involved with Brian, or Massoud or whatever, whatever it may be, and really put your heart into it.

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You know, that's, that's all I can ask for. But a lot of other expectations for you.

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To be a prophet.

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I don't have no parents to set expectations.

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expectations for I can't see them for five minutes, okay.

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point is is not a loss of expectations for you. And I always mentioned this example, because I find it so significant if you look at what some individuals have been able to accomplish, and you know, what you go to almost any community in the United States today

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is awesome. If you study it enough, you can trace it down to one person, you can track down one or two or three individuals who are doing everything, right. And that's a problem because we might get burned out most likely more likely than not, they'll eventually get burned out. But it's usually on the back of one person, you go to some communities you see Mashallah, you know, in terms of youth activities, social activities, or

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hobbies, whatever it may be. Social Work, social justice, like that community is doing an awesome job, when you find out it's just one, they just have incredible emammal they have an incredible director or they have an incredible, you know, brother or sister that's behind the scenes organizing all this stuff. It almost always happens when you go and you study communities. Now, the reason why those have accomplished so much is because they were awesome, right? They all have that drive, they have that motivation. But it's

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just the fact that it's very few. You know, there is many from the earlier generations,

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a few from the from the later generations that take on that task that really put their hearts and dedicate themselves to this message. And I always use the example of

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what that man accomplished by himself

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was not accomplished in our DNA, in fact, what he accomplished with his eyes when he was paralyzed. And he was writing letters with the last few years of his life with his eyes, debating with people sending letters to different people debating with his Christian nurses, and one of his Christian nurses accepting Islam because he used his eyes to give her a doubt. We don't even do that with our full capability with our entire bodies. Right?

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you dedicate yourself. And so the question is with these last few minutes, I really didn't. That was supposed to just be the introduction to the talk.

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But the question is that I have for you.

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And then I'll let you think about it.

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How much of your free time goes towards that you don't have a lot of luck.

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When you're sitting alone, how many of your spots are occupied by the situation of the oma and you're standing in front of a loss of

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serious and important things when you are sad? What is it that usually gets you down?

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Right is this is your football team lost the game? This is your favorite celebrity your favorite athlete broke up with their girlfriend broke up with their boyfriend or, you know, what is it that gets you down? Is it that you get a flat tire you dropped your phone and you broke your phone? And you know, you don't have internet for today? What is it that gets you down? That actually burdens you? That actually weighs heavily on your heart and on your thoughts? What is it that keeps you up at night when you're not able to sleep? As somebody who a really nasty comment on to on Facebook, he realized how shallow the generation we are sometimes, right? What keeps you up at night seriously.

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But somebody made a comment that you didn't like somebody said something to you, and I'm going to show them

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why meaningful things keep us up at night and occupy our thoughts. And when I get tired, I consumed my body.

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And I consumed my health and my time the greatest two blessings that are neglected as the prophet SAW the law, it was an obsession.

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You know, what is the use for when I'm tired physically, emotionally exhausted? What is it being used for? And if it's for something other than the cause that's going to determine your fate. And whether or not you will be in paradise or Hellfire away.

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Then there's a big problem there. Because that makes you a neglectful person and it makes me a neglectful person. It makes us a people.

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And so I asked this question, I asked him to forgive me for the lengthy introduction. And if this talk wasn't more practical, but I hope throughout the conference in Charlottetown, there will be more practicality in the box. And this was hopefully just an introduction to the conference, Ibrahima Canada homework

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was an online we asked a lot of kind of data to make us the most glorious summer to make us people who live up to the job description of

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enjoying the good and forbidding evil the escalus traumatized to forgive us for our shortcomings.

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