How To Purify Your Heart

Omar Suleiman


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Omar Suleiman explains how to purify the heart.

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People always mock and they say, it's not all about Solomon. It's not all about prayer. It's not all about Salah, but at the same time as the Allahu anhu said half of the other slot off and not get in while you're at the half Anthony masiva lbr hold on to your salon because if you lose that you lose everything else. What's your basis, that's your connection with Allah subhanho data. If you're experiencing a loss of Hannah hoods, Allah, you will not be able to do half of the things that you do if you have an even an atom's worth of sinus and bashfulness inside of you. Then there's the sense there is a young girl 12 years old, and she's French. Okay, she's actually French. And she's a

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Muslim. And of course, now all of a sudden, they're prohibiting girls to go to school without their day jobs, or with their day jobs. That's a Pamela had been this girl does something and some of you might have seen the story that I thought was absolutely iconic. I'm not getting into the filthy discussion of all those types of things if she had to do this, or if she did it. Or if it still counts as a job. She goes and she shaves her head. You know how hard that is? Think about that. Those of us who are out always to try to show off and show people that you know how good we look brothers or sisters because brothers dress and act like women today. It's true. All right, you stand

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in front of the mirror longer than girls do. All right, I'm not talking about that. But the fact that she's still a 12 year old girl, imagine the self esteem, the effect of self esteem, had the courage to shave her head, and then she would dress herself all the way up to her neck. Again, don't worry about the 50 discussions, the attitude and go to school like that, and have everyone jump on her and make fun of her and go through all of the humiliation that she did.

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And you know what she says this is a quote, whenever she was interviewed, she said if being beautiful in the eyes of the Creator, if the creator means being ugly in the eyes of creation, than it's worth it.

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If being beautiful in the eyes of the Creator means being ugly in the eyes of all creation, than it's worth it. If I can gain higher from Allah be bashful and shy from Allah. I'll be shy from the people. I'll be bashful from the people, but it's comprehensive. we'll hire a middle man hire.

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Don't judge me attitude. Oh, she said something's wrong with my hijab. Who does she thinks she is to say something about my hijab next time I go to the masjid next time I go this I'm gonna wear a tighter shirt. And I'm gonna match everything. I'm gonna wear eyeshadow instead of just coral. I'm gonna go all over the place. Because she can't judge me. She doesn't know my heart. You're only kidding yourself. That is deception of shape on 100%. One shape bond can deceive you into thinking that by being disobedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And by having no shame in front of people, that somehow you're proving a point that your heart is actually with a lust panic attack, say pawn

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is the one who's whispering to you in your ear and saying, Hey, don't worry about your hijab. Don't worry about your interactions. Don't worry about this. Who cares about the music that you listen? Who cares about all that kind of stuff? You're still a good Muslim? Don't these people know what a good Muslim you are? shavon the same one who's trying to lead you away from Allah subhanaw taala is telling you what a great Muslim you are. It's Allah. So whenever you don't feel a sense of shyness, a sense of shame. Whenever you don't feel like there is anything wrong with posting this picture writing this status or doing this or saying I was here I was there or something that what? Whenever

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you don't feel that sense of shame, whenever you're at a university or at a college campus and your parents aren't watching you, no one is there. Whenever you don't feel it from other people, you don't feel it from Allah subhanho wa Taala you a little bit of this, a little bit of that. It's not just a debate between the hands and the face or whether the it's not that anymore. It's what about my arms? What if I wear short sleeve shirts? What if my job is just hanging off of the bow in the back? What if my legs are exposed? What if I've got my henna tattoo on my ankle? So

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think about all of that. It's the attitude. You're not really thinking about a job. You're not really thinking about being bashful in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala you're just trying to find the loophole. And still everyone tries to feel good about themselves. And this is not in any way shape or form of put down on the sisters who don't wear a job bro struggling with Hey, job, brothers. We don't even know what it's like for them. We don't even know what it's like we don't have to go through half the things you know what? It's a struggle May Allah subhanaw taala reward our sisters whenever they do anything that's close to a job. It's a struggle just to be put out like

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that. Imagine if we had to wear coupies everywhere we wouldn't even be willing to do that. It's a struggle in and of itself. So May Allah subhanaw taala reward our sisters and preserve them and inshallah to Allah make them stronger. It's not to put anyone down. This is just to show that once you have had

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No one can tell you that this is how that and this is how I'm like, no one can tell you these things you don't care about that stuff. Your heart will be your daddy. Your heart will be your guide.