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AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the history of the Prophet sallavi's name, including his role as the King of Abyssinia and his title as the ruler of Ethiopia. The segment also discusses the use of the Prophet's name for the first Christian king and its use in various positions throughout history, including the importance of the name for the first Christian king and the use of the name for the first Christian king in the British Empire. The segment also touches on the political crisis in the Middle East and the return of Islam to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as the return of the Prophet sallua to the western regions and the return of the Prophet sallua to the western regions.
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So now I can recommend to everyone bisnode ham de la salatu salam ala rasulillah Juan and he also happy woman Voila. So hamdulillah Grameen last week on the first we talked about Jaffa even thought of all the Allahu anhu, who played such an instrumental role in taking Islam to Abba sr, taking Islam to a place that would grant refuge to some of the most noble companions of the Prophet sallallahu. It was sent them as they first entered into a snob. And when we got to the conversation between him and joshy, the ruler of Abyssinia known as the negus, or his name us hammer Well, the longtime home, we kind of paraphrase that because I wanted to give this its own special episode and

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what we're going to be doing in Chatelet sada as we go through Alzheimer today is that will go through the next few of the companions of the Prophet slice of them whose stories were not only connected to them embracing Islam very early on, but whose stories also run through Abyssinia so the likes of Abu salah and unsettlement. And as obeyed may Allah be pleased to them all, which allows us to really appreciate the central role that at the senior plays the migration to EPA senior plays in the early days of Islam, as well as the central role that the man who made it happen place and he is an A joshy Alzheimer all the time. So his name is us hammer, even up jump. And Natasha. As we said,

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negus, which is the equivalent to Caesar or holstebro is the is the title of the ruler, and us hammer is his actual name. He was the king of his empire, which is modern day Ethiopia. And his people the Empire, the Russian Empire had embraced the Orthodox tradition of Christianity in about the fourth century. So they're some of the earliest Christians but they embraced Orthodox Christianity around the year 340, according to historical sources, and so you have this man who is the ruler of this empire that is known for an episode in Islamic history, but who really has a rich history and a rich biography before his snom and after that momentous occasion between him and Jaffa

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all the time. So let's talk about him and Chatelet Salah. Well, for one he was not just a ruler, he was someone who was a learned and devout Christian before it's not. And the Empire was known as an island of Christianity in a sea of polytheism. He was a scholar of his Christianity, he was a worshiper, he was well known for his righteousness for his character. And we see that the prophet SAW I saw them recognize some of these traits when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam tells us that people are like precious stones, the outcome for the God of the outcome for Islam, the best of you in the deeds of ignorance, or the best of you in Islam, if you understood if you have proper

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knowledge, proper understanding, well, that means that the good qualities that existed before Islam are only further polished through Islam. And so when the Prophet slice on recognizes him, as a just ruler, adjust ruler before Islam would reach him, that's something that he's known for. He's known for his piety. Before Islam, and after Islam, he's known for his wisdom, his ability to be judicious to listen to all sides of a story, which is exactly what he's going to do. When Jaffa and the Muslims come to him seeking refuge. And then ometer manasse makes a claim against those refugees against those Muslims who came fleeing that persecution and he makes it a point to, you know,

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exercise his wisdom to listen to both sides of the story, and he has integrity so he is not going to be swayed by the gifts that are going to be brought to him or the attempted bribery. He's also someone that is known for his his knowledge, his, you know, his his his intellect, as we said, a well read and a well studied man who recognizes what he hears of the message of the Prophet's life, as being that which is confirmed by Jesus and Moses peace be upon them both, as they as they proceeded the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they prophesized the coming of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and we'll see that he also as he speaks to Amir menos, he tries to appeal to his

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intellect. So he has a certain level that is recognizable and well noted before Islam, his name is hammer, which is which is a very curious name. Us hammer is the equivalent of athlete yet in Arabic, which means a gift and somehow to law truly, he was a gift, and the word know joshy, which we said is the title the equivalent of the Caesar. Now joshy comes from the word Natasha, which which means yada, which means an increase so it refers to the the bounty of that position and of course,

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Hammer, as we said is a gift. And there's a very specific sentence about us hammer while the Allahu anhu or from us hammer. That is that he says that will come up later on in the story that he shoveled the tide on her when I showed the alarm on her speaks about him, and it will come up when us Hammad refuses the request of Amr menos and here's the narration here's what he says. Us hammer used to say well law he not after the law whom in the rush work he Narada Mulkey, he said, I swear that Allah did not take a bribe from me when he gave me back my kingdom. So he said one man apart and NASA fee for all your NASA, he and he did not do a lot did not do what they wanted him to do

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against me. So how can I do what they want me to do against him? I'm going to say that again. A lot did not take a bribe from me, when he gave me back my kingdom. So hi, how can I take a bribe for my kingdom? And Allah did not do what they wanted him to do against me. So how can I do what they want me to do against him? This was the statement of an A joshy. And it was a famous statement. And there's a history behind that statement. And here's how we learned the history of that statement. Or everyone is aware all the time and who the son of a whale or the Aloha and who who was in Amazonia who who has some very interesting incidents within avicennia. He once said to a demand Missouri

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which is of course a great way in which we collect the seat of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam roadwatch says Do you know what an agenda he meant when he said that statements that famous statement of an agenda Do you know what he meant when he said that? He said that I show the hotel and has said I Isha is the aunt of urbanism debate. So urawa is narrating from a show which is very clear in the sea a lot which is very common in the Ceylon erwan, whose fathers obeyed was in Abyssinia. And so it's part of him as well. He's narrating from his onto it showed the law and how what that statement actually meant I Isha all the time and has said that Natasha's father was the

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king, and he was his only son. And his uncle had 12 sons who were all part of the royal family. So again, the joshy Alzheimer's father was the majesty he was the king. And us hammer was his only son, which might be why his name is a gift. Allahu Allah knows best. But he's his only son, his uncle, his paternal uncle had 12 sons on the other hand, and so some of the abyssinians they plotted to assassinate the father of an A joshy, while the joshy was still a young boy, so that his brother could become the king. And he would have 12 sons to inherit the kingdom. All right. So they plot against an A Joshua's father, Alzheimer's father, they kill him. And automatically after that, his

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brother becomes the king. Now Alzheimer was still a young boy, he's not really at an age where he can perceive much of what is happening here. So what happens is us Hummer is taken in by his uncle, to live amongst his cousins. So you now have the uncle, that's taking the throne after murdering his father plotting to murder, murder his father, and also growing up as the lone son of the murdered father, amongst his 12 male cousins, under the care of his uncle who plotted to kill his father. So in the joshy, Osama is growing up with his uncle, and the rest of his cousins. And as he's growing up, he's demonstrating his clear, superior intellect, and wisdom, and strengths and talents to all

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12 of his cousins. And so as he's growing up, he's also becoming more perceptive of the plot that took place to kill his father and why that all happened. And at the end of the day, by the way, that was to rob him as well as the kingdom right, if this would have carried out in the way that it was naturally supposed to carry out. Us Hamas father would have lived as long as he would have lived, he would have completed his term as an A joshy. And when he passed away, the kingdom would be inherited by his one son, and us Hama who would become an associate. But now he understands as he's growing up what has actually taken place that his uncle was behind the murder of his father, and that this was

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done so that the kingdom would transfer from his uncle to one of his 12 sons. So because he was growing up, and because he was demonstrating the superiority some of the people told his uncle who was then a joshy at the time, they said, you know, we think you should kill him because if you don't kill him,

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Then he might grow up and he might be thrown you, you know, he's figuring out what's taking place. He's becoming perceptive. And he's too smart of a man, and too wise of a young man, and too talented of a young men to not cause you some problems if you don't get rid of him the way you get rid of his father. So his uncle was the king. He says, Listen, I already killed his father. So I can't kill him too. He said, but instead what I'll do is I'll we can deport him and we can send him into slavery. I don't have it in me to kill him. But let's get rid of him another way. So that night, they come to us hammer, they capture him, and they take him to the slave market. And he is sold for 600.

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Durham's, the man who bought him, takes him to a boat, sets out with him. And on that night, as he's on the boat now with the man who has taken him as a slave, and, you know, the kingdom is playing out the way that it's supposed to play out right without an agenda without us hammer, who's being taken away on that very same night as he is being taken away by the man who took him as a slave. The clouds are in the sky, but there is no rain that is coming. And as the sky is cloudy, the people ask his uncle, who is the joshy, who is the king to pray for rain. So he comes out, he gathers the people, and he stands under the clouds, and he prays for rain. And just as he does that, Allah sends

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a lightning bolt that strikes him and kills him. All right, so his uncle, who killed his father, to become the king, he dies. Now what happens? Well, what the people wanted to happen initially was that, again, the kingdom would transfer to his 12 sons that guards the the empire that makes it less vulnerable. So it's not dependent on one men would have been us helmets. It has all of these 12 sons that it could pass through. But the problem is, is that all of his children were incompetence. And so as the kingdom passes on to his son, and his children demonstrate complete incompetence, the people are unsatisfied, and who do they want to be the king, they say, let's go back to the original

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plan. Let's find us Hummer. And let's make him the king because he grew up to be wise, he grew up to be a strong, talented able young men. So let's go find him. And let's make him the king instead. So let's reverse all the damage that we have done. The problem is, is that he's already been sold into slavery, and he's in a faraway land now at the mercy of his masters. So they go on a on a search to try to find the men that they threw away after they killed his father, so that they can replace now the sons of the Uncle asama. So they find us Hama as a slave, and they capture him from his master, take him back, put them on the ship, bring him back to Edison, yeah, put him on the throne. And they

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put a crown on him and they proclaim him to be the king, as panela they killed his father, so that this wouldn't happen. And they they caused all of this instability, so that this wouldn't happen, right? But what's actually happening now is that Allah brought him back right to the throne, placed on the throne, the people are giving him willingly their allegiance, and us hammer takes his rightful position. The story doesn't end there. The man who purchased us hammer he comes to Abyssinia to complain about this whole situation. So he goes to an adjuster who has been a joshy than a Josh, he has asama himself now. And he says to him, that look, I purchased you in the market

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fair and square, and I took you and then the people came and they stole you from me, and you were my property. So this isn't fair. I want I want my money back or I want you back, but somehow this has to be rectified. I paid 600 Durham's for for this, and this was all taken away from me. So no joshy he looks to his people and he says look, he says either you give him back his money or give him back, the one who he purchased. So somehow they they take 600 humps, they give the man his money back, and he sets out an us hammer assumes his rightful position as an A joshy after this entire spectacle. And by the way, if it sounds familiar, it might sound a little bit like Simba from Lion

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King and there's actually a PhD thesis and some that mentioned that Lion King was inspired by an the joshy or the story of a Najafi in some iteration. And that's why you'll actually find that even the producer of The Lion King musical is actually a man from Ethiopia named negus. So there's an entire documentary there an entire story there that gives us so much wealth and so much richness to understand pre Islam before Jeff stands in front of this man

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Think about all that he has been to and been through and the way that that is going to translate into his own sense of justice now as a kink, his own experiences translating into his own commitment to those that are oppressed and those that are wronged for reasons that are that are beyond their capacity. Now we fast forward, He rules the kingdom wisely and competently. He brings up a senior much economic prosperity. He is a Christian scholar, as we said, devout loved by his people, stabilizes the kingdom. And the prophet SAW A lot of it he was someone who has never been to Messina, nor has he met him. He says if you go to India, it is best for you because they have a

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ruler that will not tolerate injustice, and it is a friendly country. So go there and stay there until the loss of hundreds of Allah relieves you from your distress. The prophet SAW ally Salaam sons as we said, the likes of Jaffa on earth on his own daughter will play yes obey a snap into the backyard or Avada on Selma, Abu Salah, and some of the most noble companions. Most of the narrations about what then transpired in Abba SR are narrated by unsentimental the Allahu Tada. And we're going to talk about her next week in Charlottetown. But let's go to her narration now to get another perspective into the story of Jaffa. And the story of Ahmed Abdullah of utopia, coming to take them

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back on sedima says when we reached Abyssinia, now joshy, knowing that we were a people that fleed for purposes of religious persecution to escape religious persecution, he gave us a reception. And he told us that you are able to safely practice and worship here, and you will suffer no injustice here. Nor will you be made to feel like foreigners. So Pamela, he doesn't know anything about them or their religion at this point. But because he's a just an a righteous man. He says, These are people who have fled persecution, and we will make sure that we give them the home and the hospitality here that they did not have in their own homeland. So um, Selma says, we were in hired

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we were in goodness. And then Quraysh sent these two men determined to bring us back. And of course, those two men were of the love No, I mean, I'll be an omelet of an OS. And they sent them with all sorts of leather and skins and gifts, so that they could bribe him to bring to bring them back and almond Ross and his father had a relationship with a Najafi prior to that. So they came to a natashia. And they said that some fools from our from our land have taken refuge here, they forsaken our religion, and they don't practice your religion, but they fabricated a new religion, which is unacceptable to both you and to us, our noble ones have sent us to the king to return them to us. So

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they speak to the king. They speak to an A joshy. And the generals have an agenda at that point, they advise and the joshy to listen to Ahmed and Abdullah have not been I'll be honest, so I'm gonna rob the love that will be actually first started with the generals have an agenda to get some support when they speak to him. Now Josh, of course, responds with anger. And he says, well, llahi, I will not surrender them. So no one who seeks my refuge and settles in my land and trust me is going to be betrayed. He said, but I'll hear their case. He said, if they are what you say they are, then I'll send them back with you. Otherwise, they stay here and protection and hospitality. And

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there's actually even a letter from applied to two and a joshy. And he says, Does the joshy still treat Jaffa and his friends with kindness or has the baton prevented him has this this person the mischeif being on Ross prevented him? You are noble and generous? May God protect you know, refugees are let down by you know that Allah has increased your happiness and all prosperity has found its way to you are a river whose banks flow with bounty, which reaches both your friends and your foes. So mobile pilot sent a letter when he knew that Ahmed had gone out to an agency to try to prompt him as well. Now, Josh, he says I'm going to listen to them. I'm going to hear what they have to say if

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they are who you say they are. They go back with you. Otherwise, they get to stay here. And that is one Jaffa will the Allahu tada and comes forth. And Jaffer says to him, that oh King, we were a people in a state of ignorance and or immorality, worshipping idols and eating the flesh of dead animals committing all sorts of abomination and shame, shameful deeds breaking the ties of kinship, treating our guests badly, and the strong among us exploited the weak and we remained in the state until Allah sent us a

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Prophet, one of our own whose lineage truthfulness, trustworthiness and integrity, were well known to us until the end of the speech, this extremely eloquent speech of Jaffa will be allowed on who that we spoke about last week, to an agenda. And as he, you know, imparts upon a joshy all of the flock of Islam, the qualities of Islam, that are very well known to know joshy as the qualities of the religion that he also upholds. And they speak about you know, Jaffa all the time and who speaks about the nobility that Islam has brought upon them. And he contrast that to the practices of porch. Now joshy has won over. And that's one of the joshy who was touched, asks him Do you have anything

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of this divine revelation that was sent to your messenger and that's one Jaffa for the Allahu anhu so wisely recited the portion of surah tomato Yum, with goodfield kitabi moto yum. And make mention of the book of Madame it his son, the mother of Jesus peace be upon him the mother Isa at his Salaam, all the way until my candidate lay on your turf either mean what? So he recites that portion of the story of the birth of Hasani Salaam, Madame receiving the glad tidings of reciting his Salaam. And when he did that, in a joshy welled up with tears, his eyes welled up with tears, and his beard became what from the amount of tears that he shut so it wasn't just a little bit of

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crying. He wept when he heard the story of Jesus and his mother Madame, as told in the end. And not only him but his bishops cried as well and this is actually according to many of them will fester on this is where what either some of your room out Lindsey de la Suri tell about our uniform Sophia Amina demaree Nima awful you know how Yep, oh Luna Robin and an effective no Masha hidden in the verse and sort of mounted to that and when they listen to what has been sent down to the messenger, you see their eyes overflowing with tears because of the truth that they have recognized. And they say Our Lord, we believe, so write us down amongst those who bear witness. So, and the joshy cries,

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they cry, and an A joshy goes to them. And he says that what you have brought, and what he said at his salon, what Jesus brought are from the same nice. So he gives that example all the time.

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And after he says that to Jaffer, he says to armor and to Abdullah that you may go and he said, Well, I will never give them up to you. And you will not be betrayed. He says this to the Muslims that you will not be betrayed or let down. Now I'm going to ask doesn't give up. Right? He says top to love and I'll be it'll be it says listen, I know something that I can say to him that can change his mind. And I'd love nothing. I'll be honest, this is important to note here. By the way, he says to me, Look, why don't you just give up at this point. He said, Look, at the end of the day, there are kin These are our family members, even if they reject our religion, right? Like Do we really

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have to go that far, but I'm at is insisting I'm gonna ask those insisting No, I'm not going to let them go. I'm going to make sure that we that we achieve what we came out here to do, and I'd love and I'll be it'll be as like, let's just go back to Mecca. So that's when I'm there says I'm going to tell them and the Joshua and his generals that they say he Saudi saddam is nothing more than a than a creature and a slave. I must look right that I'm going to tell them they denigrate the Saudis set up. So I'm a tells no joshy you know, or he requests another meeting with an A Joshua and his generals alone. And he tells them he says that. Do you know that these people you know, he

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conveniently recited a portion of Subramaniam yesterday where he doesn't talk about what he said is not okay. he recited the part where the birth of a scientist and things that are agreeable to you, but he left out what's not agreeable to you? Do you know that they say that a Saudi Salaam is just the Abdullah just a slave of Allah and a creature of a lot one of the creation of Allah so in the joshy and the generals they summon them again. And that's when Jaffa will be allowed and who says as he is commanded by an A joshy Tell me what you say about him. And as sad as that, um, says, who are Abdullah? What are pseudo he is, indeed the slave of Allah and the Messenger of Allah the same way

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the Prophet slicin him as Abdul who was a pseudo the slave of Allah and the Messenger of Allah. And he is the word of Allah. That was communicated to the womb of mme it has Salaam the pure so that's what he says about him. That's when the joshy takes

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That stick and he draws a line and he says that will lie he Maharajah he Subnautica. And how that route that, I swear that he said does not exceed what you have said by the length of the stick that that is exactly who we're eSATA his salon is. Now when he said that this is a different situation, because that's a rejection of what they knew, as their Christianity up until that point, even though they were Orthodox Christians, and Christianity, you know, their Christianity might have different in some ways from some of the other forms of Christianity. But when he said that, the generals have an agenda, they actually started to grunt. Okay, they started to make noise like, wait a minute,

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what are you saying here? Are you really agreeing with Jaffa, that this is who Jesus peace be upon him is he's the messenger of the Messiah. He is the servant of God, the Word of God, but he's not the Son of God, the Begotten Son of God. Are you really saying that? Because that's what the indication is when he says that a size knob is just what you said he is, he is exactly what you said and he does not exceed it even by the length of the stick. So as they are grunting.

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Now joshy looks at them. And he says, even if you grunt, even if you grunt, I don't care if you grunt. You can grunt all you want, you can make all the noises that you want. And he turns towards Jaffa all the time. And he says, You are free in my land. And he says man, sub Boko Haram and sub kumbakonam. In sub Boko Haram, he says it three times whoever curses you will be punished whoever curses you will be punished. Whoever curses you will be punished. And he says, well, law he has power. This is so noble, right? What a noble man he is. He says the law he not for a mountain of gold. What I allow anyone to hurt you, these people that are coming from Mecca. These are their

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family members. They're foreigners to know joshy. But this this is already giving us the lesson, by the way and who want to listen, and not just an integrity and justice. But the Brotherhood of faith here said I would not even for a mountain of gold allow anyone to hurt you because you have a righteous cause. And you're on upon the truth. So Pamela so even if I'm an Abdullah and Abu Dhabi, I go back to Mecca, and they bring back more skins and more gifts, I am not going to give you back. And that's one of the joshy turns towards

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and turns towards

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the love Naveen obeah. He says give them back everything that they brought. And that's when he says Allah did not take a bribe for me when he gave me back my kingdom. So how can I take a bribe for it? And a lot did not do what they wanted him to do against me. So how can I do what they want me to do against him? That experience of being abandoned by his relatives for materialism for wealth, and being mistreated the way that he was? And him knowing that it was a law that brought him back from those chains and put him on the throne for that moment so that he could uphold righteousness. Now, Josh, he says, No way, Will I ever be bribed. Will I ever be bribed for the sake of this world? When

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a lot put me here for a greater purpose, and a lot put me here to establish righteousness and justice, and Jaffa and the joshy dismisses everyone from his court. At this point. Imagine this the scene from the court of an adjuster the great court of the king of Amazonia.

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It's only now in the joshy and Jaffa Well, the whole time home and everyone is gone. And then Jesse walks close to Jaffa. And Jaffer has a letter from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam for him,

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inviting him to Islam.

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And now joshy says, a shadow under who Rasulullah sallallahu it he was seldom what and who led the best shot Avi here, he sub memoriam? Well, Ola, and a female milk at a two who had Mila Natalie so beautiful. He says, I bear witness that he is the messenger of God, and that he is the one whom Christ the son of Mary gave glad tidings. And had I not been in this situation of mine, not on a theme that I'm like, if I was not in the situation of Kingdom if I did not have the responsibility of this right here, he said I would go to him and I would carry his shoes span a lot complete submission to the truth and you can actually see at this point now, there is a There are letters

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that are going to be exchanged between a joshy and Mohamed Salah lahardee, who was silom the Messenger of Allah for the rest of his life. There are numerous letters that are going to go back and forth from Mecca to Abba, Sonia and back and from Medina to Abba Sr. and back until Allah subhanho wa Taala would take the life of a Najafi just just a few months, or a year or so before the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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You can actually find some of these exchanges in southern math by playing Mahima. Tyler, I read the translation of one of those letters from us hamana Joshi to Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu. And he was telling me that a Salaam already kiasu the law, what I meant to law he was about a character,

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piece of the onto a messenger of Allah and the mercy and the blessings from Allah besides whom there is no God, I have received your letter, in which you have mentioned about Jesus, and by the Lord of the heavens and the earth, Jesus is not more than what you say, We fully acknowledge that which you have that with which you have been sent to us. And we have entertained your cousin and his companions, I bear witness that you are the Messenger of Allah, confirming those who have come before you. And I pledge to you through your cousin through Jaffa will be a low tide on him, and surrender myself through him to the Lord of all the worlds Beautiful, beautiful submission to the

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truth immediately in that awful minute. The Kingdom did not distract him, the kingdom did not distract them because he knew that it was a law that humbled him and that gave him that kingdom even though all odds were against him. And so he was not going to let this kingdom distract him from the truth. Instead, he was going to use the kingdom and the position that he had to serve the mission of truth, even though he never met the Prophet salallahu. It he was seldom and that's what's really amazing about this, we're going to see some of the ways that he continues to interact with the Prophet slicin. Is he as a hobby that does he count as a companion? I mean, he believed in the

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prophets, I sell them in his lifetime. He supported the mission of the Prophet slice lm. He sent letters to and from the profit slice on them, he will serve as a key as an as a representative of the profit slice of them, as we'll see in the story of Habib. I mean, there's so many different things that he does, and there's clear communication between him and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And so, remember that have you know him Allah says he was a hobby in some ways, but a Tabori in other ways. I mean, really, he fits the definition of a Tabori. And he's the best of the type of rain in that sense, if he is a tab Berry, meaning someone who met the companions of the

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Prophet, slice alum, then he is the best of the type Berry, right? So, he really is a peculiar case in so many different ways and how you would look at the definition, may Allah Subhana Allah Allah be pleased with him so and the joshy at this point knows that he has he's taken a decision where even though he has privately embraced Islam, that moments between him and his generals and in front of the people where he said that he size on the Jesus peace be upon him is to the extent that Mohammed Salah Larissa and described him there's some skepticism about him now. And he does not have the, the full buy in at this point from his people. So he calls Jonathan an earth man, may Allah be pleased

00:33:03--> 00:33:50

with them, and he actually furnishes a full Safina a full ship for them. And he says, Listen, if I am rebelled against an unseeded, then take the ship, it's fully taken care of and take this pathway and leave to safety. It will suffice you leave to safety. But as long as Allah subhanaw taala instills me in this position, then you are free to live here and safety and and in goodness. So I'm going to take care of you as long as I am in charge. But if something happens, and Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses otherwise, for me, then I've already got a backup plan for you. This is the amount of amount of the amount of trust he's showing to what the prophets I seldom entrusted him with. I'm

00:33:50--> 00:34:31

sentimental, the Allahu Allah and her she continues to tell the story. She says that some time later, a group of people rebelled against him. And we were afraid that they were going to be successful in removing him. So they met at the Nile for a battle. And it was two large armies, the army of us hammer and the army of the rebels. Now the Muslims are sitting it out right there. They're distant from it all. They're distant from the politics of epicene. Yeah, they're just trying to survive as refugees and Amazonia, they're not getting involved in these things. But can you imagine how much they wanted a Natasha to win to survive this rebellion. So she said that we went

00:34:31--> 00:34:59

out to the to the Nile from a distance and we wanted to know what was happening. So as obeyed while the Aloha Thailand home, he was the youngest of us and he was he was very fit and he knew how to swim. So as the bear swam in the Nile, to see what was happening, as available the law and who jumps into the Nile. He swims so that he can witness the battle and then come back and give the news to the Muslims about what took place.

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

So I'm sentimental the lava on her. She gives us the sense of hell imagine the Muslims monks than the daughter of the Prophet slice of the marriage model the law on who these amazing people, to women who would become the wives of the prophets like someone that she said we were making out. We're saying, Oh Allah, grant him victory Oh Allah grant him victory, oh, law support him. And then we see a surveyor or the longtime animal coming back. And we call out to a surveyor, what happened, what happened as the waiter or the or the law and who shouts out a lot about, right. So you know, he sets out this happiness and joy and she said, we all started to shout out to be a lot happier,

00:35:36--> 00:36:11

enjoy. And she said, Well lie. I don't think we were ever so happy and relieved. And the joshy came back a lot established him on his throne after destroying his enemy, and the chiefs of the Indians fully submitted to him again, she said, we were in the best conditions all the way until we return to the Prophet sallallahu. He was on them so Allah gave them this victory, right? And it was a victory for Islam that Naja, she survived. Even though he was a secret Muslim, he survived this rebellion. And that further established him in his power,

00:36:12--> 00:36:53

you know, afterwards. We also see that Najafi plays a role, as we said, of being the were key, the representative of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam on Habiba, or the allow Tyler and her Amina, who will talk about in detail and her story is so beautiful that I don't want to talk about her story now in depth. But let's just say that she did move with her husband, she was amongst those that embraced Islam early, and we'll talk about her story. She's the daughter of Alba soufiane, who disowned her and of course, was at that point, you know, at that point, one of the chief enemies of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and her husband passed away and we'll talk about it obey the love

00:36:53--> 00:37:41

from Josh and what happened with him so she is now alone in Abyssinia. And the Prophet salallahu. It he was Salaam. He sends a letter to Nick joshy with Ahmed and omiya and proposes to M Habiba. But the letters to Natasha, the prophets, the license says if she accepts the proposal of marriage, then I want you to be my makiki my representative and perform the marriage on my behalf. So Subhana Allah, Natasha is going to act in the place of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in conducting his marriage. And Naja, she chose Najaf she delivers the news to him Habiba on Habiba is overjoyed, that will, he is part of the new site, and then also will talk about as he was her closest

00:37:41--> 00:38:29

relatives, her closest relative 400 Gold dinars from an A joshy for the Maha which is 10s of thousands of dollars, by the way, and adjusts, she sets up the walima in his palace, but he does it in a way that his generals and his bishops would not be aware. So he takes a hall in his palace, he sets up the the Lima, he gathers the group of Muslims there, amongst those that attended the Medina where Jaffa will the longtown and who I'm the love for the alpha will the allow on when so many others from the companions who were amazing, and well known for the righteousness. And the marriage is performed in the palace of in the joshy, with an A joshy acting in the place of the Prophet

00:38:29--> 00:39:08

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam conducting that marriage and addressing that gathering, and then I'm happy but on the other hand, when the time would come, was sent to be with the Prophet sallallahu. And he was selling them. So how is in the joshy, some kind of a cheat? I mean, we talked about the first the first king to accept the snom, the first, the first to accept Islam and Africa, the first to, you know, to act in the place of the prophets Lysa them for one of his marriages, the first to exchange letters with the prophets license in this regard from the royalty there's so many different ways that you can define the first of an agenda and there's still more to come. But don't you think

00:39:08--> 00:39:28

that the suspicion would only grow about him in this regard will be a lot of Thailand when of course, there was a suspicion from that day from that moment that maybe he did privately embrace Islam and that he had a secret relationship with the Muslims. So even though they loved him, and he was a noble king and a righteous King, that skepticism remained, so what does he do?

00:39:29--> 00:39:59

And this is part of his wisdom, by the way, he takes a piece of paper and he writes on that piece of paper, a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, and the Mohammedan, Abu rasuluh, what an ISA Abdu, what also I bear witness that there's only one God and that Mohammed is his leaving messenger and that Jesus is asleep and messenger peace be upon them. So he writes the Shahada. He writes the testimony of faith. He puts it in his shirt and then he wears his armor above his shirt and he

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

assembles his people, and he calls his people.

00:40:04--> 00:40:41

And he says to the people, you know, are you not in good? He says, you know, are you not happy and pleased with the situation that you were living in, you're living in stability, you're living in success. Everything is good. And when he says that, they say we are we're happy about our situation, we are happy about our stability. We're happy about the economics, we're happy about the politics but they said there's one thing and he said, What is that? They said, Tim, that you left our religion when you claim that he Saudi Islam that Jesus peace be upon him is the Abdullah. How could you How could you say he sign a Salaam was Abdullah? So now Jesse responds to them? And he says,

00:40:41--> 00:40:52

matter pornography? Well, what do you say about our SRT snob, they said, who ignore Allah, he's the garden Son of God, the joshy points to his chest and he says, what law he I believe nothing more than this.

00:40:54--> 00:41:34

So how to love the wisdom of this man, the righteousness was met, he can't give up his identity at that point, because that would jeopardize Islam. He's being wise about it. He's being smart about it, the Muslims need this stability. So he says, I believe nothing more than this, pointing to the notes that people would think that he was affirming what they had said about Jesus peace be upon him, he is affirming instead, the testimony about Jesus peace be upon him in his heart, and he says, I believe nothing more than this. And he would remain in that state until his death. Now here's another very interesting first about an A joshy. And it is one of my favorite stories about an A

00:41:34--> 00:42:19

joshy all the time. He's the only tab very, because we said according to the you know, the technical definition, he matches more the tab at the bust of the tab in the second generation, those that follow the companions in the sense that he met the companions and he embraced Islam. He's the only tonberry to give Dawa to a Sahabi to call a companion to Islam, and to have them accept Islam. What are we talking about here? is how to look. After the Battle of the trench hunt up, the Muslim survived the onslaughts of all of these people from all of these different directions. I'm gonna Ross once again. He says to Qureshi says, Listen, he says, Let's go to Najafi. Not this time not to

00:42:19--> 00:42:59

get the Muslims that have been persecuted. But this time, he said, Because Mohammed Salah lahardee, who is Sultan, Mohammed is growing in his strength and his power, and he's not going away. And it would be better to live under an A joshy than to live under him. Meaning if the Prophet slicin him keeps growing and keeps succeeding. And then he fights us and defeats us. We don't want to live under his rule, we'd rather escaped to an agenda and live under an agenda because he would treat us better, especially considering that we killed the prophets, icims family, we persecuted him, we've done all of these horrible things to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family. So

00:42:59--> 00:43:39

let's go to the joshy I have a relationship with Him. And let's see if we can set the stage that if in case we need to go and flee to avicennia, for person from the persecution of the Muslims, that he would give us refuge, you see the way the tables have turned at this point. So let me go talk to him and see if he can protect this. And the case that Mohammed Salah lahardee, who was alone wasallam, you know, continues to grow and in his power. So once again, he comes to in the joshy. He has all of these gifts, all of these skins. And he sees the messenger of the Prophet sly Southern Ahmed and omiya, who of course, came and performed or brought the letter to an adjuster from the profits

00:43:39--> 00:44:19

license. So he sees the messenger of the prophets license. I'm gonna have no omega he looks at him. And he's he's confused when he sees either noster right, so just so happens, they're arriving at the city at the same time. He didn't know if he became Muslim, or if he was there to do something else. And, of course, at that point, I'm not also the one who was not yet a Muslim. So instead, he goes to an A joshy. And he offers his gifts once once again. And he even suggests he says why don't you give us over? He doesn't know that Josh is a Muslim at this point says why don't you give us Ahmed and omya we can send a message to Mohammed slice a little about our relationship about our strength he's

00:44:19--> 00:44:58

grown now tries to tell him the joshy that his empire is going to come after you you know. Now the Prophet Mohammed says they're no longer a persecuted minority in Mecca. They're an empire you should fear them. He's trying to do something else within a joshy I don't know joshy at this point, he strikes him he hits Ahmed according to one of the narrations smacks up like what is wrong with you? And he says to him, listen to what he says to him. He says you want me to reject the man who was visited by a now moose and Akbar who is the angel Jabra his Salaam who used to go to Musashi Salaam who used to go to Moses. You want me to reject Mohammed Sai Solomon and he was visited by a

00:44:58--> 00:45:00

novelist. Remember what happened?

00:45:00--> 00:45:10

called w Ronnie Islam and now most the angel who bring secrets he was visited by the great now most the way that most is um that Moses was visited by the great Angel, you want me to reject him?

00:45:11--> 00:45:49

And I'm a rasa shocked. And he says to him, he says, Listen, I am an Asante. I'm giving you advice. I'm an advisor to either like Naja. She's having straight talk with Ahmed, now, we've known each other for a very long time our relationship goes way back. He said, you would do better to obey Him and to follow him, for he is the Messenger of Allah. He is the messenger of God. So in a Josh, he is testifying to that with us. And he and his followers will no doubt be given victory just as Mousavi Salah Moses was given victory over the Pharaoh and his army. So Ahmed was was was shocked. He says, Is he really a messenger of Allah?

00:45:50--> 00:46:27

After all of this, after all of this, he knew the prophets I sell them. And he's been playing the politics and the battles and all of these things. And he says to an A joshy Is he really the Messenger of Allah, and an A joshy says, He is the Messenger of Allah. And Ahmed Abdullah ass embraces Islam, at the hands of a man that never met the prophets of the lahardee, who was a foreign man, King that never met the prophets license, even though I'm a new the prophets license and many of the companions, that is when honor decides to embrace this up

00:46:28--> 00:47:13

panela so this is the part of the story usually don't hear now. joshy giving Dawa to Ahmed menos Ahmed have been asked accepting Islam at that point, or, you know, at least developing the conclusion that I'm going to embrace Islam. Now. joshy arranging the covenant between Ahmed and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and on the way back on Ross now is going, you know, to Medina, to embrace Islam, he's on his way to embrace Islam, who does he meet on the way he meets harder than what he thought it would eat? Of course, Ahmed and Khalid, were instrumental in fighting against the Prophet slicin, especially in our head, right? And Ahmed sees Khalid going in the same direction. He

00:47:13--> 00:47:46

asked Scarlett Where is he going caught it says, I'm going to the Prophet slice and I'm going to Mohammed slice them to embrace his religion. I'm going to seek forgiveness from him and embrace his religion, I'm going to says I'm going to do the same thing. So I'm good and salad, may Allah be pleased with them, go to the Prophet slice of them together, to embrace Islam. And that's where the famous conversation between the Prophet sly seminar ombudsman or us will the LA Times and who takes place where under the law and just as he's about to embrace Islam, he takes his hand back and the prophets like Sam says, What is it and he says, will I be forgiven for all of my sins, all the all

00:47:46--> 00:48:28

the enmity, all that I've shown towards you, all that I've done is a lot going to forgive me. And that's when the Prophet slicin um said, that Islam does away with everything that comes before it, that you are forgiven for all of your sins and hedge headjam abroad and his migration, do away with everything that came before it. So that is one Ahmed extends his hand to the prophets license, after all of those years of plotting against him going to avicennia multiple times the battles are heard and so on, so forth, and becomes a Muslim and so in that state, you know, Subhana Allah, and that is a result in many ways of the doubt have an agenda, to have an agenda confirm the profit slice on

00:48:28--> 00:48:53

time and and to say to him to stop this and go to him and humble yourself, he is the Messenger of Allah, Allah will give him victory and Subhanallah what happens is that um Rasul Allah tada and who becomes Muslim, and the rest of the story of ama, well, the Allah tala and who is part of Islam, all the Islam that spreads through Ahmedabad, US has something to do with that meeting between him and an A joshy.

00:48:54--> 00:49:41

A few years pass some time, some time passes, and gibreel alayhis salam comes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he informs the prophets license that to date and the joshy has died. That Alzheimer has passed away. Pamela remember Naja, she told that he is the one that was visited by wi Islam the way moose is and was visited by Julian to believe comes to the prophet SAW Selim and informs him that and the joshy has passed away. The prophets of Allah hearty he was Selim, he assembles this habit in Medina. And he says, look, I'd matterley own Roger on saw today, a righteous man has passed away. So pray upon your brother, pray upon your brother, the joshy handle

00:49:41--> 00:49:59

and never got to be in the presence of the Prophet slice of them. He never got to he didn't learn the rulings of the religion. He didn't, you know, get to get to be a part of the establishment of the dean in that sense, right. He lived away from it all. But he was so righteous, that a loss of parents our sensitivity is known to

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

To inform the profit slice of them to lead janazah upon him. And this is the only time the only time that we see sell out the live the prayer upon the one who is absent. This is the only time we see the profit slice on performance jabot Abdullah all the time who says I was in the second or the third row, we gathered together this was nine years after the hidden and the profit slice on led us with four tech blots, and we prayed janazah on an A joshy even though he was not amongst us, and of course, this leads to many different discussions within filk within jurisprudence, and amongst the schools of thought was he preyed upon because there were no Muslims to prey upon him and Abyssinia?

00:50:40--> 00:51:26

Or was he preyed upon because of his greatness and his impact? Right? Was this a unique situation only to the joshy? Or are there people like Anna joshy, that we carry out the same, the same prayer, Allah upon the one who is absent due to the fact either that they were a great person, a person who brought about much goodness to the or because the people were not there to prey upon him and to give him a proper janazah and so there you have the prophets Isilon and the Sahaba praying janessa upon him in Medina imagine it was the number we and their Salawat reaching and the joshy all the time on home, and the joshy was buried in Abyssinia and modern day Ethiopia. And there's a narration from

00:51:26--> 00:52:08

Isobel deola on how that has some weakness in it. But it's a beautiful narration. She says, lemme Martin the joshy you couldn't, not to had the flu. And the hula is the euro and akubra. He knew that when and the joshy passed away that the people would say that the grave of Natasha, the Muslims who saw the grave and joshy always had some newer, some light that was coming out of it, the best of the tambourine, and possibly even one of the Sahaba but certainly the first of many the first to have janazah preyed on him by the prophet slice alum, even as he was physically absent the first king to embrace Islam, the first tablet to give Dawa to a Sahabi the first of so many different things. May

00:52:08--> 00:52:29

Allah subhanho wa Taala be pleased with him. And may Allah subhanaw taala gather him with the prophets Isom and the companions as they were not able to be gathered in this life. May Allah gathered them for eternity in Paradise and May Allah gather us with them in the presence of our beloved sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Jonathan for those alumna. I mean, Zack malachite on with Santa Monica. Welcome to LA heat about accounts.