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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of respecting and respecting others' opinions and values. The speaker emphasizes the need for humility and humility in order to avoid evil behavior. They also mention the importance of humility in helping people avoid suffering from diseases like diseases like diseases like diseases like COVID-19.
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Salam aleikum Ratan Tata cattle, the brothers and sisters, welcome back to people who put on where every night I share with you a story about how one of our pious predecessors interacted with an ayah of the poor and, you know, every single generation had their share of trolls had their share of overzealous young people and had their share of humble Messiah and not so humble Messiah as well. Email medic rockin wallets, Allah is by far one of the most dignified scholars that you will ever read about. He's a man Subhan Allah that had haber, he had presence, right? Where everyone knew when they saw him that this was the greatest scholar of their time. I think my medical him a lot to add

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up more so than any scholar commanded, you know, just a unanimous respect in his look in his locality, and was unanimously the greatest fucky within his area. And so you might not have called him a lot of time, but you can imagine what it's like for him to hear someone younger to hear someone that's not so educated criticize him. Now this is a story where my mother called him Allah to Allah He walks into the masjid after salata Dawson after the awesome prayer. Now in the School of Imam Malik in the method we magmatic Rahim Allah to Allah, there is no voluntary Salah after awesome even if that means to hear the message even if that means praying the two cards when you enter the

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masjid according to the man Malik that the the priority is to respect the time period that the Prophet slice on him forbade us from praying. within that time period which is between us and Muslims in America. Kamala walks into the masjid after salata Lhasa, and he sits down in accordance with his school of thought in accordance with what he taught and what he believed to be the truth. And when he sits down, a young man comes up to him. This is the young guy that that picked up a copy of Sahih Bukhari and found the Hadith and decided this is the ultimate truth. And this is the only way to interpret something right? This young man comes up to him and Malik Rahim Allah to Allah. And

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he says, When you come to the masjid, you have to pray to it. Okay? Why are you sitting down? There is a headache from the province lights on, he's telling the greatest Mohammed of his time, there's a headache from the province license that says when you enter into the masjid, you have to pray to that guy's not medical hemo Matata, he didn't tell him sit down. Let me tell you what had the visitors Let me explain. You also had Ethan tell you about the sciences have had the email Monica himolla did not even say to the young man, you know, do you know who I am and calm down? And you know, I have a different opinion. He didn't even say that. And they kindly email Malik actually got

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up and pray to that guys. And people were just shocked. Because realize in the mother's womb, I'm not mocking Allah. Tada, you're not supposed to do that. So students came to him after that. And they said to him, you know, why did you stand up and pray tonight, guys, what in your opinion is disliked. It's cruel to pray a voluntary prayer and naafi to prayer after sultanas. He said, because I did not want to be one of those people that Allah subhanaw taala describes in the plan, softer, more solid, which is verse 48, will either feel a little more careful, like you're carrying one that when it's said to them to bow down in prayer, they don't bow down in prayer. So I was too afraid to

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be one of those people. So even though that young man was wrong, and especially in his approach, I didn't want to be I didn't want to fit into that category of people that are told to pray that are told to, to do something like that. And they say that we were not amongst those, that bow or that pray. Now the greatest lesson we can take from that obviously, aside from respecting our great scholars and predecessors and understanding their comprehensive knowledge and their approach and their humility is for us as well. You know, a lot of times someone comes to you and gives you advice. And the way they give you advice you don't like it so you reject the advice altogether. So

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you know, the message might be good, but because of the way that it was delivered because of who the messenger is, you don't want to hear that advice. enomatic Rahim Allah to Allah is taking an advice that he doesn't actually even believe in. But because he's so afraid of letting his ego stand in the way or stand between him and Allah subhana wa tada and allow him to disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we have to have the same spirit that when someone tells us to do something, or when someone gives us a good advice, we respect that sound advice, even if the the way that it was delivered was not the best way. We pay attention and we think how does Allah want me to react to the situation? What

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is a loss of Hannah Montana want for me here and of course more than anything else, the gift of humility, that pride is the worst disease and humility is the greatest blessing of Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah Subhana Allah to free our hearts of pride, and to place in our hearts submission and humility and sincerity. And to make us amongst those who when they hear that which is good, they respond and when they hear that which is evil, you know, they gracefully stay away from and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from our own cells and from the evil shavon llama I mean, does that no hate on inshallah Tada, I'll see you tomorrow for the last episode of people of less than or

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equal to lie.

In this episode Shaykh Omar Suleiman explains the verse 48 from Surah Mursalaat where Allah SWT says, “That when it is said to them to bow down in prayer they don’t bow down in prayer”. A story about the humble response given by one of the greatest scholar, Imam Maalik Raheemallahu Ta’ala when a person with less knowledge tries to correct him.

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