The Glorious Names of Allah – The Protecting Guardian Al Wali

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coming on.

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of last year, we

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covered I think,

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the 15th or 16th, of Allah subhanaw taala has a glorious names. And from now until Friday Chola covering the five, best the best I can do for this year. And there's Allah subhanaw taala. Giving the give us gives us the year to live, hopefully cover a bit more next year. So like, I had five minutes I was chosen. And I'll start with the first one. First name. We'll start with today's small walking, buddy. It's Mala and

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Dolly Parton

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doing this for me that I have to kind of do a little searching is the translations. I've done this in Arabic and translated English is one heck of a job. How do you translate it into English in a way that actually makes it compasses the spirit of the name, and makes sure that it actually fulfills this purpose. So the best the best transaction I have, and you'll be likely to make something better is the protecting Guardian as what you really, and why. And I use that terminology because the beauty of understanding this loyalty is understanding the difference between it and this Maliki wikid. This is the whole point is because they're different. They're not the same.

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Many, many things. It's the same idea. Maybe there's similarities or similarities, but there are differences that are important as well. So I'll start with before I define the name,

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Allah subhanaw taala. And his name is what key is an open contract. Anyone who can can make Allah subhanaw taala his work, he's the one who looks over watches over him. Allah subhanaw taala does not choose, if you if you say has to be Allah Who Annamma Loki in your heart, you have dependent, fully dependent fully upon him, you accept everything that he gives you okay with it, you're gonna continue to do your job to the best of your ability, knowing that whatever comes your way is something that he approves of subhanaw taala. And it's not going unseen, it's accounted for everything that's happening to you is accounted for. And I talked about that last year, I think it's

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a very dynamic, it's very important for us as Muslims willing is a bit different when he is for those who have some aspirations and like those who are a bit more ambitious, is because it's really you get to say, Yeah, I'll be on my willing. But now he has to say the same back. He may. And he may not lucky, let's open the moment you say to our culture, Allah, it's a sealed deal. You don't need anything he's accepted. You use your rookie. When you say you enter the levy, I've chosen you as my Willie. Good, good for you. Hamdulillah. Now all that's left is that he chooses you as his Willie. So it's a go back and forth. So and he chooses subhanaw taala based on it. Well, you know, I think

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you kind of get an idea of what what that sounds like in Arabic. The word Willie's important to those of you who studied or went to school and in an Arabic country knows that if you were if you weren't good that day, then the principal tell you go will he not William rock, bring with you will eat I'm gonna bring with you, your winning someone who is your English actually, it works out your guardian, you have to bring your guardian the next day. And that's of course, the worst day of your life. Your dad, they have to come with you, you're gonna get there and then hit their head again, there's gonna be a mess. So but he's your guardian. And when you think about it, imagine a child

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just just for the sake of understanding the importance of this name. Imagine a child who was told bring William rock bring the wheeling your Willie and he says I don't have one.

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And you're sending it to you. He doesn't have there's no one. He doesn't have a father or mother. No one cares for him. There's no guardian for just an idea.

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The young sister who the sister was getting doesn't have to be the sister was getting married. There's always a wedding. Isn't that the word that you would need someone there for her someone to show that this this person is loved and cared for and will be protected. So when you're marrying her make sure you understand her status and don't make sure you understand your boundaries because she has a winning if he doesn't have overly it's

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we use it now as you know, it's a form of oppression. It's not a form of oppression to form of care guardianship, someone's there someone cares. Someone is there. It's just the point of it. You can just stand the word so that's just me when we look at the Quran he says

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firstly, some Allah if you will. We're

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committed to Hakuna Islam say besides Allah anyone besides Allah for me to choose as my protecting Guardian How is it impossible first let me set my light you are the one created everything who started everything he'll who feeds and never is never fed? Say I was ordered to be the first Muslim. The first person to say oh Muslim. Look

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It goes I love this part of the story because when you look at the story and his life was 111 Roller Coaster basically you never know I pretty sure you had no idea what's gonna happen next. He had gone through so much he probably got used to it that way. One day he's, he's the spoiled child and his dad the next day, he's sleeping in a well after that he's in the in the castle of the king of Egypt, and then he's in jail for a decade. And then he is the king of Egypt. And so it has been it's just this roller coaster of a life. At the end of this era. He says not being taken human work while I'm turning him into reading the Hadith fall to us emoji. Whoa, you have given me you're giving me the

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sovereignty. I'm a king. Now, you've taught me and I'm wise and I know. You're the one who created everything, and Antonio Lee Dunia I've chosen you as my protecting Guardian but he already knew at that point that I'm like chosen back right in the home

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right in the hallway yet who else will fit in hola hola. You will be

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you'll see when we

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met in Amman, Nisha all the assets that Allah was pointing out that he is he has chosen your severes protected use of his these character goes for you. So that's why he said that clearly.

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In the Quran will love only you will mean almost

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almost meaning it didn't know when the Prophet SAW Selim was commanded to see this in there when he Allah Indeed, by protecting Guardian is Allah, Allah, the Kitab, the one who descended the book or whoever was calling him and he chooses to protect he protects those who are

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not anyone. But is there some definition of that someone's poor and who's going to lose the candidate? In all year, right now for Nottingham, whatever. That's what you get. If you're one of the earlier of Allah subhanaw taala. You there is no fear upon you. There is no sadness into your heart. Well, at least in the long run, and then the I after it, a lady in manual worker

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who believed and showed piety in their behavior. So it's not like this thing that's impossible. Sometimes we're told to be willing to give a love for Allah to choose you. You have to be something outside of the realm of what is what is possible. Not to be some guy wearing white elevating over hovering over the earth, and not really walking with a long beard that is perfectly in line and you're just so much light is coming from you that you need to wear sunglasses. No Alladhina amanu what can we

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do when he Olia? He chose guardians and protected protectors besides him? fella who already he's the only one so

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we're up in moto who is a dear gentleman

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let's take a look at the timeline is filled with these I can go on forever. But let's take the process approach because that's where we learn how this all works. What was his earliest?

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Right? If you know nothing if you know if you don't know how you make this one, you start a lot of money in a few days. Right? And then you say you say it you see what they were letting a female to when they didn't choose me as your ally. When you look at the Quran, the translation of the Quran I looked at all these 10 they all translate Olia Allah and the friends of God. I don't know the friends doesn't sound very interesting to me. It's more like the outline. Allah subhanaw has chosen you as is yours. You're on his side. You're under his protection. Right now.

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Even Matilda, you're pretty sure you're gonna Jamara you're in his Dima, me under his protection, you're ready for the day. Anyone who messes with you is missing directly with him and he'll take care of it. So today, anyone who bothers you don't just walk away you say you'll be taken care of later. I don't have to do anything about what you want most of the time. And today. What wasn't NFE went away see, but you can see from the route of the Prophet was very clear. He's saying to Atlanta, the mentor will let you choose people to make as your allies you'll choose me to be one of them. One of

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them as well. Allahu Mehta. Well, Emery Otto will

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take charge of our, of our affairs, and it's his choice of how to do it. You see, it's a back and forth. You say you're my wedding, but then he has to say the same, even more interesting Hadith narrated by he says

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this is people to see so Allah subhanaw speaking in your writings on monad li where Ian right tool will help he who chooses to show animosity to one of mine only to those who I've chosen to protect and guard them to get help I did I have declared war upon them.

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We don't find the word war on the in the narrative in a narrative from a loss of context and two times here and then in November. That will be humbling in a lowly twice and all in all of us. Now I couldn't find any other and other situations.

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But then if you're interested to know how to get that the heavy data tells you exactly what to do if you're interested to know but I don't want to get into who will help. Why am I talking

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About a year and a half,

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two and you cannot do anything that was on the legs more than doing the follow up and then doing the sort of

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fasting Ramadan and paying your account on time and doing Hutch. And Misha had to tell you there's nothing more than what he has made plenty of them he has made

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obligatory upon you you do that because we like someone when I started

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working at Okinawa and this is a service which was already done the obligatory issues are obligatory actions will continue to do a voluntary voluntary acts of worship. He will keep on doing them I tell him I love him to who and when I love him going to somehow well maybe yes now he'll become the key here is to me we're going to Barcelona hola the opposite will be and he sees me we're going to get there who let em push up and he moves in this and he will and He does things through my to my will we're going to Regina who that the MCV and he walks through me. Of course I'll figure of speech right but the concept is understood. Well in Salah Nila or aka Yan and if you asked me I wouldn't

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give him well then you are astounded at the integration level even if he seeks refuge in Me I will grant him the refugee seat.

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So that's what it looks like. In the Quran and Hadith of the Prophet Sunday's. Are there examples? There are many examples. Let's give a few Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim on Easter when he was going into the fire that's an example of Allah subhanho wa Taala intervening in Hadith his name when he put an eye on our Cooney better than was said

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so the most enjoyable days it was like Alia Sonoma spent into fire when he was asked what enjoyable times of your life is in the fire? Because Allah subhanaw taala got down with intervene with his name is Willie. You see for Alan when he drowned. He really didn't figure out who is moose as Willie who is the protecting guardian of Musa until he drowned once he was drowning and figured it out. Oh, now I understand he was looking out for Musa so we are meant to and hula

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okay, I believe in him. No, I believe in that. It was too late.

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To be accepted for that. Look at the prophets of Allah who sent them to her when he's in the woods in the cave with with a burqa, and they're standing right there. And all it takes is for someone to just look down a bit, maybe just take a look into a small hole and they never knew

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when wha hoo, learning anything new.

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If you don't, if you will not stand by him if you will not grant him victory. Well, then Allah subhanaw taala will, he will do it. So I remember the day he was in the hall and he was alone. He told him he and his friend

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in the law. He said don't be don't be sad. There wasn't hunters with us. There's a man called Alison fed that also we've been fed literally Allah honorables haba. He, he was amongst six people were called Shahadat yoga Raja, it's a beautiful story. So long story. I'm not gonna go into details. But I also really loved one who was a man who was sent by the Father something I sent him to teach a certain group of people, and they betrayed them. And he started to kill them on the way. And he told all six of them eventually, and Olson was one of the early people were the first people who died and he was fighting, fighting back defending himself. And as they were, as they, as he died as he was

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dying, but Allahumma issue he just said the

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law you must see to be protecting my body. I don't want to be middling because the reason was that there was during one of the wars, I also had, had killed someone, and the person's mother had vowed that if anyone brings the awesomes body to her, she was gonna do something horrible with it, she was going to do something that I'm not gonna say in the masjid. They're very, very something very well, and he knew that that was gonna happen. So he made John

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Emery and so many words of the law. And after he died, they came to take the body because his body was worth a lot of money. They gave it to the lady who was asking for it. And they found a lot of

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BS, but it's wasps. Just wasps surrounding his body, they couldn't come closer, they will wait until the evening and the Wasp will go away because a wasp sting is pretty. It's pretty nasty. So they waited before before sundown, it rained, it rained heavily to the point where

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if you're living in, in the Middle East, in Arabia, specifically, when it rains it quickly small rivers open up because the Earth does not used to be that much much water. So a small river picked up and it took his body

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and no one ever found him again. Not then and not today. No one knows we're also in that because a loved one who was ever buried.

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And when the Prophet was told Allah

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He was honest with Allah Subhan Allah was honest with him. So how do you live with the name of God? How would you benefit from it? I'm gonna give you two Hadith the Prophet so I say them both in Saudi Hema Muslim. The first one you could always send them manually I mean, all real Muslim as well. Yeah. Is from the word really means those who are in the position of being

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guardians are protectors or those who are taking care of someone responsible manually among the ruling Muslim is responsible for the Muslims in some form, but he does not put his full effort for them. What I always like when I'm young, does not put his full effort in giving no teaching, educating and being for them, let him get

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to milk piano hula intergender with Bill on the day of judgment, and also my Muslims that Allahumma Mammillaria um, when I met

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him at all, he who takes responsibility to protect her guard, my own mind any former way and then is difficult upon them and he doesn't treat them properly out of being difficult upon that person.

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So what do you do? How can you live with it? Well,

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you want Allah subhanaw taala to be your protecting guardian, then you'll be protecting guardian for someone. Look for someone who is need someone who's in need of financial, spiritual, social, or just personal help someone who's really in need and be there protecting guardian, protect them, guard them, help them be there really speak for them be the voice if they don't have the the voice that they don't have, look for someone who's voiceless and be their voice, and then you're going to use somebody and if you are willing, see Allah Subhan Allah refuses for you to be better in any form. You cannot be more generous with him you cannot be merciful. So if you're a show if you show Allah

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subhanaw taala you are willing if someone then and you've already put yourself out there you're you're my buddy. I liked I want I want it to be a two way deal and you're my willing I want you to make me already as well. Well then then do that for someone else and it's almost guaranteed that he will do that for you. subhanaw taala that is the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala really are and withholding withholding data Allah Marie you live in

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your creed you whom you know guru morality Eleanor, y'all know this is rarely gonna be think about that can think about it a different way. Allah subhanaw taala picking guardian of the believers, he removes them from state of darkness to a state of light. That's what you'll get when he's your Lily. They'll move you from a state of darkness and light to a state of light. Well at the end a couple odia

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and everyone besides them, you have many different Olia Yeah, protecting value from them. They choose others besides Allah subhanaw taala to protect them and guard them and these will move them from a state of light to a state of darkness. I hope that was helpful. Subhanallah when it comes

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to what sort of love was similar to work on the unit with somebody on early assignments.