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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala philam Gable, mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was able to send them to sleep and cathedral.

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My brothers and sisters,

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two things, firstly,

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on the topic of the protests and so on and so forth. Like I said yesterday hamdulillah is good,

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if you there is a protest happening, join it, and so on, so on. But very important to understand, and keep in mind that in the process of the protests, we must not ignore or break the orders and the calm and do more of almost 100.

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So, two major things which happen in the protests, one is the first Salah is completely either missed totally, or it is delayed, to the end of the time or something like this, Allah because you've got hundreds and 1000s of people in all these protests, Allah Allah I hope I'm wrong, but I have never seen any visual exercises so I saw so many videos and photographs and so on are protests happening in the UK and in America and in this place, that is, I never saw a single visual of people praying

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which is strange because the protests is happening during the time of

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the Samsara whether it is mercury, whether it's us or with Russia, whatever, Asia Okay, one can say already shut, they can go home and pray hamdulillah or whatever, whatever neglect what about us or whatever door so, it is very important for us to make sure that we pray especially because you are making the protests for what

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because some injustice is happening to you, who are we focused towards very important for us to understand the the the larger the focus has to be to the right place and the right places Allah subhanaw taala we're not protesting or we're not asking help from the authorities or from this one or that one? They cannot help us how can they was we asking we are to ask help only from Allah.

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Because if the Salah we say you're gonna you're gonna stay in React is the ad only runner. He will lead you to Armando Stein who is somebody who loves running, we believe take help from server and Salah. So we ask only Allah. So when we are asking Allah we cannot break the laws of Allah in the process of asking. So this is something very important. It was never ever miss our Salah because I'm in a protest. No, it is not. It is not permissible. I cannot say no because I'm in a protest I will combine everything and play no you cannot come in and you cannot deliberately use a second big thing which happen in protest is the free mixing of genders you have men and women everybody's together

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and you know Allah Allah Subhan Allah I mean if you see the kind of clothes people wear and what they do, again,

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I know I will get unpopular people will say oh, whatever you're focusing on, I have to focus, we want the laws of Allah subhanaw taala do not change because you are doing some practice the law of the Avila remains the same. So it is very important for us to ensure that we do not break the laws of Allah's monitor second point what is victory? What is unnecessary what is the what is the meaning of victory Allah doesn't either and nostril lie while fat when the help of Allah comes and you get victory what we'll have a

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while but

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then what we have here the whole aura feeds in Ilayaraja. So the real victory in in the Quran and the Sunnah, to the best of my knowledge, there is no ir which says that victory is conquest of land, that you have conquered this strip this much of land and so this country, that country this is not the victory is the victory of the deen of Allah subhanaw taala which means people are coming into Islam people are focusing on Islam. Now, if you look at one of the, you know, my husband is about my brothers and sisters is that usually we are divided we are divided into all kinds of sects and this and that and we have you know, all this on the burial ground of Allah may Allah protect as long as

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we divide for everything, but because of this question of Philistine people are coming together. So, we will run all kinds of places from all kinds of nationalities from all kinds of McTell will figure they are coming to one place. We are all focused on let us help the people of velocity. So, it is very important so, therefore, hungry ly inshallah This is a very good side but you

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We need to take this further and say Okay, so for the case of Philistine, we came together. What about after this? Because does it mean that only you and 10,000 people die, we can come together? Is it true is this this is terrible if that is the case, we said, No, we must come to just like we are coming together here. And we are forgetting our differences. Here, you're not saying who is Sufi, who is Salafi, who is unhappy, who is happy with this was that we are saying, we come together, because what is happening is injustice. And we want justice to happen. So we came together and let us continue this sense of being together. By all means, everyone has their own way of thinking,

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please follow it. But that does not mean that we have to fight with each other, there is no need, that I can have my own thinking you can have your own thinking. McLagan, we can come together, because there are issues today, which is the amount of viruses which are common to everybody, for example, the issue of o'clock, for example, the issue of how to raise children, for example, the issue of safety and security of people, for the for example, the issue of

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complete lack of political power in practically every country in the world. Right? These are common issues to everybody. It's not as if you know, these people have the Harvey's have the power and then Chavez don't have the power is not true, is true for all these are equal to how do you how do you combat the the fitrah of drugs, of, you know, all kinds of things which are happening in the schools and so on. These are common to everybody. So when we can, especially in this country today, when we look at all the interfaith work we do, we are sitting together with people from different religions, right, we're sitting together with the Jews and the Christians and the Hindus and so on, so on, but

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we cannot sit together with other Muslims. I mean, how shameful is this, how shameful is this, we can sit together the other but our on TV, we cannot, this is very easy. So this, let us use this opportunity of love the Allah Allah subhanaw taala, may Allah, save the people of Philistine and protect them.

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Use this opportunity to get victory for the deed and the victory for the day is in coming together right as a movie having a lady with a lot of courage, Allah Allah, Allah said, Hold together to the rope of Allah subhanaw taala and do not divide. So let us focus on that. Also. Third thing is to understand victory also in the context of the, if you see the the ayat concerning the cyberlock doed. And what led to that there are two stories, there is a story of the boy, in that whole thing I don't have to the time now to detail in Dogbert story need to know story of this boy who, instead of following the religion of the magician, he followed the religion of the monk. And then eventually it

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came to the whole thing came out. And then this boy was the king ordered his boy to be killed. And they tried multiple times to three times they could not kill the boy. Finally, the boy himself told the king, I can tell you how you can kill me.

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So he said, gather everybody. And then he said, You can kill me by saying taking an arrow from my quiver, and saying in the name of the rub of the boy. And you shoot the arrow and it will,

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it will kill me. And the king did that everybody became Muslim.

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So his plan backfired, right? And then the second story of the same, or the same thing where the king ordered these trenches to be dug and he loaded fire to village. And he said to the believers, he said to the Muslims, you jump into the fire or you accept me as your Lord. If you accept me as your Lord, you save yourself otherwise, you are in the fire and all of them into the fire and finally was the mother and her small baby infant. This is one of those who spoke as an infant and as a result of dollars, there are three and the infant spoke to the mother and the infant said to the mother what you're seeing the virus Jana is it go into the Jana? Don't worry, don't don't worry

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about me and you jump inside because this thing looks like the fire but it is actually done. So fighting

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our own self resources. An absurd Hijra is to run away from what Allah subhanaw taala made Hara

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her towards what is her this is in a hadith in Bukhari was to run away from hatred from the mass from acid to the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala This is he didn't not only physically going from Macedonia that was at that time that was Asia or even today.

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Moving physically from point A to point B Hijra is actually to move out from the disobedience of Allah to the obedience of Allah. This is another opportunity and that is victory. So if you look at it on the face of it this boy died, those people are referring to the fire. So what happened? How did they want because this is the victory of they got shahada so they all in shade in Jollof is Avila and they are in the engine and victory of good over evil.

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So, I think this, this this thing which has happened Abdullah we these are the one of the very difficult tests from Allah subhanaw taala. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make the test easy for all the people that are in this test. So the big the benefit of this test by correcting ourselves, correcting our Aveda going away from shirk of any kind, going away from all that of any kind and then eating halal and earning halal and fulfilling the fry that Allah subhanaw taala made for ourselves, the first of those varieties Salah and then of course I got and so on and so on. So, this is very, very important for us to keep this in mind and use this as a way of correcting ourselves

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and our lives. We ask a lot of our intelligent Angelou to please use us to help all those people who are in difficulty especially our brothers, sisters in philosophy, philosophy, and those who are not interested in but who are connected with all of us are connected with us into our hearts anyway. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for his help was Allah Allah Allah Allah will tell you early he was to go alright