The Benefits Of Unity, And Harms Of Disunity

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah v metabo Houma de la kita Baba kitabi What are Sharia? Shariati? Amato Marina Jimenez shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, what does it

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mean? For Rocco set up Hello.

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My dear respected elders and brothers Allah subhanho wa Taala has created each and every human being different from one another. Each and every human being is different from another person. Sometimes we get twins, the most we can say with regard to twins, they are alike to one another. But in reality they also are different. And such is the creative power of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. That despite and Allah has created everyone so differently, it each and every person's fingerprint differs from another person till the Day of alignment and credit anyone with the same fingerprint allies and created anyone with the same pupil. Inside the the eyes. Every one is different.

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Therefore not so beautiful. He says in the Holy Quran is upon insano Allah najma is Alma, Bella Katarina and Musa banana. People say well Allah bring people back to life. Allah will bring you back to life. What's your own fingerprints of the ray of karma? That's an amazing thing to say. That time people didn't know that everyone's fingerprint is different from another person. But despite the fact that Allah has made everyone different.

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Allow one SAS as an Omar Maria Karim Allah Allah wa sallam to be like one single body, as Allah says, and through the means of nebia cream sauce, Philomena Hadid and melona karate.

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Then Taya Muslim Omid is like one single human body. in East Africa, I know who is takaku if the eyes pain, the entire body feels pain, if one Muslim is in pain, the entire Muslim Ummah is in pain

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or a mortality

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is hurricane our God, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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or a dead naturata. Hey, Jessica Hadith

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the Mombasa man, Jason Kimani, this is the reality with regard to it. And until we as an Omar do not become one, Allah subhanho wa Taala his assistance and allows blessings will not be with us. amongst our Allah, one of the great allama who gave a very, very important talk three days before he passed away as it more than the use of sobre la Li, the Santa Monica area sobre la la before his death, he gave this talk which was his last recorded talk. He spoke about the benefits of the oma the oneness of the oma, the unity of the oma and you may mention in that talk and many of the things I will say today will be from that talk. And he says in the scope set in the time of Madina munawwara if there

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were 10,000 people Sahaba everyone had the support of 9999 people, no one who's in bed, no one wishes. No one was against him.

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And he goes on to say and part of the daddy says hello, hello Gemma allows assistance is with the United lock. Final.

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And last blessing is what a jamaa until we are not united. Allah blessings will not be with us and Allah subhanahu wa Tada. assistance will not be with us. There is Baraka and there is blessings and a strength in unity. Like for example, you take wood, sometimes wood is very expensive, but it would if it remains expensive and it remains scattered. There is no value to it. You bring important and you bring valuable wood together it becomes priceless furniture. When does it become priceless furniture when it is united? When it is together. The heart is the most important organ of the human body. The art is the most important organ of the human body. But where is it the most important when

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it is linked to the body?

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You take the heart out from the body and you put it one side after one day not even a dog will eat that heart. Because it is separate from the body. When is it when is it valuable? It is valuable when it is lead up to the body and that is an example of unity development. Allah tala k nuestra familia, Amara

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neoga Allah tala ki mother or mother or Allah tala g Maya,

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Yeshua, this is a reality with regard to it. And with regard to unity, we have to keep one thing in mind. Unity doesn't come and unity is not achieved by one saying, my comb, my nation, my people, my like minded people. That is not unity. Unity is not achieved by us coming together and say, I get along with this people they're fighting united with them. I get along with this. These are like minded people, therefore, I'm with them. How can you achieve unity by being only together with your own nation with your own time with the old type of people without like minded people, unity is not achieved in such a way unity is achieved in the words of

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unity is achieved. When hundreds of nations and hundreds of people from different tribes and different backgrounds they come together then you achieve unity. This particular aspect that I am united with my own people I play Broderick he sat me

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down he was a Hulk he looks at haftarah naota he has a low

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decem Caleb moodily Broderick. Hello, Sam. Hello, Sam milker Gemma Hata Cusco, hi. So this particular aspect is at heart and unity comes about because of different types of people coming together. It is not one nation, one tribe, one type of people that is not unity. Unity is different types of people coming together for a common cause, as was the way that was in our history of Islam, that we saw this particular aspect that as long as Muslims were united, they were a force to be reckoned with. They were a powerful force, the moment we become this united, then we find the type of weaknesses that have come upon the oma. So we'll go to and

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then one

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goes on to make mention a very important point. He said, unity also comes about because of

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unity comes about because of good character and good qualities. And therefore it is said that too proud and arrogant people will not be able to unite with a couple of gentlemen.

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Hmm, so in this particular aspect, he said that unity comes about because of good luck and good qualities. He says. And remember this, he said Salatin seeker is very important. But Salatin seeker is not enough for you that certain seeker is not enough for unity. in unity, you need beautiful qualities to the attributes of Allah. And he gave us a beautiful example. He said

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if he was the one who assassinated

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he's the one who assassinated

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and when the people got angry, and they were turning against him because he assassinated Sheriff Buddha.

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And then what did he say? He said, Don't touch my tongue. With the tongue. I make so much sicker. With this tongue I make so much sicker. animate mentioned. Historians have made mentioned how much of secret it used to make. But yet despite his seeker, and despite his

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the person who kills

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will be the most wretched person in this room, but

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the person who kills

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him will be the most wretched and the most worst person in this

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Bernie Kelly here caffeine at 700 am Santa Cruz Casa

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de Missa.

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Alina to loutra kakatiya komaneka aka saputara

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or shock in San hoga

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unipi doesn't come only bicycle enemas, it comes back. So this unity comes about when we look beyond our own. We look beyond our nation. We look beyond our own time, and we bring

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People together for a common cause in

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unity also comes not only by skeleton seeker, it comes with good cause humanity and being able to tolerate other people. That's how it comes. Just as we speak with regard to the importance of

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unity, we have to make mention with regard to the harms of disunity.

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And before that, we must also make mention that when the Omar was united, then even 1% of the Ummah was harmed. When one oma one person of the oma was on then the entire oma got together to help that one person, a group of human women taken away by the enemies in the time of mortal sin, right and he will be taken away. They cry and say one more time, Sima matsushima, you are awesome. You are the leader of the Wii U, when Motor City came to know about it, what SM is not regarded as very great Muslim leaders in our in our history. But when it came to know that a group of women were being abducted by enemies, he said, I won't rest till I get those women out of abduction. And he wrote a

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letter to the enemies and said, You better free these Muslim woman. Otherwise if you don't, I will send an army by the time the army reaches you. The last portion of the last quarter fortunate that ami was still believing but that today we don't have unity. Look at what's happening to the Muslims in Palestine, in yoga in China, in Kashmir. And because we are not united, we can't do anything. We are weak, we are helpless. We cannot be because of our disability we cannot come to the systems of one another. And just as unity is emphasized. Creating disunity has been condemned in our Sharia. This Unity has been condemned in our Sharia. to such a great extent Allah tala says

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do not become disunited, because if you become disunited, Allah subhanho wa Taala will take away your strength, Allah will make you weak and that Allah will make you count. This is a reality. This is eternity in it for Kiki Mata Mata Ki na

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Muchas gracias na na, na, na, na

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na ne poncha the way this Muslims and this Houma has been harmed by this unity, perhaps it has not even been harmed by its own enemies. I was recently in Spain and I saw the harms of disunity. There were 51 rulers in Spain, the time in the Muslims. Were there a rule for 800 years after 800 years today, there is not one, you know, no, no. in Cordoba, there was 1600 machines. Today, there's not only one budget in Cordoba, Muslims last that look at many other portions, and many places of the world. Muslims lost that because of disunity. And Muslims have not been so harmed by enemies, the way they have been harmed by disunity. History bears testimony to the fact that we have been harmed

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more by our mutual dissension by our disunity, by our feuds by our fighting, then by our own enemies, this is a reality that is there we can see it.

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And in this particular regard, we have to keep this in mind because this reality creates a great amount of you know weakness, and it is one of the ways of shaytan to create disunity amongst

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watashi mubychem lillahi Jamia wanna hold fast united onto the onto the rope of Almighty Allah and do not become this united. Do you know what is the the harm and the punishment and the warnings with regard to be in this united maybe a criminal law what he was submitted for him? No. Lisa, how do you find a pajama at a shipper on fire mode? In LA Mata Mata Jamia? There is no one who goes away from the Muslim Ummah and he dies except he dies a death of an ignorant person. We have moves away this united away from the Muslim Ummah and he dies. He dies as one who is dying on ignorance Martin Luther

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shaytan doesn't get as happy with anything as he is happy with the disunity of Muslims shaytan can muster Kikuchi Satya kcra

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or was he

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just he

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just gotta call it Nick 95 for sure.

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Key or key features you would negotiate.

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And this is a reality. You know, it is a very interesting, it's a very interesting for to cover. And let me translate it and let me read it first. You know, he talks about that when the Tatas and the Mongols. They came into that and they demolish Panda 1.8 million Muslims were put to the sword. And I think it is allama Iqbal who had said

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that meta turkey

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when the tortoise and the Mongols they came into Baghdad, mustiness Shara majority a Jenga column, the allama of Baghdad we're fighting and they were disputing and they were writing articles, and they were writing books on one aspect. What was it? What was it

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AIC, aka Tata kikkawa Sabbath was Sally Hara, one was saying the clue is permissible for you to eat. And the other one was writing a Kitab that no not all types of crows are allowed to eat. And because of this while they were fighting, the doctors in the Mongols came in they demolished

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while they were fighting on this particular aspect, the doctor said

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this is the reality with regard to it, as Mr. kilala has made mention of one hobby that is worthy of making mentioned he said a person on the day of Tiamat will come with a lot of salad zeker he bothered. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will put him in Ghana. And he will say well, now Why are you putting me in Ghana?

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Hola. Why are you putting me in Ghana? And Allah will say that what was that a very sensitive stage. The woman was a very sensitive stage. You said one sentence in you broke the unit.

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Therefore you are waiting. And Allah will put another person who tried to have many good deeds and I will put him in gentlemen. And he will say well why are you putting me in gentlemen? And Allah will say the woman was in a sensitive stage. You said a speech you said a thing. You made mention of something. And you brought the humor together.

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You brought the humor together. This is the reality My dear respective brothers and this is what most directly sub sub booty refuse money has written and I wrote it verbatim last night. Sincere cargos karna jitna haram hair musalman omim. Food Ghana Husseini, by

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the way to eat pork is haram to create disunity in the oven. Great to have one I used to get famous by iron which I've quoted he said Africa in a bad mood today. namazi tomato nipper B. nip Packer Naoki

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tournament for hockey,

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there is if there is more punishment for a person who breaks Tahoma than for a person who lives drama. I'm not saying it's a very great sin. But this is what has

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made mention. So I think it's very important My dear respect of others for us to have a situation many times people say what must we do must come up.

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Don't you become the means of testing it? We are taking situations and we are sending posts which we take we get happy with regard to the disunity that is at least we become more circumspect with regard to the way we send out messages, those things that are negative, which leads us to stay away from it.

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This is the reality that we have to keep my dear respected by others. And you know, it's one thing that I might just say towards the end

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that you can have difference of opinion. difference of opinion is not distributed. If de la pri Jaya

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Odisha candor to have difference of opinion is permissible, but difference of opinion must not lead to disunity or if the law if the law is right. Or if the law of Karnataka Raka rumble as in a little

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difference of opinion is permissible disunity is not permissible. homies kirakira does it

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because of this particular difference, that not realizing the the boundaries of difference of opinion we are becoming destroyed. Because

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it is mentioned. If there is difference of opinion and it is kept within its boundaries, and within its limits, there will be no failure.

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There will be no fitna if difference of opinion is kept within these limits. If there is fitna it means that the difference of opinion has not been a deal.

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One day a person came to me my mom and

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my mom didn't

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like remember

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the view that if you believe your bazillion bricks, if you believe your blue bricks, someone came and said you know about

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Imam who bleeds and he believes that a coup doesn't break when you read numbers

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when you read numbers behind him, so

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are you telling me I must not read numbers big my medic

00:20:14--> 00:20:17

Mr Maliki the few if you believe your boo doesn't break,

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he had a few that he breaks. Mr. Malik had a few that he doesn't break, he said are you telling me

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he has a different opinion but I will.

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I will never ever lead to disunity. He must have that particular type of tolerance. Allah has made mention of this and I will conclude with this a beautiful What a beautiful poem. Man for at his home key looks at

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the benefits and harms of this is one

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man fat aka his conky look some big achy sub B db m&e, check our team is one our Eman is one. Our Our team is one eight our Libya is one RM POC be Allah be Quran.

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Allah is one. Our harem is one, our Quran is one very party hotel, to summon.

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Our living is one our Quran is one our Deen is one. Our benefit is one our homies one if only we as Muslims could be one, their respective brothers. This is the need of our time. It will be united. There have been situations that have happened people have different views in this. The halaqaat come upon us people took different views. It was a challenging time. But we must never allow this to make us this united. We are lucky was a topic was