How To Cure Your Depression

Sulaiman Moola


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Sh. Sulaiman explains how we can cure depression.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the challenges of life and how it is becoming more difficult than previous times. They argue that the fear of uncertainty and doubt is the root of depression, and that it is impossible to solve problems in isolation. The speaker also talks about the importance of having a law on one's side and being a king without a throne, and encourages listeners to focus on their spiritual the journey and achieve their goals.
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While the world continues to progress technologically, I swear by Allah faster than its growth in technology, it is the retro dressing morally and spiritually, wildlife seems to become easier theoretically. In theory, when you analyze life today, we have such advanced modes of transport such easy ways of communication. In theory, life seems easier than previous times. But practically, life has become more challenging than the previous times. Tension, depression and frustration has become the order of the day. happiness, joy and prosperity is something of the past, the very fears that haunt the mind of every individual that are ever lurking. I must never become poor, I must never be

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diagnosed of cancer. This must never happen. The fears that are ever lurking in the heart in the mind of every man is sufficient depression in the life of every person, the only way to avert financial depression. The only way to avert and divert financial depression is to convince yourself that ally is the Sustainer when you've convinced yourself that aligns the Sustainer. Now the fluctuation in the currency, the fake predictions of the economists, the competitors in the market will not make a difference to you. So this is this is the modern day poverty.

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That in the midst of effluence there is no joy in the midst of comfort and luxury, there is absolutely no joy. Now vlsm then said in the event of a ban in the marina arena local woman can elvina fatal behave Allah yo Malati Amina Tanya, no abuser. wells in essence is the contentment of hearts and no Niagara Falls no Victoria Falls can give you that contentment that is divine from Allah. woman can Alina vehicle be the one who has contentment in his heart? Follow your guru Malati Amina dunya, the no amount of calamities and tragedies will harm this man will depress this man. Nothing in this world will depress this man like this money can buy a house but not a home.

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money can buy you a bit but not sleep. person can be sleeping, you know, on the water bed as they say insomnia is a medical condition that's only growing in the world deprived of sleep. And on the other hand, there is a beggar a pauper, sleeping under the tree in traffic, the people are driving people are busy engage anything, join the divine sleep of Allah, in the shape that Allah has provided. I swear by Allah, the greatest contributing factor to depression is Guna as the young boy who after he takes a birth, and he's on a path and he's on cloud nine, and he's you know, floating somewhere else. As soon as he becomes sober. He goes through such depression that he's left with one

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of two options. Either he commits suicide or takes Apple again. There is no other choice in the life of that young boy. This is nothing these antidepressant tablets that is escapism. You are hiding the reality. You are disguising and camouflaging. You are not solving you're not soothing is like a person went to a particular motor mechanic. He had a problem in his car, says you know what, as I'm driving, this is very strange and peculiar sound coming out. And I can't trace the problem. So the motor mechanic had a look at the car. But he couldn't trace the problem. He says, You know what, I can't really find anything, but I got a way out, I can solve the problem for you. If it really

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bothers you while driving, just put your radio bit louder.

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If the noise bothers you just put your radio and I promise you your problem will be solved without any money. I swear by Allah that is antidepressant tablets. You have solved no problem. You have only camouflaged it, you've disguised it, the problem remains become sober and it's worse than what it was. Like they say having a law on your side.

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does not mean sailing on the ocean with no waves.

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It doesn't mean that but having a law on your side means sailing in such a ship which no storm can sing. That is what it means it doesn't mean you will not have storms. You will have storms you will have waves. But when you have a lot on your side, no storm will sink that ship. It is contentment. grab on to it. I swear by a life you have it. You are a king without a throne also, what is the name of Allah a woman can elvina pickle beanie? He wears contentment in his art Fela yo Malati Amina dunya no calamities of this world will depress him. He does not mean when a man has contentment, calamities will not come. No no Allah will give him the strength to react differently. He will not

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get emotion by secure emotional by situations. Allah gives you the ability to focus

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On the reward promise in that challenge in

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my project, you have tasted the fake pleasure. You've seen how it has deceived you. I call you in this gathering and I invite you and I implore you, I introduce you to divine pleasure. I introduce you to spiritual pleasure. While law there is such pleasure in Salah a time may Allah favor you with it one in all that that moment comes in your life and laska some way you will go in such that, and I promise you, you will derive such pleasure. Alaska Seminoles control is my life You won't able to lift your head up