Musleh Khan – Reasons That Cause Allah To Love You – #03 Special Care With Voluntary Acts Of Worship

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of voluntary acts of worship is highlighted, with reciting sadaqa, fasting extra fast outside of regular prayer, and voluntary acts of worship being essential for achieving spiritual goals. prioritizing voluntary acts of worship over others is essential for rewarding actions of worship. The importance of living in a time where people are dying young is emphasized, along with the need to push oneself as hard as possible to avoid causing pain and discomfort. A book called "The Work of the Body" by a Prophet Alayhi is also mentioned.
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Sir Mr. De Marana to la de wabarakatuh al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shortfill Mb he will mursaleen early he have total solar watt at him with asleep and buried. So let's be continuing with part three of our series through this beautiful book 10 reasons that it will kill you and Rahim Allah had gathered, that will allow you to receive the love and acceptance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So today, it's about showing and illustrating special care towards the voluntary acts of worship. So we're talking about three categories of extra worship or voluntary acts of eBay that three categories. The first, of course, is what is sonet, which we're going to

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explain number two, which is what is most to have or highly recommended. And number three, what is what we say in Arabic, a pata wallet, which are just completely voluntary acts of worship that you can do anytime and however you wish. So we're going to explain all three of these in sha Allah hota either. So if you don't pay him or him Allah does this or mentions the second, I guess you could say the second subject, and it's connected directly to the previous one. And when I say that we're talking about that the first one was all about the quarter end and connecting with the quarter and etc. Right? That what it does is that it allows you now to focus on not just the wedgie bet, but to

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also focus on what else can I do for Allah subhanaw taala? What else can I do to uplift myself to make myself a better person, a better Muslim and a better human being? It begs the question, many Muslims ask, why am I encouraged to do more than the compulsory or what I'm obligated to do? Why do I have to take that extra step? If I'm doing what Allah expects of me if I'm doing the obligated, the obligate obligatory acts of very bad debt, if I'm doing all of those things, the prophet alayhi salatu salam already told me that those are the things that are going to help me get closest to Allah. So what's the extra acts of worship all about? The answer is very simple. I want you to

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imagine that for a moment, right? Nobody is really in school right now. Because it's the summertime the school year is over. And those who continue to go to school either do this because you know, they've missed out on certain credits or classes, or they make the choice to continue furthering their studies in the summertime. So they could finish quicker or learn certain skills, whatever the case is. My point is this. When we're in school throughout the year, we have certain requirements, we have a curriculum to follow. We have lessons we have assignments and homework, things like that, that have to be done. When you're not in school, and you continue studying, you continue learning

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you continue taking classes. What position do you put yourself in when school starts, again, in September or what have you, you're in a great position. You know, your mind is still focused on learning, you can still absorb, and you might have actually developed more skills, you might have learned more knowledge about things. And then before you know it, as you're sitting in those classes, you're just flying through all the subjects. That's what voluntary acts of worship does for you an eye, our Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam has taught us and it had in a hadith Pudsey that Allah subhanho wa Taala, when he judges, judges, each and every one of us, whatever we have missed

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out, or we didn't do well, with respect to our compulsory acts of worship, Allah azza wa jal will order, see what he or she has done in terms of voluntary acts of worship, and take from there and complete the scale of obligatory acts of worship. So that's just profound. If that was the only Hadith that we had to encourage us to do more, it would have been enough. Allah subhanho wa Taala is basically saying, if you mess up or you're incomplete, with your compulsory acts, the voluntary ones will complete that picture. It will complete that scale. And so in sha Allah, Allah as another Hadith mentions that when your Salah is good, so particularly with the prayer when the prayer is

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accepted, then the rest of your judgement is also a breeze. It's also going to be easy for the believer, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give that to all of us alone. So this is with respect to the voluntary acts of worship in terms of an intro to understand at least the psyche and the need and the attitude behind it. We need to do more. The second point is when we're talking about doing more than what's obliged upon us, the scholars teach us that voluntary

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acts of worship in general protect that which is wajib. So it protects the compulsory things. How does how do you do that, because if you can nurture and commit yourself to something you don't have to do, then the things that you end up having to do becomes a piece of cake. It literally becomes a breeze you don't even think twice, it just your your, your life now becomes autopilot. And when it's solid time, when it's sort of madonn time, whatever the case is, you've been voluntarily fasting throughout the year, Ramadan becomes a piece of cake. You've been praying all of your sunon prayers, you've been praying to head Jude, you've been doing extra prayers when it comes to the five daily

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prayers, no problem at all. So it actually protects what is legit when you do voluntary acts of worship. Now, with that being said, we mentioned there are three categories. The first is what is pseudonym, pseudonym here literally means that it's referring to the things that the Prophet Allah Azza wa sallam never left off, aside from the wedgie bad stuff. So he would never leave off his sunon prayers before and after the silhouette, he would never leave off with Toad prayers, he would never leave off to headed. So there were certain acts of worship, additional acts of worship, that he would commit himself to. So it's important to understand that when you're looking at sooner, that

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you consider and you also try to take as seriously as you can, some of the things that the Prophet Allah said was some, although he never ordered others to do it, he never told us that we must do it, he never left it off, either. So that's something to prioritize something to take seriously. The second category is the most step, what is most to have, meaning if you do it, you get a reward. But if you don't allow will not punish you. So many acts of worship this way. So tahajjud is one particular one, the wit tiller is also one. And just generally the sunon prayers in general, fasting extra fast outside of Ramadan, the Monday and the Thursdays and so on. And all of these things are

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highly recommended you do it, there's profound reward in it. But for whatever reason, you don't, then in sha Allah huhtala, you're not accountable in the sight of Allah. Again, keep in mind, keep in mind, that in our religion, the additional acts of worship is an illustration, it shows that the believer is determined, it's determined to push themselves to their limit, it's they are determined to do the best that they can. So when it comes time to really perform, when it comes time to do the things you're supposed to do, you don't even think twice. I think all of us want to be there. We all want to be in that category where you know, when it comes time for thought when it comes to have a

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scheduled, we just want to get up and pray fudger and enjoy it. And then the third category is of course, appdata law, these are just completely voluntary acts of worship. So this if you feel like praying to cats, anytime during the day, except of course the exceptions, you pray to the gods, if you want to just start reciting for as you're walking down the sidewalk, you just start reciting for the sake of what reaping rewards from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now with that being said, with this third category, there is one particular additional act of worship that all of us should be engaged in and that is, of course, sadaqa sadaqa charity literally comes from the word seduction. seduction

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is to be honest, it's the truth. That's literally what it means to tell the truth or to be honest. And so scholars tell us the reason why sadaqa is given this title is that is a reflection of the true sincerity of a believer that you're willing to give up time or you're willing to spend, or you're willing to serve solely for the sake of Allah azza wa jal men, men od Domingo jezza Alessia Cora in Nana, half a mil rabina, Yeoman Abu Sal compartir, it tells us in the poor end that Allah subhanho wa Taala says that when the believer does this, they don't expect any returned from Allah. But instead the fear Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's what the thing that drives them to do that it's

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their fear, it's their consciousness of Allah. And so sadaqa however you want to phrase it, and be creative and just think through it for a minute. A lot of people when they hear the word sadaqa, they think about, okay, I've got to give money, I've got to do something, I've got to come out of my way. Now, if you see somebody who needs help opening a door, you help open the door. If you see somebody that needs any assistance in any way, even if it's just means to smile, if it means to talk to say thank you to show gratitude. Whatever the case is. The different types of sidecar that you and I can be engaged with are literally endless, you know?

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great scholar was giving various examples of simple things that we can do as acts of charity. You know, if you walk into a Masjid and you see the plants in the masjid are all dried up, you just go to the washroom, fill up some water and start watering the plants. If you see there's a broken chair that the elderly would sit on, and you go and you buy a chair and you put it there, or you have a chair at home and you donated towards domestic you don't. I even seen this once upon a time long time ago when I was in mmm officially as an Imam, I remember that there were a couple of brothers, they made it a point that the slippers that you would wear to go into the will do area, they wanted

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to be in charge of the slippers, like they wanted to purchase it, if a slipper was missing, they buy another pair, they make sure they were clean. They make sure that the pairs were together like this was their thing. And Subhanallah, I could remember that slippers could actually be the reason that these brothers will enter a lezgin is just because why it's not that they're serving, they're making life easy for people. And this goes back to a very famous narration of our Prophet alayhi salatu salam, where a Sahabi saw that there was a log sitting in the sidewalk or the pathway that people were using. So he decided to shove the log out of the way and make it easier for people to go back

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and forth. And the profits are they sought to sell when he heard that. He he literally said that that particular Sahabi alaris. So what Joel has forgiven him, and he will be amongst the people of jedna. Why? Because he shifted something that made it difficult for people to walk, he shifted it out of the way just to make life a little easier. So think about what it is. That's really easy. That's really simple. And you can do it and you can do it as often as possible. Whether it means even volunteering some of your time, think of what it is that you can do. So that's what ignore him or him Allah mentions here in his book with respect to getting closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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with respect to the voluntary acts of worship, if they'll tell you them Rahim, Allah also gives other examples of fasting. There is a large section here about sadaqa as well, which we've already discussed. And of course, Hajin ombre, these are some of the things this is of course, when we're talking about had you done your compulsory hedge, and you want to go for hedge again, you want to go for as many times as you want simple little things in shot low tarla that make a profound difference in our lives. This is all that I want to share with you with respect to this particular reminder and this particular subject, may Allah subhanho wa Taala put bottlecap in our time and in our efforts,

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we need always and forever to have our mindset focused on doing more why

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Life is too short, we just don't have time. We don't have time in this world. When we're living in a period where people are dying young, the percentage of people passing away at an earlier age at a younger age continues to increase. And it just it's a reflection and it's a reminder for all of us that we don't have much time in this world. And so it's important for all of us to do our best to push ourselves as best as we can. Obviously that you know you don't make your life difficult you don't make yourself you know feel uncomfortable or it's difficult on you don't overburden yourself because then that leads to another issue that is not from the Sunnah of our Prophet alayhi salatu

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salam you don't over exert yourself in terms of worship or serving allies. So when we say overexert yourself, you cause pain, you cause discomfort to put your family in a situation you don't want to go there because it defeats the purpose. Allah subhanho wa Taala has made this religion easy for us has told us to do certain things and we can we have some playing room we have certain ways of how we can gauge and pace ourselves when we do that. But the point is do it. We just don't have that much time in this world a lot. So we'll put in our time. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the strength that we always have forever not just do the obligatory acts of worship, we push ourselves to do even

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more, because we need it and as gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala we want to show him that we love to worship Him we are willing to push ourselves to the to as far as possible, and hopefully we pray that Allah azza wa jal gives us the bottle cat and blessing accordingly alone. I mean, second level Hayden everyone, stay tuned for the third chapter of 10 chapters of this beautiful book of no claim or a Mala. Stay tuned inshallah, for tomorrow we will continue just like Molo, Hydra. Take care and stay safe was sent Mr. alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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