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AI: Summary © The importance of acceptance and learning in achieving victory in Islam is discussed, along with the history of Islam, including its rise and use of the culture in various aspects of one's life. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to practice worship and be prepared for difficult situations, as well as learning Arabic language to improve understanding of the Prophet's teachings and avoiding misconceptions. The importance of peace and protecting Muslims from false accusations is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to be productive members of society.
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victorious. And then the verse continues, and Allah subhanho wa Taala he shows us, what is the description of these people who will be victorious those who strive for his religion. He says, The Latin meaning is Alkaff theory that they are humble towards the believer and powerful towards the disbeliever Yuja here doing a feasibility law he will often Aloma tele him, they fight in the Cause of Allah subhanho wa taala. They fight for the religion of Allah subhanho wa taala. And they're not concerned with the blames of the critics. All of these are usually 411 examples from the Quran, to the fifth of the Nasir, how to understand victory in Islam. And now we're going to talk about the

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ways or the means the reasons that help us becoming victorious as an ummah.

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And the first of these is that we implement and have pure to heed the pure belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala when we only offer any act of worship solely to Allah, and that we fight the Chinook in the masjid again, we fight those who joined partners with Allah subhanho wa taala. And I don't mean fight that we go out with, we have to go out and shoot them down. You can fight with our tongues by showing the truth and with our pins doesn't mean we have to go out and shoot people. It's not what I'm saying. Because from the jihad is the jihad of the tongue as well as it came from the Hadith and Sunnah. webydo with the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Jahad elementary Kena the unwelcome one fusi

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comm where elsina To come to wage jihad against the disbelievers with yourself your money and with your tongues, because the Dow is a form of jihad. So implementing and having pure Tawheed is the Cure is the cure, and the only way for true success and the only way for us to have victory in Islam. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he focused on it so much in the beginning of Islam, he focused on the issue of to heal. And that's why when it came time for the Muslims to strive and struggle for their religion, even if that mundane, none of them had any problem with doing that because their heart was so filled and was so strong with the man. The second

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thing which helps us as an Imam, and achieving victory is what our chef chef Anil Benny Rahim Allah has always mentioned the importance of a tell Sofia and a Tobia and it tells me it's basically cleansing or cleaning out. If you have a clearance sale, when you want when you're selling something in the marketplace. And you're in the soup, you're in the market and you want to get rid of a clearance you have a clearance sale, or until Sofia they would say an Arabic so it's the cleanse what pollutions of the Ummah, from what's happened to the OMA of ship are so many people will claim the Muslim they practice shirt can call it Islam. And from Vidal from innovation, how many people

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will claim to follow the Quran and Sunnah. And you'll find that the majority of what they practice is better as innovation in the religion. Also, all of the other evil acts when you go to Muslim countries now, how many people cheat you when you go to buy something in the marketplace? And if you look at how the Muslims were before, the largest Muslim population in the world, Indonesia, how do they become Muslims, they became Muslims through the treatment of the businessman to jar who went there from Yemen and other places around the Islamic world at that time, and how they used to treat them and how they will not lie to them, how they will not cheat them and they became Muslims through

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this treatment, but the Muslims today unfortunately, they have left this and also if you look at the evil acts that Muslims do, now, when it comes to the recording, as Dr. Zakir mentioned, the people who record a lot of these events, and those who are recording Bollywood's a lot of them are Muslims, unfortunately, and they film that which is displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala. Also, if you look at the status of Muslim men, Muslim women, look at the hijab throughout the Muslim world, so many women not wearing proper hijab. Unfortunately, we see that the unprofor hijab has spread and now it's becoming just what covering up the head and what's below that they don't even look at that and then

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the head is not even covered completely a lot of the time. So this this tells Sofia this cleansing is what we need for the OMA to get rid of all of this and to start after that with what the ship called a tibia, educating educating the Ummah and this can be done in four simple steps. First of all, by by knowledge, and the importance of knowledge in Islam. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was never asked or never told to ask for more of anything except for Rob

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Be Sydney. Amen. Allah subhanaw taala throughout the Quran go tonight look in the Quran in any dua, or any order the process and it was never ordered to ask for more of something for Ziad except for of LM of knowledge, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Monterey de la Hui later on your behalf it Dean that whoever Allah wants good for that he grants him Fick. He grants him understanding and knowledge of this religion. And we understand from this hadith, that whoever Allah subhanaw taala does not want good for then

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he does not grant him understanding of this religion, may Allah protect all of us from that. And after that,

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it comes the actual implementation of the Islam, because it's not something we just learned in books and how many people have learned something about Islam, but they don't implement it. So they do not benefit from it. And they don't feel the baraka of this realm of the knowledge of the Quran and the Sunnah. And after we implement, as Allah, smart Allah Lord told us phylum under hula ilaha illa, Allah we learn that he there is no Allah except for him subhanho wa Taala there is no deity worthy of worship except for Allah was still fully them big and then to make his death borrow from you the new seek forgiveness from your sins. So Allah subhanaw taala he started first with what the

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knowledge and then the Iman and then the implementation after that, and then after we have learned our religion, and we implement our religion in our lives, it comes to the third step, which is the Dawa fall into this religion. Because a Muslim wants he knows the beauty he has, and he feels the Halawa sweetness of Eman. He wants to call other people to benefit from this as well.

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And then after that we must have patients are sober, because obviously anybody who calls to the Huck, he will be tested. And that's when it came into Hadith and the beginning of Islam, when one of the novellas said to the Prophet SAW Selim as it is a Hebrew hurry, that I wish I was with you, when your people forced you out when he forced you out of Mecca. And he said, will they forced me out. And he said, Nobody has come with what you have come with, except that he has gone through hardships. So now, any Muslim who implements Islam, and calls to this religion of truth, no doubt he's going to be tested this the in many ways. And this is all to test our Eman and we are here in

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this dunya to be tested. So this reminds us always remind ourselves, we're here to be tested. And Allah will test us all the time to see our true implementation of our religion. After this we must focus on doing if we want to be victorious, focus on doing as many acts of worship and a bad doing as much anybody in worship as possible. It came in the Hadith, and Sahih Muslim, when our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he said the ruble are merely fitting in to the end of the Hadith, when he told us to raise the fifth in the calamities, the hardships to raise them, with what without men with deeds, meaning worship and everybody.

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And this is because these acts of worship are like a shield to us. When the fittings come, when the hardships come, the difficult times come when we're constantly doing it by them. This helps us inshallah and staying strong and staying firm during these hardships and the most important types of worship, or the or the facade, as it came in the Hadith Amata Bootsy Amata Rabelais Abdi be che la Matata to LA that my servant as it came the Hadith puts him when Allah said that my servant has not become closer to me with anything more beloved to me than that which I have made compulsory upon him. Well now is the it's a total lie, you have been no avail.

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And then after the flight, obviously, then overfill. Then we come closer to last month, it was a voluntary acts of prayer. And then after that, I'll remind myself and my brothers, when it comes to the acts of worship of God, that one of the most important acts of worship is those acts of worship, which are what they call everybody or whereby that is the secret types of acts of worship.

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The ones that nobody else knows except for Allah subhanho wa Taala like the TM of Li praying the night prayer and giving sadaqa and

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if you look in the beginning of Islam, when the Prophet SAW Selim had his companions make the night prayer, and they had to pray it in the beginning, and then it was voluntary after that. But when the prophets was um, you look at him calling his companions to make the night prayer, the MLA and if any of you have ever experienced the MLA, if Allah has blessed you to be from the people who pre pMLN or even one time or two times in your life you got up and just let me pray to Gods for Allah subhanho wa Taala that, you know, there's no feeling

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like this in the whole world, and that's why some of the seller, some of our pious predecessors before us from our scholars, that they used to say, Lola Lael, Maha Baitul, Bhagavad dunya, that it was now for the night meaning because what he's going to be in prayer, I wouldn't I want to stay in this dunya. And I'm gonna talk about the law. And he mentioned that if it weren't for three things, he would not want to stay in this dunya one of them was the night prayer, the MLA, and the other one was a jihad visability law. And the third one was sitting in the circles of knowledge of alien.

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And this affects, why is it so important? Well, Korea, Malaysia, and these type of warships are very bad at the silver because the effect that it has on your iman and look at the Sahaba when it came time for them, to strive and struggle for Islam, and to die for Islam in Medina, they were ready, because of the pure oratory, they had, first of all, and because of these types of acts of worship, when they will get up and pray at the night prayer because this gives you a callus. Now when we go to the masjid, or at work, and we go make will do when we pray with everybody else, everybody else sees you. But at night when everybody's sleeping, nobody can hear you, you get up from a beautiful

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night's sleep, you wake yourself up, and then you go to pray the night prayer. This is the type of a class that we need, if we were going to Shala to be victorious as an ummah. And obviously, as you've heard in several of the

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one of the key ways to victory, is through jihad. And Jihad

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has become a word misused in the media, and these days, and it's something that the Muslims are attacked by that they fear that there's something called jihad in our religion. Alhamdulillah Yes, there is no we're not scared to say it, that jihad is part of our religion. However, some of

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the people who claim to be representing Islam, and some of their actions, which they call jihad,

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they're not the true jihad. And it's not a true understanding to jihad. But when people defend their lands, the Muslims defend their lands all around the world, no doubt this is jihad. And we see this as jihad. When it comes to the other form of jihad. When we actually go and wage war as a Muslim Ummah, we have to have the Imam to do this. Also, some of the things we can benefit from and being victorious as an ummah, is benefiting from some of the bad things that we see as an ummah. For example, what happened in Gaza recently, with the terrorist attacks on our brothers in Gaza, when the cartoons when they made fun of our beloved prophet Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. What did the

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Muslims do all around the world, even here in India, all around the world? What do they do? They went out in the streets with their signs, and they were upset, and they rioted, and they were very upset with what they were seeing.

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This is a good thing. And it shows the love they have for their brothers. It shows the love they have for their beloved Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. However,

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we don't want this to be a one day thing. We want this to be able to what to continue after that. Because the most important thing is that we implement after our Islam if we want to be victorious, so it's upon the DUA and those people have prayer. When they see the Muslims coming back to their Deen during these hardships are these things that seem to be evil and bad that they benefit from these times and calling the Muslims back to practicing their religion? Also, we must realize that everybody, whatever he does to help the Muslim ummah, that he is on prayer, he is on good, not everybody, because we are an OMA look at the word OMA, we are a whole nation, not everybody is going

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to be a lecturer or a daddy, or somebody who's a scholar in Islam. If you don't, you can try. But we need doctors, we need engineers, we need mothers who raised the children properly, when he fathers who do their role as a father in Islam. So whatever you're doing for Islam, if you're passing out a pamphlet, even if you look at it as being something small, remember, that's good and continue to do it and always try to do more, and inshallah this will help us be victorious as well. And from one of the key points is that we must come together as a Muslim Ummah, if we want to be successful and be victorious. And this is important we see in the time we live in the big picture, when enemies Islam

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are everywhere attacking Islam, that we must come together as one as a Muslim nation. And this does not mean that we put aside our differences and come together and that what we agreed upon, because this is not the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is the prophets Allah Islam saw something from his companions that when it gets Islam, he did not say okay, at least they're Muslims. And they let's let's let slide. He would tell them that this was a bottle it was full so there was a mistake was a hip hop, and he would have picked it right away. I listened to Salem. So this does not mean that we

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We are quiet on mistakes that we see we are acquired on things that go against the Quran and Sunnah and let them slide. If we see something which goes against the Quran and Sunnah, then we must say it, but we also must have at the same time, the fit of the time that we live in, and the hardships that we're going through as a Muslim Ummah, and we must show that we are one OMA and the face of the enemies of Islam.

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We're going to be successful, we have to leave on doing that which is haram. That which is haram. What is apparently haram, from the acts we do and say and also of the actions that are haram in our hearts, how many Muslim business today are built on haram or a portion of his haram? He says that which is haram. So if we want to be successful will never be successful unless we leave that which is haram and displeasing to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And then also if we want to be successful as an ummah, we must race to make Toba repent to Allah subhanho wa taala. Because when the time comes, and I believe I heard Shut up there. But he mentioned as I was coming in, that you'll find a Muslim never comes to the masjid unless you lose his job, but then he's always there. He's always praying, he's always asking Allah subhanaw taala. About that so he can be helped him in his job. So if we want to help for our Ummah, for the Muslims, then we have to repent so I lost my tile and be with him and be doing that which is pleasing to Him and stay away from that which is displeasing to Him subhanaw taala in order for the Nasir for the

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victory to come in shallow Tyla. And last but not least, one of the most important things for us to be victorious is that we follow the sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because everybody claims they have the way the path to victory, the path to for us to be successful as Muslims, but if it's not, any methodology is not the methodology of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then it is not a successful methodology, and it's something that will be rejected. This is shortly what I want to remind myself and my brothers have

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about the path to victory. And now inshallah we'll open the floor for questions. Allahu Allah masala cinnamon bark and Adobe know Muhammad

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mashallah Joseph Abdur Rahim McAfee Hamdulillah.

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This is that time again now brothers and sisters for your questions sha Allah. So, please be reminded one question, keep it short. Please. State your name, profession and make sure the question is on the topic as well please. So let's start with the sisters these this time question Sr. I salam Wa alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato My name is Bushra, my question to you is, as mentioned in your introduction, that you are a teacher of Arabic language. Can you tell me if I should learn Arabic as a language or only Quranic Arabic? Is our color? Similar Mandarin Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Tim McMillan Allahu ala calculi edge Marina VIERA Muhammad Ali, he was a big Marine, you must learn

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Arabic as a language, not just the Quranic Arabic because when you learn Arabic as a language, your understanding of the language itself will become stronger and it's not just enough to learn the Quranic and if you if you mean the classic arabic, gentle Quran and the Sunnah, then that is what you should learn the classic urban not the Arabic dialects that hasn't been spread throughout the the Islamic world unfortunately, but you need to have a strong grasp on Arabic language, you must learn all of the aspects of the language, anything that has to do with the language you must learn it so you can understand the Quran and understand the Sunnah inshallah Allah Okay, question from the

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back there, please. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brother. My name is Nigeria denials. I'm from Tumkur Karnataka, I am a marketing executive.

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My question is to you.

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Do you explain the concept of hijab in Islam, as Islam has conditions to both genders that is man and woman? Can you explain each definition?

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Every exactly you asking? Hijab? Regarding hijab for the men and women? Pardon me? For men and women? Yeah, for both men and men. Okay, wear hijab we should wear in which case? Yep, they should wear hijab in Islam. What would you say for both genders? Yeah, both genders, genders, men, man and men. Okay, he's asking about the concept of hijab and what is the proper hijab? The proper hijab obviously is not something like we see today with pants. This is not allowed tight clothing, it must be worn by some scholars, it must be from the head down or it must be a garment from the head down and then one from the shoulders, which covers completely It must be very baggy. It cannot be tight.

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It cannot be something where you can see on the other side transparent, it cannot be something has seen on it, where tracks where there's color

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or flowers and like that, that attracts the people, it must be something very plain and simple. And these are the basic conditions of the hijab. For the woman, it must be very long and very baggy and very modest, and it goes all the way down to the ground. It doesn't go above the ankles, and then she wears socks, it goes all the way down to the ground as it came in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and this is the proper hijab does she have to cover her face or not? There's a difference of opinion of the scholars. And obviously the best choice, if there's a difference of opinion is that she covers her face, completely, this is the complete hijab, if not the only thing

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she can uncover on the other opinion, is her hands, not from here or there, all the all the way down just these from here and her face. That's the other opinion. But obviously, it's better if she covers her face completely. That's in general, the basic conditions of hijab, and the outer of the man is from his, his bellybutton here, all the way down to the knee. And also, it must be something that doesn't mean we walk around without our shirts or something that's not proper. Also, it must be something that's not that doesn't have imitation of the kuffar, if something is only the dress of the hoof, or if it's something for example, we have no like suits. People say this is the Chabot of

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the Cooper's imitating the Cooper, but this has become something that is accepted and throughout all of the worlds. Now if you go to some type of certain dress that only people wear, it is a non Muslim, then it becomes haram for you to wear it in Islam. But for men, the dress, it's very simple, very basic. And also it should not be tight. Another thing that danger about wearing the western style clothes today is that a lot of Muslim men, they wear a very tight pants. And when they make their schedules and salad, it doesn't look very good. And it's not proper when you make your suit like that. So it should be you have to be careful if you want to wear western style clothes that you

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wear it like the baggy style of pants, or baggy or than the Western styles. Because if you look at throughout Islamic history, this is the incident the Muslim men used to wear a baggy type of pants, like they were here today, India or in Pakistan, or even in Turkey and someplace in Syria, they still wear these pants today. So you should have a baggy or tight pants, and you should have a Muslim identity. Now it's important that you know now that when you wear your clothes you're representing or when you live your life, you're representing Islam. So you need to at least look like a Muslim to your beard through this. And how do we how do we know now we're going down the

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street if somebody is a Muslim or non Muslim, except for the way he looks, obviously the woman was she wears her hijab, you know, immediately and she's a Muslim woman. But when a Muslim man he shaved his beard He looks just like the wants to look like the Westerners you don't know as you Hindus as a Christian as a Muslim, you don't know. So a Muslim man, he wants to be different because the province has some orders to be different with our beards and how we dress as she like I said should be a bag ears type style. If you're going to wear the western style. Or if you wear the Indian or Pakistani style, then that's no problem. That's good. She's like a low head where the burqa for you.

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Probably at the front there. Salam Alaikum. My name is Musa milkshake, and I'm a management student. So my question to you is the media is constantly being successful in portraying a wrong image of Islam in the name of terrorism. So how can we remove the misconceptions? What we're doing right now? Hopefully, inshallah? Well, this conference is one of the things we do. And it's important, first of all, toward the actions of Muslims, we implement Islam, as Muslims, and we act upon our Islam, the people will see for themselves, that what is portrayed to them is not truth. This is very important. Even my family now, when I met with some of my family members, they probably had a lot of

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misconceptions. But when they sat down with me for several days, after several years, they saw that I was not a terrorist, and all this and Danny is somebody who looked down on women and all have these misconceptions they have about the Muslims. So it starts with us, implementing our religion and practice our religion, and being productive members of society at the same time. That it just for us, it doesn't mean that if we're practicing religion, we can't be productive members of society, because we can, in fact, some of the Muslims or some of the most productive members of their societies all around the world. So this is this is the first thing and then through other

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things, if you pass out books, you give tapes or CDs or whatever you give to people and to show them the truth, you invite the non Muslims to events like this, you invite them to sit with other Muslims that can explain to them about some of the misconceptions. But if we were all to implement Islam properly in our lives, this will show the people that what they're hearing is falsehood, and it's not true. Okay, my salah sister at the back there. Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. My name is Taha Anwar, and I'm a film student. So my question is more of a personal query, I want to know, will you please tell me what are the best ways in which I can utilize my profession, following the Sunnah and

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the Slavic ways, and the ways in which my profession by going to be proficient can benefit the society. This is a very dangerous profession, because there's a lot of good you can do with it, but the majority of the options that you will have will be evil options. So now I'm doing what the people are doing here now. And if they utilize this and they do this type of thing, these type of events and

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They take lectures and Islamic programs which are beneficial for the Muslims is a very good profession. But it's a very dangerous one, like I said, so you have to be careful because most of the doors that are open to you in the future will be doors that are not productive or not good and evil doors, because that's where most of the film industry is. But if you want to do this, you want to study this profession, just make sure that you only do it. And that was helps yourself and rewarding you and stay away from that which will be sin, and also things that will help your own mind shallow Talla. Normally, I can check. My name is Omar Farrell. And I'm from Bangalore, check my

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question to you is, you mentioned about how Islam can be victorious. And we often see in the media that Muslims are termed as terrorists, etc. But I mean, it doesn't necessarily mean that we do that. But when it actually comes to oppression on Muslims, for example, in Palestine, etc. Why don't we have a centralized? Muslim, gorilla? Wherever we find open operation on Muslim countries? Why can Muslims all around the world wall untier and organize ourselves as a force where we know that this is for sure oppression? And like on we find it as one Oma? So can you? Is this feasible? And if not, what are the shortcomings and the restrictions that are not allowing us to do this? Obviously, this

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is something if there was a Muslim, a true Muslim nation, a true Muslim government now, this would be their job. And it's not our job as individuals to form a rebel, any rebels for guerrilla warfare that we send out whenever the Muslims are being oppressed. If there was a true Muslim country right now, which really practice Islam, which there is not unfortunately, you will find some Muslim countries who practice 30%, some 20, and some, maybe a little more, some a little less. But unfortunately, we don't have a true Muslim nation today. If we were to have this, it would be their job to defend the other Muslim nations. So it would be a good idea in reality, if we had the Muslim

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nation to do it, but unfortunately, we do not. That goes back to the Muslim governments. And we always have to understand that when you try to take something in your own hands, and it's without the government, the usually not going to be successful, and it usually causes more harm than good. So we don't want to be and is one of the points that had mentioned here I didn't mention it was that we do not want to, as you say pick the fruit before it's ready. Just as you when you go to a tree, you do not pick the fruit before it's ready before it's ripe. Also, when it comes to the issues of jihad, and this it's important that we teach where the time we need to teach the Muslims and Muslim

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are very ignorant in their religion, and then if the time for Jihad comes Inshallah, there will be no problem for that within Muslim state. But in in in this situation, I do not think it's a logical solution. In the situation we're in now, Allah Allah. Okay. 100, a question from a brother at the front, Islamic calm. My name is Mohammed. I have a question for you regarding one of the articles which I happened to read recently about many Muslims in Iraq, turning 80s and similarly in Palestine, where women and teenagers are resorting to drugs, you know, to sort of numb their senses and from the depression which surrounds them every day. So my question to you is, how can we, as

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their brothers and faith and scholars like yourself and others, what can we do to you know, provide moral support? Shouldn't we be doing that? Because Allah tells us in the Quran to exalt each other to the truth and to patients about come become atheists and never heard this? Allahu Allah. I don't know why somebody would do that, but a lot of them but when it comes to resorting to drugs, and what have you, I could see that being a way out for a lot of weak people who are not practicing their religion, someone who's not really practicing Islam, this might be the way out for them. If somebody's not going to return to the Quran, in terms of practicing his religion, then this could be

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a way out for them. And what we can do one of the main weapons that we have is the dua for our brothers and sisters. And unfortunately, this is the weapon of the believers the province of Islam said and we do not use this weapon. And the only time we really use it sometimes is in Ramadan. Or in toto we and the Imam is making the DUA and supply our brothers have told us that they feel this when they are fighting they feel the effects of this do this in Ramadan and they wish the Muslims make dua for them all the time through all throughout the year. And the same way they do and then all strive for Islam all of us we want to implement Islam in our lives. We want to strive for Islam

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in our lives. There's a way we can help the Muslims all around the world and then we can do it for them. Well Allah Allah Okay, Mashallah. Question from the sisters? Please sit down Wally. The question is, what peaceful means can be Muslims adopt to defend Islam against false accusation.

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sins of subjugation of women are not giving women their rights through jihad. Jihad of the tongue though,

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that we wage jihad with our tongues we show the falsehood of what these people are saying. And when Western women talk out, they speak out. Now I can say now that my wife's happy and her hijab and she's happy being a housewife, but when they hear her say that they hear the women say that and this is something that has been more popular now. When Muslim women's to be out there happy wearing their hijab. They are happy